21 Most Stunning Fall Hair Color Ideas That Will Warm Up Your Look And Turn Heads

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 17, 2024

With summer coming to an end, most women are folding up their bathing suits and hanging up their dresses in the back of the closet. But they’re also saying sayonara to their bright summer hair colors in exchange for something more cozy and alluring.

Are you looking for a fall hair color for the approaching season? Are you looking for fall color ideas that are different from the “typical” options? This article is here to help!

This compilation of this year’s 21 most stunning fall color hair ideas is destined to impress. Whether you’re looking for a richer red hue or want to keep your locks ultra-bright – yet fall-friendly – you can find it on this extensive list.

#1. Autumn Amber Waves

magnific 4DtpxBRBaMloqjh967cl Autumn Amber Waves

A bit brighter than “typical” red strands in fall, this autumn amber blends luscious deep red tones with striking gold hues to create a truly majestic blend. The only way to enhance this hair color is to throw in glamorous waves for that added bounce and beauty.

magnific EnrmCX9A5EcCEsrE850J Harvest Moon Platinum

Who said you can’t go blonde during fall? Although it’s not the norm, this hair color proves you can look 100% on theme for fall while still rockin’ some blonde locks. It’s simple – add some lush ash undertones to your platinum tresses. Use your blow dryer and product for serious volume.

#3. Spiced Latte Tones

magnific JoYTrLfWZwdPgQ6zSUrJ Spiced Latte Tones

Spiced lattes are popular during fall. So are spiced latte tones in one’s hair. How’s it done? Basically, it is the same as your fave fall beverage: with coffee brown and spicy cinnamon mixed. This dark and luscious shade is a must-try!

#4. Forest Floor Browns

magnific EYoLC5a7w83Kt1akx70c Forest Floor Browns

There’s nothing quite the appearance of a forest during fall, with all the beautiful leaves gracing the earth. Well, now you can embrace this beauty in your hair. This brown color palette has an earthy twist that’s undeniably stunning and unique.

#5. Autumn Sunset Balayage

magnific iShhq8NHYuWHXm0zHZFU Autumn Sunset Balayage

There is nothing quite like an autumn sunset, and now you can embrace the stunning shades in your strands. Blend oranges, reds, and golds throughout your mane. Place the lighter shades around the face to lighten and brighten with a youthful glow.

#6. Vanilla Chai Highlights

magnific oFC1FEHl1HR09uZKzswk Vanilla Chai Highlights

Vanilla chai is a tasty beverage, but it also makes a sensational hair color for fall. As the name suggests, vanilla chai adds creamy blonde streaks to a mousy brown base, immediately giving it some “oomph” in the vibrancy department.

#7. Smoky Maple Reds

magnific WXS7PIuGgTGGS29Gsy7q Smoky Maple Reds

Smoky maple red is an excellent choice if you want a warmer red for the fall season. This unique hair color comes with a blend of cool and warm tones, ensuring plenty of character. Some subtle texture instantly gives this color a dramatic boost.

#8. Autumnal Saffron Streaks

magnific 90q3U1kU0XXp68r8mHyV Autumnal Saffron Streaks

Looking for that “wow factor?” Girl, I’ve got you covered. All you need to do is ask your hairstylist for autumnal saffron streaks. This stunning hair color is dripping with exciting yellowish-orange shades perfectly on par for fall.

#9. Deep Pecan Hues

magnific sSMG1X9YYJnIWRN0ZrbW Deep Pecan Hues

Does your brown hair need a little boost? If you want to add complexity to your tresses without doing anything too daring, consider opting for this gorgeous deep pecan hair color. Its nutty brown shade is fall-friendly and bursting with dimension.

#10. Golden Cornstalk Strands

magnific gwFNo4oW5EIhb6OAOeCZ Golden Cornstalk Hair Color Strands

Yellow hair is reserved for spring and summer? Think again! By going with a slightly darker yellow tone reminiscent of everyone’s fave fall veggie (corn), you can wear a bright yet fall-friendly hair color that’s sure to impress.

#11. Sage and Sorrel Blend

magnific ctjEKjTNqd1IKgctYHMM Sage and Sorrel Blend

If you don’t care for “natural” hair colors, this one’s for you. Embracing the green shades of the herbs and foliage of fall, this sage and sorrel blend is an exciting choice for brunette babes. Give it a flirty twist with some bouncy waves.

#12. Autumn Nights Blackberry

magnific eSWGPJhkfWX34mbLNEfF Autumn Nights Blackberry

There is something so majestic about purple and black together – and if you didn’t know that before, you definitely know it now. One look at this autumn night’s blackberry hair color, and you’ll drift off into an autumn dream.

#13. Cider and Spice Mix

magnific kvQVwu8jZNOLnpWEjsqX Cider and Spice

Want to transform your summery blonde locks into a fall-friendly masterpiece? You don’t need to change your color entirely. Simply toss some spicy cinnamon hues throughout, creating a gorgeous reddish blonde cast that will easily pair with your fave fall outfits.

#14. Sweet Potato Accents

magnific Ye3JY24FFV4BuXrGfx8c Sweet Potato Accents

Sweet potatoes aren’t just a delicious food item to add to your holiday menu! It can also be your next go-to hairstyle for the fall season. Capturing the bright and enchanting hue of a sweet potato, this hair color is undeniably a top pick.

#15. Autumn Orchard Ombre

magnific 5VPTPoMCSNRbQduT9lpP Autumn Orchard Ombre

Give your brown strands a seasonal makeover by opting for an autumn orchard ombre. This stellar combination invites apple red and leafy green undertones to the mix, creating a genuinely mesmerizing finish that everyone will want to copy.

#16. Mulled Wine Reds

magnific Rj4EfzmXq5xBCHBEchfM Mulled Wine Reds

Sophisticated, alluring, and downright cozy, there’s a reason why mulled wine red is a timeless choice for the fall season. Add even more gracefulness to your aesthetic by using a large-barreled hair curler to create ringlets.

#17. Caramel Corn Highlights

magnific VTuXlmmpnZ1mUSrCTHGy Caramel Corn Highlights

Tone down your blonde hair and make it ready for the chillier season by draping your tresses in light caramel brown highlights. The subtle addition isn’t overwhelming but adds just the right amount of contrast for a seductive finish.

#18. Butternut Squash Browns

magnific 0QqfdnYGMXUaX9Lm61hj Butternut Squash Browns

If you’re more of a butternut squash gal than a sweet potato gal, consider this intoxicating hair color. With an orange-brown cast from root to end, this luscious hairstyle is a stunning blend you’ll want to wear all fall.

#19. Fireside Glow

magnific MWpgvW6sE21jhKGendbB Fireside Glow

Are you sick and tired of the same ole fall colors? Let me introduce you to a shade unlike anything you’ve seen before: fireside glow. This mesmerizing hair color blends brown, red, and orange for a fiery blend that’s still surprisingly warm and cozy.

#20. Autumn Twilight Lavender

magnific 86flEFhvHKVG4b6WzZhJ Autumn Twilight Lavender

Autumn twilight lavender is a stunning shade for girls looking to capture the tranquility and beauty of the autumn lavender fields. Emitting an aura of daintiness and serenity, this hair color is a definite must-try. Just don’t forget the waves!

#21. Whiskey and Oak Blend

magnific NzojnAv0DTyQTxRUY1N5 Whiskey and Oak Blend

This deep shade of red is intermingled with hints of dark browns and golden hues to create a dignified ‘do that’s refined and fierce. You can leave this luxurious shade stick straight or add waves or curls to liven things up. It looks amazing either way!

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