Woah, Sydney Sweeney Is Almost Unrecognizable At The 2024 Met Gala!

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: May 10, 2024

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Sydney Sweeney is one of our favorite classic, beautiful blondes. We’re constantly obsessing over her shiny hair and of-the-moment choppy bob.

But this week she showcased a complete new hair transformation at Monday’s 2024 Met Gala which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 

Now, as red carpet occasions go we will always love the Oscars for its incredibly beautiful dresses, classic Hollywood makeup and uber glamorous hair, but when we want to see celebrities thinking outside of the box and going all-out with some iconic fashion and beauty choices, the Met Gala is everything.

From Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe ‘moment’ in 2022 to Katy Perry dressing up as a chandelier then changing into a cheeseburger, it simply never fails to disappoint. And yes, you read that correctly, Katy Perry dressed up as a cheeseburger for the Met Gala reception in 2019. Look it up. It’s hilarious.

This year’s theme and dress code, however, was ‘The Garden of Time’ which was inspired by a 1962 J.G. Ballard short story about a rich count who cuts flowers from his garden to slow down time and ward off an angry mob who are threatening his and his wife’s beautiful villa.

It was no surprise, therefore, to see many red carpet creations inspired by plants, flowers and the wonders of nature.

But, of course, we were all about the hairstyles, colors and updos, and it wasn’t the predicted Zendaya or a Kardashian who stole this year’s hair spotlight, but 26-year-old Sydney Sweeney. If nothing else but for making us look twice to check that it was really her!

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Attending the event for the third time, the Immaculate actress and producer looked absolutely gorgeous in an elegant pastel blue and mint green Miu Miu gown with a full tulle skirt, dramatically long train and intricate flowers embroidered around the bodice.

She topped off the look with opera-length black gloves (because… why not?) and a beautiful diamond necklace and studded earrings from luxury jewelers, De Beers. 

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image via @sydney_sweeney

And the hair. The hair, oh my! Sydney is known for her honey-blonde locks which were chopped into a chin-length bob back in March of this year.

Since then she’s worn her cute bob in various styles including choppy (check!), slick (yeah baby!), super smooth (divine) and in shiny Hollywood waves (below). Kind of slaying it, we have to say.

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image via @sydney_sweeney

But nobody could have foreseen the transformation she showcased this week as she took to the Met Gala red carpet (which, full disclosure, was actually green and white in an enchanted forest kind of way). We’re talking black hair. Like properly black. And with blunt bangs to boot.

Of course, it was a wig. But still!

“!! DARK HAIR DEBUT !!” posted her stylist Glen Oropeza, who partnered with Kérastase to create her stunning makeover.

Glen, who is also responsible for Sydney’s bob, first oiled her hair back with Kérastase Elixir Ultime and then clipped it firmly to her head to keep it out of the way. He then prepped the wig with Première Serum Filler before fitting it on Sydney’s head and trimming it into shape.

More Elixir Ultime was smoothed into the lengths and ends of the wig before it was blow-dried all over. Finally, Glen added beachy waves for shape and movement and finished with hairspray for shine and hold.

We don’t know about you, but we loved Sydney as a raven-haired beauty and adored the way the black wig picked up the black details on her dress and perfectly balanced out her badass latex gloves. She also coupled her hair with false lashes, nude lips and oceans of body sparkle to make sure she truly shined on that red, sorry forest, carpet!

Of course, not everybody loved her rock-chick look, though. There were streams of comments on her Instagram feed about her resemblance to singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish. 

“Looks more like Billie than Billie herself,” commented one follower.


But we agree with the best comment of them all…

“The MOST boring people keep commenting about Billie. We get it! Enough.”

Quite. Sure, there are similarities to the ‘What Was I Made For?’ Grammy award-winner but come on, people. Billie is the biggest hair chameleon out there and switches up her locks almost as often as we change our underwear. That makes it almost impossible NOT to channel one of her looks! 

Also, we’d take being likened to Billie Eilish any day of the week, thanks very much.

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