100 Elegant Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 26, 2024

Once you reach a certain age, hairstyles matter more than ever. A style can either add or subtract years on your face. That’s why short hairstyles are always a go-to for women over 50! 

Short haircuts are an instant age-defier that makes you look and feel more stylish and youthful than ever. But don’t think that short haircuts all look the same. From the punchy pixie cut to the classic bob and beyond, you’ve got a long list of options for short haircuts for women over 50, so you can find something that perfectly fits you and your aesthetic.  

Ready to discover your new hairstyle?  Check out these 100 elegant short hairstyles for women over 50.

magnific dlVZuFl5yDi88dziOcOr Classic Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a high-class but low-maintenance look, you’ve got to try a classic bob! This timeless cut creates a flattering face frame while volumizing and energizing your hair. Then, the look is finished off with stylish side-swept bangs

#2. Chic Textured Pixie

magnific KBsKmwLbtGkArxIUOoFr Chic Textured

A chic textured pixie is a super spunky and stylish short cut. The textured layers create a lively dimension for thick or thin hair while looking effortlessly trendy. Best of all, it’s easy to style.

#3. Soft Wavy Bob with Highlights

magnific tHRL6XhzIekS4i3ETRE2 Soft Wavy Bob with Highlights

Get a double dose of delight with a soft, wavy bob and highlights. The soft, wavy bob adds gentle movement to your wavy texture, while the charming shape accentuates your facial features. Then, highlights add more definition to your waves while adding a sunny glow.

#4. Edgy Asymmetrical Cut

magnific AqL3Mmc3tCVy92hCv7x2 Edgy Asymmetrical Cut

Feeling bold? Go for an adventurous and edgy asymmetrical cut! This highly textured style packs a punch, especially on thick hair, giving sharp definition and energy for an absolutely eye-catching look! 

#5. Sleek Stacked Bob

magnific LsuLSvSE3xXPlnHTR9gR Sleek Stacked Bob

A sleek stacked bob is the ideal short hairstyle for women over 50 who want something simple and sophisticated. This style features a smooth finish and stacked layers at the back for added volume and body, giving the illusion of thicker hair. Best of all, it’s easy to style in different ways. Keep it sleek and straight, or style with curls for a fun flair.

#6. Short Feathered Cut with Highlights

magnific 0UneHMEw9iOwAdhd48li Short Feathered Cut with Highlights

Looking for something energetic yet elegant? You need a short feathered cut with highlights! The feathered layers create a boost of soft volume and airy movement in any hair type. Then, highlights add dimension for even more life, especially ideal on thin or fine hair that needs a little extra help.

#7. Curly Tapered Pixie

magnific vPpxnt8tICT9vv4laNZY Curly Tapered

Need something to take our curls to center stage? You need a curly tapered pixie! This pixie cut enhances the bounce and body of your natural texture while the tapering creates the illusion of more volume. This short haircut also makes styling your curls easier than ever.

#8. Messy Shaggy Bob

magnific 8rCBBU3uDrJOjhLojIBX Messy Shaggy Bob

The messy shaggy bob blends two iconic short hairstyles for twice the classic fun! The shaggy layering creates that perfect bedhead look, making a relaxed form of the refined bob that style complements your facial features.

#9. Elegant Swooped Pixie

magnific OJI7q8jDgO1Wv932wBm7 Elegant Swooped

Find a sleek, sophisticated style with a serious youthful edge in the elegant, swopped pixie. This cut is perfect for bringing some life back to fine, straight hair, with refined swooping layers, graceful movement, and a side bang to draw attention to your eyes. 

#10. Playful Short Curly Bob

magnific o5FD8a3EbXBLbEzOUyyN Playful Short Curly Bob

Take your curls to the next level with a playful short curly bob! This is a fun and fabulous style for women over 50 who want something low-maintenance but not low-quality. The curly layers renew your curl texture with bounce, body, and a whole lot of style!

#11. Sophisticated Slicked-Back Pixie

magnific bI0o5vYhXtcwIfkHlMVo Sophisticated Slicked Back

Want something distinguished yet daring? Go for a sophisticated, slicked-back pixie! A slicked-back pixie creates an unparalleled polished look with a sleek texture for something simple but super stylish. Best of all, it requires virtually zero effort to style. 

#12. Wavy Layered Pixie Cut

magnific ywtZQpHT3GHJxKJgWR5O Wavy Layered Pixie Cut

Go for all things chic and charming with a wavy layered pixie cut! This effortlessly elegant style takes waves up a notch with layers, bringing maximum volume and movement with a side of playful flair.  

#13. Short Razor Cut with Bangs

magnific 1jhLPxkc4KubcX7qsvHp Short Razor Cut with Bangs

The short razor cut with bangs is sleek and smooth with a little bit of edge. The razor-sharp cuts bring an edgy texture to revive thin, straight hair, while the bangs frame your face with a sleek finishing touch.

#14. Tousled Pixie with Side Bangs

magnific vROfRu08LYuWG64KtWK1 Tousled Pixie with Side Bangs

If you’re into those lovely and lively looks, you need to try a tousled pixie with side bangs! This pixie gives any hair type robust volume with tousled texture and side bangs for that flirty finishing touch.

#15. Short Bob on Soft Waves

magnific 0lt4FBPjnWEXE7ia6GLG Short Bob with Soft Waves

A short bob on soft waves is a stunning short hairstyle for women over 50 looking for something soft and sophisticated. This look brings full-bodied volume and graceful movement to any hair type, especially waves. 

#16. Layered Pixie with a Nape Undercut

magnific wfgAQcDx7yPMaNXRtnwH Layered Pixie with Nape Undercut

Looking for something that’s equal parts edgy and elegant? You need a layered pixie with a nape undercut. The layered pixie brings maximum volume and energized texture. Then, the contrast from the undercut creates thicker-looking top layers while bringing that modern edge.

#17. Choppy Layered Bob

magnific CZCASFrquBgqmLvinxTT Choppy Layered Bob

Go for all things confident and chic with a choppy layered bob! This short haircut is high-energy and high-fashion, with choppy layers for an extra lively texture and that classically youthful shape of the bob.

#18. Short Straight Cut with a Side Part

magnific psqLNzroR2VN1OcSDQPc Short Straight Cut with Side Part

A short straight cut with a side part is an ultra-polished and refined hairstyle for women over 50 who love minimalist marvels. The shorter length with clean-cut lines contours your cheekbones for a slimmer, younger look. This style works on straight hair, thick or thin, giving a super sleek, neat, and tidy look, with a side part to top it all off like a chic cherry on top.

#19. Wispy Textured Pixie Cut

magnific KNmpzhkyzztm9Tybgwgk Wispy Pixie Cut with

Want that light and airy look? Go for a wispy-textured pixie cut! This pixie is characterized by soft layers with wispy texture and lightweight volume that transforms any hair type. And even better, this cut is virtually zero maintenance.

#20. Sleek Angled Bob

magnific 3cgNYYJDD2oKT8iskiwO Sleek Angled Bob

Classic meets modern in the sleek, angled bob. This modern bob is a flawless and flattering short hairstyle for women over 50, bringing angular lines that actually make you look younger! Then, the sleek finish of the bob brings a refined charm that keeps styling simple and adaptable. 

#21. Short Crop with a Voluminous Top

magnific URObZ2KeFNQWy4fxxtTZ Short Crop with Voluminous Top

A short crop is a chic and simple cut with a whole lot of style. The elegant yet playful layering instantly revives straight hair, while the voluminous top ensures your hair has some extra height right where you need it, making this style particularly ideal for women with thinning hair.

#22. Playful Spiky Pixie

magnific bFsmIDWtsMkmizRAef9m Playful Spiky

Need something high-profile but low-maintenance? Go for a punchy and playful spiky pixie. The spiky texture gives thin or thick hair maximum definition and style, which you can intensify with pomade or styling paste. You can even leave it all down for a simpler look.

#23. Voluminous Rounded Bob

magnific ZwIwkmpuQLuJX2yT50Ne Voluminous Rounded Bob

Go graceful and classic with a voluminous, rounded bob! This bob brings maximum volume with a rounded shape for added fullness and creates a particularly complementary look for oblong and heart-shaped faces. The best part is that it looks good on any hair type and can be styled in various ways.

#24. Tapered Bowl Cut

magnific hh0XQljnCrkKYwj4dl4w Tapered Bowl Cut

Looking for a sharp and chic contemporary cut with a little 90s nostalgia? You need a tapered bowl cut! This short, more modern take on the bowl cut features vigorous layering with a tasteful frame for your face’s upper features.

#25. Soft Pixie with Subtle Waves

magnific YtyBQ52TQNIFBNg3O00n Soft Pixie with Subtle Waves

Nothing gives that gentle, girly aura better than a soft pixie with subtle waves. This pixie has delicate layering for delicate volume and natural movement, while the subtle waves give an effortlessly styled for a softer and more controlled version of the “I woke up like this” look with a pinch of glam.

#26. Chic Undercut with Sweeping Bangs

magnific ePuiaZ3syHMz5ev2Iobm Chic Undercut with Sweeping Bangs

A chic undercut with sweeping bangs is fab and fashion-forward with a little bit of edgy flair. The striking contrast between the highly texturized short undercut and longer, smoother, sweeping bangs created an undeniable trendy edge, especially on straight hair. 

#27. Tousled Bob with a Fringe

magnific qOQmixeRnsE9TZkHHTGY Tousled Bob with Fringe

Need a refined one with some fun vibes? Go for a tousled bob with a fringe! This style features the bob’s classic shape with a tousled texture, bringing renewed volume and movement to straight or wavy hair. Then, the fringe tops it all off with a chic charm.

#28. Short and Sleek Precision Cut

magnific iFW7Lpw7Z3Sld9m5O2MF Short and Sleek Precision Cut

A short and sleek precision cut is a minimalist look that’s virtually effortless to style. The sharp, precise layers give even the finest hair the perfect volume and renewed energy, making it the ideal short hairstyle for women over 50 who want something clean and contemporary.

#29. Layered Bob with Bangs

magnific 6s0lWqYV01bDe6CAiDf4 Layered Bob with Bangs

Looking for a timeless and tasteful way to give your hair a little lift. The layers add volume and soft texture for movement and definition, complemented by chic bangs for that extra flattering touch to enhance the already complementary shape of the bob.

#30. Textured Pixie with Side Part

magnific mF6TyYpsgoMpflQFyOji Textured Pixie with Side Part

Want to steal the show with a stunning style that requires minimal actual styling? You need a texture pixie with a side part! This pixie is great for giving fine and thinning hair a much-needed boost of texture and volume, with lively layering and a side part for a slightly sophisticated touch.

#31. Bold Spiky Cut

magnific aUoCT73EHgOOFkLH47q2 Bold Spiky Cut

Release your inner rockstar with a bold spiky cut! This edgy and electric look features a bold contrast between the gritty undercut and the longer, spiky layers, making them look fuller and thicker while adding an extra dose of grungy glam.

#32. Classic Cap Cut

magnific ljKR7iQLsZWYeGppZQ7e Classic Cap Cut

Going for a blend of casual and classy? You need a classic cap cut. This polished style features a clean, tidy rounded shape and gentle layering that instantly boosts any hair type and is virtually zero-maintenance.

#33. Wavy Bob with a Deep Side Part

magnific 6kHFGjl6pEvlFDzeyNgC Wavy Bob with Deep Side Part

Go for a distinguished and luxe look, like a wavy bob with a deep side part.  This bob is designed to enhance waves with elegant layering and a deep side part for an extra dose of movement and old-school glam vibes.

#34. Sleek Chin-Length Bob

magnific Pp8zenttsChpmdkU1CV7 Sleek Chin Length Bob

Love those chic and polished styles? Try a sleek chin-length bob! The sleek finish keeps things simple while still giving your hair some volume. And we can’t forget to mention the clean-cut bob frame that accentuates cheekbones for a slimmer and younger-looking face.

#35. Gelled Short Haircut

magnific D4icxC6GW8iLCEnAgbgj Short Cut with Gelled Finish

Gelled styles are seriously underrated. This multi-talented styling product can help you style your short haircut any way you want. From spiky and spunky to slicked-back and sleek to scrunched and beachy, you’re in for an extraordinary look.

#36. Textured Pixie with Balayage

magnific EXLe42L93Hu23LQoZvsQ Textured Pixie with Balayage

The texture pixie with balayage is a sophisticated and sunny short hairstyle for women over 50 who want something fun and peppy. The textured layers bring a high-energy body and movement to any hair type, while the balayage brings a natural-looking dimension for even more life while giving your face a sunny glow. 

#37. Layered Crop with Side Bangs

magnific 6V66mwmM4B4nByyMDImM Layered Crop with Side Bangs

If you’re looking for something youthful, playful, and full of personality, you’ve got to try a layered crop cut with side bangs! This highly layered cut gives any hair type a zap of energy with side bangs for that chic finishing touch and flattering your facial features.

#38. Short Textured Razor Cut

magnific qBKJaMOuVDrIOWkPUNCU Short Razor Cut with

Want a short haircut that turns back the clock with a girly charm? Go for a short textured razor cut! This vibrant and vigorous look features razor-cut layers for even more high-voltage texture and a little bit of an edge.

#39. Sleek Pixie with Tapered Sides

magnific fga9GgJVLzITtflMxc5C Sleek Pixie with Tapered Sides

The sleek pixie with tapered sides blends simplicity with an edgy spark. This pixie brings a clean and tidy style with layers that create robust volume and a silky smooth finish. Then, the tapered sides give a contrast that makes the pixie’s layers look thicker while giving that modern edge and simplifying your styling routine.

#40. Layered Shag with Micro Bangs

magnific MMj8X2bdQ9xNhu1k3bO5 Layered Shag with Micro Bangs

Old meets new in the layered shag with micro bangs! This style features shaggy layers for a classically youthful look with an energized texture that boosts straight and wavy hair with a carefree look, with micro bands for that chic modern charm.

#41. Tousled Pixie with a Voluminous Top

magnific e5iCTnqppHAjJYlD4nuk Tousled Pixie with Voluminous Top

Effortless and energetic. That’s how we describe the tousled pixie with a voluminous top. This pixie’s layers provide tousled texture for maximum movement in straight and wavy hair, with extra volume on top for fine and thinning hair that needs some help with height.

#42. Angular Bob with Sharp Edges

magnific dEHU2jUD9dCcMYrLvhiH Angular Bob with Sharp Edges

Looking for a sleek and sophisticated style? You need an angular bob with sharp edges! This modern bob is characterized by angular lines that draw upward, creating a tighter-looking jawline while framing the rest of your features. This cut is great for straight, finer hair that needs a little boost without going too crazy with layering.

#43. Feathered Jaw Length Bob

magnific YlHQuX8PUgbiBNc9tA2s Feathered Jaw Length Bob

A feathered jaw-length bob is a trendy and tasteful hairstyle for women over 50 with thick hair who need a little lift but don’t want to spend hours styling. The soft and lightweight layering gives subtle volume and smooth movement for a gentle upgrade that’s super-easy to style.

#44. Short Wavy Cut with a Side-Swept Fringe

magnific BUU0kEfuSKvRO14PGYbX Short Wavy Cut with Side Swept Fringe

Give your waves a tsunami of style with a short, wavy cut and a side-swept fringe. This flawlessly fab style is cut specifically to enhance your natural waves with full-bodied movement. The side-swept fringe adds that trendy and slightly asymmetrical touch.

#45. Spiky Pixie with Undercut

magnific 4CWJeHXMuFNqH0QmCuui Spiky Pixie with Undercut

The spiky pixie with an undercut is the best hairstyle for women over 50 who want something that packs a punch! The bold, spiky texture makes this look absolutely eye-catching, and the undercut brings that extra edgy vibe.

#46. Smooth Rounded Bob with a Side Part

magnific zWX9DgJaRnBaBA22q1SI Smooth Rounded Bob with Side Part

Looking for something soft and elegant? Go for a smooth, rounded bob with a side part! The smooth finish keeps things low-key, while the rounded shape brings maximum volume and fullness—ideal for finer hair that really needs it. The side part gives the look a tiny trendy touch.

#47. Short Textured Layers

magnific mEZ0wmuCk9iKUL0bhENc Short Textured Layers

Want to give your straight hair a minor upgrade with a major impact? Give your pin-straight locks a brand-new look with short textured layers! The dynamic layering brings serious texture and movement, instantly transforming any hair type and creating a fab and fashion-forward look.

#48. Pixie with Long Top Layers

magnific aQKIh0XuHOe040eD2Pq7 Pixie with Long Top Layers

Need a style that’s vigorous but versatile? The pixie with long top layers is just the thing for you! Voluminous and texturized layers give fine and thin straight hair a breath of new life with that chic pixie shape to give some years back to your face.

#49. Bob with Tapered Nape

magnific PUoK3fA9Bx7Cx3aV9CRp Bob with Tapered Nape

Searching for a high-fashion hairstyle that’s low maintenance? Your odyssey is over! The bob with a tapered nape features that classic volume and flattering face frame with a soft and sleek texture for any hair type and a tapered nape for a clean, crisp line that adds a contemporary cut while making styling easier than ever. 

#50. Edgy Short Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific LYwRvJaSji9uoY6ITr8c Edgy Short Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Love all things modern and edgy? Go for an edgy short cut with side-swept bangs! The edgy texture gives you all those too-cool-to-care vibes with chic and trendy side-swept to intensify the cut’s frame.

#51. Layered Pixie Bob Hybrid

magnific IUY6W7A1zJS4S63UHgJl Layered Pixie Bob Hybrid

The layered pixie-bob hybrid blends the edgy and energized look of the layered pixie with the classy shape of the bob, adding short layers for tons of volume, depth, and a zap of texture that gives straight hair a low-maintenance yet lovely look.

#52. Sleek Side-Parted Pixie

magnific 0uuOLZimWCEcZSVmkhFP Sleek Side Parted

Sleek, simple, and super-stylish. Three words to describe the sleek side-parted pixie cut. This cut features a chic pixie shape with a sleek texture that makes the style easier to manage every day. Then, the side part adds a dose of sophistication.

#53. Curly Tapered Bob with Bangs

magnific XXodGhajjIJ2dSlgM7PF Curly Tapered Bob with Bangs

Bring your curls back and better than ever with a curly tapered bob with bangs! This bob gives your curls volume and high-energy texture, revived bounce and body, and the bangs add a playful flair.

#54. Soft Layered Crop

magnific HMIeTj5fCHEEHKs98Esm Soft Layered Crop

A soft layered crop is flawless and refined with all those feminine vibes. This style gives your face a youthful shape while giving straight and wavy hair delicate volume and movement from the soft layers.

#55. Short Cut with Wispy Bangs

magnific ZM6Piwc30sGnHdt3gnIw Short Cut with Wispy Bangs

If you want something effortlessly elegant, look no further than a short cut with wispy bangs! This cut’s texture gives a light and airy look to thin and thick hair alike, with wispy bangs to add to that soft, feathery finishing touch.

#56. Voluminous Curly Pixie

magnific OkNEsYQ9Es5PMKDZzSDL Voluminous Curly

Celebrate your curls with an iconic voluminous curly pixie! This fun and fab short haircut adds maximum volume and renewed curl texture for big, bold, and beautiful curls. Level up this look with your favorite curl-defining cream. 

#57. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

magnific 0XbyIJ3yLp425ZdigyvS Asymmetrical Curly Bob

The asymmetrical curly bob is a super-trendy short hairstyle for women over 50 who want something contemporary with a classic flavor. The bob’s timeless frame flatters almost any face shape but features a touch of asymmetry for that modern edge. The layers give curls and waves renewed volume, bounce, and body.

#58. Edgy Pixie with Long Bangs

magnific bdrfT5QK7hbqPI5ALKoj Edgy Pixie with Long Bangs

No short haircut is as delightfully daring as the edgy pixie with long bangs. This pixie’s dynamic texture brings all those bold and edgy vibes to the already iconic pixie cut, while the long bangs frame your face and add an extra charming element.

#59. Layered Bob with a Side Fringe

magnific HkqG2RR5duB0QLZHZoX9 Layered Bob with Side Fringe

Cute, classic, and versatile—that’s how we describe the layered bob with a side fringe. The bob’s robust layering brings max volume and body to its frame, with texture that breathes new life into any hair type. The side fringe completes the frame with a trendy chic touch.

#60. Smooth Textured Bowl Cut

magnific 1Bmr7kelvuxJY6wmJrbE Smooth Bowl Cut with

Go for a super-chic and striking look, like a smooth-textured bowl cut! This modern take on the bowl cut creates a smooth, mini bob-inspired shape that creates a slimming and age-defying look (especially with a blunt bang or even micro bangs) with a sleek and smooth texture to keep things simple. 

#61. Tapered Pixie with Sculpted Waves

magnific Z67POMI35MdwXCPquw9k Tapered Pixie with Sculpted Waves

Make a masterpiece from your natural texture with a tapered pixie and sculpted waves. This drop-dead gorgeous short hairstyle for women over 50 features graceful layering for a voluminous, flowing background for sculpted natural waves.

#62. Jaw Length Bob with Textured Ends

magnific jqCk5FRfvt5FrwIpEwzZ Jaw Length Bob with Textured Ends

Allluring and age-defying. That’s the jaw-length bob’s aesthetic. And when you add textured ends, you get an extra dose of energy. But we can’t forget about the super-complementary length of the bob that tightens your jawline and neckline for a younger look. And best of all, this style is low maintenance!

#63. Spiky Pixie with Bold Highlights

magnific RTuzr5ndjzWVkz4G0TBp Spiky Pixie with Bold Highlights

If you’re looking for something bold and beautiful, you’ve got to try a spiky pixie with bold highlights. This is the essential short hairstyle for women over 50 who refuse to give up their edge, with striking spiked texture for straight hair of any density and bold highlights to give this look even more definition and energy. 

#64. Short Layered Cut with Flipped Ends

magnific G2gPmJc2FFbcStgfzcaX Short Layered Cut with Flip

A short layered cut with flipped ends is equal parts sporty and chic. The short layers bring volume, and full-bodied movement enhanced by the fun flipped ends for all those playful girly vibes. 

#65. Sassy Pixie with a Tapered Back

magnific ZZ1HBJVwjjZN8QgOaTNH Sassy Pixie with Tapered Back

Love those chic and cheeky looks? You need a sassy pixie with a tapered back! This pixie has exuberant layering for high volume and spunky texture. Then, it tapers at the back for a modern edge and low-maintenance styling routine.

#66. Chic Bob with Curtain Bangs

magnific 4NpEHzLfRfD90lko3iCO Chic Bob with Curtain Bangs

Want a style that screams classic and charming? Go for a chic bob with curtain bangs! The chic bob brings that volume and soft layering to its known and loved form, with curtain bangs enhancing the frame with a trendy touch.

#67. Wispy Layered Pixie

magnific C4YP7C5qCSMYNbXMf3iR Wispy Layered

Going for a delicate and dreamy look? Try a wispy layered pixie! The soft, wispy layers create a light, airy texture for a fun and youthful take on the bold and edgy pixie. And even better, this cut makes styling easy-breezy.

#68. Rounded Bob with Feathered Layers

magnific xzxueJS8feSd5ffoHF6x Rounded Bob with Feathered Layers

The rounded bob with feathered layers is a fine blend of elegance and ease of going. Its fuller, softer shape flatters almost any face shape, and feathered layers are perfect for giving thick hair lightweight volume and movement. All while being effortlessly styled and ultra-versatile.

#69. Pixie Cut with Sculpted Bangs

magnific LdbYSuyFmiRczYI4xixV Pixie Cut with Sculpted Bangs

If you’re into bold yet sophisticated short haircuts, you need to get a pixie cut with sculpted bangs! This style combines the classic pixie cut’s texture and volume with sculpted bangs to give it an even more elegant appearance.

#70. Sleek Bob with Precision Cuts

magnific vy9AIdk0sKzvn5dBk6W1 Sleek Bob with Precision Cut

A sleek bob with precision cuts is a trendy short haircut for women over 50 looking for something timeless and tidy. This lower-key bob features a sleek texture with subtle volume and precision-cut layers for a super clean and polished look for straight hair, thick or thin.

#71. Voluminous Tousled Short Cut

magnific olQKZAvQOS3tSrJmxyZr Tousled Short Cut with Volume

Does your hair need a little lift? Go for a voluminous tousled short cut. This style boasts high-volume and tousled texture that brings serious movement for any hair type for a cool, carefree style.

#72. Textured Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific PhmShNamw9Z6JplPKe6x Textured Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something energetic yet elegant? You need a textured pixie with side-swept bangs! The textured layers give straight hair high-definition movement and ultra-versatility, while side-swept bangs add that extra trendy finishing touch. 

#73. Short Shag with Razor Cut Layers

magnific bk3Xruv0APpxKP021L5A Short Shag with Razor Cut Layers

If you’re looking for a super-stylish and high-energy look with a little bit of a vintage vibe, you’re going to love the short shag with razor-cut layers! These sharp layers bring fierce texture to any hair type while giving off a too-cool kind of vibe. 

#74. Classic Layered Bob

magnific Q4PSbFKHIABdpbghgIyN Classic Layered Bob

You can never go wrong with a classic layered bob. This timeless style combines a chic shape that flatters all facial features with tasteful layering that gives full-bodied volume and elegant movement to any hair type. 

#75. Edgy Undercut Pixie

magnific Lqn2xTM6dW7VnewbBfiy Edgy Undercut

The edgy undercut pixie is an eye-catching and contemporary short hairstyle for women over 50 who still want to show their inner rebel. This iconic cut combines the classic pixie’s layering with a sleek and edgy undercut that brings a gritty contrast that makes your pixie’s layers look thicker, making this cut particularly ideal for thinning hair.

#76. Bob with Soft Curled Ends

magnific i2RG5ySWSb0VwCVJmnsp Bob with Soft Curled Ends

Want something timeless and charming with a little bit of luxury? You need a bob with soft curled ends! The bob cut brings that beloved silhouette and volume, and the curled ends add luxurious movement with a tiny playful twist.

#77. Pixie with a Disconnected Undercut

magnific NzyTIoiMkSVXPoWIWFbk Pixie with Disconnected Undercut

If you’re looking for razzle-dazzle, look no further than a pixie with a disconnected undercut. This style features the pixie’s voluminous and texturized layers and a disconnected undercut to add a creative contemporary edge. 

#78. Short Cut with Flipped Ends

magnific p9Xw4KODIdBWlWSoZSCL Short Cut with Flipped Ends

Want a fab short haircut with a fun flair? You need a short cut with flipped ends! This cut combines exquisitely energetic layering with flipped ends for even more movement and youthful, girly charm.

#79. Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

magnific W2lyoRcjhxfLiOG0IArn Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

Love those modern marvels? Try an asymmetrical choppy bob! You still get the classic bob’s shape, but this style has choppy layering for dynamic texture with serious volume and movement, with a little bit of asymmetry for that contemporary edge.

#80. Short Layered Cut with Subtle Waves

magnific 9WIlKqAlfR9xVc7NbyLM Short Layered Cut with Subtle Waves

A short layered cut with subtle waves has everything you need for an elegant style with a little bit of soft glam. The short layers create volume and body, setting the perfect tone for the subtle waves to top the look off with grace and style.

#81. Wavy Pixie with Side Bangs

magnific HbfRVA0Cv95hkDIzydx1 Wavy Pixie with Side Bangs

Need a fab, flawless, and effortless way to showcase your stunning waves? You’ve got to try a wavy pixie with side bangs! This pixie’s layers are cut for a boosted body, and movement to your waves can really rock. The side bangs are the chic cherry on top.

#82. Feathered Rounded Bob

magnific N2MCbv7iwjQ3sXYJuFl6 Feathered Bob with Rounded Silhouette

If you want a low-key but high-fashion look, you need a feathered, rounded bob! The bob’s rounded shape makes it fuller and more voluminous, while feathered layers add a light dose of energy for a breath of new life to your hair without going too crazy with texture.

#83. Sleek Angled Bob

magnific tDVV5X8ltGbRSaWX4GI8 Angled Bob with Sleek Finish

The sleek, angled bob is a charming minimalist look for women over 50. Its angles give a much more defined contour to your facial features, while the refined, sleek texture keeps things silky smooth and super-simple to style. 

#84. Short Crop with Textured Top

magnific ayKQcPIfuxM2HB1WYNXW Short Crop with Textured Top

If you’re all about fashion-forward looks, go for a short and spunky style, like a short crop with a textured top! This lively look adds texture on top for a feisty flair, making the short crop cut look thicker and fuller. Best of all, it takes seconds to style.

#85. Layered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

magnific WFMRewJwkaCSJKKkIsIT Layered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

Looking for something pretty and playful? Try a layered pixie with feathered bangs! The layered pixie’s slightly longer length gives it more elegance and versatility, and its soft texture and feathered bangs enhance its airy allure. 

#86. Blunt Bob with a Side Part

magnific ZXpy0HMGej7Nnwzysd0O Blunt Bob with Side Part

Classic, clean, and charming—that’s how we describe a blunt bob with a side part. This clean and classic bob has a super-polished texture for a sleek finish, and straight-cut ends for a sharper side part. Finally, the side part adds that pinch of soft glam charm. 

#87. Curly Pixie with Natural Texture

magnific WbOaw96qvneykOLY5nON Curly Pixie with Natural

Embrace the lovely locks you came into the world with, and go for a curly pixie with natural texture. This chic pixie renews curls with bounce, volume, and definition for a unique and effortless look that’s unequivocally you.

#88. Short Bob with Flipped Out Ends

magnific 5QnPn6PLu40bKEHG1S8k Short Bob with Flipped Out Ends

Need something youthful but simple to style? Go for a short bob with flipped ends! The fun flipped ends add a playful dose of movement while retaining that classic youthful frame. 

#89. Sleek Pixie with Defined Edges

magnific CloIXCUioAacX1XPcbX4 Sleek Pixie with Defined Edges

Looking for something sharp and sleek? You need a sleek pixie with defined edges! A sleek texture and a focus on defined edges create a modern, sophisticated look that requires practically zero effort to style.

#90. Tousled Bob with Chunky Layers

magnific FUqkS2EjpEsinYXXp2P3 Tousled Bob with Chunky Layers

The tousled bob with chunky layers is all things sweet and sparky. This style features the flattering shape of the bob and chunky layers for a tousled texture to revive your hair with volume, movement, and a fun flair.

#91. Pixie with Dramatic Side Bangs

magnific anEa1uol4sSevOueTI73 Pixie with Dramatic Side Bangs

If you’re into something striking and chic, look no further than a pixie with dramatic side bangs! This style pairs the trendy, bold pixie with its famed texture and volume with dramatic side bangs for that extra edgy touch.

#92. Jaw Length Wavy Bob

magnific ywh14VmwJHpf8TwlUsB2 Jaw Length Wavy Bob

A jaw-length bob is always a super flattering hairstyle for women over 50. But on waves? Absolutely elegant and iconic! This bob is designed to boost waves with a better body and bounce for graceful movement, with the bob’s length and lines creating that super youthful shape.

#93. Short Layered Cut with Edgy Texture

magnific a9HaVPE1itMy1nzUSwb6 Short Layered Cut with Edgy

Want something vibrant, vivacious, and versatile? Go for a short layered cut with edgy texture! This style works well on any hair type, giving finer hair a little more life and thick hair a lightweight textured look for that grunge-glam feeling. Either way, what a style! 

#94. Pixie-Bob with Side Fringe

magnific KYSRIMRO9imrmNemA7Dz Pixie Bob with Side Fringe

The pixie bob with a side fringe is a high-fashion hybrid hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds. It pairs the pixies’ bold volume and layering with a little longer length and that classic complementary bob frame. 

#95. Tapered Cut with Voluminous Crown

magnific b7MDEB3liJDsIJPWSXCg Tapered Cut with Voluminous Crown

Get something eccentric and slightly edgy with a tapered cut and voluminous crown! This style brings all the volume right where you need it, while the tapered cut brings that undeniably edgy look for straight hair, thick or this. And even better, this dynamic do is low maintenance!

#96. Slicked-Back Short Hairstyle

magnific XtmlSdfbM1uoz8nieIE6 Slicked Back Short Hairstyle

A slicked-back short hairstyle is modern, sleek, and absolutely gorgeous. It’s a minimalist style you can wash and wear for a more natural look or slick it back for something sleek and refined. It’s all up to you, babe!

#97. Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs

magnific TP4NYH81CIFdFYdzEA2s Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Looking for something to put some oomph back in your curls? You need a curly bob with side-swept bangs! The curly bob gives your ringlets a revival with bounce and body for a renewed curl pattern, with that classic youthful frame and side-swept bangs to soften the look.

#98. Choppy Pixie with Razored Edges

magnific n5YVPiao7L7aaZSZgvZW Choppy Pixie with Razor Finish

Going for a grunge meets glam aesthetic? You need a choppy pixie with razored edges! This bold and beautiful style features intense texture from choppy layers and is amplified with razored edges for a sharply defined look that’s all things modern, edgy, and absolutely divine.

#99. Textured Bob with Bangs

magnific 3B4nUYod1ulqvV17zeO0 Textured Bob with Bangs

Does your hair need a serious revival? Try a textured bob with bangs! The textured bob breathes life into your hair with a little dimension without going too crazy with layering, while the frame complements your facial features. The bangs complete the frame and the look with a chic and trendy finishing touch.

#100. Modern Bowl Cut with Soft Edges

magnific btz7hFtPWKeJL5KUjQP3 Modern Bowl Cut with Soft Edges

The modern bowl cut with soft edges is irresistibly iconic for women over 50 who want a modern show-stopper. The new and improved bowl cut has softened edges for a perfect balance of sharp and soft, and a clean-cut frame highlights cheekbones and eyes.

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