These 50 Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyles Are Making Waves In The Fashion World

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 31, 2024

Medium-length wavy hairstyles are the most popular looks of the year– and for a good reason! These cuts are timeless and versatile, giving the rejuvenation of a shorter cut with much more length, perfect for waves that need a little bit of help.

Natural or styled waves are an instant game changer for your look. From beachy waves to gentle old Hollywood waves, they bring a much bigger and more eye-catching look that really makes waves!

From flawlessly polished to textured and edgy, there’s something for everyone in the world of waves. So, if your flow’s ready for some flair, check out these medium-length wavy hairstyles making waves in the fashion world right now!

Chestnut Brown Soft Waves

If you’re into natural and understated looks, go for chestnut brown soft waves! This medium-length style is perfect for giving thicker hair natural and effortless movement for spent soft waves. Get these waves by brushing out your natural waves or waves created with a large curling iron.

#2. Mid-Length Beachy Waves with Highlights

Mid Length Beachy Waves with Highlights

Want a summer-ready style? You need mid-length beachy waves with highlights! The textured waves create that coastal movement for beachy waves that you can easily make with a curling wand and some salt spray. Then, the highlights intensify that texture while giving your skin a bright and sunny glow.

#3. Lustrous Honey-Blonde Waves

Lustrous Honey Blonde Waves

Sweeten up your style with something big and bright, like lustrous honey-blonde waves. This look pairs a smooth, creamy blonde with big, voluminous waves for something refined and radiant. You can get luxurious waves with a large curling iron or wand and some shine serum.

#4. Shoulder-Length Ombre Waves

Chest Length Sombre Waves

Shoulder-length ombre waves may be low-key, but they’re definitely high-style! The shoulder-length cut accentuates your facial features. The gorgeous gradient of the ombre brightens up your darker base for more depth, making your hair look more voluminous while putting your wavy texture in the spotlight.

#5. Medium-Length Ash Brown Waves with Lowlights

Medium Ash Brown Waves with Lowlights

Go for a soft, subtle, stunning style, like medium-length ash brown waves and lowlights. This look pairs a chic and flattering medium cut with a cool ash-brown color and lowlights for multi-dimensional movement to take natural or style waves to the top!

#6. Textured Waves with Side Bangs

Textured Waves with Side Bangs

Going for a relaxed and casual look with a little bit of flair? Try textured waves with side bangs! The dynamic, textured waves give your aesthetic a too-cool vibe, while the side bangs frame your face with a flirty edge.

#7. Glossy Caramel-Toned Waves

Glossy Caramel Toned Waves

Want a medium-length hairstyle that’s all things luscious and luxurious? You need glossy caramel-toned waves! The warm, rich caramel infuses your waves with a shimmer that adds dimension and catches the light to create the illusion of even more movement for your waves.

#8. Layered Waves with Subtle Highlights

Layered Waves with Subtle Highlights

Looking for something zesty but not overzealous? Go for layered waves and subtle highlights! Layers work to boost your natural texture, creating the perfect movement volume for beautiful waves. Then, the subtle highlights softly brighten and define, giving depth and dimension and enhancing waves even more. This look is perfect for helping finer hair.

#9. Wavy Sun Kissed Blonde Ombre

Sun Kissed Blonde Ombre Waves

Want a softer take on the beach babe look? Try wavy sun-kissed blonde ombre! The sunny, bright blonde ombre illuminates and intensifies your hair, making waves shine like the sun. Use a regular curling iron or wand and brush out for flawless waves.

#10. Chocolate Brown Cascading Waves

Chocolate Brown Cascading Waves

Chocolate brown cascading waves are a low-key but luxe look that nails it every time! This simple yet striking style features elegant, flowing waves on a warm, rich chocolate brown. You can get these lavish waves with a large wand or even some rollers. 

#11. Natural Black Waves with Curtain Bangs

Natural Black Waves with Curtain Bangs

There’s just something about natural black waves that brings unbeatable luxury. And with curtain bangs? Absolutely fabulous! This look combines voluminous, lush, natural black waves with flirty face-framing bangs for a wavy look with all that chic charm.

#12. Medium-Length Wavy Shag

Medium Shag with Wavy

Looking for something that’s equal parts chic and cheeky? You need a medium-length wavy shag! The classic wavy shag brings lots of volume and texture to natural and styled waves for a slightly unrefined look with all the fashionable flair. 

#13. Auburn-Tinged Wavy Bob

Auburn Tinged Wavy Bob

Want something girly and glamorous? Go for an auburn-tinged wavy bob! The timeless wavy bob brings smooth movement (perfect for finer wavy hair) and a face frame that highlights your best facial features.  The vibrant auburn tinge adds warmth and a little bit of drama.

#14. Mid-Length Waves with Chunky Highlights

Mid Length Waves with Chunky Highlights

Big, bright, and beautiful—that’s how we describe mid-length waves with chunky highlights. Mid-length waves are always undeniably alluring, with volume and elegant movement, but they’re enhanced and illuminated by chunky highlights for something lighter and lovelier.

#15. Tousled Waves with Off-Center Parting

Tousled Waves with Off Centre Parting

Give your thick locks a playful, perky look with tousled waves and an off-center parting. This is a gentle and super-easy take on the bed head-chic look. All you have to do is tousle your natural or styled waves, and you’re good to go!

#16. Soft Ginger Waves with a Fringe

Soft Ginger Waves with Fringe

Go for a look with a feisty fair, and try soft ginger waves and a fringe. This style combines a bright and fiery color with soft waves and a chic fringe bang to make the soft and subtle waves absolutely eye-catching. Plus, the color gives you a fresh-faced glow. 

#17. Platinum Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

Platinum Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

Want a super trendy and high-powered style? Look no further than platinum blonde waves with dark roots. The bright and bold blonde is offset by the dark roots, creating volume-boosting depth and a little bit of edge. Then, waves take this look to the top with vivacious movement!

#18. Sleek Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

Sleek Waves with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something more soft and subtle? Go for sleek waves with side-swept bangs. These simple, sleek waves give a slight old Hollywood vibe, while the side-swept bangs finish the look with a flirty flair. To get these sleek and sophisticated waves, simply brush your natural waves and add some anti-frizz serum.  

#19. Cool Ashy Wave with an Undercut

Cool Ashy Wave with Undercut

If you want something modern and edgy, you need to try cool, ashy waves with an undercut. The cool ash tones are futuristic and flashy, and the grungy-textured undercut gives a sharp contrast to long wavy layers, making them look fuller and thicker. Plus, this asymmetry gives that contemporary element a “too cool” aesthetic.

#20. Glossy Raven Black Loose Waves

Glossy Raven Black Loose Waves

Glossy raven black loose waves are sultry and glamorous. These big, voluminous loose waves give an unparalleled luxe look, boosting body and movement in thick hair. The black raven creates a dark and mysterious enigma.

#21. Wavy Lob with Blonde Streaks

Wavy Lob with Blonde Streaks

The wavy lob with bright streaks is a bright and bubbly look. This style features the flawless face frame of the bob and layers cut precisely to enhance natural and created waves with full-bodied volume and movement. Then, blonde streaks brighten and define your wonderful waves while giving your face a sunny glow.

#22. Rustic Copper Wavy Bob

Rustic Copper Wavy Bob

Looking for something vibrant and earthy? Go for a rustic copper wavy bob! This look pairs bright, warm, rustic copper tones with a vivacious medium-length wavy bob’s wave-enhancing layers to create something truly jaw-dropping.

#23. Silver Gray Wavy Mid Length Cut

Silver Grey Wavy Mid Length Cut

The silver fox aesthetic can be for women, too, and nothing proves that better than a silver-gray wavy mid-length cut. Mid-length cuts are famous for giving fine hair high volume and full body, setting the perfect tone for sophisticated waves. Silver-gray hair is trendy and tasteful, with a little bit of a modern edge.

#24. Mermaid-Inspired Turquoise Waves

Mermaid Inspired Turquoise Waves

Mythical and magnetizing—that’s how we describe mermaid-inspired turquoise waves. Captivating turquoise is the quintessential color of the mermaid aesthetic, pairing perfectly with waves for that seaside vibe. Get these coastal waves with a large curling iron and softly brush them out.

#25. Warm Brunette Waves with Blonde Tips

Warm Brunette Waves with Blonde Tips

Brighten up your warm brunette waves with some beautiful blonde tips! Earthy brown roots give depth, helping finer hair look fuller, while the blonde tips lighten up your waves for more definition, all while giving your face a summery glow.

#26. Romantic Rose Gold Waves

Romantic Rose Gold Waves

Medium rose gold waves are romantic and give medium-length hair a tender feminine look. Use a medium barrel curling iron to curl and apply light-hold hairspray. This style suits an oval face shape and is good for thin hair. Opt for hair products that enrich and safeguard the rose gold shade.

#27. Soft Lavender-Tinted Waves

Soft Lavender Tinted Waves

Want a light and airy look? Go for soft lavender-tinted waves. This look perfectly pairs a whimsical pastel purple with bouncy, bubbly, medium-length waves. All you need for these waves is a regular-sized curling iron or wand. You can even add some texture spray for something a little more fun!

#28. Bold Blue Waves with a Side Part

Bold Blue Waves with Side Part

If you want a mesmerizing medium-length wavy hairstyle, look no further than bold blue waves with a side part. This cool and confident color steals the show every time, especially in an electric color like blue. The side part adds a dose of sophistication.

#29. Wispy Wavy Layers with Face-Framing Highlights

Wispy Wavy Layers with Face Framing Highlights

Love those light and airy looks? You need to try wispy, wavy layers with face-framing highlights! The wispy layering gives a lightweight and airy texture, perfect for natural and styled waves to bring luxurious movement. Then, the face-framing highlights finish the look off, brightening up your facial features.

#30. Medium Length Waves with Peekaboo Colors

Medium Length Waves with Peekaboo Colors

Looking to add a fun pop of color to give your waves a taste of trendy flair? Go for some peekaboo colors! This tiny change has a huge impact, bringing a playful element to your magnificent medium-length waves. It’s also a great way to play with vibrant colors without diving in head first.

#31. Fiery Red Waves with Dark Underneath

Fiery Red Waves with Dark Underneath

Dramatic and dazzling—that’s how we describe fiery red waves with a darker shade underneath. Fiery red is a breathtaking color, with a darker shade underneath for depth, dimension, and a whole lot of style that instantly boosts all kinds of waves.

#32. Pastel Pink Wavy Bob with Dark Roots

Pastel Pink Wavy Bob with Dark Roots

This one’s for all your grunge-glam girlies! This look pairs punky and perky perfectly with the wavy bob’s flawless face frame, the peppy pastel pink waves, and dark roots to give this peppy look a little bit of an edge.

#33. Golden Brown Waves with Honey Highlights

Golden Brown Waves with Honey Highlights

Sweeten up your style with golden brown waves and honey highlights. This warm, earthy blend of colors adds a soft dimension that brings out the best in natural and style waves while giving your face a slightly sunny glow. 

#34. Icy Blonde Waves with Layered Cut

Icy Blonde Waves with Layered Cut

Enter your ice queen era with icy blonde waves and a layered cut. This look features an iconic icy blonde with mesmerizing waves intensified by the medium-length layered cut. Get some edgy waves with tousled natural or style curls and texture spray.

#35. Espresso Brown Soft Wavy Layers

Espresso Brown Soft Wavy Layers

Looking for a low-maintenance look with high volume and a whole lot of life? You need espresso brown, soft, wavy layers. The layers boost volume and texture, allowing waves to really rock on the rich, lush espresso brown.

#36. Sleek Midnight Blue Waves

Sleek Midnight Blue Waves

Are you all about those dark and mysterious vibes? Go for sleek midnight blue waves! This look blends sultry midnight blue and sleek waves made with a regular-sized curling wand. Add some extra shimmer with shine spray.

#37. Sunlit Bronde Waves

Sunlit Bronde Waves

Go for something sunny and simple with sunlit bronde waves. Bronde is the perfect medium between brown and blonde, giving a natural sunlit look to your waves. This color also creates depth and a bright, sunny glow for your face. You can get a beachy look by tousling your waves with sea salt spray.

#38. Chic Ash Blonde Waves with Baby Bangs

Chic Ash Blonde Waves with Baby Bangs

Chic ash blonde waves and baby bangs are a top-tier high-fashion look that pairs delicate bright blonde with soft and airy waves and super-trendy baby bangs to frame your face, putting specific focus on your eyes.

#39. Wavy Lob with a Deep Side Part

Wavy Lob with Deep Side Part

If you want a soft glam look, look no further than a wavy lob with a deep side part.  This style combines large, voluminous waves with the lob’s flawless face frame for something truly refined and flawless, especially with a sophisticated side part. 

#40. Vibrant Violet Waves

Vibrant Violet Waves

Need a style with serious star power? Go for vibrant violet waves! This medium-length wavy hairstyle is guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go, pairing a vibrant violet with vigorous waves. Get some luxe waves with a large curling wand and finishing spray. 

#41. Boho Inspired Blonde Waves with Braids

Boho Inspired Blonde Waves with Braids

There’s nothing more summer-ready than boho-inspired blonde waves with braids. This look blends bright and sunny blonde with beachy waves and some braids for that authentic boho babe look.

#42. Rich Burgundy Wavy Cut

Rich Burgundy Wavy Cut

Rejuvenate your waves with something radiant, like a rich burgundy wavy cut. This mid-length cut is designed to make your waves come back better than ever, with more volume and movement. Then, the dark, alluring red tones instantly bring a fiery flair.

#43. Deep Green Wavy Lob with Fringe

Deep Green Wavy Lob with Fringe

A deep green wavy lob with a fringe is a unique and edgy style perfect for standing out with some spunk. The super-stylish deep green brings an unexpected dimension to the elegant wavy lob, and the fringe bang tops it all off with a little cheeky flair.

#44. Butterscotch Blonde Waves with Soft Layers

Butterscotch Blonde Waves with Soft Layers

Want that sweet and summery aesthetic? You need butterscotch blonde waves with soft layers! This look pairs bright and bubbly blonde with charming natural waves, boosted by the soft layering for more movement, volume, and dimension.

#45. Charcoal Black Waves with Silver Streaks

Charcoal Black Waves with Silver Streaks

Bold and breathtaking. That’s the aesthetic you get with charcoal black waves and silver streaks. This is a fab and fashion-forward look for fine hair, with the high contrast boosting depth and dimension and making your waves look better than ever! Get some edgy waves with a medium-sized curling wand and some texture spray.

#46. Electric Blue Waves with Blunt Cut

Electric Blue Waves with Blunt Cut

Electric blue waves on a blunt cut are equally striking and snappy. This vibrant blue gives your look a show-stopping element that enhances your natural waves, while the contemporary and clean blunt gives a perfect shape to frame your face.

#47. Cinnamon Spice Wavy Lob

Cinnamon Spice Wavy Lob

Want to give your waves a dash of razzle dazzle while still looking a little natural? Try a cinnamon spice wavy lob! The lob brings that classic contour to your face while giving your waves a boost of voluminous movement, and the cinnamon spice color gives the whole look a warm and cozy glow.

#48. Ethereal Pearl Blonde Waves

Ethereal Pearl Blonde Waves

There’s nothing as delicate and delightful as ethereal pearl blonde waves. These dreamy, lightweight waves and pearl blonde are perfect for adding a little iridescence and dimension to fine hair with a blissful charm.

#49. Dark Chocolate Waves with Caramel Swirls

Dark Chocolate Waves with Caramel Swirls

Sultry yet sophisticated—that’s how we describe dark chocolate waves with caramel swirls. The sweet caramel swirls give dark chocolate soft brightness and depth, making the perfect background for waves to bring that sweet, swaying movement.

#50. Bold Pink Waves with Undercut Detail

Bold Pink Waves with Undercut Detail

Bold pink waves with an undercut detail are all things perky and punchy. The pink waves create a soft, girly base, and the undercut brings that modern edge while making thin hair look thicker by contrast. You can even go a little more grunge with some darker roots.

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