35 Wavy Hairstyles That Make Maintenance Minimal for Mature Women 

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 17, 2024

Natural waves are a gift, but sometimes, they can be a task to style. 

Not anymore! 

With these low-maintenance hairstyles for wavy hair, you can bring a tsunami of style to your natural waves that make your hair routine easy-breezy. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite wavy haircuts that make maintenance minimal for mature women!

#1. Shoulder-Length Shag with Natural Waves

magnific 6gL0RYBvJhjGNsdO5fBv Shoulder Length Shag with Natural Waves

The shoulder-length shag is the go-to low-maintenance haircut for natural waves, and there’s no wonder why. Shaggy layers enhance your natural texture with volume and movement, and they have a shoulder-length style to keep this look elegant and effortless.

#2. Textured Lob with Beachy Waves

magnific 7TmUNyUGuv5oSfkfTFUk Textured Lob with Beachy Waves

Go for a lovely look that levels up your natural texture, like a textured lob with beachy waves. The lob’s vivacious texture gives a relaxed vibe to your natural waves, creating a tousled look that’s stylish and summer-ready.

#3. Chin-Length Bob with Tousled Waves

magnific nuydERZqyjLz8dbSjcfC Chin Length Bob with Tousled Waves

Looking for something super-chic and sophisticated? You need a chin-length bob with tousled waves. As always, the chin-length bob creates a flattering face frame that’s simple to style, especially for natural waves. Then, tousled waves give the look a pretty and playful touch.

#4. Long Layers with Soft Waves and Side-Swept Bangs

magnific BYZpm2yhuSCimbALLLBU Long Layers with Soft Waves and Side Swept Bangs

If you thought long hair was high maintenance, get ready to be wrong! Luxurious long layers create the perfect, full-bodied movement to get easy, soft waves, with side-swept bangs coming in for a flirty finishing touch.

#5. Curly Bob with Natural Definition

magnific 00UE9291gKGwa4I5Qsof Curly Bob with Natural Definition

This one’s for the curly girls! Doesn’t just celebrate your natural texture but enhances it with layers that define your natural curl pattern with body and bounce, all in a simply styled bob shape, creating a fun yet refined look.

#6. Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

magnific QEcB51LdZbFZR2Cn3YyM Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

Timeless meets trendy in the wavy lob with curtain bangs. This mature, low-maintenance hairstyle for waves adds volume and movement to your natural texture, while the curtain bangs enhance the lob’s flattering face frame.

#7. Long Shag with Face-Framing Waves

magnific 2289to3UENARkEkLf1kD Long Shag with Face Framing Waves

The long shag with face-framing waves is a long, lovely, and lively low-maintenance hairstyle for waves. Shaggy layers body and bounce to waves with a long, luxurious length that gives the typically gritty shag a more lavish look, especially with face-framing waves.

#8. Side-Parted Wavy Bob

magnific XXC8zQ8THOMn6WhwcrqY Wavy Bob with Side Part

If you’re into those easygoing yet elegant hairstyles for mature women, you need to try a side-parted wavy bob. This bob is cut just to give your waves a soft and sophisticated look with more volume and definition and a side part to give it a little extra something.

#9. Shoulder-Length Waves with Subtle Highlights

magnific YuDeDO3ale4iXQmSVYHO Shoulder Length Waves with Subtle Highlights

You don’t need to go crazy with layering to give your hair some life. Keep your styling routine simpler with shoulder-length waves and subtle highlights. Subtle highlights give your hair depth and dimension to effortlessly enhance your waves, while the shoulder-length cut keeps things super simple to style.

#10. Messy Bob with Textured Waves

magnific OlTfxZSTM8i7zuj18cbj Messy Bob with Textured Waves

Messy bobs are the lowest-maintenance of the bunch. These bobs create effortless-looking textured waves, enhanced by the messy layering of the bob, for an unbeatable laidback look that’s a breeze to style every day.

#11. Short Shag with Wavy Bangs

magnific 45rI7yY6zp6GQ18m2BYR Short Shag with Wavy Bangs

The short shag with wavy bangs has everything the classic shag does, including the vibrant volume and unrefined texture but with a shorter shape for easier styling and a more youthful aesthetic for mature women. Then, the wavy bangs finish it all off with an airy charm.

#12. Long Wavy Layers with Textured Ends

magnific ZDOCqw4LVClyEtxQ0YnG Long Wavy Layers with Textured Ends

Get a beachy, boho-inspired look with long, wavy layers with textured ends. This super-simple, summer-ready style gives your waves a serious upgrade with vibrant movement and volume, intensified by textured ends.

#13. Chin-Length Bob with Voluminous Waves

magnific wYeDZ8lQejQvk4J75Lid Chin Length Bob with Voluminous Waves

If you want a high-class but low-effort style that brings instant glamor, look no further than a chin-length bob with voluminous waves. As always, the chin-length bob creates a flattering face frame, particularly for mature women, while the voluminous waves give your look a sophisticated charm. 

#14. Wavy Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific yB47iCA3sSv9npydLctJ Wavy Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Energized and elegant–that’s how we describe the wavy lob with side-swept bangs. The shoulder length keeps this cut easy to manage while giving your waves a sophisticated frame with a spark of spunky texture to give your waves a little more life. Then, side-swept bangs add that extra flirty flair.

#15. Graduated Bob with Natural Waves

magnific yzJLqskjOkATR7fhfTmz Graduated Bob with Natural Waves

The graduated bob on natural waves is a pretty and polished look for mature women who want something put together (but put together easily). This bob brings a super complementary shape with volume and enhanced natural waves, giving the look a little more glamour without the styling time.

#16. Center-Parted Long Layers with Soft Waves

magnific u8Bsegxuw9ThkcwidrTU Long Layers with Soft Waves and a Center Part

Get a balanced, beautiful look that makes styling your waves absolutely effortless with center-parted long layers with soft waves. Layers create a complementary frame for your face, with volume and movement enhancing the soft waves for a pinch of gentle romance.

#17. Wavy Bob with Subtle Face-Framing Layers

magnific AgijiDltovelmdTIOXyq Wavy Bob with Subtle Face Framing Layers

Go girly-chic with a graceful twist, and try a wavy bob with subtle face-framing layers. The bob brings volume and textured movement that boosts your natural waves in a chic frame enhanced by the face-framing layers for an extra flattering flair.

#18. Choppy Lob with Textured Waves

magnific q4wLPosgKWZ0xmtdJUup Choppy Lob with Textured Waves

If you’re looking for a trendy and tasteful style made for mature women, you need a choppy lob with textured waves. Choppy layers bring robust volume and movement with textured waves for a tousled look you can get in mere minutes.

#19. Wavy Hair with Side Braids

magnific elYHOAwpTQl2dD733im7 Wavy Hair with Side Braids

Braids and waves have one thing in common: ageless allure. Together, these styles combine eye-catching intricacy from the braids with natural waves for a little romantic flair, creating a low-effort but highly trendy boho-inspired style. 

#20. Wavy Lob with a Side-Swept Fringe

magnific sjN2R79Szw8SpMRG4TGS Wavy Lob with a Side Swept Fringe

Go all-out luxurious and low-key with a wavy lob and a side-swept fringe. A wavy lob is always a lovely, low-maintenance look that revives your waves, and the side-swept fringe gives a look a chic charm while completing the lob’s complementary shape.

#21. Textured Bob with Effortless Waves

magnific r4Czk6zow02CLhZuNGIF Textured Bob with Effortless Waves

A textured bob with effortless waves is the perfect balance between energized and easy to manage. Textured layers renew your waves with better volume and definition, while effortless waves give you a laid-back look.

#22. Long Layers with Feathered Waves

magnific ImXbno2SeuJYS6f7l9Fd Long Layers with Feathered Waves

Get that bombshell blowout look in a fraction of the time with long layers with feathered waves. Long layers give your lavish lengths some lift and life, while feathering waves bring light, flowing movement that gives your look a dose of natural glam.

#23. Wavy Half Updo

magnific E3cXzX3hAiEUIkOycnuF Wavy Hair with a Half Updo

Go for a classic casual style with all those chic vibes and a wavy half-updo. This style works for any hair shoulder length and longer, keeping your hair up and out of the way while the rest of your waves flow down for a touch of elegance.

#24. Shoulder-Length Waves with Subtle Balayage

magnific NAGe1e663ssFgysBqslF Shoulder Length Waves with Subtle Balayage

Give your natural texture a double dose of luxurious yet low-effort life with shoulder-length waves and subtle balayage. Shoulder-length waves are an unbeatable lavish look, but subtle balayage brings natural-looking depth and dimension, enhancing the cut and bringing a fresh, sunny glow.

#25. Side-Parted Long Wavy Hair

magnific rVcp4gJhjaS4tqJfGBVz Long Wavy Hair with a Side Part

Side-parted long wavy hair is a minimal-effort look with maximum style. The part is that little extra touch you need to bring your wonderful waves to the next level, giving your waves even more body and movement from changing your part, all while giving a slightly sophisticated vibe.

#26. Wavy Bob with Flipped-Out Ends

magnific dnXmZw5l4e57U2A6uWf8 Wavy Bob with Flipped Out Ends

If you’re looking for a super flattering look for waves with a bit of nostalgic flair, you need a wavy bob with flipped-out ends. The bob keeps styling your waves simple while giving subtle volume and soft movement, enhanced by the flipped-out ends for an added playful touch.

#27. Wavy Shaggy Lob

magnific 5EMkGGtBvdpqkOawT9V4 Shaggy Wavy Lob

The wavy, shaggy bob is a combination style that brings the best of two cuts to give you even better waves. This style features the lob’s flawlessly flattering frame for mature women with shaggy layering to give you natural waves and a fun and relaxed vibe.

#28. Wavy Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific J7CjAv3gfwS8EsbMZnmU Wavy Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Want a super low-maintenance style with spunk? Go for a wavy pixie cut with side-swept bangs! This pixie’s slightly longer than the average pixie cut to showcase your waves while adding the pixie’s famed volume and texture.

#29. Long Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

magnific 4KW0S2SkLZkSBJcSBva9 Long Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Get all things natural glam in long wavy hair with curtain bangs. Long waves are the ultimate low-maintenance and lavish look, paired with curtain bangs for a classic finishing touch to complement your facial features.

#30. Textured Lob with Tousled Waves

magnific D6sMnea3MTBSJ9RoxXoU Textured Lob with Tousled Waves

The textured lob with tousled waves is a carefree, casual look that gives your natural texture a tidal wave of style. The textured layers give your waves high-powered energy with volume and dimension, while tousled waves top it all off with a beachy-chic charm. 

#31. Wavy Bob with an Angled Front

magnific ByGv6umaysPxQDt0kVO1 Wavy Bob with Angled Front

If you’re into more of a modern and minimal wavy hairstyle, you’ve got to try a wavy bob with an angled front.  As always, the bob is notorious for making your styling routine as easy as ever, with an angled front for an extra-flattering frame for mature women.

#32. Wavy Hair with a Braided Crown

magnific VlKSqxeUUSLAtbFDV4iR Wavy Hair with Braided Crown

Get something relaxed with a regal twist with a style like wavy hair and a braided crown. Wavy hair is the perfect match for a beautiful braided crown, creating that boho-chic look with a pinch of princess vibes.

#33. Shoulder-Length Waves with Chunky Highlights

magnific TKbhWyAwdGeWLejd4iNj Shoulder Length Waves with Chunky Highlights

Shoulder-length waves with chunky highlights are a luxurious yet youthful look for women of all ages. They add the ultimate class, creating volume and movement, intensified by the chunky highlights for an even lighter and livelier look with a summer-ready twist.

#34. Wavy Pixie Bob

magnific DQn5IzUSQqFu1BbCg8n5 Wavy Pixie Bob

Get the best of both worlds with a wavy pixie bob! This hybrid hairstyle is chic and cheeky, with wavy pixie layers adding height and movement and coming down into a short bob shape that provides a particularly complementary look for mature women.

#35. Long Wavy Hair with a Middle Part

magnific LB5w0jIfTuyy8jEoCDLC Long Wavy Hair with a Middle Part

If you want a soft and understated look with star power, there’s nothing better than long, wavy hair with a middle part. This is a classic look for waves, with the volume and movement your waves need and a middle part to keep things balanced and easy-breezy.

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