40 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts For On-the-Go Women

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 10, 2024

Not everyone who wants a low-maintenance haircut wants to completely chop off their tresses. So what’s a gal to do?

Don’t worry, queen. Low maintenance does not automatically equate to ultra-short haircuts and styles. In fact, there are so many medium-length haircuts that will fit your need for an easy-to-maintain style. Here are the top 40 low-maintenance, medium-length haircuts for on-the-go women.

magnific OkI3bkh734MddOSxTOrg Soft Balayage Waves

If you want to spruce up your light brown hair with some color but don’t want the maintenance of highlights, you’ll appreciate balayage. Soft balayage adds a pinch of light blonde in all the right places, ensuring a natural appearance that’s easy to maintain. Waves only add to the beauty!

#2. Natural Curls with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific hpdXzZVFOm90TorrLMZl Natural Curls with Side Swept Bangs

Natural curls are stunning, but they can be problematic. Yet, a medium-length haircut like this will do two things. One, it will make your curls much easier to maintain, and second, it will cause them to bounce like never before. What more could you want? Tack on side-swept bangs for a bit of romance.

#3. Ombre-Layered Lob

magnific H2v8mgWj7uEJX2FstqSx Ombre Layered Lob

A layered lob is precisely what every fine or thin-haired gal needs in their life. This haircut will immediately create volume and flare. And if you’re looking for exciting color contrast that’s surprisingly low-maintenance, look no further than a vibrant ombre blend.

#4. Straight Cut with Chunky Highlights

magnific 3gLSrWjGbWKg3bCfSqnQ Straight Cut with Chunky Highlights

Sure, chunky highlights are slightly more maintenance-heavy compared to other hair coloring techniques, but it’s worth the extra trip to the salon. The straight cut ensures that the rest of your look is entirely easy to maintain.

#5. Center-Parted Relaxed Beach Waves

magnific zLXIbWyter38AafQ6LPC Center Parted Relaxed Beach Waves

When you want to achieve the epitome of low-maintenance, carefree, and easy, it doesn’t get any better than relaxed beach waves! Loose beach waves have that relaxed vibe that you can’t deny. The center part only adds to the overall trendiness of this look.

#6. Angled Bob with Loose Curls

magnific fpPlhC8XgZwEBE3LAZ5x Angled Bob with Loose Curls

Trying to fashion tight ringlets into your medium-length haircut can be challenging. Let’s keep things on the low-maintenance side of things by going for loose curls instead. They’re easier to create and manage while having a feminine edge you’ll adore.

#7. Voluminous A-Line Cut

magnific 10wCjHapBuYBPjEcnS0k Voluminous A Line Cut

Do you need some volume in your mane? Don’t panic – lots of girls do, and it doesn’t mean you have to go with a high-maintenance look. This a-line cut is easy to manage yet makes a powerful difference in the volume department.

#8. Grungy Medium Chop

magnific shpFLig6k0G60DuXbgiI Grungy Medium Chop

If you’re finally ready to unleash your inner punk rocker, you can still wear a maintenance-free cut. This grungy medium-chop has a unique physique prepared for the mosh pit. Just a little hairspray will do the trick.

#9. Brunette Straight Lob with Caramel Streaks

magnific 2K4R1nO2tiCZPrggG4SN Brunette Straight Lob with Caramel Streaks

For those with darker brown hair, caramel streaks are an excellent choice. The color is bright enough to create depth throughout your mane, but the subtle sprinkling ensures you won’t end up sitting in a salon chair every few weeks.

#10. Two-Toned Mid-Length Waves

magnific 5kymPi4m8r1KbGYorbOR Two Toned Mid Length Waves

Did someone say color? A two-toned color choice is as low maintenance as it gets. Because the “fake” color is only applied to the ends, you don’t have to worry about any of your natural roots peeking through – the entire top of your head is your natural shade! It’s such a fun way to spice things up.

#11. Reverse Layered Bob

magnific qO5p2j78qIBxzrY4jpz5 Reverse Layered Bob

Reverse-layered bobs add so much playful texture and depth, which is essential for gals who don’t have very thick hair. Yet, this medium-length cut makes it so easy to style and enjoy. A hairdryer and round brush bring this look to life instantly.

#12. Wispy Feathered Lob

magnific Aw9FRO5FmMNLkMyhe0qa Wispy Feathered Lob

A wispy feathered lob is exceptionally versatile and low-maintenance, making it one of the best choices for those seeking a medium-length haircut they don’t have to fuss with. Wispy, feathered ends provide movement for thin hair while also getting rid of extra bulk for thick hair.

#13. Unstructured Wavy Layers

magnific 9xzpxkmwALfY0b7tu4S2 Unstructured Wavy Layers

Structure = high maintenance; there’s no doubt about it. So what can you do instead? Opt for unstructured layers that don’t need to be kept up. Enjoy the dimension and movement without the endless trips to the stylist!

#14. Loose S-Waves with Asymmetrical Ends

magnific TcS6vSlhJdCy9m9GbQkR Loose S Waves with Asymmetrical Ends

If you need to quickly give your medium-length haircut a flirty and feminine makeover, reach for your larger-barreled curling iron and make some loose S-waves in your tresses. It’s not as tricky as you’d think – and it always looks fantastic.

#15. Glossy Chocolate Swirls

magnific sXxeLBX449WG4N6C5SKE Glossy Chocolate Swirls

Although these glossy chocolate swirls exude maximum elegance and luxury, they’re not super hard to take care of. As long as you use products to keep your hair moisturized and shiny, you can enjoy this flawless brunette ‘do.

#16. Feathered Mid-Length Hair with Baby Bangs

magnific hVRdyI9ofhc0ycjzPNwF Feathered Mid Length Hair with Baby Bangs

Feathered mid-length haircuts are pretty popular, but they tend to lack character. Consider a set of baby bangs if you’re seeking a low-maintenance way to add some personality to your feathered mid-length cut.

#17. Boho Chic Messy Waves

magnific elqQnKwsgMTI4T6T8lBM Boho Chic Messy Waves

Like beach waves, another hairstyle that’s riddled with carefree vibes is none other than boho chic messy waves. These lovely waves don’t just look effortless – they are effortless. That said, it’s a great way to sport a low-maintenance, medium-length cut.

#18. Medium Chop with Straight Bangs

magnific BW4zRmayzWpz8uy2G9Fv Medium Chop with Straight Bangs

Straight bangs are an excellent choice for those who want to add more drama to their ‘do without doing anything very high-maintenance. Straight bangs have a voguish quality to them that will immediately zhuzh up your medium chop.

#19. Sunkissed Straight Middle-Parted Lob

magnific a2tweuV4TocPFxWULlKG Sunkissed Straight Middle Parted Lob

Who knew a hairstyle so simple and so low-maintenance could be so stunning? From the color to the cut to the middle part, this hairstyle is easily one of our favorites. Enjoy this classic style you can easily wear year-round!

#20. Blunt Cut with Wispy Layers

magnific td778DNzxwMVOYuwy8Gx Blunt Cut with Wispy Layers

Blunt cuts are undeniably chic, but they’re lacking that carefree attitude. Add a little bit of effortlessness to your look by tossing in some wispy layers. They’re flirty, fun, and super simple to maintain.

#21. Classic Shoulder-Length Bob

magnific vgKGhGNs67Nbm46bigQR Classic Shoulder Length Bob

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the classics – just like this hairstyle. This brunette shoulder-length bob never goes out of style, so you can confidently wear it wherever you go. The best part is that it exudes so much sophistication, yet it’s one of the most effortless looks to maintain.

#22. Slightly Stacked Lob

magnific cTg24QH41H6KL7jXhVnO Slightly Stacked Lob

Does your lob need an upgrade? A slight stack is all you need to reinvent your lob. Not only will it add some desirable dimension, but it will also work to create some more volume – which may be necessary if your hair is on the thin side.

#23. Honey-Dipped Curls

magnific NYSmwmzhKZ3JYuXemyrw Honey Dipped Curls

Making your curls the star of the show doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s as easy as dipping your brunette ringlets into a honey shade. Leave your darker strands at the root so you don’t have to get your hair done so often, keeping things low maintenance.

#24. Shaggy Layers with Invisible Layers

magnific oXa4WsR9JiOEMyLT1JA4 Shaggy Layers with Invisible Layers

The shaggy cut is one of 2024’s hottest trends – and it’s time to jump on board! Because shaggy cuts are all about the layers, you won’t have to worry about your locks lacking flare and body. And although this cut may appear high-maintenance, it couldn’t be more effortless.

#25. Bedhead Chic with Subtle Highlights

magnific vB5vc9VZSjX8MkWfArTW Bedhead Chic with Subtle Highlights

Low-maintenance doesn’t just have to be easy to maintain; it can appear laidback and casual, too, which is the case of this bedhead chic ‘do. The texturing is playful and effortless, and the subtle highlights add striking color without needing to be re-done regularly.

#26. Voluminous Mid-Length Layers

magnific SiQo9xuoIE6uPhj1zy3C Voluminous Mid Length Layers

Mid-length layers can be left to their own devices – i.e., they can be left straight or curly, whatever your natural hair texture is. But why not do a bit of styling? Volumizing your layers is a cinch when you blowdry using a round brush. Don’t forget the hairspray.

#27. Undercut Shoulder-Length Chop

magnific uv5fqAAmAVHtj1XaSmy2 Undercut Shoulder Length Chop

Some women may refrain from going with an “edgy” haircut, fearing it’ll be challenging to maintain. Think again. By simply adding an undercut to your shoulder-length chop, you give your aesthetic a fierce makeover that is simple to maintain.

#28. High-Volume Collarbone-Length Curls

magnific mMsAYQCAUafwrGEgBvQ6 High Volume Collarbone Length Curls

Curly-haired gals, it’s time to make the most of your hair’s texture and volume. Enter: the collarbone-length cut! This strategic haircut will ensure your curls get the five-star treatment, all while being easy to maintain.

#29. Straight and Glossy Mid-Length Hair

magnific 66zZaobCmNUFP0lDdhcM Straight and Glossy Mid Length Hair

A straight and glossy mid-length haircut will provide you with three things. For one, it immediately creates a high-end look that is always in style. Secondly, it frames the face beautifully to put your facial features on full display. Finally, it’s super low maintenance. What more could you want?

#30. Inverted Long Bob with Highlights

magnific kFW1Nso220Eqs4OEjzoW Inverted Long Bob with Highlights

Long bobs are great for low-maintenance looks, but if you want to add some pizazz to this “typical” haircut, here are two easy-to-maintain ways to do it. First, go with an inverted cut that’s exciting and fun. Then, throw in some subtle highlights. Enjoy your flawless style!

#31. Medium-Length Cut with Blunt Ends

magnific sdExcBTTGOduzPHQQec5 Medium Length Cut with Blunt Ends

Any woman seeking a haircut that will immediately create the illusion of more density will appreciate this style – and it’s low-maintenance, too! Keep your locks one color and use a straightener, if necessary, to recreate this timeless and cute look.

#32. Flowy Mid-Length Middle Part

magnific 75w7PkuCWXRPuvP5RKzG Flowy Mid Length Middle Part

Upcoming event where you want to look your best? There’s no need to break out the tutorials. Flowy waves like these are a cinch to create at home using hot tools or another method. Go with a middle part to stay on-trend.

#33. Curly Medium-Length Bob with Money Piece

magnific 9Hm1AS1DSvo9euEXHKGx Curly Medium Length Bob with Money Piece

This is definitely one of the more fashion-forward options on this list, but it’s still shockingly easy to maintain! Add some charming curls to your medium-length bob. If you really want to zhuzh things up, a money piece is an excellent way to add some vibrancy.

#34. Layered Shoulder-Length Haircut for Women

magnific n6j9zjnD29doziWNeUAG Layered Shoulder Length Haircut for Women

Practical yet stylish, the layered shoulder-length haircut can be worn by any woman with any hair texture. Whether you have naturally straight hair or curly ringlets, don’t be afraid to chop your tresses and enjoy this everyday look!

#35. Tousled and Textured Beach Waves

magnific f4ztH7fD3zOxVO3W9a7c Tousled and Textured Beach Waves

As we’ve mentioned already, beach waves are effortless to create and have a laid-back vibe you’ll love. However, if you don’t want to blend in with the “sea” of beach waves (pun intended), go ahead and tousle your locks up a bit.

#36. Angled Medium-Length Cut with Side Bangs

magnific HdSnmxsif8Rsgk4AgvyM Angled Medium Length Cut with Side Bangs

One quick and easy way to take your medium-length cut from “boring” and “typical” to exciting and lively is to add more angles and a fresh set of bangs. We love the angled look paired with side bangs, a blend that’s funky and cute.

#37. Sleek Mid-Length Ponytail

magnific N8K6j7ovddDiIkBJxtyr Sleek Mid Length Ponytail

A ponytail such as this can easily be worn day to night, making it a versatile option that’s also easy to achieve. Some sleeking hair products and teasing at the crown is exactly what you’ll need to get there.

#38. Messy Shoulder-Length Chop with Layers

magnific OX97JeFI4puWNxPndvNT Messy Shoulder Length Chop with Layers

Women who love the “undone” look will enjoy this haircut! Start with a shoulder-length chop riddled with layers of all lengths and sizes. Then, tousle things up with your hands and some texturizing product.

#39. Easy-Going Wavy Mid-Length Hair

magnific gonhnDb28g6HgnGAI67B Easy Going Wavy Mid Length Hair

Although this look is definitely easygoing, it appears to be anything but. These waves have an err of elegance that you can easily wear to a high-end event if dressed appropriately. Yet, they’re laid-back enough for a casual night out with the gals.

#40. Asymmetrical Shoulder-Length Bob

magnific Fb9H07uHkEHiukxREbPq Asymmetrical Shoulder Length Bob

Give your shoulder-length bob some feisty attitude by going with an asymmetrical cut. The asymmetry of the hair will ensure you look as fashionable as ever without all of the pesky maintenance of other fashion-forward options.

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