65 Trending Shaggy Mullet Hair Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

From Jane Fonda’s iconic 70s mullets to more contemporary versions seen on the likes of Doja Cat and Demi Lovato, there’s no denying that the mullet is a timeless ‘do that can work for various face shapes and hair types.  Yet, one style that’s emerging to the top of the charts is none other than the shaggy mullet.

The shaggy mullet is similar to a regular mullet. However, it has way more layers, giving it that carefree, shaggy twist that we all know and love – and it’s all thanks to barber Paul McGregor. (Go ahead, give him a round of applause.) Well, if you’re thinking about going with a shaggy mullet haircut but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. We have compiled a must-see list of this year’s top 65 trending shaggy mullet hair ideas. Here, you’ll find everything from cool and casual styles to more edgy and unique numbers.

Woman with Sunset Hues on Layered Shullet hair

The famous and trendy “shullet” – a cross between a shag and a mullet – is designed for impeccable layers that are meant to be tousled and flipped. But to draw even more attention to this dynamite ‘do, consider going with sunset-inspired colors throughout.

#2.  Sophisticated Dark Shaggy Mullet with Platinum Tips

Woman with Sleek Dark Shaggy Mullet with Platinum Tips Hair

Don’t think a shaggy mullet can be edgy and sophisticated? Think again! This hairstyle proves you can create a fierce aesthetic – even when opting for the trendy shaggy mullet. All you need to do is use some texturizing product for a “bedhead” vibe and douse your locks in black with platinum tips.

#3. Shullet with a Pastel Money Piece

Woman with Shullet wtih Pastel Money Piece hair

Want to look like a prancing unicorn? Then this look has you covered, babe. Riddle your hair with a blend of bright, look-at-me pastel shades, including pink, green, and blonde. Then, use product to hold a blown-back style that’s loaded with cool volume.

#4. Voluminous Curly Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Voluminous Curly Shaggy Mullet hair

If you want to add serious glamor and volume to your shaggy mullet, bust out your curling iron or curling wand, hon! A shaggy mullet is the perfect base for glorious ringlets. The short layers will give your curls some mesmerizing bounce you’ll want to flaunt everywhere.

#5. Feathered Shaggy Mullet with an Undercut

Woman with Feathered Shaggy Mullet with Undercut hair

Anyone wanting to shake things up with their shaggy mullet should consider an edgy undercut. An undercut adds some boss babe attitude, and it’s perfect for thick-haired gals who want to get rid of some bulk and weight.

#6. Lavender Mullet with Razored Ends

Woman with Lavender Mullet with Razored Ends hair

Shaggy mullets can lack definition and structure, but they don’t have to. Razored ends can provide the definition you’re seeking. To top this look off, go with a lavender shade that’s charming and irresistible.

#7. A Long Shaggy Mullet with Layers that Frame the Face

Woman with Extra Long Shaggy Mullet with Face Framing Hair

For the ladies out there who prefer longer locks, this is an excellent option. This shaggy mullet features longer, flowier layers, especially around the face. With the addition of cutesy bangs, this is a soft take on the typical shullet. Go with a natural hair color for a delicate appeal.

#8. A Deep Red Mullet with Long Bangs

Woman with Deep Red Mullet with Long Bangs hair

If you want your shaggy mullet to have that “wow factor,” look no further than this ‘do. Featuring a deep red shade, this mullet is already bound to be the talk of the town. Yet, the inclusion of lengthy bangs against the shorter mullet layers adds some intricate contrast that’s highly delightful.

#9. A Shaggy Mullet in Pixie Length

Woman with Pixie Length Shaggy Mullet hair

You might think you have to choose between a pixie and a mullet. But did you know that you can have the best of both worlds? It’s a cinch – just ask your hairstylist for an adorable shaggy mullet that’s pixie length. Then, enjoy your super-short and chic hairdo.

#10. Shaggy Mullet with Wavy Ends

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Wavy Ends hair

Want a shaggy mullet with wavy ends is a great way to add a modern twist to the retro-inspired mullet. Not only that, but the inclusion of charming side-swept bangs ensures you have a face-framing look that’s playful and fun.

#11. Subtle Balayage on Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Subtle Balayage hair

If you’re dreaming of your shaggy mullet taking on an all-natural, sun-kissed aesthetic, there’s no better way to do it than with a subtle balayage. Opt for natural colors that complement each other.

#12. Frosted Tips on Shaggy Mullets

Woman with Frosted Tips on Shaggy Mullet hair

Frosted tips? Who called Kristen Stewart? Whether you’re a Twilight fan or simply want to embrace your love of the 90s, you can indulge in this shaggy mullet with *awesome* frosted tips. Opt for a shorter length and plenty of hairspray to recreate this look.

#13. Vintage Shaggy Mullet with a Modern Twist

Woman with Vintage Shaggy Mullet with a Modern Twist Hair

Plenty of ladies love blast-from-the-past hairstyles, and this is one of them. This look beautifully depicts the retro shaggy mullet hairstyle you’d find from the 80s, but with subtle modern twists that give this vintage ‘do new life.

#14. Tapered Sides Shullet

Woman with Shullet with Tapered Sides hair

Is she the lead singer of a rock band? She just might be. This look is undeniably cool and modern, with an influx of tapered sides that add tons of funky volume. You’ll need a good thing of hairspray, texturizing gel, and a straightener to achieve this rockin’ hairstyle.

#15. Blue Highlights on Jet Black Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Jet Black Shaggy Mullet with Blue Highlights Hair

This shaggy mullet is bursting with tons of short layers, creating an instantaneous volume that just *won’t* quit. But to ensure those layers are put on full display, this woman opts for some vibrant, electric blue highlights on a jet-black base. Exciting contrast? You bet!

#16. Bold Chunky Highlights on Voluminous Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Chunky Highlights on Voluminous Shaggy Mullet Hair

Mullets may have been a thing from the 80s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of the 90s to your new hairdo! This look features chunky highlights from front to pack, immediately paying homage to 90s fashion cleverly and excitingly.

#17. Teal-Tipped Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Teal Tipped Shaggy Mullet Hair

Bored with your hair? This look will give you a revitalized style that’s anything but dull. Start your style with a super-short, shaggy mullet cut. Then, add some teal tips to your ‘do. Finish by heavily tousling your tresses for a laid-back and carefree vibe.

#18. Wispy Front Layers with a Mullet Hairstyle

Woman with Mullet with Wispy Front Layers hair

If you’re craving more volume, this look is right for you. This haircut starts with a typical shaggy mullet silhouette in the back. Accompanied with wispy front layers, this cut is the definition of volume and flare.

#19. Side Swept Bangs with Long and Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Long Shaggy Mullet with Side Swept Bangs Hair

Looking for a “barely there” mullet that isn’t too edgy? Go with ultra-long layers that can be flipped up for a feminine flare. But don’t stop there – ask your stylist for a pair of side-swept bangs that are both trendy and graceful.

#20. Dramatic A-Line Cut for an Edgy Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Dramatic A line Cut hair

Does your shaggy mullet need a posh makeover? Push your hairstyling beyond fashion boundaries with an edgy, shaggy mullet paired with a dramatic a-line cut. The result? A hairstyle that’s utterly fierce and ready for the cover of a fashion magazine.

#21. Rose Gold Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Rose Gold Shaggy Mullet hair

Hey, cutie pie. Want a hairstyle that’s as adorable as you are? Enjoy this look! It all starts with a shaggy mullet ‘do cut just below the jawline, framing the face beautifully. It’s finished with a rose gold shade that is impeccably high-style and dainty. 

#22. Shaggy Mullet with Feathered Bangs

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Feathered Bangs hair

The shaggy mullet is known for being doused in lovely layers, but why stop there? If you’re craving even more dimension, go with feathered bangs. Including these bangs will add some whimsical and retro depth to your style.

#23. Ombre Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Ombre Shaggy Mullet hair

Blend the old with the new by going with an ombre shaggy mullet. How’s it done? Well, you’ll start by chopping your locks into a longer mullet. Longer layers are ideal to show off the ombre technique. Then, keep your roots darker and slightly lighter on the ends for a captivating finish.

#24. Auburn Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Auburn Shaggy Mullet hair

Do you need some help finding your next fall-ready ‘do? Look no further. This cute mullet is covered in an earthy and beautiful auburn shade, the ideal color to pair with your pumpkin spice lattes. 

#25. Shaggy Mullet with a Zigzag Part

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with a Zigzag Part hair

Sometimes, the simplest style swaps are the best way to stand out from the crowd – this look is the perfect example. Her shaggy mullet haircut may be “typical,” but with the zigzag parting, she gives her appearance an effortless shake-up that’s undeniably avant-garde.

#26. Pixie Mullet with Rainbow Streaks

Anyone looking for a jaw-dropping hairstyle won’t want to pass this baby up. The look starts with a pixie mullet that’s both intriguing and whimsical. Yet, the “wowing” part of this hairstyle is undoubtedly the mix of rainbow streaks on a platinum base, creating a pastel masterpiece.

#27. Asymmetrical Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Asymmetrical Shaggy Mullet hair

Ladies who aren’t afraid to be bold should consider this fabulous look. Start with a regular shaggy mullet haircut, then add asymmetrical detailing. The longer strands on one side give this style a unique twist designed to turn heads.

#28. Shaggy Mullet with Micro Bangs

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Micro Bangs hair

Oval and heart-shaped queens who want to indulge in a shaggy mullet haircut should consider this style! It starts with a super-short shaggy cut. Then, micro bangs are chopped to complete the look. It’s simple yet adorable, and the ultra-short bangs draw more attention to the eyes.

#29. Platinum Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Platinum Shaggy Mullet hair

The platinum-shaggy mullet is perfect for giving off those icy, fashion-forward vibes. Start your look with a typical shaggy mullet cut. Then, drench it in bright platinum white. Use some texturizing product to liven things up a bit and to create an undeniably fierce aesthetic.

#30. Textured Shaggy Mullet with Faded Sides

This textured shaggy mullet with faded sides is verging on a faux hawk, which is perfect if you’re growing out a faux hawk or are thinking about chopping your hair but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you. Use your favorite product to highlight the incredible layers strewn throughout your locks.

#31. Fiery Red Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Fiery Red Shaggy Mullet hair

Some women desire to be showstoppers. Sound like you? Then you need this hairstyle in your life, darling. Enjoy a short, shaggy mullet that’s *anything* but typical. It’s doused in a fiery red shade that’s downright sizzlin’. Use products designed for colored hair to keep the shade intact.

#32. Curly Shaggy Mullet with Undercut

Woman with Curly Shaggy Mullet with Undercut hair

Shaggy mullets are perfect for naturally curly-haired gals! The short layers will give your ringlets some much-needed, carefree bounce with every step. To get rid of some weight, consider going with an edgy undercut on one side.

#33. Shaggy Mullet with French Braids

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with French Braids hair

If you leave enough length in your shaggy mullet, you can indulge in intricate and beautiful hairstyles – including this one! Her hairstyle features some lovely French braids, which not only add gorgeous dimension but keep some of her layers at bay.

#34. Pastel Pink Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Pastel Pink Shaggy Mullet hair

Transform yourself into a delicate princess by indulging in this hairstyle! Start with a shaggy mullet that has lots of long layers, then apply a pastel pink shade to your mane. Walk around looking and feeling like a delicate fairy.

#35. Shaggy Mullet with Baby Lights

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Baby Lights hair

If you want to revert to the 90s with a retro-inspired hairstyle, this is the look for you. To get this style, add baby lights to your hair to add an illuminating and lustrous effect. Don’t forget to tease the crown to add instant volume and energy.

#36. Mohawk-Inspired Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Mohawk Inspired Shaggy Mullet hair

Rebellious babes who want their hair to match their personality and attitude will love this mohawk-inspired shaggy mullet. As the name suggests, this is a very lengthy mohawk that’s designed with long layers to create exceptional height. Don’t forget your holding products!

#37. Salt-and-Pepper Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Salt and Pepper Shaggy Mullet hair

Ladies, it’s time to stop hiding those gray hairs! Instead of covering them up, go with a salt-and-pepper color and blend it into a shaggy mullet cut. It’s the idyllic blend of mature sophistication with an err of youthfulness.

#38. Shaggy Mullet with Defined Curls

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Tight Curls hair

Plenty of cute haircuts look great with curly locks, but one that truly stands out is the shaggy mullet. Shaggy mullets have the right length and amount of layering to ensure you can reach the peak of bounciness for a fun and dimensional style.

#39. Holographic Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Holographic Shaggy Mullet hair

Take your shaggy mullet hairstyle to new heights with this intriguing holographic ‘do! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, this mullet is doused in exotic and exciting neon shades to create a look that’s truly one of a kind.

#40. Half-and-Half Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Half and Half Shaggy Mullet Hair

Why settle for one color when you can have two? The shaggy mullet is the perfect palette for playing with color. Create some thrilling contrast by going with one shade up top and another on the bottom, as shown in this image.

#41. Effortlessly Chic Tousled Mullet

Woman with Tousled Shaggy Mullet hair

This tousled mullet gives 80s sitcom mom vibes, and we love every second of it. All you need to do is opt for a shorter cut with short layers strewn throughout. Tousle it up for some chic attitude and call it a day.

#42. Intriguing Gothic Black Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Gothic Black Shaggy Mullet hair

Yes, it’s true – even goth queens can step inside the shaggy mullet world. How? It’s as simple as dragging your tresses through some jet-black hair color and matching your makeup and attire. Go ahead, goth babe – do your thang.

#43. Sun Kissed Blonde Shaggy Mullet with Dark Roots

Woman with Blonde Shaggy Mullet with Dark Roots hair

If the typical sun-kissed blonde hairdo is too basic, you might consider this grungy twist. Adorn your shaggy mullet with sun-kissed blonde ends, but leave the roots dark for an all-natural effect that looks like you’ve spent the summer poolside under the sun.

#44. Playful Shaggy Mullet with Spiral Curls

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Pencil Curls hair

Ladies with a fun-loving personality and natural curls will love this style! This shaggy mullet gets a playful makeover with the addition of ringlets in every direction. Use your favorite curly hair products to achieve maximum bounce.

#45. Vibrant Green Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Green Hued Shaggy Mullet Hair

There’s nothing wrong with opting for hair colors that are anything but natural. In fact, it can be quite fun. Need some inspo? Then, just take a look at this flawless green, shaggy mullet. The green shade is otherworldly, ensuring a dynamic style designed for attention.

#46. Shaggy Mullet with Long Sideburns

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Long Sideburns hair

Shaggy mullets may be too intense for some. So, if you want to soften things up a tad, you’ll enjoy this hairstyle. This shaggy mullet adds long, face-framing sideburns on each side. This tapering effect allows for a more graceful and feminine touch.

#47. Shaggy Mullet with Two-Tone Highlights

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Two Tone Highlights hair

Shaggy mullets don’t need any help in the woah department, but if you want even more pizazz in your style, consider going with two-tone highlights. Two-tone highlights are famously bold and filled with drama that perfectly matches the energy of a mullet.

#48. Shaggy Mullet with Loose Waves

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Loose Waves hair

Give your shaggy mullet an alluring makeover suited for the fanciest occasions by tossing in some loose waves. Sure, it may be a subtle style, but with all those layers dancing together in every wave, it’s a captivating canvas.

#49. Mullet with Shaggy Layers in Midnight Blue

Woman with Midnight Blue Shaggy Mullet hair

If you’re trying to create a look that says, “Yeah, I’m a cool, laid-back babe who doesn’t care what you think,” this may be just the look for you. The midnight blue shade gives this shaggy mullet an effortlessly trendy vibe, proving you don’t follow the crowd.

#50. Shaggy Mullet with Blunt Ends

Woman with Blunt End Shaggy Mullet hair

Shaggy mullets can lack contemporary vibes that many women are looking for. But if you’re not ready to give up your dreams of rockin’ a mullet, there’s no need to worry. Just add some blunt ends to interject a modern edge to your cut.

#51. Vintage Auburn Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Vintage Auburn Shaggy Mullet hair

Go back in time and revel in one of the cutest vintage styles that ever existed – the shaggy mullet. However, give it some razzle-dazzle by dousing it in a tempting auburn shade. Needless to say, this flashback ‘do is ideal for the upcoming fall season!

#52. Tapered Shaggy Mullet with Micro Bangs

Woman with Tapered Shaggy Mullet with Micro Bangs hair

You want more layers, you say? Although shaggy mullets are known for their eye-catching layers, if you still crave more dimension, you can always go with a tapered mullet! Oh, and throw on some micro bangs if you’re feeling flirty.

#53. Lavender Dream Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Lavender Dream Shaggy Mullet hair

Becoming a walking, talking, real-life fairy is a breeze with the right hair color. As this lovely lady displays, a blend of lavenders is all you need to achieve “fairyhood.” To create some much-needed depth, consider leaving your roots a darker violet with pastel lavender on the ends.

#54. Shaggy Mullet with Disconnected Layers

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Disconnected Layers hair

Shaggy mullets have plenty of layers – there’s no doubt about that. But if you want to add more awe-worthy layers, you might think of finishing your mullet with disconnected layers. These chops will enhance your ‘do and add some intriguing dimension that differs from other mullets.

#55. Beachy Blonde Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Beachy Blonde Shaggy Mullet hair

If you want to look like a laid-back boho babe from the 70s yet still look on-trend for 2024, the beachy blonde shaggy mullet is perfect. With longer tresses that are perfectly tousled and a dirty blonde shade, you can look like the carefree beach babe you truly are.

#56. Shaggy Mullet with Fishtail Braids

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Fishtail Braids hair

Adding an element of sophistication to your style is simple with fishtail braids. Fishtail braids are intricate weaves, ensuring your style stands apart from the rest. As a bonus, fishtail braids show off different colors majestically – if you’re into that sort of thing.

#57. Jet Black Shaggy Mullet with Silver Tips

Woman with Jet Black Shaggy Mullet with Silver Tips Hair

Whether you’re gearing up for your rock band’s first show or not, any edgy babe will love this look. Jet-black shaggy tresses are covered with a jet-black base with silver tips added. This creates an exciting and contrasting look that’s not for the faint of heart.

#58. Espresso Brown Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Espresso Brown Shaggy Mullet hair

Adding a touch of elegance to a shaggy mullet may sound challenging, but this hairstyle proves that you can live a regal lifestyle. It’s simple, really. Go with an espresso brown hair color with subtle highlights. That’s it!

#59.  Icy Platinum Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Icy Platinum Shaggy Mullet hair

Shaggy mullets can be carefree and playful – or they can be fierce and tantalizing. You decide. But if you go with this icy platinum shaggy mullet, you’ll definitely be indulging in the fiercer side of the spectrum.

#60. Shaggy Mullet with Curled Ends

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Curled Ends hair

If you chose a shaggy mullet cut because you wanted to add some volume to your locks, you’re not alone. But if you want to add more stunning volume and make your layers stand out, don’t hesitate to use your one-inch hair curler to add adorable curled ends.

#61. Shaggy Mullet with a Razor Fade

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with a Razor Fade hair

Razor fades are the epitome of an edgy attitude, and guess what? You can add one to your shaggy mullet. Yup, it’s true. Dabble in the best of both worlds by choosing a shaggy mullet with a razor fade. It’s the dynamic duo you won’t want to miss!

#62. Shaggy Mullet with Peek-a-Boo Colors

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Peek a Boo Colors hair

Shaggy mullets are plenty of fun. Want to kick things up a notch, though? Consider some peek-a-boo colors! Really, you can’t go wrong with any highlights you choose. However, bold and bright neon shades work particularly well, especially if you want to make a statement.

#63. Shaggy Mullet with a French Fringe

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with a French Fringe hair

There are bangs, and then there are French fringes. French fringes are known for their carefree and cute vibe, being a bit longer and more playful than traditional bangs. Needless to say, they’re the ideal accompaniment for a shaggy mullet. Love the look!

#64. Shaggy Mullet and Wet-Look Styling

Woman with Shaggy Mullet with Wet Look Styling hair

The “I just stepped out of the shower” is hot for all the right reasons, and it’s an easy hairstyle to achieve when you start with a shaggy mullet. All you need is the right hair products, and you’ll have everyone biting their lip.

#65. Sandy Blonde Shaggy Mullet

Woman with Sandy Blonde Shaggy Mullet hair

Not too bright but not too dull, sandy blonde is the “in-between.” Oh, and it just so happens to look stunning on a shaggy mullet cut. Use texturizing products to add some detail and life to your mane.

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