Why We’re Obsessing Over These Celebrity Bobs Right Now

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: April 10, 2024

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The bob. It’s not new and it’s not particularly groundbreaking, but it works for all ages, suits all hair textures and flatters all face shapes, Plus, we think it’s hands down ‘the’ haircut of the moment. There, we said it.

It’s not often a haircut sweeps the whole of Tinseltown – and no, long hair doesn’t count 😉 – but 2024’s chunky, choppy bob is literally everywhere this year. From the streets of West Hollywood to the red carpets of, er, West Hollywood, some of our favorite A-listers have said goodbye to their long locks in favor of this shorter, oh-so-cute look.

If you’ve been contemplating taking the plunge with a shorter cut for spring, the good news is that bobs are super flattering, pretty easy to manage and shows no signs of going away with everyone from America Ferrera and Sydney Sweeney through to Carey Mulligan and Zendaya totally rocking gorgeous bobs.

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Heck, even Jennifer Aniston dipped her toe in the trend by going shorter than she’s been in a very long time at the beginning of the year. The Friends darling showcased her new chop at the Golden Globes back in January and you could almost hear the world gasp at her new not-quite-a-Rachel-but-pretty-darn-close new do!

So, let us tell you a little bit more about the hottest iterations of the classic bob that are doing the rounds right now. Because there are three in particular that we’d like to bring your attention to.

1. The Micro Bob

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image via @hairbyaviva

First up we have the micro bob which is fresh, modern and undoubtedly THE bob of 2024. Cut to around chin-length, it sits right at the hairline in the nape of your neck. It’s micro because it’s shorter than your regular bob, but it’s not to be mistaken for the crazy shortness of the French bob which you’ll hear about in a hot minute. Keeping up? Good.

The micro bob is fabulously effortless which is probably why it’s been seen on some of our favorite celebrities including Barbie ledge America Ferrera, model and it-girl Gigi Hadid, and English actress Carey Mulligan. And we love to be inspired by such beauties – sorry, not sorry!

The micro bob can also be styled any which way you please because the look is all about the length of the cut, not how you style it. This means you can be as individual as you like, working with your hair texture rather than against it and styling it to suit your face shape and lifestyle rather than trying to totally copy a look that might not be best for you.

While America Ferrera often works hers over to one side for that gorgeous, old Hollywood vibe, Gigi Hadid usually wears hers center-parted with just a slight, bendy wave. Almost like she just got out of bed and it looked like that. Jealous, much?

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image via @gigihadid

Carey Mulligan, meanwhile, favors a straighter vibe to her micro bob but often shows off a slight kink at around ear level – kind of like she left it to dry while tucking it behind her ears. Love that. You can also wear it slicked back, big and bouncy or with a wispy fringe. The options are endless.

Just remember, sure, the micro bob suits most face shapes but if you have a round face you’re better off keeping yours ever so slightly longer to add length to your face. If you have a square, angular face, however, the shorter the better. On that note…

2. The French Bob

Want to make a bold move with your hair? Then the French bob (or Parisian bob if you prefer) has your name all over it. This little gem started to gain momentum a couple of years ago when models and it-girls began sporting this cheekbone-skimming chop. And, unlike the cut itself, which is super short and sits right under the ears, the trend has grown exponentially.

Usually worn with blunt, rounded edges and insanely short, baby bangs – think cult movie, Amélie – the French bob can be tailored to suit most face shapes and hair types.

However, it looks best when worn smooth and sleek so it works better if your hair is on the straighter side. If your hair is very curly, for example, the length of the French bob can look a little boxy if it’s not cut with absolute precision by a true curly hair pro – you have been warned.

Again, like the micro bob, you can wear the French bob polished to perfection – shine is everything for this look – but it also works just as well if you wash it and leave it to air-dry for a tousled, playful look.

If you’re looking for some celeb inspiration look no further than French-Columbian influencer, come-actress, come-total cool girl, Taylor LaShae. She literally personifies the French bob which she gets regularly cut and perfected by her favorite, LA-based hairdresser Sal Salcedo.

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image via @taylorlashae

To style her much-copied bob Taylor does very little on a daily basis. She might pop on a hat to dry and flatten her bangs (yes, really!) but she generally lets nature do the rest. Oh we can but dream, right?

To get a similar vibe, apply something like R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème to your hair after shampooing, then blow-dry your bangs to keep them smooth and kink-free, but leave the lengths of your hair to air-dry. 

3. The Italian Bob

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image via @zendaya

Last, but not least, we have the sexy and uber-glamorous Italian bob. A little bit retro and with lashings of volume, the Italian bob is like the grown-up version of this year’s coolest cut. And it’s the perfect way to keep some gorgeous weight in your hair without having to keep all that length. That’s pretty unusual for any haircut, in case you were wondering.

The Italian bob is all about blunt, flippy ends; lots of texture and big Hollywood waves or classic, sexy curls. It’s usually cut with no thought for your parting which allows it to be worn center-parted, over to one side or blow-dried back from the hairline with zero parting whatsoever.

Length-wise you also have a bit more flexibility. It can definitely be worn around chin-length but may also take on a slightly longer feel than the micro and French bobs.

Don’t let that fool you into believing it’s a lob, however. Lobs take you into shoulder-length territory, whereas this is still very much a bob that sits way above the shoulders in a Penélope Cruz kind of fashion.

One of our favorite things about the Italian bob is that it’s perfect for textured, wavy or curly hair types and looks the bomb when it’s worn in big, voluminous waves. It’s also just about long enough to be worn up in a cute pony or twist. Add the odd accessory or two and you’ve got a winning look on your hands. Well, your head but you get the point, right?!

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