These 35 Elegant Hairstyles Prove That Glasses Are The Ultimate Accessory For Women Over 60

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 30, 2024

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Are you a woman over 60 who wears glasses? If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions, I’ve got great news for you – we’ve just handpicked the top 35 most elegant hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses. 

That’s right – we have something to suit every beautiful lady over 60 with glasses, whether you’re looking for something incredibly low-maintenance like a buzz cut or want to show off longer tresses with a charming lob. Which one of these looks is going to be your next go-to style?

magnific WS48hLv9CY3pW4oHL2sG Salt and Pepper Layered Bob

The salt-and-pepper layered bob is probably one of the most timeless styles for women over 60 with glasses. The salt-and-pepper hair color idyllically showcases her all-natural tresses, while a bob keeps things volumized and cute. We can’t help but love those charming layers, too.

#2. Auburn Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific XqgE5BgJJRZ67qyqko1U Auburn Waves with Side Swept Bangs

This look might have “millennial” written all over it, but don’t worry, ladies – if you’re over 60 and looking for a youthful yet mature style to rock, consider this hairstyle. The auburn is powerful and eye-catching, while side-swept bangs add a lovely, youthful appeal that perfectly skims your glasses.

#3. Classic Chignon with a Twist

magnific CxCkjhoDRIZdnlaOLO2T Classic Chignon with a Twist

If your goal is to create a smart and sophisticated aesthetic, I’ve got two words for you: chignon and glasses. Together, these elements create an undeniably chic yet high-class finish you can wear anywhere. Keeping the hair a natural gray will also add to the timeless appeal, as will choosing classy eyewear.

#4. Caramel-Toned Asymmetrical Lob

magnific NEuibs91uioP0WjRp8kU Caramel Toned Asymmetrical Lob

For those who want something a little more sleek and edgy, it’s as simple as dousing your locks in a darker brown shade and enhancing it with caramel highlights. And let’s not even get started on those fierce asymmetrical layers – talk about body and sass.

#5. Shaggy Cut with Feathered Layers

magnific VLuuvPJ6ZfG7iITRmc0J Shaggy Cut with Feathered Layers

Does your hair need some help with volume? It’s OK; plenty of women over 60 struggle with thinning hair. The best way to combat thinning strands and enjoy lots of glorious volume is to opt for a trendy, shaggy cut with feathered layers.

#6. Platinum Blonde Pixie with Wispy Bangs

magnific JahOhDIPfravaB1xavQo Platinum Blonde Pixie with Wispy Bangs

The great thing about a pixie haircut is that it adds height to one’s appearance, immediately giving your face a facelift and putting your frames on display. Combine that major perk with a set of wispy bangs and a chic platinum blonde hue, and you’ve got a style that just won’t quit.

#7. Romantic Soft Waves with a Money Piece

magnific 02yBlNp3yh2I9Eqw4MF9 Romantic Soft Waves with a Money Piece

Adding a sense of romance and gracefulness to your style is always a good thing, and this hairstyle is the easiest way to achieve it. The soft waves are nothing short of delicate and stunning, but the money piece is what is going to draw more attention to your lovely frames.

#8. Dark Chocolate Bob with Lighter Tips

magnific IQV9M4CcQ0bMlGqP6rh5 Dark Chocolate Bob with Lighter Tips

Even if you’ve never indulged in contrast, there’s no better time to do it. Ladies, it’s time to embrace the cool contrast of a dark chocolate bob with lighter tips. Aside from being a show-stopping combo, the lighter ends will immediately brighten your face.

#9. Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut

magnific iXawLAudxqvXS8WxNcDZ Low Maintenance Buzz Cut

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with your hair and want something impossibly low-maintenance but high-style, a buzz cut is the ultimate way to go. You won’t have to fuss with any styling. Instead, enjoy an avant-garde style that’s perfect for your glasses.

#10. Subtle Balayage on a Long Bob

magnific 9JxXqLzz44PfzHoVXY6b Subtle Balayage on a Long Bob

A balayage is a great way to enhance your strands without going overboard. For example, this gray hair is subtly enhanced with gorgeous brunette shades, ensuring a mature yet elegant look. It pairs well with so many types of glasses, too.

#11. Angled Bob with Copper Highlights

magnific kTHBZO05Sa7nNdanMqur Angled Bob with Copper Highlights

Those who prefer angled frames need an angular and feisty hairstyle to match – and this is it. Her bob is undeniably adorable, but the angled cut and fiery copper highlights take this look to an all-new level.

#12. Face-Framing Layered Cut

magnific pHtTH0ZPnaGZh0YwNB8Z Face Framing Layered Cut

A face-framing haircut is cute and all, but it can lack *pizzazz.* Say hello to volumized, bouncy tresses by including plenty of layers throughout your hair. Not only does this style ensure lots of playful body, but it also draws more attention to your facial features and adorable frames.

#13. Cherry-Red A-Line Bob

magnific eKy7A0acK9kfgUADH2oJ Cherry Red A Line Bob

A-line bob is all about sophistication, and it’s a classic cut that never goes out of style. But if you want to give this stylish cut a look-at-me makeover, consider drowning your tresses in a vibrant cherry red with gray bangs. Don’t forget a pair of matching red-hot glasses to bring it all together.

#14. Slicked-Back Ponytail with Volume

magnific BDyJ7umRxBL6YNmK9TZd Slicked Back Ponytail with Volume

When you’re looking for a high-impact updo that’s plenty refined, the slicked-back ponytail with volume is the way to go. Simply tease the crown before applying product and slicking your locks back into a ponytail. Pair with oversized or bold frames to increase the intensity.

#15. Ombre Shoulder-Length Loose Curls

magnific fCeFvnkH2878wYoLUMi1 Ombre Shoulder Length Loose Curls

Playful, youthful, and oh-so-cute, the shoulder-length loose curl hairstyle is a must for any woman over 60 with glasses. Allow your charming ringlets and gorgeous ombre hair color be the center focus by opting for understated frames.

#16. Choppy Pixie with Subtle Lavender Tones

magnific qH8HjawSrNoBJ2VOH4eD Choppy Pixie with Subtle Lavender Tones

Give your pixie haircut an immediate style upgrade by sprinkling lavender tones throughout your bright white mane. The pinch of purple adds a sense of playfulness that’s extremely popular for 2024. Take it a step further by matching your frames to your highlights.

#17. Smooth Silver Updo with Loose Strands

magnific 8gHrGx4vGElVc3zz3KDV Smooth Silver Updo with Loose Strands

If your mission is to create a cultivated style for an upcoming upscale event, look no further than the smooth silver updo with loose strands. This sensational style exudes grace and luxury. It can pair well with any pair of frames, but wilder and untamed frames perfectly balance this more regal look.

#18. Classic Bun with Hair Accessories

magnific belDEWfkswsK91QTHSBe Classic Bun with Hair Accessories

If you want to make your glasses the main attraction, here’s the best way to do it: toss your tresses into a classic bun with hair accessories and call it a day. Buns are so simple, yet they can easily go from day to night with a wardrobe change.

#19. Honey Blonde Waves with Side Part

magnific 865KmSItwr4jvUp7uQGI Honey Blonde Waves with Side Part

This look has smart and sensuous style written all over it. We love everything about this lovely look for women over 60 with glasses, from the sensational honey-blonde blend to the intriguing side part. The tousled curls are just the icing on the cake.

#20. Wavy Shag Cut with Golden Highlights

magnific gJzZUQWq7sNYLcoiOf6n Wavy Shag Cut with Golden Highlights

A wavy shag cut has an effortless vibe to it, which is perfect for women over 60 with glasses who lean toward a more laid-back personality. Because this hairstyle is so relaxed, it’s best to go with bolder frames or those with stark angles.

#21. Tousled Curly Bob with Side Bangs

magnific OrwNy7VyE7Rm1BvfHVVD Tousled Curly Bob with Side Bangs

There’s nothing wrong with going with a classic hairstyle. There are “classics” for a reason. Aside from being an adorable look, tousled curly bobs with side bangs are perfect for drawing attention to your eyewear. Rock those all-natural curls and enjoy every second of it.

#22. Deep Burgundy Chin-Length Bob

magnific wTUxCJey3gtnYP7sc1Yh Deep Burgundy Chin Length Bob

Making a statement with your hair doesn’t have to be challenging. A chin-length bob kept ultra-straight will frame the face, while a deep burgundy shade will give your bob that “wow factor.” Being a more intense style, this hair works best with darker frames.

#23. Braided Crown with Wisps

magnific PReiYVFNyJgHtoaR3OYn Braided Crown with Wisps

Braiding at the crown is the ultimate way to transform your “usual self” into a queen. And every woman over 60 with glasses deserves to feel and look like a queen from time to time. Fashion your strands into this jaw-dropping crown and give your glasses more attention. 

#24. Voluminous Blown-Out Bob

magnific GIfFBQ0FjjJoZudcUltm Voluminous Blown Out Bob

Who doesn’t love tons of sexy volume? For a full-bodied look with plenty of flair, blow out your bob and use a favorite hot tool to create some added flips and curls. Because this look is so over the top, it pairs best with glasses that are just as enthusiastic.

#25. French Twist with a Modern Edge

magnific 5c1pHXiLAix59FpmgWv6 French Twist with a Modern Edge

A French twist is one of the go-to’s for when you need to look your absolute best. As a perk, a French twist gracefully pulls your hair up and away from the face, ensuring your frames get plenty of attention. Add a modern appeal to your French twist by tossing in lavender highlights.

#26. Black Sleek Bob with Razor-Cut Ends

magnific c8X9malkSTnxwaIR1qSZ Black Sleek Bob with Razor Cut Ends

With this hairstyle, things couldn’t get any more modern. Jet-black tresses are uniquely sprinkled with stark white tones above the eye, a combo that exudes contemporary passion. Keeping things straight and sleek with product is a must. Utilize geometric frames with this posh look.

#27. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down Look

magnific LRHRy9ySqG2O3pLcFK1L Braided Half Up Half Down Look

Are you seeking the perfect balance of convenience, beauty, and softness? Then you need to try out a braided half-up, half-down look. A braid will automatically provide a feminine touch while keeping your hair up and out of your face, which is handy – especially when showing off a pair of new frames.

#28. Loose Curls with Auburn Streaks

magnific osoSTWDqqaEHV0hnNBHQ Loose Curls with Auburn Streaks

Longer hair presents the perfect opportunity for texturizing – and loose curls are the best choice. Loose curls have a luscious appeal that can’t be ignored. Paired with a vibrant auburn shade, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a captivating style.

#29. Short Blunt Cut with a Deep Side Part

magnific EkGG7lmMQcvoD7ae7hqV Short Blunt Cut with a Deep Side Part

Short blunt cuts with a deep side part? Yup, it’s a look that screams modern fashion. So, if you’re a woman over 60 with glasses who wants to dip her toes into the contemporary scene, ask for this style at your next appointment. Don’t forget to pair it with edgier frames.

#30. Tapered Cut with Curled Ends

magnific 5vKviBQZKFJ11Z6Cenwu Tapered Cut with Curled Ends

If you have naturally curly hair, don’t worry about going “too short if you have naturally curly hair.” This look is the ideal example of how wonderful curly locks can look on a shorter cut. While it looks incredible with any type of frames, we love the oval or circular frames to play up the curly appeal of this hair.

#31. Soft Balayage on a Wavy Lob

magnific awmviIn3mcD8VWE72Shx Soft Balayage on a Wavy Lob

Sure, there’s a lot to love about this look. The lob is loaded with layers, many of which frame the face and allow your glasses to be a focal point. But what we really love is the inclusion of a soft balayage hair color, taking this wavy lob from “dull” to “fashion-forward” and multi-dimensional. 

#32. Low Chignon with an Accessory Pin

magnific 8yb2zVYvOeCSlaupwMSk Low Chignon with an Accessory Pin

Need some help finding a hairstyle for an upcoming event? A low chignon is a timeless hairstyle renowned for its regal appeal. And it’s so simple to recreate at home, too. Aside from being stunning and straightforward, it also pulls hair away from the face – giving your glasses the main stage.

#33. Sweeping Fringe with Straight Layers

magnific Lxi0HX7IYGjVlL2TFdik Sweeping Fringe with Straight Layers

There is just something oh-so-cute and youthful about a set of bangs that dangle right above the eyeglasses. As you can see, this look has a cutesy approach that will take years off of your face. Tousle up your straight layers just a pinch for some much-needed movement.

#34. Fiery Red Pixie with a Textured Top

magnific Y5dp39D2h1qnzWNlD8HH Fiery Red Pixie with a Textured Top

A bold pair of eyeglasses needs a bold hairstyle to go along with it – and this is the ideal option. A pixie haircut may be easy to maintain and “simple,” but when doused in a fiery red hair color, things are *anything* but mundane.

#35. Natural Curls with Honey Highlights

magnific U21lN5ByOMDTVInrvCXR Natural Curls with Honey Highlights

I always recommend women to show off their natural curls. They’re so stunning and loaded with body that many women wish they had. Yet, to ensure your curls look lively and glamorous, opt for some lovely highlights such as these amazing honey ones.

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