65 Long Shag Haircuts With Serious Starpower

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 17, 2024

In a world where hair trends are always changing, one iconic cut from the 70s is making a killer comeback– the long shag haircut. And there’s no wondering why because when we say this retro-esque cut has it all, we mean it!

The shag is famous for giving hair everything it needs texture, body, movement, and volume, not to mention its adaptability to different hair textures and total style versatility. But the long shag does it all without sacrificing your lovely length. 

If you’re ready for all of the benefits of long shag haircuts, get some inspiration with this list of 65 long shag haircuts with serious starpower!

#1. Tousled Long Shag with Curtain Bangs

magnific HgjXUAlLUvo9FPxtEZPv Tousled Long Shag with Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for easy-going edgy, the tousled long shag with curtain bangs is for you! The laid-back tousled layers create effortless movement and definition for all hair textures. Then, the curtain bangs frame and soften your facial features while connecting the cut, creating a slight sense of cohesiveness. 

#2. Texturized-Layered Shag with Razor-Sharp Edges 

magnific WyyWUbwJ774bhHgRhlJu Texturized Layered Shag with Razor Sharp Edges

The texturized layered shag with razor-sharp edges is a feisty favorite that will undoubtedly bring out your wild side. This style features razor-cut shaggy layers for high-definition texture that creates strong movement. Sharp edges finish off the look while giving a contemporary edge.  

#3. Classic Shag Cut with Voluminous Crown 

magnific yAo1jBrmZUhZvot7lhGv Classic Shag Cut with Voluminous Crown

If you’re looking for big, bold, and beautiful, you won’t find it anywhere else than with a classic shag with a voluminous crown. This cut is designed to give the illusion of maximum height right at the crown. Then, the shaggy layers fall down to create an elegant movement. 

#4. Side Swept Bangs on an Asymmetrical Shag

magnific eXjf1txzAV5445VcaWNA Side Swept Bangs on an Asymmetrical Shag

The asymmetrical shag is a modern take on the classic layering technique. But unlike other edgier modern styles, this style’s all about being soft and subtle, with a tiny flirty flair. Then, to elevate that flattering, side-swept bangs drape across the forehead, framing your face and highlighting your features, especially your eyes.

#5. Long Shag with Cascading Layers 

magnific UVmp2xW2IX930evy67NX Long Shag with Cascading Layers

The long shag with cascading layers is the perfect compromise between giving your hair a salon-level look that also makes styling your hair easy-breezy. Cascading layers give your lengths dimension and a natural blowout-inspired movement without the hassle of an actual blowout. Effortless glamour? Yes, please! 

#6. Modern Shag with Disconnected Choppy Layers

magnific WiyxWVDl6CG7mvf9c8C1 Modern Shag with Disconnected Choppy Layers

The past meets the present in the modern shag with disconnected choppy layers. The disconnected choppy layers are edgy and unexpected, not only giving this contemporary cut full-bodied texture but also creating a gorgeous grungy twist.  

#7. Wispy-Layered Shag with Feathered Fringe Bangs

magnific PLxsovcWpwylJBGBaOsH Wispy Layered Shag with Feathered Fringe Bangs

If your aesthetic is all things light and airy, we’ve got just the do for you! This long shag features wispy layers for lightweight texture and soft movement, making it perfect for thick and thin hair. Then, the feathered fringe bangs add a whimsical charm to the whole look.

#8. Layered Shag with Extended Bangs

magnific uoyrf3ReMPLPo4F7pgQe Layered Shag with Extended Bangs

The layered shag with extended bangs is where fashion meets functionality. This low-maintenance look features graceful layers for body, dimension, and total texture versatility. Extended bangs blend seamlessly into the rest of the cut, enhancing the look with a super-chic vibe. 

#9. Heavily-Layered Retro Shag

magnific JpOLboW2YqL7rWKUu01s Heavily Layered Retro Shag

Give your locks a blast from the past with a heavily-layered retro shag. The heavy layers maximize the shaggy texture and volume, giving it a slightly modern edge and twice the style. This cut also keeps styling super simple.

#10. Sleek Shag with Invisible Layering

magnific 6TKahKAufLSBNblIjqqn Sleek Shag with Insible Layering

Don’t worry if you’re not into all that texture and razzle-dazzle. There’s still a shag for you. Insivisble layers blend so seamlessly into the sleek shag that no one will know they’re there. This gives you all the benefits of a layered shag while looking sleek, smooth, and sophisticated. 

#11. Wavy Bohemian Shag 

magnific NXZ47xXAAx2X7gdPTyfd Wavy Bohemian Shag

Embrace your inner boho babe with a wavy bohemian shag. This laid-back look gives full texture and body to naturally enhance your waves for that beautiful beachy aesthetic without the salty air! Even better, it makes styling long and wavy hair easier than ever.

#12. Blunt-Cut Shag

magnific NYe0ryAlnp8U9BV0yC7r Blunt Cut Shag

The straight-edge perimeter of the blunt-cut shag puts a cheeky and contemporary twist on a classic cut. With a blunt-cut outline, this shake gets a sleeker shape for a bolder and minimalist-inspired style with a more artistic edge than the traditional shag.

#13. Edgy Long Shag with a Dramatic Undercut 

magnific WET88NT8Gjr7UAAYfzWX Edgy Long Shag with a Dramatic Undercut

Daring, dramatic, and downright stylish, the edgy long shag with a dramatic undercut is what you need to bring your edgy style to the top. This cut combines the layering and texturizing of the shag and elevates it by adding a dramatic undercut for that extra fiery flair.

#14. Full Bangs with Tapered Ends on a Long Shag 

magnific 9S0DXtZuCijkLFX9wQNW Full Bangs with Tapered Ends on a Long Shag

If you love the look of the classic long shag but want to give it a little something-something, go with full bangs with tapered ends. That way, you get all of the body, volume, and texture of the long shag, but you make it your own with a playful twist.

#15. Textured Shag with Multi-Length Layers 

magnific bgWyFR9mK9sfPS6hvXjX Textured Shag with Multi Length Layers

Looking for a perfect balance between polished and playful? We’ve got it! The textured shag with multi-length layers is the perfect middle ground. This take on the shag features layers that are tastefully textured by multi-length layers, which work to enhance your hair’s natural body and movement. 

#16. Long Shag with Elongated Front Pieces

magnific iLf8QaqLxZ6IsSWZRxaX Long Shag with Elongated Front Pieces

Get everything the long shag haircut is famous for with some face-flattering flair by adding elongated front pieces. This seemingly small yet chic statement, thanks to the charming frame the long front pieces give to your face.

#17. Sleek Shag with Internal Layers

magnific MkFgF950mgkINgJxHOe2 Sleek Shag with Internal Layers

Give your long hair some soft volume with a sleek shag with internal layers. The hidden layering provides all of the height and body of the classic shag but with a much sleeker and more polished aesthetic. 

#18. Long Shag Haircut with Swooping Voluminous Bangs

magnific XexSZamTzkKgRXZSGNHW Long Shag Haircut with Swooping Voluminous Bangs 1 1

This vivacious variant of the long shag haircut is defined by the swooping voluminous bangs. But that certainly isn’t the only drama this look brings. While the bangs steal the show, this cut also features layers with massive texture and movement for that extra edgy aesthetic.

#19. High Contrast Shag with Defined Strands 

magnific mlU660VyacfoBqhe2Zko High Contrast Shag with Defined Strands 1 1

Elegantly edgy. The perfect description for the high-contrast shag cut with defined strands. This contemporary take on the long shag electrifies even the finest hair, with defined strands that bring a tasteful kind of texture and movement. 

#20. Airy Shag Cut with Soft Undulating Layers

magnific 8OCnSXgRkF4FxnNdFOK1 Airy Shag Cut with Soft Undulating Layers

The airy shag with soft undulating layers is the ideal long shag haircut if you’re looking for something to breathe some life back into your curls. But even for straight hair, this gentle cut provides soft movement and texture for an easy-breezy kind of flow. 

#21. Angled Curtain Bangs on a Voluminous Shag

magnific bcMHWarD1yAsmCOXLyXO Angled Curtain Bangs on a Voluminous Shag

Add a modern twist to the timeless voluminous shag cut with angled curtain bangs. This captivating combo brings all the classic height and body of the voluminous shag with the face-framing angled curtain bangs adding a chic and youthful finishing touch. 

#22. Tousled Shag with Rounded Volume

magnific ma9n1AUrV69MaMxcQEeT Tousled Shag with Rounded Volume

If you’re looking for a divinely disheveled kind of look, you’ll find it in the tousled shag with rounded volume. The rounded volume creates more body for your natural waves, with soft and sophisticated movement for goddess-level tousles with a slight laid-back twist.

#23. Fine Texturizing on a Minimalist Shag

magnific AsPG0HHyAx2CziZEqvOQ Fine Texturizing on a Minimalist Shag

Who says fine hair can get fabulous texture? Not us! This vigorously textured style gives the normally sleek minimalist shag cut a lively edge that makes it perfect for giving fine and thin hair everything it needs to look thicker, fuller, and more defined. 

#24. Wavy Layered Shag with Side Fringe Bangs

magnific 3LpxPKg8m1FEDfhkgkDL Wavy Layered Shag with Side Fringe Bangs

Bring some glorious glam to your waves with a cut made just for wavy hair! The wavy layered shag is perfect for giving natural (or styled) waves full-bodied volume and bounce. Then, the side-fringe bangs soften the look and add a flirty charm. 

#25. Feathered Edges in Graduated Shag

magnific dJnnvjUTipTrSuVsUBG3 Feathered Edges in Graduated Shag

The graduated shag with feathered edges is a take on the shag that steals the show. This look features gorgeous graduating layers from short to long and soft feathered edges for an iconic blend of volume, texture, and style. 

#26. Deep Side-Parted Shag with Sculpted Layers

magnific As5IZ6DiPyfOtyd6yNYd Deep Side Parted Shag with Sculpted Layers

Looking for something refined but defined? The deep side-parted shag with sculpted layers is the cut for you! The precisely cut sculpted layers provide gentle volume and smooth movement, perfect for that well-defined yet super-sleek look. Then, the deep side part brings an old Hollywood glam vibe to the look.

#27. Shag with Razor Cut Ends and Piecey Bangs 

magnific TgaU0pR6YuCRfmJPgO3G Shag with Razor Cut Ends and Piecey Bangs

If texture is what your hair needs, look no further than a shag with razor-cut ends and piecey bangs. This sharp style features all the texture we love about the shag but enhances the texturized look with razor-cut ends. Then, piecey bangs bring this delightfully disconnected look together with just a pinch of playfulness.

#28. Voluminous Shag with Amplified Texture

magnific BOOOErEdRc36UB7plGdv Voluminous Shag with Amplified Texture

The voluminous shag with amplified texture proves there’s beauty in chaos. This high-voltage look takes the already voluminous shag and turns it up with amplified texture for something bold, captivating, and oh-so-edgy. This cut also works on all hair textures, from pin-straight to tight curls.  

#29. Wispy-Outlined Shag with Flared Ends

magnific 95ElwfZo5a40HwLGGoLk Wispy Outlined Shag with Flared Ends

Want something dreamy and dramatic? The wispy-outlined shag with flared engs is your new do! The wispy outlined shag cut is light and airy, keeping the look soft, while the flared ends enhance the texture of your layers, creating an edgier aesthetic. 

#30. Bold Silhouette with Intense Layering 

magnific QToWbT4mxNORDx5NjYAS Bold Silhouette with Intense Layering

If you love to stand out, you need a haircut to help you do it. And there’s nothing better for a than a bold silhouetted shag with intense layering. Just as the name suggests, this cut gives your hair a bold, dramatic shape with intense layering for powerful volume and flashy texture. Plus, the length gives you unlimited styling options.

#31. Minimal Bangs on a Soft Razor-Cut Shag 

magnific NgGue4D9hQgj6tVSlSfa Minimal Bangs on a Soft Razor Cut Shag

Adding minimal bangs to the soft razor-cut with minimal bangs creates the perfect blend of punchy and polished. Razor-cut layers bring vivid volume and dynamic definition. Then, minimal bangs soften the look even more while elegantly framing your face.

#32. Chunky-Layered Shag with Dramatic Volume

magnific kDmJRXuUggBw9o4skQvc Chunky Layered Shag with Dramatic Volume

Tired of fighting with your heavy, thick hair to get some volume, texture, and style? We’ve got you covered! The chunky layers of this shag are perfect for giving thick hair vibrant volume, magnetizing movement, and a much simpler styling routine. 

#33. Flowy-Layered Long Shag 

magnific JUPbVeEplEJJ7C02YDvT Flowy Layered Long Shag

Looking for something soft and simple? You need a flowy-layered long shag! This cut’s long, flowy layers cascade downward to softly enhance your hair’s natural movement while keeping your look relaxed and refined (but never boring).

#34. Textured Bodied-Shag with Mixed-Length Bangs

magnific dN9zvcYUyVPYZADnqkak Textured Bodied Shag with Mixed Length Bangs

The long shag with textured body and mixed-length bangs is exactly what you need to give yourself a delightfully dynamic look. This unique take on the shag gives any hair type vivacious volume and texture for stunning movement, with the mix-length bangs adding an irresistibly chic flair. 

#35. Sharp Angular Layered Shag

magnific 8mhHt68HrtV7FSVpWj0g Sharp Angular Layered Shag

Embrace your inner grunge girl with a sharp angular layered shag. This showy shag has a contemporary shape elevated by sharply-cut angular layers to give this cut a grittier edge while still framing your face. All in all, a fiery and fashion-forward hairstyle. 

#36. Wavy Shag with Light Feathering 

magnific o10DPF8ebvgpFJwSAlMA Wavy Shag with Light Feathering

Give your waves that wow factor, and go for a wavy shag with light feathering. This cut gives your waves breezy movement with light feathering for soft and airy layers that give you more definition and bounce for enhanced natural texture and easy-breezy styling.

#37. Polished Shag with Slicked-Back Layering

magnific tWOyFtWhz0LrbFms47JP Polished Shag with Slicked Back Layering

If sleek and chic is your thing, you need a polished shag with slicked-back layering. The silky slicked-back layering keeps things clean and tidy, with volume only at the roots (where you need it). The rest of the cut is smooth and structured for a super-sophisticated style.

#38. Disheveled Layered Shag with Raw Edges

magnific kIJvKQZ0B3XHRMajOn07 Disheveled Layered Shag with Raw Edges

Release your inner rebel and go for a disheveled layered shag with raw edges. This cut pairs the perfectly undone look of the disheveled layers with gritty raw edges for a naturally tousled style with hard-core texture.

#39. Long Shag with Smooth Transitional Layers 

magnific e4X9UQwXGkd7neZ9RgPZ Long Shag with Smooth Transitional Layers

Enhance your long shag cut with smooth transitional layers. This soft layering technique brings seamless definition and volume to your hair for an effortlessly elegant style. Plus, this is a low-maintenance cut that gives you room to style however you’d like.

#40. Soft Wavy Shag with Medium Fringe Bangs

magnific zJvIYBPFBeoL9y1x83GW Soft Wavy Shag with Medium Fringe Bangs

Bring out the best in your soft wavy hair with a long shag fit with medium fringe bangs. The shag is designed to give soft waves massive volume and create better movement, improving your natural wave pattern for an easy-going kind of glam. The medium fringe bangs are the chic cherry on top.

#41. Compact Layered Shag with Defined Movement

magnific sxskfp3FVWur4xcxyReM Compact Layered Shag with Defined Movement

Energize your edgy aesthetic with style like the compact layered shag with defined movement. The compact layers create a texturized structure, and defined movement can bring new life to your hair, whether it’s super-fine or really thick.

#42. Wavy Shag with Deep Sculptural Layers

magnific w0HFtQuwgoajiBaXRuou Wavy Shag with Deep Sculptural Layers

The wavy shag with deep sculptural layers is a bold and subtly artistic way to enhance your natural flow. The creatively carved layers bring dramatic movement that coordinates with soft texture for enhanced bounce and waves that look like they were sculpted by the gods.    

#43. Shag Cut with Strategic Volume for Thin Hair

magnific Zzym76QfIvmB4AaAkBay Shag Cut with Strategic Volume for Thin Hair

Give your thin hair a zap with a shag cut with strategic volume just for thin hair. This shag’s strategically cut layers bring maximum volume and texture, making fine and thin hair look fuller, thicker, and much more stylish. Plus, this style can rejuvenate any hair texture.

#44. Unstructured Wavy Shag with Casual Bangs

magnific i1k05RJOQiX7E7flFuI7 Unstructured Wavy Shag with Casual Bangs

Bring some distinguished disconnection to your style with an unstructured wavy shag and casual bangs. This wild and wavy style features unstructured layers that give your natural waves a fashion-forward facelift with improved body and texture. The casual bangs add a dash of relaxed cohesiveness, standing out from the disconnection of the rest of the look.

#45. Blunt Fringe Bangs on a Horizontally Layered Shag

magnific rxU3aXWyRJd5GcazVQAm Blunt Fringe Bangs on a Horizontally Layered Shag

If you’re looking for something spunky but simple, you’ll find it in a horizontally-layered shag cut with blunt fringe bangs. This straight-edge shag features clean-cut horizontal layers for structured texture. The blunt-cut fringe bangs add a spunky edge that blends seamlessly into the shorter top layers of the cut for extra simplicity. 

#46. Stacked-Layered Shag with Textured Ends

magnific Jk7qrRSl2rUrV93V2IXv Stacked Layered Shag with Textured Ends

Take your look to the top with a stacked-layered shag with textured ends. The stacked layering technique creates robust volume and body, while the textured ends make sure each strand stands out. Now, that’s what we call a high-profile hairstyle.

#47. Distinct-Layered Shag and Alternating Lengths

magnific liA3oIgRAzsimu8BTSRd Distinct Layered Shag and Alternating Lengths

Give your long locks windswept movement, with shag cut with distinct layering at alternating lengths. This complex cut makes getting a striking style simple, with carefully cut layers that alternate between long and short for a smooth yet high-definition style. 

#48. Soft Fringe Bangs on a Curly Layered Shag 

magnific 5e8p6l0i9PBuz9wGIQHl Soft Fringe Bangs on a Curly Layered Shag 1 1

Bring your curls back to life with a curly layered shag with soft fringe bangs. This shag has carefully cut layers to bring volume and bounce, reviving your ringlets and showcasing your natural curl pattern. Then, the soft fringe bangs gently frame your face while bringing a sense of smoothness to the whole look.

#49. Layered Undercut Shag with Extra Volume

magnific dV0X4nNdbndM1Li3KbIx Layered Undercut Shag with Extra Volume 1

If you’re looking for something bold-as-brass, the layered undercut shag with extra volume is exactly what you need. This daring do features short layering for an audacious amount of volume with a sleek undercut to make a stark contrast for a modern flair.

#50. Wavy Shag with Distinct Layers 

magnific Cj9Wa9So0ieVVQgxZlPN Wavy Shag with Distinct Layers

Looking to give your waves some much-needed high-definition body and beauty? The wavy shag with distinct layers is your perfect cut. This long shag features distinct layerings to accentuate and improve your wave pattern for full-bodied lush waves with distinguished dimensions.   

#51. Shag Cut with Sleek Top and Voluminous Bottom 

magnific NOyxxRkUDOpYXv9rw4m4 Shag Cut with Sleek Top and Voluminous Bottom

The long shag with a sleek top and voluminous bottom flips the script on the norm and creates a perfect blend between smooth and dramatic. This upside-down layering technique provides sleekness on top, blending down into full-bodied long layers for a perfectly polished kind of pizazz. 

#52. Jagged-Edge Shag with Sparse Bangs 

magnific iEAUUBqwm9F4eaSBDRPe Jagged Edge Shag with Sparse Bangs

Jagged edges take the classic shag to new heights with softly texturized layers for a raw take on texture. Then, the sparse bangs bring a subtle softness to the look while maintaining that edgy spark. 

#53. Transitional Shag with a Smooth Crown and Wavy Perimeter

magnific enIq5W8IH5htdCo9Ddtd Transitional Shag with a Smooth Crown and Wavy Perimeter

Nothing blends old-school glam with contemporary design like the transitional shag with a smooth crown and wavy perimeter. This striking shag is the epitome of elegance, with silky crown layers that flow into a textured, full-bodied perimeter of waves.  

#54. Side Swept Fringe on a Tousled Layered Shag 

magnific JQ8osMzB30fHCDR8hgAh Side Swept Fringe on a Tousled Layered Shag

If you thought the carefree vibes of the tousled shag couldn’t get better, let us introduce the side-swept fringe! The smoothly textured bangs bring a soft chicness to the playful attitude and windswept texture of the tousled layers.

#55. Ruffled-Textured Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific fCbPCfzloqz8hsfjyNHU Ruffled Textured Shag with Micro Bangs

Go for alluring and avante-garde with a ruffled-textured shag and micro bangs. This uber-edgy cut blends ruffled layers for an eccentricly fluffed-out kind of texture and volume. And, to turn that modern edge up, micro bangs, baby.

#56. Lofty Layered Shag with Sprightly Ends 

magnific 5vWQDvyzpxaQS2IK10SK Lofty Layered Shag with Sprightly Ends

Give your locks a lift with the lofty layered shag with sprightly ends. Lofty layers bring height and body, while the sprightly ends give the look more texture and movement. It’s the perfect way to give straight, thick hair a shake. But it can easily fit any hair density and texture.

#57. Balanced Wavy Shag Cut with Feathered Sides

magnific 7Xx589CmwBBWXAgmuheu Balanced Wavy Shag Cut with Feathered Sides

For something elegantly even, look no further than the balanced wavy shag with feathered sides. The feathered sides enhance the movement of the lively wavy layers that create brilliant body, but they blend seamlessly for a gentler texture and a more refined aesthetic.

#58. Rounded-Profile Shag with Crisp Layers

magnific plInrdsXmMuey7Qtj0Ug Rounded Profile Shag with Crisp Layers

If clean and contemporary is the name of your game, you’ll find it (and more) in the rounded-profile shag with crisp layers. The rounded structure creates a soft shape for all hair textures. Then, crisp layers come in to create a sharply defined texture for that modern flair. 

#59. Tactile-Textured Shag for Lush Waves

magnific XPpJBdtNjrVYZWrj7jqS Tactile Textured Shag for Lush Waves

The tactile textured shag makes creating texture and movement easy, with layers that define and boost curls for touchably soft waves with lush body and engaging texture. It really is the perfect cut for showcasing (and improving) your wonderful natural waves. 

#60. Delicate Curly Shag with Strategic-Lengths

magnific RMUxyOOlkG3ce7GcFt1g Delicate Curly Shag with Strategic Lengths

This one’s for the curly girl’s! The delicate curly shag with strategic lengths is designed to meticulously sculpt out each curl for maximum volume, definition, body, and bounce, giving your curls brand-new life with an effortlessly soft style.  

#61. Undone Wavy Shag with a Natural Fringe

magnific doPsHvzkUyGEYIlpbxt8 Undone Wavy Shag with a Natural Fringe

If you want a chic style that doesn’t steal the spotlight from your beautiful face, we’ve got just the thing! The undone wavy shag gives a relaxed yet refined kind of volume and texture for a low-key look for your waves. Then, the natural fringe connects the cut and frames your face even more.

#62. Sculpted Shag with Precise Cuts

magnific s79Jt5QwxPK0SrVQ0QoV Sculpted Shag with Precise Cuts

The sculpted shag with precise cuts is another striking shag that can make your hair a work of art. Sculpted layers carve dimension in your hair for a soft, controlled kind of texture. The sharp, clean lines of the precise cuts enhance this while providing a contemporary charm to this soft and simple style.

#63. Fluidly-Shaped Shag with Varied Lengths

magnific 9HUUZE0XzGnRMyRnVvOf Fluidly Shaped Shag with Varied Lengths

Versatile and vivacious, the fluidly-shaped shag with varied lengths is everything you need to take that spunky style to the top and leave you tons of room for different looks. The fluid shape keeps things dynamic, and the texture and edge come from the multilength layers.

#64. Integrated-Layered Shag

magnific w1NovqwRNTb1GcDBBDX3 Integrated Layered Shag

Combining striking with sleek may seem impossible, but not with the integrated-layered shag. This shag features layers that blend seamlessly into the rest of the cut for a softly-textured yet highly defined sleek finish for that ultimate stunningly sophisticated hairstyle. 

#65. Bold Texturized Shag and Polished Fringe Bangs

magnific dqtbeE2Y1fMkWW97AKHM Bold Texturized Shag and Polished Fringe Bangs

Daring yet delicate. That’s the name of the game, with a bold texturized shag finished with a polished fringe. This eye-catching cut has bold texturized layers for dynamic definition and movement. Then, the look is finished with polished fringe bangs for a playful yet refined aesthetic. 

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