Anya Taylor-Joy’s Sleek Black Bob Is Giving Us Major Pulp Fiction Vibes

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: May 26, 2024

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She may be one of the most iconic blondes of our times, but Anya Taylor-Joy is no stranger to experimenting with her long, icy-blonde locks.

We saw her as a fiery redhead for The Queen’s Gambit, a gorgeous brunette in Split and she was even willing to shave off her entire head of hair for her latest role as warrior bad-ass, Furiosa, in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Full disclosure, unlike Charlize Theron, she didn’t shave her head in the end – it was all thanks to prosthetics. But it wasn’t for the want of trying! 

Every time the 28-year old actress has given us a new hair look to drool over, she 100 percent pulls it off. And we don’t mind telling you, we’re a tad jealous as we sit here cringing over some of the less successful haircuts we’ve had over the years. But hats off to Anya because this woman sure can rock the most dramatic of hairstyles.

And this week was no different when the Miami-born star took to the ‘Gram to reveal yet another awesome hair transformation for men’s glossy style and fashion mag, British GQ.

We have to admit, we’ve spent a lot of time drooling over her super long, white blonde hair in the past few years here at TH HQ. We just don’t understand just how she gets hair that blonde to look that shiny. It’s beyond us! 

But we’re nothing if not always up for a change, and this awesome do had us sold at first glimpse. Not to mention giving us a very strong desire to rewatch the legendary Quentin Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction for, like, the umpteenth time!

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If you’ve not seen Pulp Fiction, a) you really need to get on that, right now and b) it stars John Travolta (check!), Samuel L. Jackson (check!) and the ever-fabulous Uma Thurman (hells yeah!) who plays Mia Wallace, the wife of crime boss, Marsellus Wallace.

Arguably one of her most famous roles, Uma was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her unforgettable performance as Mia. But it was her iconic jet black bob and femme fatale look that really stood the test of time, inspiring sharp, shiny bobs and blunt bangs for years to follow.

Anya got her Mia Wallace vibes going hard for this latest photoshoot, enlisting her trusted hairdresser, Gregory Russell to transform her hair from blonde siren to gothic cool. And, wow, what a makeover.

Of course, there are other photos from the shoot in which Anya is still rocking her long blonde locks so her sleek bob is obviously a wig. But still. Slaying it, right? 

Gregory is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist who splits his time between tending to clients at West Hollywood’s Andy LeCompte Salon to teasing, crimping and styling some of the world’s top A-listers for glossy magazine shoots and red carpet events. 

We reckon Anya’s wig would have been meticulously cut by Gregory to work perfectly with Anya’s beautiful face shape. It sits right at her jawline and is styled super straight and slightly curled under at the ends, accentuating her strong cheekbones and fine features. Classic. 

However, there’s very little else that’s classic about this hairdo which combines all that with a short, blunt fringe featuring rounded edges and slightly choppy, feathered ends. In one photo she also wears a couple of strategically placed, wet-look strands over her face as she gives some serious ‘Blue Steel’ to camera. Damn, girl!

Her look was completed with vampy red talons courtesy of LA nail artist, Kim Truong alongside glossy orange-red lips, porcelain skin and sex-kitten eyes by top Sydney-born makeup artist, Georgie Eisdell. Quite the dream team, don’t you think?

And after perusing through Anya’s Insta feed it seems that this glam, Hollywood look of dark lashes, liquid eyeliner and red lipstick is fast becoming one of Anya’s trademarks. 

Well, she is a Dior girl after all and what kind of a Dior girl would she be without an iconic red lip?

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