The Bouncy Bob Is Making A Comeback! See These 28 Fabulous Examples

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 19, 2024

The bouncy bob is making a killer comeback! And for good reason! This lively look has everything you need to inject a youthful energy into your style without sacrificing an inch of elegance! 

With robust volume and playful movement, the bouncy bob makes for a fun twist on a classic style, giving it an irresistible modern zest. So, whether your hair needs a little more bounce or you want to put some pep in your step with a new look, you’ve come to the right place! 

Check out these 28 fabulous examples of why the bouncy bob is making a BIG comeback!

Asymmetrical Bob with Tapered Ends

If you love the bob style but want something a tad more contemporary, try an asymmetrical bob with tapered ends. The tapering creates soft layers for that bouncy look and the uneven lengths bring that modern edge all while keeping the polished look of the bob.

#2. Rounded Bob with a Deep Side Part

Rounded Bob with Deep Side Part

Love that blowout look? You can get it naturally by going for a rounded bob with a deep side part. This soft and sophisticated cut brings full-bodied volume to even the thinnest of hair creating a wonderful frame for any face shape with a blowout-like bounce without the salon trip!

#3. Angled Bob with Textured Waves

Angled Bob with Textured Waves

Give yourself a bold meets beachy look with an angled bob with textured waves. The angular shape creates a flattering frame for almost any face shape and sets the scene for the textured waves to bring dynamic movement. This style is also a great way to enhance your natural waves.

#4. Voluminous Feathered Bob

Voluminous Feathered Bob

Get sky-high style with a voluminous feathered bob! This bob brings maximum volume for all the height you can handle, while the feathered layering creates a soft and wispy texture for a refined yet slightly undone vibe.

#5. Sleek Inverted Bob with Undercut

Sleek Inverted Bob with Undercut

If you’re into all things edgy, you’ll love the sleek inverted bob with an undercut. This bob has a different kind of bounce, with sleek and edgy layers, and a secret undercut for a spunky element of surprise. 

#6. A-Line Bob on Loose Curls

A Line Bob with Loose Curls

 An A-line bob is a no-nonsense kind of style with everything the bob is known and loved for while making the perfect shape for loose curls, whether natural or styled, to create a playful and bouncy vibe.

#7. Choppy Micro Bob with a Fringe

Choppy Micro Bob with Fringe

The choppy micro-bob with a fringe bang is equal parts chic and charming. Choppy layers and uneven lengths bring an edgy texture with a slight avant-garde touch. Then, the fringe bangs connect the cut for a soft frame for your face.

#8. Graduated Bob with Razor-Cut Layers

Graduated Bob with Razored Layers

Looking for an A+ style? Go for a graduated bob with razor-cut layers! The graduated cut is perfect for creating a flirty frame for any face shape, while the razor-cut layers bring electric texture and dimension that revives thick and thin hair alike!

#9. Shaggy Bob with Disconnected Ends

Shaggy Bob with Disconnected Ends

The shaggy bob with disconnected ends is a style that screams “cool kid.” The jagged ends create a dynamic texture that creates a curl-like bounce with massive volume and body. It’s the perfect way to create a carefree look you can style in seconds!

#10. Long Bob with Soft Beach Waves

Long Bob with Soft Beach Waves

Get an effortless seaside vibe with a long bob and soft beach waves. This light and airy look is the perfect shoulder-length bob styled with soft beachy waves for extra bounce. Even on natural waves, this cut creates all of those easy breezy vibes!

#11. Stacked Bob with Peek-a-Boo Underlayer

Stacked Bob with Peek a Boo Underlayer

Are you looking for something elegant with an added element of surprise? You need a stacked bob with a peek-a-boo underlayer. The stacked layers create volume throughout the whole cut, creating that classic bob shape. Then, the peek-a-boo underlayer gives the look a pop of color for an extra fun flair. 

#12. Concave Bob with Wispy Strands

Concave Bob with Wispy Strands

Give your fine hair a free-spirited lift with the concave bob with wispy strands. The sophisticated shape of this cut gives the full-bodied volume that fine hair needs with a wispy texture with inward movement to accentuate your facial features. What more can a girl ask for?

#13. French Bob with Baby Bangs

French Bob with Baby Bangs

Love the Parisian look? Go for a French bob with baby bangs! This super-chic style brings all of the fabulousness of a blunt-cut bob with just a bit more texture for an extra touch of fun. Then, the baby bags come in to give the look that real trendy French girl vibe.

#14. Bob with Deep Side-Swept Bangs

Bob with Deep Side Swept Bangs

Get the classic bob cut with just a slight upgrade, thanks to the deep side-swept bangs. The bob style brings all that timeless body and movement and the deep side-swept bangs bring a glamorous finishing touch.

#15. Pixie Bob with Point Cut Layers

Pixie Bob with Point Cut Layers

If you’re into all things high fashion, you need a pixie bob with point-cut layers. This runway-ready look blends the punchy pixie and bob cuts for high volume, extreme texture, and complete style simplicity, then it adds point cuts for that extra edgy look.

#16. One-Length Bob with Defined Curls

One Length Bob with Defined Curls

Calling all our curly girls! This bob’s for you, babes! While a one-length bob may seem too boring for straight hair, it’s the perfect frame to supercharge your natural texture and let it give you all the eye-catching style you want (completely naturally).

#17. Swing Bob with Subtle Flips

Swing Bob with Subtle Flips

Throw it back with a youthful swing bob with subtle flips. This y2k-reminiscent look has all the classic volume and body the bob is famous for, but the subtle end flips give the look a bouncier movement for a fun aesthetic.

#18. Short Bob with Choppy Ends

Short Bob with Choppy Ends 1

Play up your punky side with a short bob with choppy ends. This cut is ideal for giving fine or thin hair a fuller look, while the choppy ends create a rockin’ texture that can bring the best out of any hair texture!

#19. Lob with Slicked-Back Volume

Lob with Slicked Back Volume

Nothing says sleek and sophisticated is better than a lob with slicked-back volume. This modern twist on the classic bob cut not only gives you more length but also brings structured volume that keeps your look classy but casual.

#20. Mid-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

Mid Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

The mid-length bob with blunt bangs is a straightforward cut with all the clean and polished vibes you could ever want! This blunt shape creates a bold and dramatic yet flattering frame for your face, amplified by the matching blunt bangs. This look is very versatile, flawlessly fitting pin-straight hair or casual waves.

#21. Tapered Bob with Soft Ringlets

Tapered Bob with Soft Ringlets

Recharge your ringlets with a tapered bob! This bob’s timeless layering revives natural curls for unbeatable bounce and body, while the tapered shape keeps things looking modern and a little edgy.

#22. Long Bob with Textured Ends

Long Bob with Textured Ends

If you’re into the simple and versatile kind of style, you’ll love the long bob with textured ends. This dynamic style features all the bob’s famed volume and bouncy movement with a little longer length for more styling options (with less effort).

#23. Shattered Bob with Uneven Layers

Shattered Bob with Uneven Layers

Find the middle ground between elegant and edgy in a shattered bob with uneven layers. The chaotic layering creates bold and dynamic volume and texture with a contemporary flair. And best of all? It’s perfect for any hair type.

#24. Angled Bob with Flowing Waves

Angled Bob with Flowing Waves

If you’re into the bombshell look, we’ve got just the bouncy bob for you! The angled bob with flowing waves features intense volume and soft texture to create fluid movement, especially with styled (or even natural) flowing waves.

#25. Blunt-Cut Bob with Middle Part

Blunt Cut Bob with Middle Part

Nothing says clean and tidy like a blunt-cut bob with a middle part. This low-maintenance yet high-profile cut has everything you need for an effortlessly elegant aesthetic. This style is particularly suited to straight hair, but can also look charming with loose waves.

#26. Short Stacked Bob with Top Volume

Short Stacked Bob with Volume on Top

Energize your aesthetic with a short stacked bob with top volume. The stacked layers on the back create fuller-looking hair with lightweight volume on the top layers for an extra lift, while maintaining the classic bob’s charm.

#27. Layered Bob with Wispy Feathering

Layered Bob with Wispy Feathering

Looking for a light and airy style? You need a layered bob with wispy feathering. Whether your hair is thick or thin, the feathered layered brings lightweight volume and soft texture for that wispy movement that makes the bouncy bob so popular.

#28. High-Low Bob with a Smooth Finish

High Low Bob with Smooth Finish

If you love the classic bob’s look but a sharper frame for your beautiful face, you need to get yourself a high-low bob with a smooth finish. This unique take on the timeless bob has a soft angular shape that accentuates any face shape, paying extra attention to the jawline, making it particularly slimming for rounder or square-shaped faces. .

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