47 Stunning Dark Red Hair Color Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

Dark red hair is one of those hair colors that never goes out of style. Yet, when one thinks of dark red locks, they may only think of a few shades on the spectrum. If you’re considering going dark red but aren’t sure which color to choose – or which colors are available – this article is here to help.

Woman with Burgundy Wine Waves Hair

The sultriness of wine-colored hues can – and should – take over your tresses. Why? It really comes down to one word: elegance. Indulge in the sophistication of a glass of wine and enjoy burgundy wine hair. Just don’t forget the loose waves to add to the allure.

#2. Sizzling Auburn with Dark Roots

Woman with Sizzling Auburn with Dark Roots Hair

There’s no denying the fact that auburn locks are sizzlin’. The dark red hue is unbelievably spicy and exotic, the perfect shade for fall and winter. But don’t stop there. Add some tantalizing contrast by leaving your dark roots. As a bonus, you’ll have a low-maintenance ‘do.

#3. Smoked Maroon Ombre

Woman with Smoked Maroon Ombre Hair

Maroon has a delicious blend of reds, browns, and purples, creating a captivating finish. But if you want to add even more depth to your tresses, stick to darker roots and an ombre coloring technique. Subtle waves will allow the colors to meddle together beautifully.

#4. Red Velvet with a Dark Undercut

Woman with Red Velvet with Dark Undercut Hair

A long pixie cut with an undercut needs an equally daring color to accompany it. Enter: red velvet. This deep and dazzling shade of red is filled with mystery and edginess, the perfect sidekick for a fierce undercut.

#5. Dark Rosewood Curls

Woman with Dark Rosewood Curls hair

Do your curly strands need a little color in their life, but you don’t want to go too bold? Say hello to your new favorite hair color, dark rosewood. This sensational shade boasts hints of red that play delicately against darker roots.

#6. Cherry Cola Bob

Woman with Cherry Cola Bob Hair

Cherry cola blends the beauty of red hair with stark, dark brown pieces, creating a truly intense and exciting finish. This hair color can look good on any hair length, but it tends to look especially gorg on a short, bouncy bob.

#7. Fiery Mahogany Pixie

Look no further than this desirable pixie cut if you’re after a statement-making hairstyle. It starts with a pixie with plenty of length around the face, allowing for all sorts of styling. To make it a standout ‘do, though, it’s doused in a fiery mahogany hue that can be seen for miles.

#8. Midnight Sangria Curls

Woman with Midnight Sangria Curls Hair

If you want the red in your hair to take the backseat to warmer tones like purple and brown, midnight sangria is your match. This shade is oh-so-luxurious, especially when zhuzhed up with charming ringlets.

#9. Sunkissed Dark Copper Tones

Woman with Sunkissed Dark Copper Tones Hair

Red hair tends to look fake. This color proves that you can rock red hair that appears 100% all-natural. Simply ask your stylist for sunkissed dark copper strands to flaunt all summer. To create movement, apply some subtle waves towards the ends.

#10. Chocolate and Raspberry Melt

Woman with Chocolate and Raspberry Melt Hair

Chocolates and raspberries aren’t just a delicious sweet treat to eat. They’re also the perfect pairing for your hair. Dark chocolate strands are dressed up with subtle yet surprisingly vibrant raspberry pieces, ensuring a captivating finish that’s full of dimension.

#11. Scarlet Balayage on Brunette Base

Woman with Scarlet Balayage on Brunette Base Hair

If your brunette base needs a vibrant pick-me-up, look no further than this hairstyle! Leave your brunette locks at the top and douse your lower half in a striking scarlet shade. Yes, this is a wowing style that all your friends will want to copy. Can’t blame ‘em!

#12. Reddish Merlot with Lavender Ends

Woman with Reddish Merlot with Lavender Ends Hair

Red and lavender? Sure, why not. This duo proves that you can make your hair look playful and fun in an instant. Enhance the overall whimsical appeal of this look by using your fave hair tool to create waves.

#13. Satin Plum Red Curls

Woman with Satin Plum Red Curls Hair

Satin plum is obviously the “IT” hair color for the chillier seasons. Why? It’s pretty evident, ladies. This hair color exudes sophistication and warmth – two things you will want at holiday dinner parties. Up the elegance factor with loose curls!

#14. Spicy Pomegranate Waves

Woman with Spicy Pomegranate Waves Hair

If you’re looking for red hair that’s more rich and elegant than vibrant and bright, consider going with spicy pomegranate. This red shade is exceptionally indulgent, and let’s face it – it’s so gorgeous it may just put a spell on you. Create mesmerizing detail with looser waves throughout.

#15. Dark Ginger Red with Golden Highlights

Woman with Dark Ginger Red with Golden Highlights hair

Sometimes, it’s best to go with the “all-natural” appearance – especially when we’re talking about red hair! This ginger-red hair color appears organic, and with the addition of golden highlights, there’s plenty of delightful depth.

#16. Lush Currant Long Waves

Woman with Lush Currant Long Waves Hair

Deep, rich, and undeniably succulent, currant locks are a definite must-try. While this stunning shade is the epitome of sophistication and class on its own, adding long waves will ensure you look like an absolute knockout – even at high-end events.

#17. Vibrant Maraschino Highlights

Woman with Vibrant Maraschino Highlights Hair

Looking to shock onlookers? Then you need this hairstyle in your life, babe. Start with an edgy bob haircut with razored bangs. Then, introduce your jet-black strands to vibrant maraschino highlights. It’s that simple – although this style is the opposite of mundane.

#18. Dramatic Cinnamon Red Lob

Woman with Dramatic Cinnamon Red Lob Hair

Is your lob looking more like a blob? It’s time for a color change, hon – and we’ve got the perfect one. Introducing cinnamon red, an elegant red shade with earthy undertones that create a truly compelling finish. This hair color is sure to transform your strands immediately!

#19. Iridescent Garnet Ombre

Woman with Iridescent Garnet Ombre hair

For the ladies who want a dark and mysterious ombre unlike anything they’ve seen before, this is the perfect pick. Iridescent garnet ombre is an enthralling blend of reds and purples against a black backdrop, ensuring an enlightening duo to wear all winter.

#20. Deep Brick Red Layers

Woman with Deep Brick Red Layers Hair

If you want your red hair color to be just a bit darker and richer, deep, bright red may be precisely what you’re looking for. Brick red has a rustic appeal to it, and it looks especially glamorous when enhanced with waves or curls.

#21. Dark Strawberry Sorbet Balayage

Woman with Dark Strawberry Sorbet Balayage Hair

Fun-loving gals looking for a whimsical hair color entirely out of the box will love the strawberry sorbet balayage! Darker strawberry strands are applied to the top, while icier, brighter pinks are painted on the ends. The result is truly something magical.

#22. Rustic Red with Blonde Streaks

Woman with Rustic Red with Blonde Streaks Hair

Can’t decide between red or blonde? Why not have both? Rustic red and blonde streaks are like a match made in heaven, a color blend that’s unique and exciting. Let your colors play together by adding waves and tousling things up for that carefree bedhead vibe.

#23. Red Licorice Twists

Woman with Red Licorice Twists Hair

Want to highlight those glorious twists? I know just how to do it, babe – with red licorice, and I’m not talking about the candy. Red licorice is a bright and feisty color that will allow your twists to take center stage, showing off every inch of the coil. 

#24. Firebrick Red with Subtle Hints of Orange

Woman with Firebrick Red with Subtle Hints of Orang Hair

Red doesn’t need a helping hand in the intense category, but if you’re still craving that extra pop of intensity, adding hints of orange is the easiest way to do it. You’re sure to enjoy this fiery pairing year-round. 

#25. Blood-Red Fishtail Braid

Woman with Blood Red Fishtail Braid hair

Blood-red is reminiscent of the shade of fresh blood, which automatically gives this color some excitement and deviousness. But it’s ok – you can still look flirty and delicate. All you need to do is weave a fishtail braid into your mane.

#26. Ruby-Tinted Ringlets

Woman with Ruby Tinted Ringlets hair

Plenty of colors can emphasize your gorgeous, all-natural ringlets, but none of them do it quite like ruby can! This majestic, jewel-hued shade is the ideal pairing for your curly locks. You’re sure to turn heads with this one, ladies.

#27. Dark-Tangerine Red Lob

Woman with Dark Tangerine Red Lob hair

Some women prefer a brighter shade of red with plenty of orange undertones throughout. Sound like you? Then you might consider going with dark-tangerine red, otherwise known as the lighter citrusy take on deep red shades. 

#28. Spiced Apple Ombre

Woman with Spiced Apple Ombre hair

If you’re looking for the perfect fall hair color, this is the answer. Spiced apple ombre starts with a glamorously dark base that’s brightened yet warmed with hints of red and golden ends. To help the colors blend seamlessly, toss in some luxurious waves to your mane.

#29. Molten Lava Loose Curls

Woman with Molten Lava Loose Curls Hair

A hair color that mimics the visuals of flowing lava? Yeah, this hair color truly needs no description. It’s fascinating, intriguing, and thrilling all at once. Yet, there’s still an err of femininity, beauty, and confidence within it. Make it a standout style with tighter, bouncier curls.

#30. Cool-Toned Dark Red Swirls

Woman with Cool Toned Dark Red Swirls Hair

The swirl of cool-toned dark red with subtle blue undertones is something that’s truly majestic and ethereal. If you’ve been dreaming of transforming into a magical fairy from the underworld, this is the perfect hairstyle.

#31. Sunset Auburn Pixie Cut

Looking for a style that’s chic and cute? This look has you covered. The pixie haircut is low-maintenance and easy to work with. When adorned with sunset hues, it gets a slight pick-me-up that’s refreshing and fun. 

#32. Classic Bordeaux with Straight-Cut

Classy women seeking a sleek and sophisticated silhouette, stop here – you’ve found your next hairstyle. This look features a deep wine red hue, “Bordeaux,” paired with a posh straight-cut that’s rigid and self-assured.

#33. Raspberry and Espresso Blend

Woman with Raspberry and Espresso Blend hair

If you love your espresso strands and don’t want to give them up entirely, why not dress them up a bit with some raspberry tones? Adding raspberry to espresso is a simple way to liven things up without going overboard.

#34. Vibrant Red Orchid with Beach Waves

Woman with Vibrant Red Orchid with Beach Waves Hair

With hints of purple and pink strewn throughout, red orchid is a desirable color for those who want lots of playful undertones. The blend is stunning, especially when dressed up with beachy waves. 

#35. Cascading Dark Rose Highlights

Woman with Cascading Dark Rose Highlights hair 1

Are you dreaming of a romantic hair color? Then, let me introduce you to this sensational blend! It starts with your all-natural dark hair. All you have to do is intermingle dark rose highlights throughout your mane and add waves. 

#36. Dark Red-Violet with Peek-a-Boo Blues

Woman with Dark Red Violet with Peek a Boo Blues hair

Red-violet and blue? You bet! This might be an unexpected blend, but it’s one that’s very intriguing. But if you really want to show off the duo of delightful colors, construct plenty of waves throughout your tresses.

#37. Seductive Cherry Black Fusion

Woman with Seductive Cherry Black Fusion hair

Cherry and black hair colors, together, are the definition of sultry. The two deep and mysterious shades create an intoxicating blend geared toward the winter season, but honestly, you can wear this incredible look year-round if you desire.

#38. Caramelized Dark Red Waves

Woman with Caramelized Dark Red Waves hair

It’s funny how the simplest changes can have such an incredible impact. Take this hair color, for example. The red hair can definitely be seen as “normal,” but the slightly darker shade that’s “caramelized” takes it to an all-new and more glamorous level.

#39. Dark Red Velvet Rope Braids

Woman with Dark Red Velvet Rope Braids hair

Your rope braids are already breathtaking, but why not enhance them and make them the talk of the town? Dark red velvet on rope braids ensures that every twist is put on full display. If you’re looking for head-turning beauty, consider this look.

#40. Smoky Mulberry Underlights

Woman with Smoky Mulberry Underlights Hair

If you have darker locks but want to improve them with a little bit of color, you can easily add smoky mulberry underlights. These underlights are quite subtle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a serious impact. You’re going to love the depth of this ‘do.

#41. Dark Red Wine Bob with Subtle Hints of Pink

Woman with Dark Red Wine Bob with Subtle Hints of Pink Hair

Have you already indulged in a fierce and posh bob but want to add some exciting colors? Consider going with a dark red wine base with subtle hints of pink. The pairing is cute and coy, adding some delicateness to a more rigid bob haircut.

#42. Lustrous Redwood Long Tresses

Woman with Lustrous Redwood Long Tresses hair

Long locks are the perfect palette for tantalizing shades such as this. You’ll love the richness and allure this redwood color brings, matching your compelling personality. Create some much-needed movement with waves or curls.

#43. Red Fox Wavy Bob

This red fox wavy bob is the ultimate blend of flirty, fiery, and feminine. Really, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you use hair products designed to keep the red hues alive – the last thing you want is to lose vibrancy when rocking this bouncy bob!

#44. Old Rose Dark Red Balayage

Woman with Old Rose Dark Red Balayage hair

Rose-colored locks are at their height of popularity right now, but if they’re too bright for you, consider this vintage twist. Old rose dark red against darker roots has a lovely vintage appeal you’ll want to glam up with some waves.

#45. Oxblood with Icy Ends

Contemporary called – and this hair color answered. It starts with a bold oxblood shade riddled with hints of purple and red. Then, icy ends are applied to cool things off – or you might think. These brightly-colored tips only add to the overall intensity of the style!

#46. Dark Hibiscus with Short Bangs

Woman with Dark Hibiscus with Short Bangs hair

Anyone looking for a retro-inspired haircut that’s short and cute yet elegant and classy should consider this hairstyle. The dark hibiscus shade gives a mature makeover to this adorable short bob with bangs.

#47. Rusted Copper and Currant Blend

Woman with Rusted Copper and Currant Blend hair

This hair color has a natural appeal that many women will find enjoyable. All you need is a rusted copper hair color with currant blended throughout, inviting earthy undertones to play with a regal shade for a lovely finish.

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