Get The Look: 45 Medium-Length Hairstyles Women Over 50 Are Raving About

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 17, 2024

Calling all lovely ladies over 50! Are you looking for a new medium-length hairstyle to rock? Aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, but know you want a ‘do that’s trendy and flattering? There’s no need to panic, girlfriends – we’ve come up with a list of the top 45 medium-length hairstyles for women over 50.

From sleek, straight styles to more whimsical, curly looks, these 45 medium-length hairstyles are designed to impress. You’re sure to find your next look within our compilation. Let’s dive in, ladies!

#1. Medium Layered Cut with Soft Waves

magnific AP2zmIctrUpdL4E3Gq1u Medium Layered Cut with Soft Waves

Curls can be too formal, while loose waves are too carefree. What’s the middle point? Soft waves, of course! Soft waves are charming and elegant, bringing an err of freshness and vitality to your medium-length cut.

#2. Mid-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 3PtyaT9BppsQi9HmfXLy Mid Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you prefer your hair a bit shorter but not too short, you can always settle on a mid-length bob. Mid-length bobs will remove some unwanted length while still allowing plenty of room for styling. Choose flirty side-swept bangs and subtle texture to add life to your look.

#3. Classic Shoulder-Length Straight Cut

magnific KgI7ZQtDrF35NrP41QUk Classic Shoulder Length Straight Cut

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. This classic shoulder-length straight cut proves you can enjoy a “simpler” hairstyle without sacrificing appeal. Chopped at the shoulders and smoothed with some product and a straightener, this look is nothing short of sleek and fashion-forward.

#4. Feathered Mid-Length Hairstyle

magnific hGujlIKYZBXV6T4DjQIC Feathered Mid Length Hairstyle

If you have thin hair, feathering is a great way to add bulk and immediately create the illusion of thicker tresses. On the other hand, it’s also perfect for thick-haired women, as the feathering reduces bulk. Needless to say, this charming cut and style is quite versatile and great for all!

#5. Textured Medium Cut with Volume

magnific J5xTcRLtatxSJlfCDXVx Textured Medium Cut with Volume

For women over 50 struggling with thin hair, this one’s for you. This textured medium cut is spruced up with some wowing volume, especially on the ends. All of this added texture will create visible density, ensuring you walk out with a full-bodied and flirty style you’ll adore.

#6. Sleek Medium-Length Hair with Blunt Ends

magnific YSkuaftqMZe4H1yWQchW Sleek Medium Length Hair with Blunt Ends

A blunt chop at the shoulders is always great for those with thicker strands. But to ensure you maintain a modern and polished aesthetic, running a straightener through your strands is recommended. Use smoothing serum to really give your locks a neat and finished appearance.

#7. Medium Haircut with Soft Curls

magnific qFwUZBrPqEYab6yOkYTJ Medium Haircut with Soft Curls

This is undeniably one of the most feminine hairstyles on this list, making it the ideal choice for women who appreciate daintier hairstyles. It’s perfect for those with naturally curled locks, although you can use your go-to curling iron to recreate the romantic texture.

#8. Angled Shoulder-Length Bob

magnific 6BEoupP4dgnUlmfbU8Hr Angled Shoulder Length Bob

Chizzle some edgy attitude into your medium-length cut by opting for angles! Whether kept straight or revved up with some volume, this angled shoulder-length bob has a fierce vibe, perfect for round and oval-shaped women over 50.

#9. Mid-Length Style with Slight Flip Ends

magnific inVR32UqBsD3bT0krPh9 Mid Length Style with Slight Flip Ends

Breathing new life into your mid-length cut doesn’t have to be complex or challenging. If you want to quickly zhuzh up your mid-length cut, it’s as simple as adding slight flips to the ends. Subtle flips will add the right amount of flare without going overboard.

#10. Medium Choppy Layered Haircut

magnific GiknoJKCY5qXA99ehOKa Medium Choppy Layered Haircut

To achieve maximum volume and feminine flare, look no further than this medium choppy layered haircut! The impressive number of layers ensures there’s lots of movement throughout. It’s perfect for thicker tresses, as the layers will remove weight for a more carefree aesthetic.

#11. Straight Medium Cut with Wispy Bangs

magnific nd1DjitsB5ljEXoXZBAu Straight Medium Cut with Wispy Bangs

If you have been on the verge of going with bangs, this image may be enough to convert you. Wispy bangs are undeniably feminine and playful without being too bold. They’ll offer a subtle change to your look, all the while skimming your gorgeous eyes.

#12. Medium Length Hair with Beachy Waves

magnific M8zldZqXf5u8jCgmobjF Medium Length Hair with Beachy Waves

When you’re unsure how to wear your style during the summer, there’s only one way to go: beachy waves. These loose, casual, and carefree waves have definite “vacation vibes” that always look incredible.

#13. Mid-Length Cut with Deep Side Part

magnific MOtxMaLj52zy4FI7QlHi Mid Length Cut with Deep Side Part

If immediate drama is what you’re seeking, don’t head to the stylist’s chair or store. Instead, use a comb to craft your locks into a deep side part. Then, enjoy the dramatic finish suitable for all occasions, from upscale events to long days in the office.

#14. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut with Fringe

magnific f3aG7Rfs4WnapqUaUZWM Shoulder Length Layered Cut with Fringe

When your shoulder-length cut needs to be enhanced with serious volume, layers are the ultimate option. Layers will produce depth, especially in women over 50 with thinner strands. Oh, and don’t forget the adorable fringe that’s 100% flirty and fun!

#15. Medium Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

magnific 3Ln4fCl3hFI3SgvisDr2 Medium Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

A “regular” medium straight haircut can be lifeless and boring. But if you love the length and don’t want to add any texture, are you destined for dullness? No! Simply ask your stylist to add tapered ends and enjoy a style riddled with movement and pizazz.

#16. Mid-Length Wavy Cut with Center Part

magnific 6KgudWtwlVoKitc3ogQW Mid Length Wavy Cut with Center Part

If you love lots of beautiful textures, let your natural waves take center stage or create gorgeous waves such as these using your favorite products and tools. Choose a center part to create symmetry and structure within this rather playful silhouette.

#17. Shoulder-Length Cut with Undercut Layers

magnific q7ExdRPKHKr3psxbtluk Shoulder Length Cut with Undercut Layers

Regular layers? Boring and typical. Undercut layers? New and stylish. Undercut layers are reserved for those who want to conceal their layers while enjoying the added volume and depth they provide. It’s a win-win for any woman 50+!

#18. Medium Length Hair with Soft Bangs

magnific tLQHHdSSk7akP0fzCv3t Medium Length Hair with Soft Bangs

This medium-length hair with soft curls is an ageless cut suitable for women over 50. However, to ensure your look has a sense of endearment and beauty, choosing some lovely, soft bangs to frame your face is best.

#19. Medium Bob with Rounded Ends

magnific CF1vsu0CbGtRJ2bSwJEF Medium Bob with Rounded Ends

You’ve got flawless facial features, and it’s time to show them off proudly. Do you agree? Then I highly recommend going with this medium bob complete with rounded ends. The subtle rounding will frame your face while you enjoy a very classic yet modern style.

#20. Shoulder-Length Hair with Layered Ends

magnific onH8DoafRaSgXmpGXKnX Shoulder Length Hair with Layered Ends

If you genuinely have no idea which medium-length hairstyle to choose, this is a safe choice. Shoulder-length hair with layered ends is one of the most classic options, especially for women over 50 seeking a flattering and fashionable style.

#21. Medium Cut with Gently Tousled Layers

magnific g30HGEjR0CH3p30ufmMs Medium Cut with Gently Tousled Layers

Gently tousling your medium cut is an easy way to add a laidback element to your look without appearing sloppy. The best way to achieve this gorgeous style is to use some texturizing spray or product and use your hands to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!

#22. Mid-Length Sleek Hair with Side Bangs

magnific CFZu5gSMt7a4BiS8aKDs Mid Length Sleek Hair with Side Bangs

Women over 50 with straight hair, this look is calling your name! Start with an adorable medium-length haircut. Then, style some side bangs into the mix. Use a round brush and hair dryer to create movement, and lightly curl the side bangs to frame the face chicly.

#23. Straight Medium Hair with Feathered Layers

magnific I0UnD2m7kqiT02592NTb Straight Medium Hair with Feathered Layers

If you’ve decided to go the feathered layer route, and you’re not emphasizing each and every layer, you’re doing it wrong, honey. Use a round brush and a blow dryer to bring your feathered layers to life in ways you never thought possible.

#24. Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob

magnific eSjl6uik1JhcfjReaari Shoulder Length Wavy Bob

Women over 50 with natural waves will appreciate this look! A shoulder-length bob like this allows your waves to take center stage while being easier to manage. Use a good curl-enhancing product to really make those waves pop.

#25. Medium Hair with Flip-Out Styling

magnific 0omstWrcZJ2jC9kBMW4P Medium Hair with Flip Out Styling

Flipping the ends of your medium haircut is excellent for two significant reasons. First, the flipped ends will give your hair a retro appeal, which many women (especially those over 50) will appreciate. Second, they’ll add playfulness to your style, ensuring a youthful and feminine approach.

#26. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut with Side Part

magnific tNtcw25b8r8ddSmAHOLO Shoulder Length Layered Cut with Side Part

Shoulder-length layered cuts look fabulous on any woman over 50. If you want to shake things up a bit, though, you can always drift your parting off to one side. A slight side part adds the right amount of uniqueness and style to your silhouette.

#27. Medium Cut with Gradual Layers

magnific QTYzSN9aJbl7T7GTZcHP Medium Cut with Gradual Layers

Gradual layers are a fantastic choice for thick-haired beauties over 50. The gradual nature of the layers will provide an intricate silhouette bursting with movement, depth, and style. Tousle things up for a chic and trendy finish.

#28. Mid-Length Soft Curly Hair with Layers

magnific CpA7aOTxfgIRzMAQVqxh Mid Length Soft Curly Hair with Layers 1

Curly-haired ladies over 50, this hairstyle is a must! Choosing a mid-length cut will ensure that your ring pattern is more defined and easy to manage, resulting in a picture-perfect finish. Of course, you can also toss in some layers for a bit of spunk.

#29. Straight Mid-Length Cut with Slight Curl at Ends

magnific IxuwsJz4OvhCd9t3UwK5 Straight Mid Length Cut with Slight Curl at Ends

On the other hand, for ladies over 50 with straight hair craving some movement, it’s pretty simple: reach for your curling iron and add subtle curls at the ends. Although it’s a swift switch-up to your appearance, it has a big impact you’ll love.

#30. Medium Layered Bob with Texture

magnific TkBtoL6Yj9zl9MfAc0sF Medium Layered Bob with

While a layered bob is an easy way to boost up the body of your mane, why stop there? Add another element of volume by texturizing your tresses from root to tip. This lovely look can be worn just about anywhere!

#31. Shoulder-Length Hair with Subtle Waves

magnific lfPAUGBDVQsbmxdPTWuG Shoulder Length Hair with Subtle Waves

I heard you had a date night coming up. Well, lady, I don’t recommend slipping into your little black dress without adorning your shoulder-length hair with these subtle waves first. Romantic, tender, and dainty, these waves are sure to entice wherever they’re worn.

#32. Medium Length Cut with Face-Framing Layers

magnific fjBQ4t2UplCpJdXM7k4v Medium Length Cut with Face Framing Layers

You can’t go wrong with adding more layers to your look – this style proves that! Tossing in some face-framing layers is a great way to emphasize your face, especially if you have a beautiful round or oval face shape.

#33. Mid-Length Hair with Voluminous Curls

magnific nwmMkT8yYNNEx65ScSth Mid Length Hair with Voluminous Curls

“Pump up the jam?” Sorry, Technotronic – not today. Instead, we’re focusing on pumping up the volume. This stunning style is reserved for ladies with naturally tight ringlets. Chopping your curls into a mid-length style will ensure your curls are exquisitely volumized in all the right places.

#34. Shoulder-Length Straight Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

magnific R96KHNCo3ujNwaxBD7LB Shoulder Length Straight Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

Straight hair does not have to equate to boring hair. This hairstyle shows how to look polished and contemporary without the need for texturing. All you need to do is opt for a shoulder-length cut with asymmetrical bangs – you know, to give it a little razzle-dazzle!

#35. Medium Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

magnific kLVQvje9z1PHSwkwpi1u Medium Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

Luscious volume? Sign me up! To get texture oozing with feminine charm and sex appeal, consider choosing this hairstyle for women over 50. The waves alone are enough to create a come-hither aesthetic, but the layered bangs take this look to new heights.

#36. Mid-Length Blunt Cut with Soft Waves

magnific cARIgU2QOSBEHbDtSFdA Mid Length Blunt Cut with Soft Waves

Softness and volume? Is it possible? Of course, it is – and this hairstyle is the perfect example. A mid-length blunt cut is a great way to add volume immediately while soft waves toss in some romantic body that never disappoints.

#37. Shoulder-Length Hair with Tousled Layers

magnific kuC52qlXpy8iE8hQ1ghg Shoulder Length Hair with Tousled Layers

Are you on the hunt for a great everyday look? This is it, honey! Start with a shoulder-length chop with plenty of layers. Then, use a texturizing product and your hands to scrunch your locks. The result? A relaxed vibe that’s perfect for running errands or hanging with friends.

#38. Medium Length Straight Hair with Rounded Layers

magnific gIqfeEsO8jApjaqa3cQW Medium Length Straight Hair with Rounded Layers

On the other hand, women over 50 looking for a more businesslike and refined aesthetic with substantial volume can go this route. This medium-length straight hair includes rounded layers for more body, complete with layers that fall gracefully around the face.

#39. Mid-Length Hair with Swooping Layers

magnific 1B2bTeC4KF5yzRptimgp Mid Length Hair with Swooping Layers

Swooping layers have a more lightweight and carefree approach that many ladies over 50 appreciate. Plus, they look absolutely flawless when dressed up in curls or waves, making it a versatile ‘do.

#40. Medium Layered Hair with Gentle Curls

magnific 7IYgYMvGtd2GmPis8m5J Medium Layered Hair with Gentle Curls

Adding an err of romanticism to your hairstyle is a must, especially if you’re headed to a formal event. Well, start with a trendy medium-layered haircut and use your favorite curling iron to apply gentle curls throughout.

#41. Shoulder-Length Sleek Bob with Side Swept Fringe

magnific 2eMVvBRpIWXKOzjMrcSe Shoulder Length Sleek Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Neat and classy yet modern and stylish, this look truly has it all. Not only that, but it’s a cinch to style and maintain. Use a straightener to achieve maximum sleek straightness and enjoy a side-swept fringe that takes off some of the rigidness for an all-around sexy silhouette.

#42. Mid-Length Hair with Soft Flip and Layers

magnific DU92poXzA9WOxsWaxUp1 Mid Length Hair with Soft Flip and Layers

A soft flip and layers are the ultimate way to achieve a flirty and casual aesthetic – and you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s easy to recreate at home. There are multiple approaches, but an excellent curling iron is the simplest and quickest!

#43. Medium Length Cut with Natural Waves

magnific Y431amfpA21RJV4UOxzo Medium Length Cut with Natural Waves

All-natural beauty is timeless and looks amazing on women over 50. If you want to embrace a more natural approach, you can always opt for natural waves. These waves have an elegant and unmistakable beauty that you’ll surely appreciate.

#44. Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends

magnific EwCEkgewpU4S0E3lKgVv Shoulder Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends

Is your shoulder-length straight haircut lacking life? Then, it’s time to introduce some attention to your straight locks. But how? It’s easy, girl – just texture the ends and go about your business. You’ll look sensational, I promise!

#45. Medium Hair with Loose Curls and Layered Bangs

magnific j9fdZDvFWEjM2DweLBQG Medium Hair with Loose Curls and Layered Bangs

What we love about this hairstyle is its girlish, youthful silhouette that will easily take years off your appearance. Loose curls are romantic and eye-catching, while layered bangs keep your look refreshed and vibrant.

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