The 10 Chicest Haircuts Of 2024 … With Inspo Pictures For Your Stylist

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: June 9, 2024

Looking for the best haircuts of 2024? We have you covered.

Whether you’re after something short and fresh for summer or want to liven up your longer locks before fall, you’ll find all the inspiration you (and your stylist) need for your chicest haircut yet.

#1. A Classic Bob 

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image via @mechehairnz

Possibly the most sought-after hairstyle of the season if not the year, the bob is back in a big way. Why?

First, this cut works with every hair texture from curly to wavy to poker straight, allowing the wearer to celebrate their natural texture.

Additionally, the often blunt cut ends promote tons of volume so hair has endless body and bounce to feel fresh and new again. It’s also totally ageless so you always look polished and put together no matter the number of candles on your cake! 

Have bangs? Try an angular, Parisian-inspired bob that finishes at your lips. Rocking spiral curls? They’ll be bouncier than ever without all that extra weight dragging them down. 

The takeaway? The bob looks beautiful on whoever decides to brave it and go for the chop! 

#2. The Classic Lob 

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image via @hairbykayhan

If the bob is the number one haircut of 2024, the lob is a very close second. Many with longer locks are chopping them off whilst others grow out their bobs into this chic, almost-shoulder-length do. A classic for a reason, this haircut looks just as stylish as the bob but is even more low maintenance. 

The lob gives you more length and more weight throughout the hair to work with. This makes it easier to mix up your look with different hairstyles from day to day whilst a bob, though stunning, can feel fairly limited.

What’s more, if you want to go shorter but can’t bear bidding all your length goodbye, the lob is the answer. Medium-length locks that you can still tie up whenever the mood or occasion demands. 

#3. Soft Curtain Bangs 

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image via @helpmyhair1

If you’ve always wanted bangs but don’t know which style will suit you, we recommend soft curtain bangs every time.

The ultimate gateway hairstyle into full blunt-cut bangs (if that’s your long-term goal), these gentle face-framing pieces seem to suit everyone who has them.

We’re seeing them everywhere this year and, being one of the most requested additions to even the simplest haircuts, we don’t see the demand for these bangs slowing down any time soon.

The best part? No matter if your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, there’s a style and length to suit you. Simply ask your stylist to gently graduate the bangs so they blend seamlessly into your existing cut.

#4. The Old Money Bob or Lob

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image via

Taking over from ‘quiet luxury’ in everything from fashion to hairstyling, the Old Money trend has Bob enthusiasts everywhere considering this new/old take on above-shoulder-length tresses. 

Unlike more modern versions of the bob with blunt-cut ends, natural-looking waves, and usually a center parting, this cut favors limitless volume, a deep side-swept part, and plenty of flicky layers for tons of movement. 

Since it’s on the shorter side this cut works perfectly for all different hair types from thicker to finer textures. That said, we do recommend opting for this style only if your hair is in excellent condition—and you have a good amount of time to dedicate to styling it.

Yes, the cut will still look great if you let it air dry, but to get that smooth salon-quality finish with endless volume and playful flicky ends, you need a lot of time, a fair amount of heat, and a fantastic round brush technique!

#5. 90s Style Layers 

Another haircut that came back with the resurgence of a notable fashion decade? 90s style layers.

They’re everywhere right now and we can totally see why. Undeniably pretty and always flattering to the wearer’s facial features it’s hard to believe it ever fell out of favor. 

Choppy, bouncy, and full of volume, it looks great styled down but will make even the most basic ponytail look elevated and expertly executed. So, if you’re longing for a nostalgic haircut that’s anything but a gimmick, this playful layered look is the one. 

#6. Medium Length Hair 

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image via

This might seem like the most basic hairstyle going and, in a way, it is. However, there’s much to love and say about the elegant simplicity of this uncomplicated, mid-length cut. 

Firstly, it’s long without being too long. You have the length to achieve almost any style whether an up or down-do. Secondly, it’s short enough that styling won’t take all day – a true blessing when it comes to blow drying! 

Remember too that mid-length hair gives you enough length to easily achieve curly, straight, or wavy locks.

We also appreciate how this look sits confidently in the middle of two extremes. Not halfway down your back, not grazing your ears. It’s happily in-between and there’s something so effortlessly chic about that. 

#7. The Mid-Length Shag 

Love them or hate them, shag haircuts are here to stay. From celebrities on the red carpet to us mere mortals on the morning commute, this playful haircut is a great way to have fun with your hair and mix things up when you’re suffering from hair fatigue. 

One of the things we love most about his alternative cut? It’s surprisingly low maintenance.

Sure, you can blow dry a shag cut, curl it, crimp it, whatever you want. But you can also let it air dry which is, we think, when it looks the coolest and most enviable. 

#8. Face-Framing Layers

Chicest 8 450 x 560
image via @ali_ellesalon

Face framing layers are one of the few cuts on our list we see as a permanent fixture—and for good reason.

The ultimate flattering haircut whether you’re rocking short or long lengths, you’ll feel instantly put together with this always-chic style. It’s also designed to draw attention to your eyes and sculpt your facial features. 

Pro tip: with just a few pieces pulled loose at the front, this cut will elevate any ponytail, bun, or half-up style you create.

#9. Blunt Cut Bangs 

Is it a big decision to get blunt-cut bangs? Yes. Will you adore them once you commit and wonder how you ever lived without them? Definitely.

In our experience, as long as you resist the urge to reach for the scissors at home/ have your bangs cut by a professional, nine times out of ten, those who get bangs adore them and never look back. 

So why is it so important to wait until your next hair appointment to have them cut? Your stylist will know exactly how to cut the bangs to your unique face shape making sure they sit just right.

If you cut them yourself and they end up too short (or too long) you’ll be ready to start growing them out the very next day!

#10. Make It Your Own

If none of the styles on our list are taking your fancy, don’t despair. One of the biggest trends we see emerging not just this but every year, is customized cuts.

Are you covering curtain bangs and also a blunt cut lob? Ask your stylist to combine the two.

Love the idea of the old money bob but can’t bear to part with your rapunzel-like lengths? Ask your stylist for a voluminous layered hairstyle with flicks and a deep side part that works for your lengthy tresses.

Haircuts like fashion styles are never one size fits all so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun at your next appointment!

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