Thinning Hair? Don’t Panic! These 35 Short Styles for Older Women With Thin Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 12, 2024

Losing hair density doesn’t mean you have to lose any of your fabulousness! Get that razzle-dazzle back with a short style! 

Short haircuts are perfect for older women. Not only can they help you get thicker, fuller-looking hair, but they can also give you years back on your face with a striking style that fits your vibe. 

So, if your hair is starting to thin out because of age, don’t panic. Get back to full hair and full flair with these 35 short styles for older women with thin hair.

#1. Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

magnific B5w2fFb3HrvyQWCdhfQQ Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

The lovely, lively, layered pixie is an excellent hairstyle for thin hair that needs all the help with volume and texture it can get. This short style is just a little longer than the typical pixie for extra versatility, adapting to almost any face shape. Then, the side-swept bangs add a chic finishing touch.

#2. Textured Pixie with Choppy Layers

magnific wGWvjt1hwW72CGL5x2uh Textured Pixie with Choppy Layers

Looking for something bold and edgy? You need a textured pixie with choppy layers! This pixie is a stellar short style for older women with spunk. It brings extra texture for a zap of dimension to thin, curly, or straight hair, creating a tousled texture and a sparky look that’s easy to style.

#3. Chin-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

magnific 05QFai3EJNXbNfptM7ci Chin Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

Want something classy and charming? Go for a chin-length bob with wispy bangs! This bob gives you a flawless face frame, while the cut gives thin hair a smooth finish with a whisper of texture, thanks to the wispy bangs.

#4. Short Shag with Feathered Layers

magnific GkEmanu5ZfGmV73jjLEn Short Shag with Feathered Layers

Old meets new in the short shag with feathered layers. The short, shaggy cut brings all that high-powered texture, instantly reviving thin and fine hair. Then, the feathering slightly softens the look for a more wispy finish and a light and airy aesthetic.

#5. Graduated Bob with Subtle Volume

magnific YU1pqNC9LJl7XsY9Ufz3 Graduated Bob with Subtle Volume

A graduated bob with subtle volume is a soft and sophisticated short style for older women who like to keep things prim and proper. The graduated angle of this bob defines your facial features, while subtle volume gives thin hair a lift and keeps things smooth and simple.

#6. Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 2l5TOD5yfC9iay1rA8xs Short Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you’re all about simple but stunning short styles, you need a short bob with side-swept bangs! The short bob contours your jawline and cheekbones and gives you an instant age-defying effect, with side-swept bangs to soften the look and highlight your eyes.

#7. Layered Bob with Textured Ends

magnific 38eq6d05yxqz4hcJuM1t Layered Bob with Textured Ends

Want something with power and a playful flair? Look no further than a layered bob with textured ends. Lively layering zaps your hair with volume and dimension, with textured ends to give you a double dose of movement, instantly boosting your thin hair for a fun and vibrant style. Amplify the movement by flipping the ends with a flat iron or round brush and blow dryer.

#8. Pixie with Long Side Bangs

magnific UuUtLzgdvK7GWqQIcw6y Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Get something fab and fashion-forward with a pixie and long side bangs! This short style is a fan favorite for older women, and there’s no wonder why. It’s chic and stylish, with high volume and exuberant texture to revive thin hair. Then, long side bangs sweep across your forehead, highlighting your eyes and adding a cheeky finishing touch.

#9. Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

magnific Aj6RjStj96vMy0EgEcSz Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

All about those low-key but high-fashion hairstyles? Try a short bob with blunt bangs! This bob creates a polished Parisian-chic look, with a super youthful frame for almost any face shape and blunt bangs to finish the look with a chic charm.

#10. Messy Pixie with Wispy Layers

magnific ZyZVmNDXnvFmdrKRhrsc Messy Pixie with Wispy Layers

The messy pixie with wispy layers is equal parts vibrant and vivacious. This cool and confident cut transforms flat, fine hair into a tousled masterpiece, with wispy layers for lightweight volume and airy texture for all those bedhead-glam vibes.

#11. Stacked Bob with Textured Crown

magnific kmXGxvV388Fnin0otXqw Stacked Bob with Textured Crown

If you’re after a high-volume and high-profile short style, we’ve got just the thing for you! The stacked bob with a textured crown was practically made for older women with thin hair. Stacking adds massive volume and texture to your hair right where you need it, with an angle that complements almost any face shape with grace and style.

#12. Short Bob with Face-Framing Layers

magnific Zk0doXkX2hxM1PSFDk6G Short Bob with Face Framing Layers

Nothing brings that fab and fashion-forward flair like a short bob with face-framing layers. This lawlessly flattering short style for older women features subtle face-framing layering to create soft movement that perfectly complements any face shape and hair texture.

#13. Pixie with Undercut

magnific smLmxEeksM2zIHtrxCRP Pixie with Undercut

Looking for the perfect edgy, eye-catching aesthetic? You need a pixie with an undercut! This exciting style combines two bold hairstyles, with the pixie’s exuberant layering for volume and texture and the short undercut to contrast those layers, making them look thicker, all while giving the punchy pixie a gritty twist.

#14. Tousled Bob with Beachy Waves

magnific SSkghJqROn9cZFF9WZ6I Tousled Bob with Beachy Waves

The tousled bob with beachy waves is a summery short style for older women who still want that beach babe aesthetic but with a mature and classy charm. Tousled layers give carefree texture and movement, amplified by beautiful beachy waves.

#15. Chin-Length Bob with Subtle Layers

magnific CCiUqaRZcOoibcsK4HGH Chin Length Bob with Subtle Layers

If you want something refined and ravishing, you need to try a chin-length bob with subtle layers. The chin-length bob turns back time, giving a youthful frame with subtle layering to give thin and fine hair a little lift and smooth movement. Plus, this short style is versatile, easily fitting any face shape and hair texture. 

#16. Soft Side-Parted Pixie  

magnific 5ho8i4AOVbqgaQ8f64fx Soft Pixie with Side Part 1

Nothing blends subtle and stunning like a soft side-parted pixie. This short style gives thin hair vivacious volume with a soft texture and a sweeping side part to finish it off with a touch of gentle glam.

#17. Short Bob with Sideburns

magnific 8YpSH3f4YVbbRCFeU8P5 Short Bob with Sideburns

Go for a retro style with a super-trendy flair, like a short bob with sideburns. The short bob creates the perfect anti-aging face frame, complementing almost any features, and is intensified by the sideburns that contour your cheekbones by adding a cool and contemporary twist to this short style.

#18. Textured Pixie with Choppy Bangs

magnific VbpSHjxIz0FvA7h5qaUf Textured Pixie with Choppy Bangs 1

Give your thin hair a fiest flair with a textured pixie with choppy bangs! High-voltage texture gives serious dimension to lifeless, thin hair, with powerful movement that’s especially ideal for curls and waves. Then, choppy bangs complete the look with a trendy edge that highlights your eyes.

#19. Short Shag with a Textured Crown

magnific sWQCzKDmHt7f59lbgCmA Short Shag with Textured Crown

The short shag with a textured crown is a super spunky short style for older women. This shag brings a laidback and low-maintenance look with extra texture on the crown that’s made for giving thin hair brand new life and a whole lot of style.

#20. Windswept Pixie with Piecey Layers

magnific SDacGNPMsJBoU2VfGRVT Windswept Pixie with Piecey Layers

Effortless, energetic, and elegant. That’s how we describe the windswept pixie with piecey layers. This breezy style gives flat, fine hair a whole new look with airy volume and windblown movement that transforms straight and wavy hair.

#21. Angled Bob with Elongated Front

magnific IDzOujUBBu3p3cbS86a9 Angled Bob with Elongated Front

An angled bob with an elongated front is the ultimate sleek, sophisticated short style for older women looking for something subtle. The angled bob brings volume and soft texture with a frame that accentuates almost any face shape, putting your best features forward, magnified by the elongated front pieces.

#22. Short Bob with Subtle Highlights

magnific GKDGMoQTZZQZZjF6fry4 Short Bob with Subtle Highlights

Need a bright and beautiful short style to bring your thin hair back to life? Look no further than a short bob with subtle highlights! The subtle highlights add dimension to enhance the texture and volume of the short bob, all while giving it a glowing summery aesthetic.

#23. Layered Pixie with Subtle Volume

magnific eB9PuDAp1GaGUn1gqKGb Layered Pixie with Subtle Volume

If you’re looking for a super-chic and sparky short style for thin hair, you need a layered pixie with subtle volume. This is the perfect short style for women with thin hair who want more life than lift. This pixie focuses on robust layering for energetic texture with subtle volume to create a fuller, thicker look for finer hair.

#24. Short Bob on Natural Gray

magnific U5381lZu2kLYjCZ21mpL Short Bob with Natural Gray 1

Want a magnificent and mature hairstyle that screams “natural elegance“? Go for a short bob on natural gray. The short bob showcases your facial features while setting the perfect fashion-forward background for your beautiful natural gray with a smooth, sleek texture for a low-maintenance look for straight hair.

#25. Pixie with Long Side Bangs and a Tapered Nape

magnific 41W6g0Xj0h6xhNi3KkFW Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Tapered Nape 1

The pixie with long side bangs and a tapered nape is a fun and flashy short style for older women who love high-fashion but low-maintenance haircuts. The pixie provides a sparky texture to revive thin hair, with a tapered nape making those top layers look thicker by contrast. Then, the long side bangs add a fab finishing touch while framing your upper facial features.

#26.  Short Shag with Bold Accent Color

magnific rFlboIC4CYMfaa21eHKY Short Shag with Bold Color Accent

Get a double dose of style with a short shag and a bold accent color. The short shag gives thin hair all the volume and texture it can handle in a short, complementary package. The bow? That beautiful, bold color accent adds a cool touch of character.

#27. Sleek Bob with Arched Bangs

magnific TpBYxQMEb7ns3AolvQAT Sleek Bob with Arched Bangs

Go for all those super stylish Samantha Jones vibes with a sleek bob and arched bangs. This pristine and polished sleek bob screams “runway-ready,” with arched bangs to finish the look off like a chic cherry on top.

#28. Textured Bob with Subtle Balayage

magnific yi2ySwqwpMaigl4wVVA9 Textured Bob with Subtle Balayage

Bring some light and life to your lifeless, thin hair with a textured bob and subtle balayage. The textured bob gives that classic complementary shape for any face shape with textured layering for movement, intensified by the dimension of the subtle balayage that also gives a natural sun-kissed look.

#29. Pixie with a Subtle Undercut

magnific 88ZGkAiApjLBTlNZLXuZ Pixie with Subtle Undercut

This one’s for all those boss babes! The pixie with a subtle undercut is a bold-as-brass cut that combines the texture and volume of the pixie cut with a subtle undercut to give this cool and confident style a contemporary twist.

#30. Short Bob with Flipped-Out Ends

magnific jFHpoCy5M69dw9NIQHlL Short Bob with Flipped Out Ends 1 1

Looking for an elegant short style with a little flair? Get a short bob with flipped-out ends! This bob gives a super-youthful shape with volume and movement that rejuvenates thin hair. Then, flipped-out ends add even more movement and a playful and flirty finishing touch.

#31. Side-Parted Layered Bob

magnific B9hvllWNHClDR7OxPMu6 Layered Bob with Side Part

Nothing is as exquisitely elegant as a side-parted layered bob. This style features a breathtaking bob with layers for more definition for thin hair, straight or curly, and a super-chic frame for your face, while the side part adds that extra classy charm.

#32. Pixie with a Shaved Side

magnific waSouXk9DWgkoN6VH0ys Pixie with Shaved Side

A pixie cut with a shaved side is the quintessential short style for older women who refuse to let go of their edge. The pixie’s texture and volume give finer hair a grungy-glam look. Then, the shaved side adds that extra edgy element (and also makes the cut even easier to style).

#33. Tousled Bob with a Modern Twist

magnific yceNk9KE96K41ewFyRts Tousled Bob with a Modern Twist

Want a youthful, summer-ready short style for your thin hair? You need a tousled bob with a modern twist. Trendy tousled bob gives thin hair instant volume and full-bodied movement with a modern twist. The twist? An asymmetrical bang or side-part.

#34. Polished Rounded Pixie

magnific oj5cMJDfLXv80xLIOpvE Polished Pixie with Rounded Silhouette

A polished, rounded pixie is an uber-distinguished hairdo for older women who want something youthful but classy, clean, and tidy. This pixie cut gives finer hair volume and just a kiss of texture to keep that prim and proper aesthetic.

#35. Short Bob with Delicate Layers

magnific lwG2L4SkvjBezv9EIFtT Short Bob with Delicate Layers

Get a soft and smart look with a bit of sass by going for a short bob with delicate layers! The short bob complements any face shape, while the delicate layers add gentle texture to thin hair for graceful movement!

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