31 Feathered Bob Haircuts That Add Volume & Flow to Your Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

Haven’t you heard? Feathered bob haircuts are making a major comeback this year. What we really love about the feathered bob is that it suits just about women of any age, and whether you have thin hair or thick. This is because the feathered bob can be adjusted to your hair type, and can either add or flatten volume depending on what you need. Check out our roundup of the best feathered bob hairstyles to ask your stylist about at your next appointment.

Woman with Inverted Feathered Bob in Caramel Highlights Hair

If you want to go the “bob” route but don’t want to stick to traditional, consider the inverted route. This edgy style showcases shorter strands at the next with longer, face-framing layers up front. Highlight every gorgeous layer by dropping some lux caramel highlights on your mane.

#2. Elegant A-Line Bob with Feathered Edges

Woman with A Line Bob in Soft Feathered Edges hair

A-lines are often thought of as being fierce and blunt, but this haircut gives typical a-line bobs a softer makeover. Feathered edges ensure your hair not only has some playfulness but also draws attention to your picture-perfect jawline. Add waves for more movement.

#3. Youthful Chin Length Bob with Feathered Out Tips

Woman with Chin Length Bob in Feathered Out Tips hair

Chin-length bobs have a youthful vibe, making them a top-notch pick for those looking for a more vibrant and energetic hairstyle. Cut just above the chin, this bob with feathered-out tips works particularly well for those with oval-shaped faces.

#4. Asymmetrical Feathered Bob Cut

Woman with Asymmetrical Feathered Bob Cut hair

If you’re not afraid to “go there,” consider cutting your tresses into a unique, modern asymmetrical cut. Asymmetrical bobs are undeniably show-stopping, but with feathered edges, this voguish cut takes on a more whimsical attitude.

#5. Long Feathered Bob with Middle Part

Woman with Long Feathered Bob with Middle Part hair

Looking for a longer bob haircut you’re gonna love? Look no further than this gorgeous lob. Dangling right above the shoulders with many feathered layers, this haircut is loaded with texture and body. Draw attention to the intricate feathers by dousing your ends in a vibrant hue.

#6. Platinum Blonde Feathered Bob with Dark Roots

Woman with Platinum Blonde Feathered Bob with Dark Roots Hair

For those desiring a hairstyle that instantly reads “polished” and “fashion forward,” this is the go-to. This charming feathered bob gets a snazzy remix with striking platinum locks complete with contrasting dark roots.

#7. Bob with Feathered Crown and Swooping Bangs

Woman with Bob Feathered Crown and Swooping Bangs hair

Feathering right at the crown is a super simple way to add some serious volume. So, for my thin or fine-haired gals out there, this may be the bob haircut for you. Add even more body and bounce by adding some flirty side-swept bangs.

#8. Razor-Cut Feathered Bob for Fine Hair

Woman with Razor Cut Feathered Bob in Fine Hair

When you think “razor-cut,” you probably think of a daring haircut with clear-cut lines. Well, this haircut is only partly that. With the addition of feathering, this lovely razor-cut bob displays a bit more delicateness. Fine-haired girls, this is definitely one you’ll want to try!

#9. Pixie-to-Bob Transition Feathered Cut

Woman with Pixie to Bob Transition Feathered Cut hair

It can be hard to grow out a pixie haircut – but not anymore! This pixie-to-bob transition feathered cut is the ideal way to grow out your cute pixie without looking awkward. It’s a win-win, considering this haircut is so unbelievably adorable!

#10. Classic Feathered Bob with Baby Lights

Woman with Classic Feathered Bob in Baby Lights Hair

Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the classics – this hairstyle proves it. This gorgeous classic cut features plenty of feathers for texture. Yet, the standout feature is undeniably the lovely baby lights, giving this look a subtle glow that can’t be ignored.

#11. Two-Tone Feathered Bob with Side Part

Woman with Two Tone Feathered Bob with Side Part hair

Going with a two-tone color might sound scary, but this look should put you at ease. The color is fantastic, and the layers beautifully blend the tones for a show-stopping finish. Go with a side part if you want to add edginess to your style.

#12. Shoulder-Length Bob with Heavy Feathering

Woman with Shoulder Length Bob with Heavy Feathering Hair

Shoulder-length bobs are suited for women who want a shorter haircut but don’t want their hair too short. But the look doesn’t stop there. Heavy feathering adds an undeniable amount of volume to the look, making it the perfect style for those who need a little extra bulk.

#13. Angled Bob with Front Feathering

Woman with Angled Bob with Front Feathering hair

The delicate angle of this angled bob is nothing short of stunning. It adds some length to the face without being too daring. Plus, the heavy front feathering gives this typically edgy style some much-needed femininity. Overall, this is a five-star style with plenty of body.

#14. Bob at Jaw Length with Feathered Ends

Woman with Jaw Length Bob with Feathered Ends hair

The great thing about a haircut like this is that it will draw all the attention to your impeccable jawline, putting your best features on full display. Aside from being the go-to for showing off that gorg face, this bob at jaw length with feathered ends is also undeniably kittenish.

#15. Shaggy Bob with Feathered Layers and Bangs

Woman with Shaggy Feathered Bob with a Fringe hair

Are you someone who loves the 70s? Then why not try this great haircut? Whether you want to bring retro haircuts back or simply love a laid-back, effortlessly cool style, you’ll love this shaggy bob with feathered layers and bangs. 

#16. Feathered Bob in Soft Pastel Pink

Woman with Pastel Pink Feathered Bob hair hair

Feathered bobs can sometimes get lost in translation amongst a sea of charming cuts. If you like to break free from the pack, consider dousing your tresses in a soft pastel pink. Fairy-like yet contemporary? Check and check.

#17. Undercut Sides with a Feathered Bob

Woman with Feathered Bob with Undercut Sides hair

Babe, if you’re looking for drama, look no further than this eye-catching hairstyle. It all starts with undercut sides shaved off to produce a bold aesthetic. The hair is left longer on a single side, creating an asymmetrical style that’s nothing short of intense.

#18. Blunt Ends and Feathered Layers in a Bob

Woman with Bob with Blunt Ends and Feathered Layers Hair

Sometimes, you just want the best of both worlds. And you can have it with this haircut. Showcasing a blend of blunt ends and feathered layers, this bob has just the right amount of structure and flow to create a head-turning finish.

#19. Feathered Bangs in a Wavy Bob

Woman with Wavy Bob with Feathered Bangs hair

Bobs are known for giving hair extra volume, but why stop there? Grab your favorite tools and get to work creating these stunning waves. They’re dainty, alluring, and energetic, the perfect style for any occasion. Don’t forget to toss some eyebrow-skimming bangs to pull it all together.

#20. Sleek Sideburns in a Polished Bob

Woman with Sleek Bob with Feathered Sideburns hair

If you’re looking for sophistication and fierceness, this haircut is for you. With sleek sideburns added to a super-polished bob, this “boss babe” look may just land you at the top of the career ladder. 

#21. Short-Feathered Bob with Hidden Rainbow Colors

Woman with Short Feathered Bob with hidden rainbow colors

If your short-feathered bob lacks that “wow” factor, consider adding a collection of rainbow highlights throughout your mane. The result? A hairstyle that instantly stands apart from the crowd and is loaded with a fun attitude.

#22. Feathered Bob with Twisted Curls

Woman with Feathered Bob with Twisted Curls hair

Who said shorter haircuts can’t rock adorable curls? The next time you want to add serious sensual texture to your locks, break out your curling iron and throw in some luscious ringlets. They’ll bounce and sway with every step!

#23. Subtle Feathered Bob with Ombre Effect

Woman with Subtle Feathered Bob with Ombre Effect hair

This bob haircut may showcase subtle feathering, but that doesn’t mean they have to get lost in translation. Ensure those lovely feathered layers take center stage with a trendy ombre technique.

#24. Textured Bob with Feathered Crown for Thick Hair

Ladies with thick hair – never shy away from adding more volume to your strands! As you can see from this hairstyle, some texturizing and feathering at the crown can completely redesign your style in the best way possible.

#25. Choppy Feathered Bob with Angled Front Pieces

Woman with Choppy Feathered Bob with Angled Front Pieces Hair

Dynamic? Lively? Energetic? Yup, these are definitely three words we’d use to describe this unique haircut. The look begins with a choppy, feathered bob with lots of layers. Finishing with angled front pieces, it’s just the right touch of the avant-garde to give this style five stars in the fashion department.

#26. Long Bob with Feathered Ends and Curtain Bangs

Woman with Long Bob with Feathered Ends and Curtain bangs hair

Long bobs with feathered ends are designed to be elegant and graceful. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the daintiness even more! For a lovely finish, cut your bangs into trendy curtain bangs that allow your eyes to play peek-a-boo.

#27. Asymmetrical Feathered Bob with Peek-a-Boo Colors

Woman with Asymmetrical Feathered Bob with Peek a Boo Colors Hair

Want to add some color to your asymmetrical bob but don’t know how? The best way to do it is to add playful hues throughout your mane. That way, with every sway and wiggle of your hair, onlookers will get a peek at a different shade. Seriously – this look couldn’t be more fun!

#28. High-Low Feathered Bob with a Deep Side Part

Woman with High Low Feathered Bob with a Deep Side Part Hair

This is the best pick if you want to frame your face majestically. The high-low feathered bob is cut just around the chin, allowing your facial features to be put on full display. Completed with a deep side part, you can enjoy a seriously fashion-forward ‘do.

#29. Feathered Bob with Voluminous Curls

Woman with Feathered Bob with Voluminous Curls hair

Kick up the volume with some voluminous curls, babe! Feathered bobs crafted into voluminous curls are always a knockout style. But be warned – this look is so alluring you won’t be able to keep your date from staring.

#30. Stacked Back Feathered Bob

Woman with Feathered Bob with a Stacked Back hair

Feathering a bob is a great way to add more depth, but they can get lost amongst your locks. Rather than letting the feathers fall short, try stacking the back for extra height and uniqueness. This is an excellent choice for those who need more body!

#31. Platinum Feathered Bob with Icy Blue Accents

Woman with Platinum Feathered Bob with Icy Blue Money Pieces Hair

Make your feathered bob the talk of the town with this passionate hair color. Platinum blonde tresses are highlighted with icy blue accents, creating an exquisitely bright and eye-catching hairstyle.

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