Considering Bangs? Here Are 8 Types Of Bangs You’ll Love

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: May 13, 2024

Let’s be honest, getting bangs is a huge decision. Add in the countless styles you can choose from and knowing what to ask your stylist for seems impossible.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and have narrowed down the prettiest and most sought-after bangs styles out there. Blunt cut, whispy, side-swept, or the coveted curtain bangs?

Scroll through these stunning styles and find the right one for you.

Wispy Lash Length Bangs

Whether you’re unsure if bangs are for you or want to introduce them subtly, wispy lash-length bangs couldn’t be more perfect.

This soft, feathered style will work all year round but is particularly ideal for spring and summer. It’s also made for shoulder-length hair or longer so your stylist can feather the sides in gradually to your current cut.

Looking to incorporate layers into your look? These subtle brow-length bangs will fall seamlessly into those too.

Pro tip: invest in a large round brush for styling these bangs at home and get salon-quality results every time. 

Side Swept Curtain Bangs

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image via @joeltorresstyle

If you thought we’d left side-swept bangs in the early 2000s think again. This chic, sweeping style is back—and more popular than ever for a reason.

First of all, it makes styling your bangs super easy. Simply blow dry and style them with the rest of your locks and look instantly put together. Secondly, side partings have also made a comeback and these bangs are the perfect partner. 

Want a day without your bangs? With this longer style, it’s totally possible. Look to 90s-inspired barrettes or classic bobby pins and simply secure them away from your face. 

Long Curtain Bangs

When it comes to fringes, curtain bangs are always top of the most-wanted list. Eternally chic, made to frame your features, and destined to suit everyone.

Ask your stylist for the correct length and thickness of curtain bangs to suit your face shape. As a rule of thumb, curtain bangs sitting just above or on your cheekbones are ideal for bob and lob-length hair. Meanwhile, curtain bangs that reach your jawbone or chin will complement long lengths, particularly those with layers, beautifully. 

Side note: Long curtain bangs are great for those who wear their hair straight and curly on different days. Blow dry yours and style them in a chic, gradual flick on straight style days. Then, allow them to air dry with a natural curl that frames your face on others. 

Short Choppy Bangs

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image via @latesthair

Calling all lovers of pixie-length haircuts, these short, choppy bangs will finish off your cropped haircut perfectly.

For an ultra-modern look, try short choppy bangs with a straight-cut edge. It’s a bold choice for sure but always makes a statement.

Alternatively, to blend a shorter fringe into an existing pixie cut, try short, straight bangs blended subtly at the edges. Either way, you’re getting a bold new look unlike any other on our list.

Center Parted Curtain Bangs

Bangs 5 450 x 560
image via @instylegermany

A favorite look of stylish celebrities and influencers all around the world, center-parted bangs work for all hair types and always look flawless. Those with fine hair will find it makes their tresses look instantly fuller.

Your bangs are front and center ready to be showcased. Meanwhile, those with thicker hair often love how curtain bangs take some of the weight out of their locks. Oh, and don’t get us started on how cute these bangs look with updos – especially high ponytails!

Finally, if you can’t decide between full bangs and curtain ones, this versatile look is a great in-between style. Work with your stylist to find the exact right length so you can wear them as full bangs or parted in the center from day to day.

Feathered Eyebrow-Length Bangs

No matter the length or thickness of your hair, these feathered, eyebrow-length bangs will look beautiful. Without the blunt cut edge of regular bangs, they’ll accentuate your features. Subtly drawing all of the attention to your eyes.

Not to mention, they require minimal heat styling to get the perfect gentle curl that sits perfectly against your forehead. Pro tip: if you’re thinking about getting bangs ahead of summer but worry about them being too thick during the warmer weather, this pretty, lightweight style works every time. 

Thick Shaped Bangs

Want thick bangs but fear they’ll look out of place? These shapely bangs are proof they won’t.

By incorporating more hair and starting your bangs from further back on the hairline, thicker bangs will frame your face and give your haircut an entirely new look. They’re also ideal for both longer and shorter locks, however, we highly recommend asking your stylist to graduate the sides of your bangs into any existing layers.

This will ensure your new bangs look smooth and integrated as if they’ve always been there.

Choppy Eyebrow Length Bangs (Bottleneck Bangs)

Bangs 8 450 x 560
image via @e.p.holcomb

Google ‘bangs’ and these are the ones you’ll see nine times out of ten. The perfect mix of a full fringe and a gradually grown-out one, these bottleneck bangs are what most of us aspire to from the get-go.

We love them for good reason but have never quite known what to ask for in the salon chair. Now we know the correct term, we’ll never look back.

As you can see, this style looks stunning with shoulder-length haircuts, that said, it looks just as pretty with rapunzel-esque lengths too.

The best part? Unlike some of the other bangs on our list, these ones will grow out beautifully. Go for the bottleneck chop initially, then watch as they grow out into long curtain bangs or even a side-swept style to mix things up.

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