27 Curly Hairstyles That Will Inspire Women Over 60 To Embrace Their Natural Texture

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 23, 2024

One easy way for women over 60 to achieve a youthful and graceful appearance is to opt for curls. Curls never go out of style, and they can make even the thinnest or finest locks look like a million bucks.

Are you over 60 and looking for your next curly hairstyle? These top 27 flattering looks are sure to impress. From classic and timeless curly hairstyles to more modern and contemporary approaches, you’re sure to fall in love with one of these curly masterpieces.

magnific PYxRHUfDptyJE5xMJAtI Loose Curl Shoulder Length Lob

A shoulder-length lob is the ideal length for those who want longer and more luxurious-looking curls. Adding plenty of highlights and lowlights creates dazzling dimension perfect for women over 60. Toss loose curls into your mane for an exquisite finish!

#2. Curly Pixie with Soft Undercut

magnific 05lCfOLVUz8O1BspKqz1 Curly Pixie with Soft Undercut

If you want a shorter and easier-to-maintain cut, this is the perfect choice. This ultra-short pixie cut with an undercut removes bulk and heaviness, allowing your ringlets to bounce effortlessly. 

#3. Medium Curly Hair with Sun-Kissed Highlights

magnific cwqlmC8Ik3V1t3aMqRJ4 Medium Curly Hair with Sun Kissed Highlights

This gorgeous medium-length hairstyle offers plenty of lengths to let those lovely ringlets bounce with every step. To ensure the curls are given the emphasis they deserve, sun-kissed highlights are sprinkled throughout the soft brunette base.

#4. Long Curly Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific UvUDfNwBPd4bixjV0PEj Long Curly Layers with Side Swept Bangs

If you want your long curls to take on a more youthful and fashion-forward approach, side-swept bangs are a great way to go. This hairstyle is bursting with energy and life, and we can’t help but notice how flawless the lighter pieces look against her face.

#5. Natural Curl Bob with a Middle Part

magnific 1oH8wt7fjRXY0U0RLUkc Natural Curl Bob with a Middle Part

Cute and simple, this is an excellent hairstyle for women over 60 who don’t want to fuss too much with their hair while still looking trendy. Simply chop your curly locks into a bob that sits above the shoulders, then add a middle part. Flawless.

#6. Romantic Ringlets with a Deep Side Part

magnific UXAQ6lDp9hidxRtWoJn0 Romantic Ringlets with a Deep Side Part

For those seeking a hairstyle with more drama and romance, look no further – this glamorous ‘do is precisely what you’re looking for. Not only are the long ringlets a beautiful sight to be seen, but the deep side part emphasizes the overall luxury and allure of this look.

#7.  Short Stacked Bob for Tight Curls

magnific GVJmE3ZB7Q0LivTwZLHa Short Stacked Bob for Tight Curls

Tight curls can easily be given a sleek and modern makeover with the right haircut – and this look proves it. This short stacked bob creates an excellent base for tight curls, allowing every coil to be put on full display.

#8. Big Curly Hair with Lowlights

magnific StzHulunf8PrsrOu8jkK Big Curly Hair with Lowlights

You can’t go wrong with big, curly hair. It’s stunning, head-turning, and loaded with sassy body. Yet, if your big hair craves some much-needed complexity, there’s a quick and easy fix: add some lowlights and enjoy striking dimension.

#9. Curly Tapered Cut for Thin Hair

magnific 97a1EGNT0gQkAkR8j6qa Curly Tapered Cut for Thin Hair

Women over 60 struggling with thin hair might not know which cut to get, especially if they want to showcase their lovely curls. Well, ladies, this one’s for you. A short tapered cut creates a low-maintenance style that instantly thickens your tresses. It’s a win-win!

#10. Naturally Curly Bob with Wispy Bangs

magnific NUZCGkDIaljl5eobgOQ2 Naturally Curly Bob with Wispy Bangs

This adorable look is so soft and perky it will immediately take years off of your appearance! A cute bob cut right below chin level is paired with a set of wispy bangs swept gently to one side. The result? A youthful, bouncy look that will never go out of style.

#11. Mid-Length Layered Curls with a Feathered Fringe

magnific wzk4M7XFW5moXwDVRJwf Mid Length Layered Curls with a Feathered Fringe

A mid-length haircut is ideal for many women over 60 – it’s not too long nor too short, making it easy to work with. But if you need to revitalize your mid-length cut, here are two options: add a feathered fringe to soften the face and add a contrasting color underneath for a wowing effect.

#12. Spiral Curls with a Subtle Ombre

magnific fLoAHCXp30vLiqDebAfF Spiral Curls with a Subtle Ombre

The ombre coloring technique has no age limit. That said, don’t hesitate to elevate your curly hair game by choosing a subtle ombre shade. For example, throwing a touch of brown strands to your natural gray hair will create more depth with a youthful approach.

#13. Short Curly Crop with a Blunt Fringe

magnific 5HvwbZ8HX6A80sRC1kiy Short Curly Crop with a Blunt Fringe

Just because you’re 60 or older doesn’t mean you have to leave your fierce personality in the past. If you’re ready to embrace your feisty personality once more, consider choosing a short, curly crop with a blunt fringe. It’s all the edgy attitude you’ve ever dreamed of!

#14. Curly Bob with Angled Cut

magnific kh9TNzV9JRfyhCkmLIIk Curly Bob with Angled Cut

A curly bob with an angled cut is designed to perfectly accent your jawbone, which is a must-have for women over 60 with envious bone structure. Offering a flattering shape, you can’t go wrong with this sophisticated and classic ‘do. 

#15. Loose Wavy Layers with a Fringe

magnific hwd4wJvUhY3wzt8F4WPH Loose Wavy Layers with a Fringe

Looser waves are the go-to if you need a more laid-back and carefree appearance. Pair them with a pair of fringe bangs, and you’ll have a fabulous style that’s the perfect blend of jovial and high-class.

#16. Voluminous Curly Updo with a Crown Braid

magnific IQO4oimqv1pDvDN7ozXn Voluminous Curly Updo with a Crown Braid

The next time you’re headed to an upscale occasion, you won’t want to leave the house without fashioning your locks into this stunning hairstyle. Start with a set of short, curly strands. Then, design a crown braid. Enjoy being the belle of the ball.

#17. Curly Bob with a Defined Part

magnific UfOILAS8Zgas0bMqmZ17 Curly Bob with a Defined Part

Curls can take on a carefree and sporadic, taking on a personality of their own. If you want more structure in your silhouette, you can easily do so. Simply create a defined part in your mane and add a little bit more rigidity to your style.

#18. Long Boho Curls with a Zigzag Part

magnific OuonwBBIpggJSytxAdQv Long Boho Curls with a Zigzag Parting

Long boho curls are trendy regardless of age. That said, plenty of women over 60 enjoy wearing this style, and it always looks amazing. To quickly give your long boho curls a style update, though, it’s as easy as adopting a unique zigzag part.

#19. Loose Curl Mid-Length Shag

magnific ROS8USgMRZhDCgAEgqcA Loose Curl Mid Length Shag

Shaggy haircuts are known for being messy, fun, and having that typical rock ‘n’ roll edge – and they just so happen to look incredible when livened up with some loose curls. Go ahead, ladies – enjoy a bouncy style by going with this loose curl mid-length shag!

#20. Voluminous Barrel Curls with a Center Part

magnific mB8ca89In3JoS0QsKzPU Voluminous Barrel Curls with a Center Part

Elegant, sophisticated, and timeless, voluminous barrel curls are one of those hairstyles that always look luxurious. Whether you’re looking to wow at the next party or simply need a lovely hairstyle to impress your grandkids, this look is it.

#21. Slicked-Back Curls for a Sophisticated Look

magnific QV2julwKaBUFHHPP7rpU Slicked Back Curls for a Sophisticated Look

Giving your hairstyle a modern and posh makeover is a cinch. All you need to do is use a strong hold gel to slick your curls back. Then, match your attire to match the fierce and focused energy of your hairstyle. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

#22. Short Afro-Textured Curls

magnific AIgDtRgawsTUVDp5Ugqs Short Afro Textured Curls

Shorter hair can be a wonderful choice for women over 60 with natural curls. The shorter cut will ensure that your coils are accentuated beautifully while also providing some much-needed volume. 

#23. Curly Lob with a Side Braid

magnific zOBguO85DT0WKXgS9x2l Curly Lob with a Side Braid

There are plenty of things in life that just “go together.” This is one of those matches made in heaven. Curls and side braids are both known for their flirty and feminine appeal and combining both will provide a delicate vibe that can’t be ignored. Not to mention, it looks oh-so-adorable!

#24. Vintage-Inspired Loose Curls

magnific 3kgZpmYwgjUdy7ePRQwn Vintage Inspired Loose Curls

Don’t be afraid to step back in time and indulge in Old Hollywood glam. There’s a reason why those flashback hairstyles have remained an all-time favorite. They’re stunning, loaded with class, and have a unique appearance you simply won’t find in this day and age.

#25. Tight Ringlets with a Root Shadow

magnific vs3ojMLq6sSzMScVhDzl Tight Ringlets with a Root Shadow

Giving your tight ringlets a touch of modernity is a breeze. Go ahead and leave your curly locks as-is. Just add some root shadowing for a contemporary contrast that will take years off of your appearance.

#26. Curly A-Line Cut with a Deep Side Part

magnific 6lAuvy2eD8h8vOoWnqcO Curly A Line Cut with a Deep Side Part

A-line cuts are known for their rigidity, and they’re the perfect offset for bouncy and joyous curls. The duo is always a hit, especially when you add a hint of drama with a stunning deep side part.

#27. Soft Curl French Bob with a Straight Fringe

magnific LtqAIRQvlWPQswC1MRvb Soft Curl French Bob with a Straight Fringe

Soft and stunning, unique and contrasting, this look has it all. The soft curls are a definite “win” for women over 60, providing just the right amount of body. Yet, the complementing straight fringe is what takes this look to new heights. 

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