35 Modern And Mature Women’s Haircuts That Never Go Out Of Style (So You Won’t Either)

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 18, 2024

As a woman of a certain age, you need something that helps you look and feel younger. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a list of expert-picked haircuts for older ladies that revive your vigorous, vibrant style, proving beauty has no age limits. 

Are you ready to find your next go-to look? Check out these 35 modern and mature women’s cuts that never go out of style, so you won’t either! 

#1. Textured Pixie with Choppy Layers

magnific FxdBDS1JpjRix0DmVUHo Textured Pixie with Choppy Layers

The textured pixie with choppy layers is a brilliant trio of playful, simple, chic. It’s the perfect haircut for older women, bringing full volume and edgy texture for a lively, low-maintenance look, with the choppy layers adding that extra contemporary touch.

#2. Spiky Pixie with Highlighted Tips

magnific Olt3cvUOMLi4lXI8fFd8 Spiky Pixie with Highlighted Tips

Go for spunky sophistication with a spiky pixie cut with highlighted tips! This chic pixie features a bold, spiky texture with highlighted tips to give a bold contrast, bringing the texture even more dimension and making your hair look thicker and fuller.

#3. Shaggy Bob with Layered Bangs

magnific 7J4E2B0rqGLNAjphc6ct Shaggy Bob with Layered Bangs

Looking for something classy with a youthful flavor? You need a shaggy bob with layered bangs! The shaggy bob and layered bangs come together to make the ultimate face frame with a slight retro edge. Plus, this versatile style brings volume and definition to any hair type!

#4. Voluminous Short Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 76Et1kMa2RkJbnJShdJW Short Bob with Side Swept Bangs and Volume

The voluminous short bob with side-swept bangs is a sleek and chic haircut for older women. It’s perfect for a simple yet stylish look, and the extra height is ideal for thinning hair. The short bob creates a jaw-tightening effect, making you look years younger. The side-swept bangs finish the look off with trendy charm.

#5. Asymmetrical Pixie with Undercut Detailing

magnific A7WvNBgRiPOACHckn7rz Asymmetrical Pixie with Undercut Detail

Contemporary, creative, and classy. That’s how we describe the asymmetrical pixie with undercut detailing. The contrast from the undercut makes the pixie’s layers look fuller and thicker for more volume and movement, magnifying the modern look of the asymmetrical pixie.

#6. Messy Bob with Wispy Layers and Sideburns

magnific ERsIktkop3DHubXYzLYQ Messy Bob with Wispy Layers and Sideburns

Looking for a style that balances energetic with easygoing but adds a side of elegant charm? Go for a messy bob with wispy layers and sideburns! The messy bob brings that perfectly laidback undone texture, amplified by the wispy layers. Then, the sideburns bring an extra trendy finishing touch that helps define the bob’s flattering frame.

#7. Pixie with Bold Two-Tone Contrast

magnific P0o2xwGw6ZJxnwl8lnlT Two Tone Pixie with Bold Contrast

Go fearless and fabulous with a vivacious pixie with a bold two-tone contrast! The pixie is already a bold and trendy haircut for older ladies, but you can take that to the top with a bold, two-tone contrast. Whatever colors you choose, the two-tone contrasts are sure to bring a high-fashion flair to your look.

#8. Angled Lob with Long Side Pieces

magnific HlqjyJ4Ft5yg3dLgO6Ku Angled Lob with Long Side Pieces

Nothing is as effortlessly elegant as the angled lob with side pieces. Vigorous layering with longer side pieces adds softness and enhances the lob’s angles, creating a chic frame that also contours your facial features for a tasteful, age-defying aesthetic.

#9. Layered Bob with Subtle Balayage

magnific 7CBLi1XhfDrZNwz2j2f0 Layered Bob with Subtle Balayage

Want to give your look a simple lift with serious impact? You need a layered bob with subtle balayage! The layers give the timeless bob a lively level-up while retaining that chic frame. Then, the contrast of the balayage creates depth and dimension and amplifies the layers to energize thin and fine hair.

#10. Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

magnific fDoVqvi2Y70QPlNWXZL3 Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

The wavy lob with curtain bangs is all things timeless and trendy. This flowing lob is designed to enhance your natural waves with more volume and movement, while the curtain bangs bring that flirty finishing touch while highlighting your eyes.

#11. Shoulder-Length Cut with Textured Ends

magnific HHSm9digZcq5fQapLm55 Shoulder Length Cut with Textured Ends

Bring your look something lovely and lively with a shoulder-length cut and textured ends. Shoulder lengths are the perfect haircuts for older women who want a youthful-looking aesthetic without losing too much length, leaving your styling options open. Then, the textured ends give any hair type high-voltage energy for a sparky charm.

#12. Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

magnific hM42CLJt3cdaMv41lJkg Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

Find perfectly balanced modern elegance in a blunt lob with subtle waves. The blunt lob gives your facial features a timeless frame, while subtle waves give the cut some volume, movement, and a dose of soft glam.

#13. Tousled Lob with Sun-Kissed Highlights

magnific D9clr1HRlDyV4hlvcjag Tousled Lob with Sun Kissed Highlights

Want a mature style with a slight beach babe aesthetic? Go for a tousled lob with sun-kissed highlights. The tousled lob gives that full-bodied coastal texture (which you can enhance with texturizing spray or beach waves). Then, the sun-kissed highlights bring the tousled texture more light and life, all while giving your skin a sunny glow.

#14. Rounded Polished Lob

magnific m3MuM91aKUcBpDnoi73B Polished Lob with Rounded Silhouette

The rounded polished lob is all things classic and charming. It brings soft layering for just a pinch of movement to give your hair some life without losing that refined look. And, the rounded shape gives any face shape a flattering and age-defying frame.

#15. Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 1x7HJtdOwLuh51aqsLlF Long Layers with Side Swept Bangs

Whoever said long hair isn’t a flattering hairstyle for older women has clearly never seen long layers with side-swept bangs. Long layers bring gentle texture, giving your hair a breath of new life while offering a cute contour for your face to help you look younger. Then, the side-swept bangs complete the youthful frame like a trendy cherry on top.

#16. Long Waves with Subtle Balayage

magnific HVWHBvdEMh5YihY8FKM4 Long Waves with Subtle Balayage

Beach babes never age; nothing proves that better than long waves with subtle balayage! Long waves are luxurious and voluminous, with subtle balayage to brighten things up and give them even more movement with a beautiful beachy twist. Get these seaside waves by using texturizing spray on natural or styled waves.

#17. Center-Parted Long Layered Cut

magnific eb9cIm5fncKrORmKiWYl Long and Layered with a Center Part

A center-parted long layered cut is the perfect harmony of elegance and trendy flair. Long, layered hair is luxuriously chic and age-defying, with magnificent movement and versatility, while the center part keeps things balanced and sophisticated.

#18. Sleek and Straight Cut with Blunt Ends

magnific MCN6NjJqONM6YqUZJ1gA Sleek and Straight with Blunt Ends

Polished and pristine. That’s the aesthetic you’ll get with a sleek and straight cut with blunt ends. This minimal but mesmerizing mature women’s cut is great for straight hair, giving it just a touch of life from the cut with that classic clean-and-tidy look from the blunt ends.

#19. Long Layers with Feathered Waves

magnific nnhkwFZGDJHbL4w0qzcF Long Layers with Feathered Waves

Looking for something bouncy, bright, and beautiful? You need long layers with feathered waves! The graceful layering is great for any hair type, but feathered waves give them dynamic movement to add a heavy dose of energy to this luxe and low-key look.

#20. Voluminous Waves with a Deep Side Part

magnific rEVgYvdGqZN35yeCbXdr Voluminous Waves with a Deep Side Part

Voluminous waves in a deep side part is a simple style that instantly elevates your look. This old-school glam styrene makes you look years younger while creating a red-carpet-ready style, finished by the sultry side part.

#21. Textured Bob with Bold-Colored Accents

Textured Bob with Bold Color Accent

Get something exuberant and absolutely eye-catching with a textured bob with bold-colored accents. The textured bob is the perfect fun and vibrant cut to set the tone for bold color accents, which bring a chic and unique twist. Plus, this is the best way to get creative with color without going too far.

#22. Pixie with Subtle Undercut and Bright Highlights

magnific jCuAyUBesFljwpfcacyj Pixie with Subtle Undercut and Bright Highlights

Go for an edgy yet trendy twist on the classic pixie by adding a subtle undercut and bright highlights. The subtle undercut gives a slight contemporary contrast while making the top layers look longer, fuller, and thicker. Then, the bright highlights are the fab finishing touch, adding energy and a fun flair to the cut.

#23. Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

magnific yshrO7ynqBJBNvEYscCi Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

Love those soft, simple looks? You need to try a layered bob with a shadow root color. The bob gives you that classic girly frame, while the gentle layering brings smooth movement for that slightly blowout-inspired look. Then, the shadow root color creates more depth for thicker-looking roots with a side of modern edge.

#24. Chin-Length Bob with Geometric Fringe

magnific TN3wMnJC71WSbFPCa73H Chin Length Bob with Geometric Fringe

Give your look something chic and sharp with a chin-length bob and geometric fringe. The bold shape of the chin-length bob creates a slimmer, tighter jawline and cheekbones. And finally, the geometric fringe completes the frame with a cool contemporary charm.

#25. Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers and Highlights

magnific EOryAmVDpCaZnKBjuMPD Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers and Highlights

The shaggy lob with choppy layers and highlights is a triple threat of trendy styles working together to create something simply stunning. The shaggy bob creates a chic but casual shape to put your best facial features forward, while the choppy layers bring exuberant texture for a carefree look. Then, the highlights brighten and define those layers, giving any skin tone a slight sunny glow.

#26. Lob with Dimensional Color

magnific MIfXKfSa2eVtsoTS0vsl Lob with Dimensional Color

Make your hair a masterpiece with a lob packed with dimensional color! This unique and youthful style takes your lob to the next level with multiple colors, giving the ultimate dimensional look with a whimsical twist. Feel free to get creative with color, too. It’s all up to you, babe!

#27. Long Layers with Multi-Tonal Highlights

magnific QliStCkrhiqUjlCefEJr Long Layers with Multi Tonal Highlights

Fabulous and flowing long layers with multi-tonal highlights is a combo that has it all. The long layers give any hair texture the volume and texture it needs, magnified by the multi-tonal highlights that weave through to bring energy, depth, and dimension. Together, it’s all things graceful and gorgeous.

#28. Textured Pixie with Natural Gray

magnific WNWOjLACnXi5lXKleBy8 Textured Pixie with Natural Gray

Don’t hide your natural grays! Embrace them with style and confidence, and go for a textured pixie. This style blends classic and contemporary for an age-defying look. The pixie’s texture brings the finest, flattest hair back to life and slightly longer layers for a modern look, especially with your natural gray.

#29. Short Salt-and-Pepper Bob

magnific 23udsB1olMGjI5Zn2azj Short Bob with Salt and Pepper Color

Want something polished with just a pinch of pizazz? You need a polished short salt and pepper bob. This sleek and chic haircut for older ladies features a short bob that effortlessly flatters any face shape, particularly highlighting the cheekbones and jawline for a younger look. Then, the salt and pepper color combo gives your hair a bit of definition while letting your natural look shine.

#30. Layered Bob with Silver Streaks

magnific 6WCy0nfx5whPXV2ps2UA Layered Bob with Silver Streaks

A layered bob with silver streaks is a mature women’s cut that’s marvelously minimal with a modern edge. Not only are streaks a huge trend right now, but they also bring a futuristic flair that lightens and livens the layers of the bob for a cool and contemporary touch.

#31. Angled Bob with Natural Gray and Soft Highlights

magnific bDIPRGs7lK8Aa3Edsfsx Angled Bob with Natural Gray and Soft Highlights

Go for an elevated natural look, like the angled bob with natural grays and soft highlights. The elegant, age-defying angled bob creates a smooth shape that contours your face, while the natural gray and soft highlights bring delicate definition with an undeniable organic charm.

#32. Long Waves with Subtle Gray Highlights

magnific s7ATXD3Re6mdR1vtlsBr Long Waves with Subtle Gray Highlights

Going for a fab flow? You need long waves with subtle gray highlights. Long waves are undeniably gorgeous, bringing instant luxury to your look, while the intricate highlight placement gives your waves a brighter look for better definition. But the seamless blend keeps things soft and simple, letting your long waves steal the show. 

#33. Twisted Updo with a Delicate Hair Accessory

magnific DIlPgsJpDgPvn6VZX8bK Twisted Updo with Delicate Hair Accessory

If you’re looking for an elegant and easy up for a special occasion, look no further than a twisted updo with a delicate hair accessory. All you have to do is curl your hair and twist and pin it into a fancy updo. Then, add a delicate hair accessory like a pin or clip to add that finishing finesse.

#34. Messy French Braid with Wispy Pieces

magnific FAQID589HDv5rSB9uuc3 Messy French Braid with Wispy Pieces

Love those cut but casual looks? Go for a messy French braid with wispy pieces. The classic French braid is all things style and grace. But the messy texture and wispy pieces add that perfectly undone look. You can even add some curls for a slightly girly touch.

#35. Half-Up Style with Modern Bouffant and Tendrils

magnific h15CD6wHRVxTu2Wd8hZp Half Up Style with Modern Bouffant and Tendrils

Looking for something playful and lively? Try a half-up style with a modern bouffant and tendrils. This style combines elements to create something chic with just a dash of vintage flair. The half-up bouffant style brings that retro charm, while the tendrils bring volume, movement, and serious style.

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