21 Best High Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

One of the standout looks for men who prefer sharp and sophisticated is the high taper fade haircut. This style involves a dramatic compression of hair moving down from a higher point on the head, which combines into longer lengths above. It’s a great way to modernize any hair-do, from slicked-down looks to textured, casual styles. With the high taper fade, the main focus is on making the hair on top stand out while also giving a finished look at the back and sides.

High Taper with Pompadour

The high taper with pompadour is a choice for men who desire a timeless hairstyle. By incorporating a fade on the sides and using pomade to hold the pompadour in place, this haircut combines modernity with sophistication. It suits face shapes and particularly complements thick hair.

#2. Messy Spikes High Taper

Messy Spikes High Taper

The messy spikes high taper represent an embodiment of individuality. With strands on top and a tapered fade on the sides, this haircut creates an attention-grabbing frontal profile. Applying clay for a hold ensures that the spikes stay intact, making it an excellent option for individuals with square face shapes.

#3. Faux Hawk with Taper

Faux Hawk with Taper

The faux hawk with taper introduces an element of boldness to your personal style. The faded haircut on the sides beautifully contrasts with the top section, creating an overall striking appearance that catches the eye.

#4. High Taper with Undercut

High Taper with Undercut

The high taper with undercut offers a contrast that makes it an edgy choice among top haircuts. By incorporating a fade and seamlessly blending it into the top section, this hairstyle exudes drama and uniqueness. It works best for individuals with round head shapes. Requires cream to maintain a medium hold.

#5. Textured Top with Gradual Fade

Textured Top with Gradual Fade

The textured top with a gradual fade works well for individuals with medium to coarse hair texture. The sides gradually fade, creating a look, while the textured top can be styled using a light cream for a medium hold. It’s a haircut choice for anyone seeking different styling options.

#6. High Taper with Finger Waves

High Taper with Finger Waves

The high taper with finger waves combines elegance and modern style. The high taper fade gives a side profile, while the addition of finger waves adds a unique touch. This haircut suits those with an oval face shape. Provides a natural finish.

#7. Buzz Cut with Taper

Buzz Cut with Taper

For those who prefer low-maintenance styles, the buzz cut with high taper is an excellent choice. The high-top fade adds interest compared to a regular buzz cut. With its skin fade on the sides, it complements simplicity and suits all head shapes effectively.

#8. High Taper with Slick-Back

High Taper with Slick Back

The high taper with a slick back offers a polished and professional appearance suitable for various settings, whether casual or formal. Using pomade for hold helps maintain the sleek back style, which complements any face shape.

#9. Comb Over High Taper

Comb Over High Taper

If you prefer a conservative haircut, the comb over high taper might be the perfect choice for you. This classic side-part style gets a twist with a high taper fade and fringe, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look.

#10. Crop Top High Taper

Crop Top High Taper 1

Another trendy and versatile option is the crop top high taper. The taper fade on the sides adds to its appeal, especially for men. It creates a front profile with a slightly messy fringe, making it ideal for those with a rectangular face shape.

#11. Angular Fringe with High Taper

Angular Fringe with High Taper

If you want to add some flair to your hairstyle, consider the angular fringe with high taper. The taper fade on the sides enhances your side profile. It adds an element of sophistication. This particular style works best for individuals with hair and complements round face shapes very well.

#12. High Taper with Dreadlocks

High Taper with Dreadlocks

For those who want to combine richness with modern style, the high taper with dreadlocks is a fantastic choice. The high taper fade creates a canvas for showcasing your dreadlocks while adding depth and texture to your overall look. Whether you have any face shape, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly.

#13. High Taper with Braided Top

High Taper with Braided Top

If you’re looking for something versatile, give the high taper with braided top a try. The taper fade haircut gives a touch to the intricate braids on top. It’s a choice for those who want a unique style, especially if they have medium to thick hair.

#14. Skin Fade High Taper

Skin Fade High Taper

The skin fade high taper is a daring version of the classic high taper. The boldness of the skin fade adds an edge, while the high top fade keeps the focus on the hair at the top. This haircut suits people with an oval head shape.

#15. High Taper with Side-Swept Bangs

High Taper with Side Swept Bangs

For a yet modern look, try the high taper with side-swept bangs. The high taper fade complements the side-swept bangs beautifully, creating an option for men who want a more relaxed appearance, especially if they have wavy or curly hair.

#16. High Taper with Twists

High Taper with Twists

If you’re looking for some texture in your hairstyle, consider opting for high taper with twists. This style offers a transition from twisted hair on top to shaved sides thanks to the high taper fade. It’s perfect for adding a touch and works exceptionally well for those with curly hair.

#17. Mohawk with High Taper

Mohawk with High Taper

Make a statement with a mohawk with high taper—a haircut that showcases your fearless style choices. The high fade on the sides accentuates the Mohawk while keeping its profile attention-grabbing. Use pomade to secure hold and maintain the desired shape; it represents a true embodiment of unique and edgy individualism.

#18. Asymmetric High Taper

Asymmetric High Taper

For those who want to make a statement, the asymmetric high taper is a choice. It features a graduated fade on one side that contrasts with a taper on the other, resulting in an overall box-like appearance. The asymmetry adds an eye-catching element. Provides a distinctive edge.

#19. High Taper with Long Top

High Taper with Long Top

The high taper with a long top offers a rebellious look. The taper fade seamlessly blends into strands, making it an excellent option for those who wish to retain some length. It works best for individuals with straight or wavy hair textures.

#20. Quirky Pomp with High Taper

Quirky Pomp with High Taper

For those seeking a twist, consider the quirky pomp with a high-taper hairstyle. This style incorporates pomp on top, while the taper fades with fringe, and adds an extra dynamic touch, perfect for someone with a lively personality. Achieve a matte finish by using clay for hold.

#21. Curly Fro with Taper

Curly Fro with Taper

The curly fro with high taper allows you to fully embrace your natural curls. The high-top fade seamlessly blends into the top section while keeping the sides clean through the taper fade haircut technique. This style highlights your natural hair texture. Complements any face shape.

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