Wait, Has Zendaya Really Gone Full-On Blonde?

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: April 21, 2024

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Just when we thought her hair (actually just she, in general!) couldn’t get any cooler, Zendaya showcased yet another hair turnaround this week while touring for her new tennis flick, Challengers.

Gone was the shiny brunette Italian bob we’ve been obsessing over recently. Nowhere to be seen were the voluminous, Brigitte Bardot-esque waves we loved just a few weeks ago. And hold on, but didn’t her hair literally grow ten inches almost overnight?

To be honest, we were all set to take a screenshot of this insanely gorgeous photo ⬇️ to our next trip to the salon – because bobs are SO spring 2024 – but you can’t turn your back for one minute without the 27-year-old Dune actress entirely switching up her hair game.

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On Thursday, April 11, Zendaya joined fellow co-stars Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist for a photo call at London’s Claridges Hotel in England to promote their latest movie. Full of competitive rivalry and sizzling sexual tension, Zendaya plays tennis player turned coach, Tashi Duncan and is at the very center of the movie’s fraught love triangle.

The stars have been promoting their widely anticipated film for a few weeks now but, movie aside – which is released on April 26 and has already received high praise, btw – we’re obviously more interested in Zendaya’s chameleon hair. For now, anyway!

We first got a sniff of Zendaya’s lighter locks in Sydney, Australia a couple of weeks ago when she sparkled on the red carpet in a green custom-created, sequined Loewe gown that featured a tennis player graphic down the front. Matching glittery pumps and stunning emerald green eyeshadow perfectly completed her gorgeous look. But, frankly, we expect nothing less from our favorite Euphoria star!

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Granted, her hair definitely looked a little fairer during her Down Under tour than it had been the last time she was snapped. But we call this more of a golden, Jen Aniston blonde than full-on bleach blonde. Ha, little did we know that her chameleon locks were about to get a whole lot fairer as Zendaya et al headed to Europe for the next leg of their movie tour.

As the stars hit Paris, France, Zendaya took to the red carpet with way longer hair thanks to some clip-in hair extensions and the skill and expertise of her incredible hairstylist, Ursula Stephen who owns a star-studded salon in Brooklyn, New York.

As well as taking full control of Zendaya’s ever changing hair, Stephen regularly styles the likes of Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Laverne Cox and Kerry Washington so what she doesn’t know about red carpet hair probably isn’t worth knowing. 

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Zendaya had clearly undergone another dye job here, lifting her honey-blonde tones a good few shades to match her stunning, shiny extensions. Then, in London, she turned it up a notch yet again, wearing her hair slicked back into a high and incredibly long, hip-skimming braid that could not have been more perfect if it had been painted on or created by AI! 

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image via @ursulastephen

Pretty freakin’ gorgeous, right? Or, a ‘grand slam’ if you will 😉 

Again, her hair was all thanks to the mighty Ursula Stephen who took around two hours to smooth Zendaya’s natural hair into a high ponytail before attaching and braiding a clip-in pony, plus 26-inch clip-in hair extensions, courtesy of The Hair Shop.

And now we have another day and another show-stopping do to pour over thanks to the Zendaya-Stephen dream team serving up this latest fresh blonde look, complete with feathery bangs and swooshy high ponytail. Keep up, people!

This latest look is arguably Zendaya’s most eye-catching do of the tour so far. Wearing vintage Vivienne Westwood styled by Law Roach and inspired by Carrie Bradshaw (check out the feathered bustle!), Zendaya’s sightly rounded bangs (faux, clip-ins, of course!) worked perfectly with her high pony and face-framing layers.

It remains to be seen whether Zendaya has permanently taken her blonde hair even lighter because the underneath sections of her hair look decidedly darker, but whether it’s temporary or not, she’s certainly aced a winner here.

To create this stunning do, Stephen smoothed and twisted Zendaya’s natural hair into a tight flat bun to conceal it as much as possible. She then secured an 18-inch Wrap Ponytail from The Hair Shop over her bun and used curling irons to flip and curl up the ends of her hair for extra bounce factor. Clip in some fake bangs , spritz with hairspray and you’ve got yourself a complete hair transformation, just like that.

Oh, if only we had such a skilled hairdresser at our beck and call!

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