25 Hypinotic Holographic Hair Ideas You’re Going To Fall Head Over Heels For!

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 31, 2024

One of the hottest hair trends, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re in for a really trendy treat! Holographic hair is all things confident and captivating, bringing an excellent middle ground between whimsical and futuristic. 

This mesmerizing look blends pastel tones and metallic gloss, with these iridescent colors blending seamlessly for a melted mix that changes with the light for a super-dynamic style. 

Are you ready for a style you’ll fall head over heels for whenever you look in the mirror? Check out these 25 hypnotic holographic hair ideas!

#1. Iridescent Unicorn Curls

Iridescent Unicorn Curls

Iridescent unicorn curls are dreamy and delightful. This vivid blend of blues, violets, and pinks that gleam in the light with the magic of the mythical unicorn. Then, loose curls top the look off, giving the blend a little bit of fantasy-infused flair.

#2. Galactic Lavender Pixie Cut

Galactic Lavender Pixie Cut

Take your look to infinity and beyond with a galactic lavender pixie cut! The bold pixie cut sets the perfect tone, with a silver base and blended lavender tones for that cool space vibe and a whole lot of star power.

#3. Minty Fresh Holographic Waves

Minty Fresh Holographic Waves

If you’re looking for something cool and zesty, you’ll find it in minty, fresh holographic waves. This style starts with a blonde base and adds minty waves with a soft holographic peekaboo and other colors subtly threaded throughout the look for even more visual interest. 

#4. Jewel Toned Holographic Ombre

Jewel Toned Holographic Ombre

Why have one jewel tone when you can have them all? Jewel-toned holographic ombre gives you everything you want, with a multidimensional rainbow dimension reminiscent of the Infinity Stones (and makes you feel just as powerful)!

#5. Holographic Ice Queen Braids

Holographic Ice Queen Braids

Want a holographic hairstyle you can wear with ice-cold confidence? Look no further than holographic ice queen braids. This style features holographic silvers, icy blues for a wintery dimension, and long braids for those Nordic queen vibes.

#6. Champagne Rosé on Platinum Base

Champagne Rose on Platinum Base

Looking for a super luxe and lowkey way to try holographic hair? Try champagne rose on a platinum base. This holographic style features a shimmering champagne rose color on top of a bright platinum blonde base for a light and bubbly take on the holographic hair and rose gold trends.

#7. Sunset Hues with Holographic Streaks

Sunset Hues with Holographic Streaks

If there’s anything as beautiful as a vibrant sunset, it’s sunset hues with holographic streaks. This delicate blend of red, orange, and violet tones replicates the vibrant gradient of a summer sunset, creating an extraordinarily iconic look that you’ll never stop getting compliments about.

#8. Ethereal Blue and Purple Space Buns

Ethereal Blue and Purple Space Buns

Get something youthful and spunky, like ethereal blue and purple space buns! This playful style features a galactic blend of blues and purple styled in playful space buns for a cool cosmic feel.

#9. Teal and Magenta Holo Shag

Teal and Magenta Holo Shag

Retro gets reinvented with a teal and magenta holo-shag! The shag cut adds texture and volume that enhances the transition between the teal and magenta colors, creating something flashy, fun, and ultimately unique.

#10. Emerald and Gold Holographic Updo

Emerald and Gold Holographic Updo

An emerald and gold holographic updo is a fun blend of luxurious and cheeky. The updo’s weaves give the gold and emerald holographic a more intricate look, making an elegant updo you can steal the show with on any occasion. 

#11. Candy Swirl Holographic Pigtails

Candy Swirl Holographic Pigtails

Give your hair a blast of sweet and chic style with candy swirl holographic pigtails! This look features a show-stopping rainbow of pastels in swirling pigtails for that extra girly flair that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

#12. Multicolored Holographic Dreads

Multicolored Holographic Dreads

Want to make your air a real work of art? Go for multicolored holographic dreads! These dreads are infused with a multicolored holographic rainbow for a vibrant and vivacious style that is as bold and stylish as you!

#13. Holo-Infused French Twist

Holo Infused French Twist

The holo-infused French twist is an elegant updo with one heck of a makeover! This classic French twist is blazed with holographic infusions for an updo you can take center stage with everywhere you go!

#14. Peacock Feathers Holographic Asymmetrical Bob

Peacock Feathers Holographic Asymmetrical Bob

Go for a style as loud and proud as a peacock, like an asymmetrical bob with holographic peacock feather coloring! The asymmetrical bob is Avant-garde but absolutely alluring, intensified by the gorgeous greens, blues, and golds of the peacock feather holographic hair color.

#15. Cherry Blossom Holographic Waterfall Braid

Cherry Blossom Holographic Waterfall Braid

Want something playful and flirty? You need a cherry blossom holographic waterfall braid. This pastel pink is sweet and soft like the cherry blossoms of spring, elevated by the cascading waterfall braid. 

#16. Golden Opal Holographic Fishtail

Golden Opal Holographic Fishtail

If you’re all about high-profile hair colors, you’ve got to try golden opal holographic hair in a fishtail braid. The golden opal combines rich golden tones with opalescent blues and pinks. Then, the weaved fishtail braid highlights the intricate blend of each color and showcases them with a cute and trendy braid. 

#17. Smoky Quartz Holo Buzz Cut

Smoky Quartz Holo Buzz Cut

A smoky quartz holographic buzz cut is a minimalist look with maximum slay, so you can be the star of the smoke show. This bright, bold, and beautiful look simply features smokey quartz holographic hair in a short and chic buzz cut.

#18. Coral and Aqua Holographic Mullet

Coral and Aqua Holographic Mullet

Looking for a vibrant old-meets-new aesthetic? Go for a coral and aqua holographic mullet! The modernized mullet gives an edgy-chic look with boosted body and movement, while the coral and aqua colors create a bright dual pop of color that offsets each other for a spectacular style with spunk. 

#19. Glimmering Tinsel Holographic Layers

Glimmering Tinsel Holographic Layers

Give your hair some razzle-dazzle with glittering tinsel holographic layers! This blend of grays, browns, reds, and silver strands brings that perfect glittering tinsel look, intensified by layers. The highly reflective silver also catches the light for a sparkling style you can wear way past the holiday season!

#20. Crystal-Clear Holo on Silver Lob

Crystal Clear Holo on Silver Lob

A crystal-clear holo on a silver lob is super chic. The silver lob already has an ultra-trendy look, but a crystal-clear holograph takes it to the top, giving the silver tones a boost of shine that highlights the lob’s layers and adds dimensional movement with a futuristic flair.

#21. Sapphire and Amethyst Holographic Crown Braid

Sapphire and Amethyst Holo Crown Braid

If you want a regal and radiant holographic hairstyle, look no further than sapphire and amethyst holographic crown braid. These vivid amethyst and sapphire hues bring unique and unexpected depth and definition, while the crow braids give the whole look a romantic and refined aesthetic.

#22. Muted Tones Holographic Pompadour

Muted Tones Holographic Pompadour

Fearless, fabulous, and fashionable—that’s how we describe a muted-toed holographic pompadour. This rockin’ style features an edgy pompadour cut and contrast from the undercut to make top layers look fuller. The soft pastel highlights add a little glam to this grunge look. Plus, muted tones are a great way to test the waters with holographic hair.

#23. Neon Dreams Holographic Mohawk

Neon Dreams Holographic Mohawk

The neon dreams holographic mohawk is all things edgy and eccentric. This look features an eclectic blend of holographic neon magenta, purple, and blue tones in a bold-as-brass mohawk.

#24. Vintage Rose Holographic Victory Rolls

Vintage Rose Holographic Victory Rolls

If you’re looking for a pinup style with a little rockabilly flavor, you’re going to love vintage rose holographic victory rolls. This modern and magnetic take on a retro look features an antique pink color, which is the perfect fit for these vivacious vintage victory rolls.

#25. Silver Streaks on Lavender and Pink Holo Waves

Silver Streaks on Lavender and Pink Holo Waves

Want something ethereal and elegant? Get silver streaks on lavender and pink holo-waves. The silver streaks melt into the fused lavender and pink holographic waves for a dreamy, multidimensional look accentuated by whimsical waves.   Multidimensional look with a dreamy, whimsical look.

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