The Lob Is *The* Cut Of The Season—Your Guide To Getting It Right

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Written by Taylor Augustin

Updated: April 30, 2024

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If you find yourself wanting to switch up your hairstyle, allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite haircuts of the moment—the long bob—otherwise known as a lob! If you’ve ever had long hair, you know how long it takes to style and the upkeep that comes with the length.

And if you’re over spending hours and hours washing, prepping, and styling your hair, but still want to maintain some of the length, we think a lob just might be the perfect fit.

We spoke with Annagjid “Kee” Taylor, a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with everyone from Keke Palmer to Tika Sumpter, Tiffany Haddish, and more, and she had lots to say on the topic of lobs. Keep scrolling for our in-depth guide to getting a lob!

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Meet The Expert

Annagjid “Kee” Taylor is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Keke Palmer, Tika Sumpter, and Tiffany Haddish.

All About Lobs

Lobs, aka, long bobs, are exactly what you’re thinking! Not quite a bob but not quite a mid-length haircut, lobs are a great style for anyone looking to switch things up.

“​​A lob is a longer length bob that typically sits between the shoulders and the collarbone, compared to a bob that ends at the chin or jawline,” says Taylor. “Lobs typically have a more relaxed style and texture at the ends. It is a chic option for those who want to pull their hair out of their faces without committing to long or short locks!”

How Do You Know If You Should Get a Lob?

Not sure if you should get a lob? One thing we love about this cut is that it’s super easy to grow out if you end up not liking it. But trust us when we say it will look great on just about anyone!

“A lob’s versatile length makes it a flattering choice for all,” shares Taylor. “However, certain styles suit different face shapes and hair textures better. Straight or slightly wavy lobs work wonders for round faces, while oval faces can rock a side-swept bang or a more textured, a-line cut. Heart and square-shaped faces shine with a mid-length, textured style. In short, the lob is a universally chic option. I suggest consulting with your stylist first to see what style suits you best.”

How to Maintain a Lob

As far as lob maintenance goes, it’s about as easy as you can get! Taylor suggests getting a trim every six to eight weeks to “keep the style looking fresh and eliminate split or dead ends.”

She goes on to add, “Additionally, as always, using heat protectants and sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and masks is important to nourish and maintain your strands.”

How to Style a Lob

Curly/Coily Hair

If you have naturally curly or coily hair, styling your lob relies on the prep you do!

Taylor suggests getting your hands on a curl cream, stating, “One of my favorite curl products is the Andrew Fitzsimons Fantasy Curls Curl Crème ($16). This product is great for twisting curls while simultaneously strengthening the hair. After twisting your curls in sections depending on your desired curl pattern, dry the hair on low using a diffuser to reduce frizz. If you want to emphasize your curls further, use a curling iron that matches your curl size and curl the hair in sections.”

Getting used to a lob will come with a bit of trial and error, but once you nail it down, it will become second nature in no time.

Straight Hair

For those looking to style a straight lob, again, prep is key! “For achieving a polished, straight lob, start with damp, freshly washed hair, and proceed to blow dry it in sections using a round brush,” shares Taylor.

“I recommend keeping the round brush beneath your hair while blow-drying to boost volume. Use a flat iron to smooth out any sections for added sleekness. Next, flip the ends of your hair inward or outward using the iron, depending on your desired style. Once the hair has cooled, lock in the look with the Andrew Fitzsimons Hard Strong Hold Hairspray ($16) to ensure your straight lob stays flawless all day.”

Thick Hair

Thick hair can often seem like a pain in the butt, but trust us when we say we’re all envious of you! A lob is going to look absolutely fabulous with thick hair and is the perfect style for a chic vibe.

“Thick hair looks great with a layered, choppy style lob that adds texture, creating an intentionally lighter, layered look,” Taylor tells Timeless Hairstyles.

“I recommend creating beachy waves, starting with a heat protectant to achieve this style. Curl the hair in sections using a wide barrel iron or wrapping thin strands around a flat iron, holding it in place for a few seconds, and then working down the strand. Thick hair can also thrive with a straight blunt cut that you can create with the steps I recommended for straight lobs.”

Lob Haircuts to Try Out

Lob With Fringe

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image via @kerrywashington

Channel your inner Kerry Washington and copy her adorable lob with fringe details. If you have a hair calic that allows you to rock bangs, we say go for it! “Incorporating a fringe into your lob can effortlessly elevate your overall look,” says Taylor.

“Especially for those with thinner hair, a fringe can add visual interest and accentuate your features, even without lots of volume. A simple blowout with straight ends using a round brush is the best to achieve this style.”

Wet Lob

Lob 2 450 x 560
image via @badgalriri

While the wet look isn’t going to be an everyday sort of situation, we absolutely love the look of it and think it’s perfect for date nights and special events. This look that’s seen on Rihanna is trendy for a reason and will especially look amazing with a lob haircut.

“To achieve this style, I recommend beginning with damp hair and combining hair gel and oil to ensure the style stays fresh and does not become crunchy over time,” Taylor tells us. “The NatureLab. Tokyo Perfect Shine Oil Mist ($19) is a great spray oil that’ll give you the shine and moisture you need for this look. Given the shorter length of a lob, focus on applying product from the ends to the roots to avoid excess buildup.”

Shaggy Lob

Lob 3 450 x 560
image via @welovedayaa

Another lob style we find ourselves obsessing over is this shaggy look, as seen on Zendaya. And if you happen to have thick hair, Taylor says it’s the perfect style to go for, as it “maximizes volume at the roots and creates movement through its layers, making it an intentionally tousled look.”

She goes on to share, “To achieve this, begin by prepping the hair with a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner such as NatureLab. Tokyo’s Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Duo ($27). Prior to blow drying with a round brush, spray the Andrew Fitzsimons Body Volume Blowdry Hold Spray ($16) from roots to ends to maximize volume and texture. Finally, once the hair is dry, use a flat iron to slightly bend the hair, leaving the ends untouched for a relaxed finish.”

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