70 Pink Hair Color Ideas That Prove Pink Is The Ultimate Fashion Statement

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 17, 2024

Be honest – you’ve probably thought about dying your hair pink at least once. I mean, after all – the color displays peak femininity, and it’s oh-so-charming whether you go with a dainty pastel highlight or go for a darker and more mysterious hot pink. Well, honey, if you’re thinkin’ about going with one of this year’s hottest hair colors, you don’t want to do it without checking out our top 70 trending pink hair color ideas for this year.

You’re sure to find a look you love within our guide. Just don’t forget to buy hair products that extend the longevity of colored locks. Pink is one of those shades that can fade fast, but proper maintenance can keep your pink locks lookin’ fab for longer. What are we waiting for? Let’s bring your pink dreams to life, babe!

magnific NceH5yEkNeldLxlYENYw Bubblegum Pink Ombre

Let’s face it – bubble gum pink is one of the cutest and bubbliest shades out there – pun intended. For the ladies who want something adorable to rock through the spring and summer, go with a bubblegum pink ombre. The darker roots add just the right amount of contrast.

#2. Blushing Rose Gold Waves

magnific NwbiD1MGyP6xGmtzZ9Rt Blushing Rose Gold Waves

If you want your pink strands to look almost natural, I highly recommend going with blushing rose-gold waves. Rose gold is a gentler form of pink with lovely golden undertones that beautifully accent medium skin tones.

#3. Pink with Lavender Highlights

magnific RFwfxL0KmDOIT3NdEpEg Pink Hair Color with Lavender Highlights

Some things in life just go together: salt and pepper, Mickey and Minnie, and pink and lavender. These two delicate shades are a match made in heaven, and they look heavenly when graced upon any base – dark to light.

#4. Dark Pink Root Melt

magnific fxtb7hSgueUPipGzt4KJ Dark Pink Root Melt

Those who want a more majestic pink hair color should ask for a dark pink root melt. This will allow darker shades to intermingle near the root and lighter hues on the ends, ensuring a captivating and mysterious finish that is just right for winter.

#5. Pastel Pink and Platinum Mix

magnific XpblB7Q6ikZFgu0flElg Pastel Pink and Platinum

There are plenty of colors that pair well with platinum – it’s a very versatile shade. But if you want to keep your look gentle and cute, go with pastel pink. The pastel pink and platinum duo is as dainty as it gets!

#6. Fiery Pink with Orange Streaks

magnific eKjPm3RdBEShNaRpKmtK Fiery Pink Hair Color with Orange Streaks

Are you looking for an attention-grabbing hair color that’s anything but natural-looking? Start with an orange base and intermingle fiery pink streaks throughout. The result is an exciting blend that reminds us of our favorite sherbet ice cream. Yum!

#7. Hot Pink Undercut

magnific IQ13YpS2rkMyDXQQg9A9 Hot Pink Hair Color Undercut

This hot pink undercut is the definition of hot. The haircut itself is daring, with a feisty undercut that’s bold and tantalizing. Finished with a hot pink shade, you create a jaw-dropping look reserved for the confident woman who isn’t afraid to break free from the pack.

#8. Raspberry Swirl Curls

magnific OXutJAD81LJZJZ32H7m3 Raspberry Hair Color Swirl Curls

Pink doesn’t have to be sweet or perky – it can be dark and luscious, too. Take this raspberry hair color, for example. It has plenty of eggplant purple undertones, which is excellent for creating a seductive flare and stunningly emphasizes natural ringlets.

#9. Faded Pink with Silver Undertones

magnific qztSOuhvQ7gpxIZIofO1 Faded Pink Hair Color with Silver Undertones

On the other hand, women seeking a light and bright blend that’s utterly romantic will want to blend faded pink with silver undertones. This hair color is suitable for all lengths, but it looks particularly charming on shoulder-length bob haircuts.

#10. Coral-Pink Beach Waves

magnific FU0vz1lAsqPp35WjAHj5 Coral Pink Hair Color Beach Waves

If you want to look like a lovely mermaid who’s just stumbled off the beach for an afternoon with friends at the local seafood restaurant, this is the look you’re seeking. Coral-pink hair has intricate orange undertones that are downright lovely, and the beachy waves set the scene perfectly.

#11. Ballet Slipper Pink Lob

magnific cccdZUB5cXJd4HdDanlU Ballet Slipper Pink Hair Color Lob

When it comes to delicate pink shades, it truly doesn’t get more graceful than this. Ballet slipper pink hair resembles the typical ballet shoe, which is known for its beauty and finesse. Wear this hair on a shoulder-length lob and add a pinch of texture for a lovely finish.

#12. Flamingo Pink Braids

magnific pDq4gVwgFK2YVu7fpeQY Flamingo Pink Hair Color Braids

Flamingo pink has an energetic vibe that’s truly unmatched. And while this hair color looks fab in any style, it looks amazing when fashioned into intricate braids. This braid wrapped around the crown is stylish and perfect for keeping flyaways at bay.

#13. Muted Rose Tones

magnific UKzjW2uExJdcnyU2acbw Muted Rose Tones

Who said pink hair couldn’t be sophisticated? If you’re looking for the more “grown-up” version of pink hair, muted rose tones will suit you well. They have an elegant appeal that’s almost natural-looking. Throw in some loose waves for a coy aesthetic.

#14. Pink and Purple-Dimensional Balayage

magnific ttjAdl7p2a3qiPFp3B17 Pink and Purple Dimensional Balayage

Many women will stop at two hair colors, and that’s fine. But you’re a multidimensional queen who loves to show off her individuality. What should you do? I’ll tell you what to do – blend silver with vibrant hues of pink and purple. This shocking trio is sure to be a head-turner.

#15. Strawberry Milkshake Curls

magnific i2rO7QrLOI9d4K5rUvpQ Strawberry Milkshake Hair Color Curls

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry milkshake? This hair color is reminiscent of everyone’s sweet treat. Worn with some ultra-bouncy ringlets, it’s a playful pairing you’ll want to rock all summer long.

#16. Pink Velvet Balayage

magnific ADLj1J5g86gtq19GyQBJ Pink Velvet Hair Color Balayage

Are your long tresses in desperate need of a colorful makeover? Go for the “wow” effect by choosing a pink velvet balayage. This shade encapsulates the beauty of pink with velvety purple undertones, creating an effortlessly chic and trendy style.

#17. Smoky Pink Shag

magnific kIGxPKSt8EMWlM8aAGZf Smoky Pink Shag

If you want to go pink but want to retain your laid-back, cool-girl attitude, you’ll want to reach for a smoky pink shade. This muted color is not too intense, making it the ideal choice for carefree shaggy cuts.

#18. Vivid Fuchsia Ponytail

magnific Qeiq8IZ9DHZZHfpOQ04S Vivid Fuchsia Hair Color Ponytail

If you wear your hair in ponytails regularly, you might be getting bored of the same ole style. It’s time for a refresher, babe – and I know exactly how to help you. Go with a vibrant, look-at-me fuschia shade and enjoy the most vivid ponytails of your entire life.

#19. Lush Candy Pink Afro

magnific tWnwhi4ylJAaV9sg4HU7 Lush Candy Pink Hair Color Afro

Thinking that it’s time to brighten up your awesome afro? Contrasting pink shades will do just the trick! A tamer pink at the root blends down to more striking hot pink coloring, creating a whimsical style that emphasizes every natural texture exquisitely.

#20. Orchid Pink Tips

magnific 3CeTbv1M7qNw73jnyz9L Orchid Pink Tips

If you want to dabble in pink without completely abandoning your natural hair color, orchid pink tips are a top-notch choice. This subtle shade of pink can go with any natural shade, but it tends to look especially beautiful against darker brunette hues.

#21. Cherry Blossom Fade

magnific Kkxrf9vY6UZJxXEyxQQo Cherry Blossom Fade

Looking like a walking, talking cherry blossom field doesn’t have to be challenging – in fact, it can be simple and quite enjoyable. This blend is truly magical. It starts with slightly darker pink roots, leading to a delectably bright, airy cherry shade. Stunning!

#22. Cotton Candy Coils

magnific oxJCJMRN0kJD13bSCZm5 Cotton Candy Coils

This candy-themed look is so charming and fun! Cotton candy coils blend bright blues and pinks, mimicking the classic carnival treat we all know and love. Keep the blues on top and pinks below, especially if you have longer tresses. Oh, and don’t forget to zhuzh it up with luxurious waves!

#23. Dramatic Pink Mohawk

magnific xi8q4NbPXQFs87ufeLm4 Dramatic Pink Mohawk

Have you ever dreamt about looking like the singer Pink? Now is your chance to do so! Don’t hesitate to chop off your tresses into an edgy mohawk style. Then, drape your showstopping cut in a lively pink shade. Style to your liking using a strong-hold gel.

#24. Vintage Pink Finger Waves

magnific ekBPM0N9cIC0iKq1E98B Vintage Pink Finger Waves

Vintage finger waves are one of the most glamorous hairstyles to have ever existed, making it the go-to for high-class events. Yet, you can give this classic ‘do a modern makeover while still retaining the beauty by going with a soft pink hair color.

#25. Dusty Pink Angled Bob

magnific xw1zhfso2BD2wsHUuhNj Dusty Pink Angled Bob

She’s sweet, she’s cute, and she’s classy, babe – she’s wearing a trendy angled bob that shows off her facial features beautifully, and she’s doused her locks in a dusty pink hue to bring it all together. Yup, we’re in love with this fashionable look.

#26. Sultry Fuchsia Curls

magnific 0oFrXLW6Cv89d8XTlfum Sultry Fuchsia Curls

Do your natural ringlets need some color in their life? Want to keep things darker and more luxurious? Go the sassy and sultry route by blending fuschia colors into your ultra-dark brown roots.

#27. Pink Pearl Tint

magnific BBTuV5UqczerJFa0XiRr Pink Pearl Tint

Some pinks are meant to be bold, while others are designed to be dainty. Well, if you want to achieve the epitome of light and bright pink strands, a pink pearl tint is the way to go. This iridescent pink is unlike any other pink shade in the market, ensuring a delicate and unique appearance.

#28. Rosy Pink Waterfall Braid

magnific NleKnvfT7vL9DPAfUZVd Rosy Pink Waterfall Braid

This unique hair color features various enticing shades, including orange, pink, and fuschia. And while these colors will mingle beautifully on their own, a waterfall braid is ideal for showcasing every hue. This is a fantastic everyday style that’s anything but “casual.”

#29. Glossy Pink Blunt Cut

magnific bg9VN5ppkWvFWuxK9YKo Glossy Pink Blunt Cut

Women who crave rigidity and poshness in their aesthetic should consider this fantastic look. It all starts with a blunt cut paired with sharply cut baby bangs. Then, her look is completed with a striking bright pink hair color. It truly doesn’t get more opulent than this.

#30. Sun-Kissed Pink Highlights

magnific 0rObBAq5Cf2Dlsvd7hcd Sun Kissed Pink Highlights

Sure, you can add pink to your hair without looking like you just stepped out of a candy factory. In fact, you can make your hair look like it happened “naturally.” All you have to do is add some adorable sun-kissed pink highlights to your blonde base. So cute!

#31. Punk Rock Pink Spikes

magnific EvPJANICM9P488YSIfUZ Punk Rock Pink Spikes

Punk rock princesses who lean more toward being feminine will appreciate this style. It has all the fierceness you could ever dream of, thanks to the edgy asymmetrical haircut, and the hot pink tips are just as intense – just slightly less aggressive than other “typical” shades you might wear with this style.

#32. Candy Floss Soft Waves

magnific LIiOl4Y1tJrTo2KBCcKy Candy Floss Soft Waves

If you pick a charming color like candy floss pink, you’ll want to ensure you have long enough tresses to sport soft waves. The pairing is an absolute must. We can’t help but love the addition of delicate, wispy fringes, too.

#33. Rose Gold Ombre

magnific yny1xHQbz3CqLVQe7s80 Rose Gold Ombre

Rose gold ombre is the hair color to choose if you want a “barely-there” pink shade. The rose gold ombre will interlace tame pink and golden shades throughout the lower half of your hair, adding a chic and elegant dimension to your natural hair.

#34. Fiery Pink Undercut

magnific 2cSqAlJYEeaoU25A1Q1C Fiery Pink Undercut

This fiery pink undercut perfectly combines an edgy attitude and a low-maintenance style. Start with a thrilling undercut that leaves enough length on the other side to achieve a multidimensional look. Then, color your strands in various pink tones for a finish loaded with fantastic depth.

#35. Antique Rosewood Fade

magnific vVf1xqCEKM8EekVIhNim Antique Rosewood Fade

If you missed pink for spring and summer, don’t think all hope is lost. Enter: antique rosewood. This particular shade exudes a reddish appearance that’s ideal for fall. Pair it with dark brown roots for a fall-ready style that’s seamlessly fashionable and warming.

#36. Pixie Pink with Dark Roots

magnific rpT6TS0zAKAikin7QWWt Pixie Pink with Dark Roots

Feminine, sweet, and easy to maintain, this pixie haircut is precisely what the carefree gal is looking for. The pixie cut is loaded with layers that can easily be tousled for that “bedhead” vibe. With a subtle touch of pink riddled through a dark base, it’s a flirty combo that isn’t too overwhelming.

#37. Luminous Pink Halo Braid

magnific RwlJlNibIjs0ID8DSjq7 Luminous Pink Halo Braid

This luminous pink halo already gives off an ethereal appeal that many girls will enjoy. Yet, when it’s crafted into a halo braid, you immediately turn into an angelic figure with the most stunning hairstyle known to human beings.

#38. Petal Pink Side-Swept Bangs

magnific MAbhIddpQtLnH6UfIIE8 Petal Pink Side Swept Bangs

Petal pink is a soft pink shade crafted to look like the beauty and softness of an actual rose petal. Naturally, it needs a just-as-cute cut and style to accompany it – and this is the ideal choice. Go with a shoulder-length bob and side-swept bangs!

#39. Wild Berry Pink Mullet

magnific bQltpfdLkSST6sOTOSp7 Wild Berry Pink Mullet

OK, chic queen. Let’s go ahead and pair retro vibes with a contemporary flare and make it wild. This intricate mullet cut is exotic on its own, but we can’t help but love the inclusion of the wild berry pink hue.

#40. Pink Lava Ombre

magnific eOt1dQdcVgVAMZZiPT4b Pink Lava Ombre

She’s on fire – but make it pink. Pink lava ombre is known for its whimsical and fashionable appeal. It combines a mixture of various hair colors, creating a multidimensional effect that’s truly unforgettable. Wear some waves to make the colors pop.

#41. Melon Pink Balayage

magnific KFEOxY6BlbaqBkWtvnsa Melon Pink Balayage

If you prefer a more refreshing and exhilarating pink hue, melon pink may be precisely what you’re looking for! This summer-ready hair color has plenty of orange and blonde undertones for a very invigorating finish.

#42. Midnight Pink Streaks

magnific ul29wEo61EYHxJ6yPY8j Midnight Pink Streaks

It can be hard to make pink look bold and mysterious, but this hair color makes it easy. Jet-black roots are amplified with midnight pink streaks, creating an intoxicating finish perfect for the chillier seasons.

#43. Fairytale Pastel Pink

magnific d4EWPQgjidVkl83uh2Ow Fairytale Pastel Pink

Becoming a character from a fairytale is a cinch when you choose the right hairstyle. Take this charming look, for example. An adorable shoulder-length bob is riddled with waves for a coy aesthetic, but the magic arrives with the lovely and light pastel pink hue.

#44. Smoky Rose Quartz

magnific 9ztvGf9UcSgKSTxQHrwk Smoky Rose Quartz

If you want to go pink but continue embracing your brunette tresses, you’ll want to choose a smoky rose quartz. This tamed-down pink color has plenty of brown undertones to complement your natural color. Not only that, but it incorporates the beauty of rose quartz, ensuring a sophisticated look to your appearance.

#45. Two-Toned Pink Bob

magnific FIR7bHQP9oGYlbkwYIu2 Two Toned Pink Bob

Just because you’re going pink doesn’t mean you should shy away from contrast. Actually, some contrast can add some contemporary depth to your mane. For example, this bright pastel pink shade is wonderfully complemented by super-dark roots for a modern take on things.

#46. Shimmering Peony Pink

magnific MgmFxa1LXjVtsFNio8ah Shimmering Peony Pink

You don’t need special hair products to make your hair shimmer (although we always recommend them – who doesn’t love to sparkle?). Really, it can be as simple as going with a peony pink hue riddled with silver highlights.

#47. Vivid Pink Geode

magnific ph9fNCI6DHEnimnaZvm6 Vivid Pink Geode

Pink geodes are known for their stunning beauty – why wouldn’t you want your hair color to mimic this fascinating rock? This pink hue is nothing short of bedazzling, with ultra-bright and dark shades intermixing lavishly from root to tip.

#48. Pink Sherbet Curls

magnific QIBuLuzGBkDdqfpqHinI Pink Sherbet Curls

Do your curls need a refresher? If you’re not afraid to add charming color to your ringlets, we highly recommend this pink sherbert shade. With a combo of pink and orange against your natural roots, this look is not only invigorating but highlights curls beautifully.

#49. Galactic Pink Waves

magnific VASLfHUv01zmMse6vnzS Galactic Pink Waves

Yes, pink hair can look futuristic – and it isn’t even tricky! Start with a shimmery pink shade. Then, toss in some silver accents throughout. Complete your innovative look by incorporating pink and silvers in your makeup and attire.

#50. Pink Velvet Ribbon

magnific QftkIoeINwAd3g9Q4JVW Pink Velvet Ribbon

Those who just want to add a little pop of pink color will love this style! You can keep your natural blonde hair color untouched on the top portion, but your lower half will be dipped into a gorgeous yet soft pink hue that complements your natural hair color wonderfully.

#51. Whispering Pink Tendrils

magnific j9q5I8fKvsvgaqKMEDtV Whispering Pink Tendrils

If you want your pink hair to whisper rather than shout, you’ll want to choose a pink shade that isn’t too bold or overwhelming. This look is enchanting and soft, and it gets a boost in the delicate department with a series of loose waves.

#52. Cotton Candy Afro

magnific QqzidaxgMCVUxLWToYtY Cotton Candy Afro

OK, ladies – it’s time to stop keeping your afro hidden in the shadows. Now is the time to make a bold and exciting statement with your natural texture, and this is the absolute best way to do it. I mean, look at all those wild colors. You’re sure to be the talk of the town with this creative look!

#53. Layered Blush Pink

magnific Z7cjHSmDbLqET4CJymNq Layered Blush Pink

For some, the motto is the softer than better. To maintain a sweet and innocent appeal, start by chopping your locks into a shoulder-length cut. Then, add plenty of layers for movement. Finish with this oh-so-delicate pink shade and enjoy your new feminine style.

#54. Sunkissed Pink and Coral Blend

magnific jDLrrQmU40B3AjOWBTik Sunkissed Pink and Coral Blend

Pink and coral blend to create an outstandingly exotic hair color that evokes the beauty of a sunset. Naturally, it is a summer-friendly hair color that wows, especially when worn poolside beneath the sun.

#55. Candy-Coated Pink Pixie

magnific jGcYMYxrCt0RGvwZZMGM Candy Coated Pink

Pixie haircuts are already known for being adorable, but why stop with the cut? If you’re really trying to enhance the girly appeal of your haircut, you’ll want to coat it in a candy-like pink shade and tousle it up.

#56. Vintage Rosé Waves

magnific nabhxg0ZrhZzdnYPjQy3 Vintage Rose Waves

Looking like a pink goddess is a cinch when opting for a delicate shade like this. Vintage rose has a sophisticated appeal that’s high-class and delightful, especially when designed with flawless waves from root to tip.

#57. Cherry Blossom Pink Updo

magnific PBFFqLMBFsBLpemVV4TE Cherry Blossom Pink Updo

Every special occasion requires an equally special hairstyle. And while I’m sure your natural hair color looks lovely in an updo, adding cherry blossom pink to the mix will take your look to the next level.

#58. Pink Lemonade Fishtail Braid

magnific V5EHiKR3yDCSVQus8rig Pink Lemonade Fishtail Braid

If you wear a pink lemonade hair color, you’ll enjoy a pleasant shade of pink that’s highlighted with robust yellow hues. And there’s no better way to allow these shades to interlace and be displayed than with the famous and intricate fishtail braid.

#59. Sunset Pink Curls

magnific xyl5USsPpcYpvQKb3qs9 Sunset Pink Curls

Sunset pink combines pink and orange shades that resemble the glamorous view of a sunset, and they look particularly gorgeous during the warmer months. To make these lovely shades really pop, it’s recommended to go with big, voluminous curls that bounce with every step.

#60. Orchid Pink Layered Bob

magnific EdvVz82344NpPbBx9TU2 Orchid Pink Layered Bob

This look is the epitome of high style. What can we say? The bob haircut is seriously fashionable, but the orchid pink hue contrasting against dark black roots is what really takes this look to the next level. This look is recommended for thick-haired babes!.

#61. Speckled Pink and White

magnific Q8krJhSymHS20LqYN2Fg Speckled Pink and White

If you have finer or thinner strands, you might consider this hairstyle. For starters, the bob with layers will help to introduce volume to your aesthetic. But the sugary pink, blonde, and brown trio adds even more dimension, leaving you with a full-bodied look.

#62. Playful Pink Beach Waves

magnific BUgth5dVvekqzgVB0SLD Playful Pink Beach Waves

Beach waves are typically seen on blonde bombshells, but why be like everyone else? Make your beach waves stand apart from the “sea” of other beach waves by applying light pink streaks throughout your bright blonde mane.

#63. Pastel Pink Feathered Layers

magnific uuYcE4K9efxCAIxbEC2V Pastel Pink Feathered Layers

Known for their whimsical nature and volumizing effect, feathered layers are very popular in the hairstyling biz. Yet, you can make your appearance even more playful and fun with an ultra-bright pastel pink hue.

#64. Pink Mermaid Locks

magnific DdrtN9jgIQFF1MW6OBXw Pink Mermaid Locks

Mermaids on land? You bet! Looking like an *actual* mermaid from the sea is incredibly popular in 2024, and you can achieve this amazing aesthetic with various shades of pink. Just don’t forget to style your locks into concise waves.

#65. Sorbet Pink Space Buns

magnific ANOzkvHJaWp8IbImlCnu Sorbet Pink Space Buns

When you need a casual look that’s still plenty dazzling, you likely go with space buns. Space buns became famous recently, and it’s easy to see why. Choose sorbet pink to emphasize the playful and carefree nature of this everyday look.

#66. Royal Pink Crown Braid

magnific RREf9JUNOq4CtD24nPM6 Royal Pink Crown Braid

If you want to look like you’re a member of the most adorable royal family on planet Earth, I have two key words for you: pink hair and crown braid. Combine the two, and you’re destined to look like a magical princess wherever you go.

#67. Platinum and Pink Fusion

magnific cFEYgrmcRnlBPEAi08v0 Platinum and Pink Fusion

Do your platinum locks need a little pick-me-up? You don’t need to go overboard to refresh your style. All you have to do is toss in a bit of pink throughout your mane. Platinum and pink play well together and give off enticing energy.

#68. Pink Popsicle Ponytail

magnific fZUpiH2p587FRm0d8srb Pink Popsicle Ponytail

Ladies, your high ponytail is in desperate need of a makeover – and I’ve got the perfect answer! Add some icy pink highlights to your blonde locks, leaving the roots dark. Then, toss your locks into a high ponytail, but let some strands loose around the face. A+ styling, gal pals.

#69.  Bubblegum Pink Faux Hawk

magnific C1cgERjTZ0eQDxTNPCce Bubblegum Pink Faux Hawk

Those who need an edgy and fun hairstyle to match their unique personality shouldn’t think twice about going with this hairstyle. Faux hawks are always trendy and cool, but the bubblegum pink coloring will take it to all new heights.

#70. Blushing Pink French Twist

magnific S09LHJ9RFbexI3aZEQvw Blushing Pink French Twist

Romantic, luxurious, and cultured, this hairstyle is reserved for the finest occasions. All you’ll need is a blush pink hair color to create a refined and feminine hue. Then, toss your locks into a classy French twist. Complete your look with a ladylike dress and jewelry to match.

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