55 Bixie Haircut Ideas That Prove This Bold Style Is The Ultimate Trend

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 23, 2024

Pixie haircuts are super short, super chic, and super cute. Unfortunately, they’re just too short for many gals. However, the thought of wearing a bob might be overwhelming – all that length is a no-go, either. What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you what to do – go with a “bixie!”

If you’ve never heard of a bixie before, let me explain: the bixie is the best of both worlds. It combines the elements of a pixie and a bob haircut, so you don’t have to decide which one’s right for you. It allows just the right amount of length for styling abilities while remaining cute, chic, and low-maintenance. Do you think the bixie might be right for you? Find out by checking out our selection of the top 55 trending bixie haircut ideas for this year!

magnific UorfFRhFLmg06vDALyRr Platinum Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

The great thing about this style is it combines a contemporary attitude with a low-maintenance color. Platinum blonde with dark roots is the epitome of modern hair color, and the dark roots ensure you won’t have to spend every other week in the salon for touch-ups.

#2. Slicked-Back Emerald Bixie Cut

magnific Q6HGEBJHhX3xxk9MaAxm Slicked Back Emerald Bixie Cut

There’s a reason why emerald hair has taken the hairstyling world by storm – this jewel-toned shade is elegant and sophisticated yet has a fashion-forward approach that can’t be ignored. Slick it back to enhance the luxury of this look.

#3. Asymmetrical Bixie with Side Bangs

magnific IBr5kQxzYIXA9eVckBpZ Asymmetrical Bixie with Side Bangs

Giving your bixie haircut a cutesy flare is a cinch when you opt for a set of side bangs. These bangs will allow your cut to frame your face flawlessly. We can’t help but love the subtle contrast of color at the root, too, which gives this look some playful dimension.

#4. Bixie Cut with Lavender Highlights

magnific Ku9sfb8Y7n5wqtGTWB1U Bixie Cut with Lavender Highlights

If an adorable and fairy-like aesthetic is what you’re after, this hairstyle will fulfill your needs. It starts with a longer bixie on one side, creating an exciting silhouette. The hair color is the standout, though, with silver pieces intertwined with charming lavender highlights.

#5. Fiery Red-Angled Bixie

magnific kCJ4jAdVenvBE7fQnFQN Fiery Red Angled

Those who want a rigid and fierce style will enjoy this look. The angled bixie has plenty of sassy attitude, but the fiery red hair color is the “icing on the cake.” Bright, thrilling, and tantalizing, this fiery red-angled bixie is reserved for passionate gals looking to make a statement.

#6. Sleek Black Bixie with Silver Streaks

magnific 6MW3P4dIVNyZ5BEAktFT Sleek Black Bixie with Silver Streaks

Black and silver are two of the most exciting hair colors you can wear – and they just so happen to look excellent on a sleek bixie haircut. Throw some silver on top of your black base to create a wowing appearance that shimmers and shines against the light.

#7. Soft Curls in a Natural Blonde Bixie

magnific ZLX6I1KAbwOZo4XcgI7w Soft Curls in a Natural Blonde

Soft, delicate, and loaded with feminine energy, this bixie is a must for graceful ladies who want a charming style they can wear all year long. Bixie haircuts allow enough length to throw in some ringlets, so don’t hesitate to break out your curling iron and add some texture.

#8. Cherry Bomb Bixie with an Undercut

magnific jSvc4350UKvIhgzWquRz Cherry Bomb Bixie with an Undercut

Become an edgy bombshell instantly with this captivating trio. A bixie haircut sets the stage for a fierce undercut, while a deep cherry hair color completes the look wonderfully. Toss your locks into a deep side part to add even more drama to this vibrant style.

#9. Bixie Cut with Golden Ombre

magnific dvhJ3oJRA2RwD8fF9cKa Bixie Cut with Golden Ombre

One of the perks of going with a bixie is that there’s enough length to play around with different coloring techniques, including the famous ombre method. We particularly love this golden ombre, as it showcases sun-kissed ends that look entirely natural.

#10. Salt and Pepper Bixie with Volume

magnific QhFmEdFK1dJADXJK9NfC Salt and Pepper Bixie with Volume

Bixies aren’t just for the younger generation. This look is taking over the realm of women over 40, offering a bouncy and cute silhouette. So, if you’re over 40 and rockin’ salt and pepper strands, go with a bixie and tease the crown for a very youthful appearance.

#11. Muted Pastel Rainbow Bixie

magnific 1sjkQrmUQ3kcW6esBr5a Muted Pastel Rainbow

Let’s face it – we’d be lying if we said bixies weren’t one of the cutest hair colors out there. But if your bixie is still not as charming as you’d like it to be, there’s a simple solution: add some muted pastel rainbow colors to your locks and enjoy your whimsical aesthetic.

#12. Ultra-Short Rose Gold Bixie

magnific ZYPfXwroSZkoWXthTvPK Ultra Short Rose Gold

Making a bixie cut go from “sweet and charming” to “sophisticated and businesslike” is as simple as changing the color – as shown by this incredible hairstyle. The rose gold shade immediately gives this style a classy flare that can easily be worn to high-end events.

#13. Ocean Blue Waves Bixie Cut

magnific SQZ6QJEhBHePfUdrT6tn Ocean Blue Waves Bixie Cut

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your mane and create the perfect summer style! To do this, start with a lovely ocean blue shade that isn’t too deep in pigment. Then, add wavy texture to create the illusion of real ocean waves flowing through your tresses.

#14. Ginger Bixie with Long Front Pieces

magnific 1XDsxJSDwj2J6tDeOEx7 Ginger Bixie with Long Front Pieces

Opting for longer front pixies with your bixie haircut is ideal for those who love a vintage silhouette that’s soft and graceful. Yet, don’t forget to add some spice to your style – a rich ginger shade will ensure you look stylish while maintaining a retro feel.

#15. Bixie Cut with Chunky Blonde Highlights

magnific pP7rMWIK1N4O8WW1mCsR Bixie Cut with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Some people may shy away from chunky highlights, fearing they’ll look like a flashback to 1999 – and this can be the case with longer hair. However, on a shorter bixie haircut, we can’t help but be in awe of chunky highlights. They look so chic and modern, especially when choosing contrasting shades.

#16. Voluminous Curly Bixie in Chestnut

magnific wGx0tyOgTTIX1TosvXSq Voluminous Curly Bixie in Chestnut

This voluminous curly bixie in chestnut is meant to be a show-stopping hairstyle. For one, you have the rich chestnut shade that’s downright alluring. Second, you have lovely curls that are bursting with vitality. Last but not least, the entire mane is teased for unmatched volume. 

#17. Dramatic A-line Bixie Cut

magnific TKg2oqAkOoipp4qqSHqX Dramatic A line Bixie Cut

Add a bit of drama to your bixie cut by choosing an a-line. The a-line look is always in style and has an interesting shape thanks to shorter pieces in the back and longer ones up front. Up the edginess by throwing some silver strands to contrast darker roots.

#18. Tousled Bixie in Honey-Blonde

magnific Qt0cs5VqC0nG8UYLQ2E0 Tousled Bixie in Honey Blonde

Casual babes looking for a hairstyle to match their carefree personality will love the playful nature of this look! Start with a bixie haircut that’s riddled with layers. Then tousle your locks for that famous “bedhead” style. Go with honey-blonde during the warmer months!

#19. Side-Parted Silver Bixie Cut

magnific xJIswgaYz101DbbNlGjN Side Parted Silver Bixie Cut

Becoming a trendsetting diva isn’t complicated – you just need the right look. And this hairstyle is it. A deep side part offers contemporary curves that are idyllically enhanced with a bright, futuristic, and fashion-forward silver color.

#20. Bixie with Cool Grey Tones

magnific VWKJa6XGLJW7QcBIuai1 Bixie with Cool Grey Tones

Whether you have naturally gray hair or opted to try a new, trendy color for 2024, you can rest assured that it will look amazing on a bixie haircut. Some subtle teasing at the crown will give your look some added volume if desired.

#21. Tapered Bixie with Teal Accents

magnific Lmcz6pdZfbjj6ToI4DOF Tapered Bixie with Teal Accents

If you have thicker hair, you might not think a bixie is right for you, fearing your mane will become too volumized and heavy. The trick is to go with a tapered bixie, which will remove some weight so your hair lays flat. Choose teal accents to add a pop of unexpected excitement.

#22. Bixie Cut with Dark Violet Undertones

magnific 6B3qHGH2XvueJ67wxlw8 Bixie Cut with Dark Violet Undertones

Plenty of people choose lavender to pair with their silver base, but if that’s too light for you, there’s another option: dark violet. Dark violet and silver create a mesmerizing color that plays well with darker skin tones.

#23. High-Shine Bixie in Jet Black

magnific MsF9TyAvHxDsG0sYLCnx High Shine Bixie in Jet Black

Consider this sensational style if you want to create intensity with your look. A trendy bixie cut slightly longer than most bixies is the ideal base for modern jet-black strands. Note: this look is certainly not for the faint of heart!

#24. Feathered Bixie with Auburn Tips

magnific hy66KS01amWUzyVJQfSE Feathered Bixie with Auburn Tips

Anyone who wants their hair to have exciting movement and volume will appreciate the silhouette of a feathered bixie. Perfect for thin and thick hair, this bixie has a retro approach that looks oh-so-sexy with auburn tips.

#25. Golden Mocha Bixie Cut

magnific vBylpgRP0ZW3G8m7rph6 Golden Mocha Bixie Cut

Give your blonde bixie a shimmery makeover by throwing some golden highlights into the mix! The blend of blonde and golden hues creates a glowing effect that can be seen for miles. Add even more depth with a series of lengthy layers throughout.

#26. Bixie Cut with Subtle Green Highlights

magnific Nkz9aIt6S4SkcetZKLRv Bixie Cut with Subtle Green Highlights

It’s time to get adventurous with your bixie – after all, your “regular” hair color was getting a bit tiresome, wouldn’t you agree? You don’t have to go too crazy – choose a subtle green shade to introduce yourself to the idea of fun colors without being too overwhelmed.

#27. Smoky Quartz Bixie Cut

magnific ibUUTmk90WkjjnN6R9vC Smoky Quartz Bixie Cut

Giving a bixie haircut a smoky flare is one way to completely change the typical “cutesy vibes” that a bixie gives off. It adds a sense of mystery to one’s aesthetic, making it the go-to for chilly seasons.

#28. Classic Blonde Bixie with Peek-a-Boo Pastels

magnific 4odIy61GZtMMK0tnduPg Classic Blonde Bixie with Peek a Boo Pastels

Blonde bixies are known for their timeless appearance. But if you want to give this timeless style a 2024-friendly revival, adding peek-a-boo pastels is an excellent choice – especially pink! This light and lovely pink shade is barely there, yet it makes a big impact.

#29. Long-Front Bixie in Ash-Blonde

magnific CBv3gloOBKAhwmXuLW3r Long Front Bixie in Ash Blonde

Those with round, long, or oval faces should highly consider this bixie haircut. The long, side-swept bangs up front will work magic for these face shapes. Keep this look contemporary and cool by choosing an ash-blonde shade that’s gently tousled.

#30. Bixie Cut with Sun-Kissed Babylights

magnific FQ2GEPnG2nbXib5iIqIG Bixie Cut with Sun Kissed Babylights

If you know you want a thrilling hair color for summertime but you’re unsure which shade to choose, you might put orange as a top contender. Although this shade is less popular than some others, it’ll give your locks a much-needed boost in the color and excitement categories.

#31. Bixie Cut with Lavender Hues

magnific hdQRMmi4nx0QUe8lEdbb Bixie Cut with Lavender Hues

This intricate bixie haircut features a subtle undercut to add some spicy dimension you don’t typically see on this type of hairstyle. Yet, to ensure it still has a delicate appeal, lavender hues are used to achieve a fairy tale-inspired appearance.

#32. Sleek Platinum Blonde Bixie

magnific P62ZpJb3hbpXeXsvcm9B Sleek Platinum Blonde

Flashy and fashionable, platinum blonde locks simply don’t miss. It works as a year-round color, yet you’ll need to make sure you’re moisturizing your locks regularly, as platinum strands are prone to dryness. Enjoy this ultra-posh and elegant look!

#33. Bixie with Chocolate and Hazelnut Layers

magnific H9uR4ZyEWr53kP39oUFy Bixie with Chocolate and Hazelnut Layers

Those looking to construct a soft and natural look will love this hairstyle! This bixie haircut is loaded with plenty of layers to create depth and movement, which are idyllically put on display with a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut shades.

#34. Flaming Red Bixie Cut

magnific 2YvOoHURNaGuRUViwoLi Flaming Red Bixie Cut

If you’re not afraid to have all eyes on you, a flaming red bixie cut may be precisely what you’re looking for. While the cut is kept somewhat “basic,” this look is far from simple, thanks to the addition of fiery red coloring.

#35. Caramel Macchiato Bixie

magnific 3iGwQzOJe93lW7mY8tkY Caramel Macchiato

Does your brunette bixie need a rejuvenation? Choose caramel macchiato accents if you want to spice up your brown tresses without doing anything too bold or out-of-the-box. This lovely golden shade is exactly what you need to lighten things up and refresh your appearance.

#36. Bixie Cut with Oceanic Turquoise Tints

magnific PkjsWjF1iOJ6SAbIj4fi Bixie Cut with Oceanic Turquoise Tints

For those planning an upcoming tropical vacation, consider dousing your bixie cut in oceanic turquoise tints to suit the occasion. This wowing color is destined to be a head-turner, and it just so happens to look totally chic and smart on a low-maintenance bixie style.

#37. Shaggy Bixie with Golden Undertones

magnific kxLZkNGLvfLWz1B3BDjO Shaggy Bixie with Golden Undertones

Bixies can be long enough to create a shaggy aesthetic, which is perfect, considering shaggy haircuts are one of the most popular styles for 2024! Give your shaggy bixie a sun-kissed flare by choosing golden undertones.

#38. Tawny Bixie Cut with Feathered Ends

magnific UXKHJJs7mKRpiEo9psig Tawny Bixie Cut with Feathered Ends

Bixies don’t have to be short. In fact, they can be pretty long, as this lovely style proves. If you’re nervous about chopping your locks, ask for a longer bixie with feathered ends for a softer spin on things – and go with a natural tawny shade perfect for all skin tones.

#39. Pitch-Black Bixie with Electric Blue Streaks

magnific xgK3NgerfbPxVsvwb8io Pitch Black Bixie with Electric Blue Streaks

Pitch-black hair is already known for its shocking and daring appearance. But who said you can’t take things to the next level? Add electricity and excitement to your look by applying electric blue streaks throughout your black mane.

#40. Bixie Cut with Fiery Copper Waves

magnific DdGuoKonjKNzWPdk532p Bixie Cut with Fiery Copper Waves

When you’ve got some lengthier strands to play around with, it’s always a good idea to apply waves – especially if you’ve chosen a fiery copper hair color designed to turn heads. Use a good holding product to keep your waves looking flawless throughout the day.

#41. Icy Silver Bixie Cut

magnific K8UE2HsghKefzMF3iczq Icy Silver Bixie Cut

Are you dreaming about looking like a fashion model from the planet Mars? If you answered “Yes” to this question, I’ll tell you where to start: with an icy silver bixie cut like this. Use your makeup skills and choose the right apparel to bring your otherworldly style to life.

#42. Boho Bixie with Soft Blonde Highlights

magnific 8gjKLcrIutnDyq2BzJBL Boho Bixie Cut with Soft Blonde Highlights

A boho bixie with soft blonde highlights is one of the most casual yet coy options out there. It looks great regardless of how it’s styled, but sometimes, it’s best to keep things free and easy with a little tousling.

#43. Midnight Blue Bixie Cut

magnific 5qgeBJhc8pFFg04UKJkD Midnight Blue Bixie Cut

Want to add a pop of color to your locks but don’t want to go too bright or bold? A midnight blue shade allows you to dabble in some intriguing hues without going overboard. Use a color-enhancing shampoo to keep your midnight strands looking rich.

#44. Bixie Cut with Soft Rose Petal Tips

magnific mMQxyjippvRIGcidxKqI Bixie Cut with Soft Rose Petal Tips

Embrace your feminine side by choosing a rose petal shade for your bixie haircut. Rose petal tips are the epitome of ladylike gracefulness, and the best part is they’re incredibly versatile and can work with any skin tone wonderfully.

#45. Espresso Bixie with Walnut Accents

magnific qjqpbj5zTQOsdahCKS8y Espresso Bixie Cut with Walnut Accents

Your bixie can and should learn more toward the “pixie” side of things. After all, there’s no denying that this bixie isn’t super short and so adorable! Add another element of playfulness and cuteness by opting for some bright, look-at-me rainbow strands.

#46. Playful Pixie-Bixie with Rainbow Strands

magnific xIWXzagn2vlMwksTsUGZ Playful Pixie Bixie with Rainbow Strands

Your bixie can and should learn more toward the “pixie” side of things. After all, there’s no denying that this bixie isn’t super short and so adorable! Add another element of playfulness and cuteness by opting for some bright, look-at-me rainbow strands.

#47. Choppy Bixie Cut with White Platinum Strands

magnific RKsjlrJ7xm7GuPpolq7X Choppy Bixie Cut with White Platinum Strands

If you have thin or fine hair and want to create volume, you can ask for a choppy bixie cut with plenty of layers of varying lengths. All of the loose strands will ensure some much-needed dimension, but going platinum will fabricate a posh aesthetic.

#48. Bixie with Golden Mahogany Tones

magnific Kz1Lr6UvP5TtHWXi0jb9 Bixie with Golden Mahogany Tones

This sophisticated bixie is exactly what the businesswoman is looking for. The subtle look is idyllically cut around the face, tremendously showing off your facial features. With the inclusion of a sultry golden mahogany tone, this look screams cosmopolitan.

#49. Crystal Clear Blonde Bixie

magnific 8IkXyiRwQ0t7B4EJTcnL Crystal Clear Blonde

Platinum hair might be bright, but why not go brighter? Reach for the stars during your next hair appointment and run past platinum locks to crystal clear blonde instead. It doesn’t get more contemporary than this illuminating hue.

#50. Asymmetrical Bixie with Graphite Hues

magnific kJPMnZN8VJQiAzszmooC Asymmetrical Bixie with Graphite Hues

Asymmetrical bixie haircuts will always have that intriguing silhouette you won’t find elsewhere. Choose a fun graphite hue that displays a modern take on the classic “black and white” blend to make sure your look stands out from the sea of asymmetrical haircuts.

#51. Bixie Cut with Pastel Rainbow Underlights

magnific Y2aw7G6bVsbX5lwc4i1D Bixie Cut with Pastel Rainbow Underlights

Showing off your playful personality through your locks is perfectly fine, and this look is the ideal example! This lovely bixie cut stars with a bright and shimmery silver base, then beautified with rainbow underlights of various shades. 

#52. Classic Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

magnific Mb3kyQovUN8HkrLyclUs Classic Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

Sometimes, you just want a classic style that’s short, sweet, and to the point. This look is exactly that.This charming bixie has lots of layers to create a flirty bounce, and the blonde shade with dark roots ensures a natural-looking finish that never goes out of style.

#53. Emerald Green Bixie Cut

magnific jRTw9OZNqMhvLncuPEeF Emerald Green Bixie Cut

This hairstyle can easily be described in two words: absolutely stunning. The enticingly rich emerald shade exudes sophistication and class, and it pairs well with a bixie that’s slightly textured with some glamorous ringlets.

#54. Vintage Ginger Bixie Cut

magnific AzGJ6WY0lyfvJwDYLFEN Vintage Ginger Bixie Cut

You can’t go wrong looking like a Hollywood star from the 1950s. Enjoy a blast-from-the-past-inspired bixie haircut that’s amplified with a warm ginger hue. Don’t forget to add a pinch of texturing to bring the look to life.

#55. Bixie Cut with Silver and Charcoal Ombre

magnific iIh53oKyxWNKCrolNvWB Bixie Cut with Silver and Charcoal Ombre

A cute bixie cut like this deserves a hair color that’s just as enchanting – and this silver and charcoal ombre delivers. This unique ombre pairing is mysterious and captivating, two words you definitely want to use to describe your mane.

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