Get Ready To Shine With These 53 Beautiful Dark Brown Hair With Highlights

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 11, 2024

We absolutely adore dark brown hair, but what if you want to spice things up a bit or add a little depth to your look? Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of gorgeous highlight options for dark brown hair. From balayage to auburn accents, below you’ll find 53 ideas for highlights for dark brown hair, according to experts.

magnific qCKDUX1G4gFWtiSqF7El Silver Streaks on Dark Brown Hair

Gray hair isn’t just for your grandma anymore. No, it’s a hot new trend that’s taken the hairstyling world by storm. But if you’re not quite ready to go full-blown gray, consider adding some striking silver streaks to your dark brown locks.

#2. Golden Highlights on Espresso Brown Hair

magnific haoTv5T4RZvRUn76SeBV Golden Highlights on Espresso Brown Hair

Espresso hair is on the lighter end of the spectrum when it comes to a brunette color palette. But if you want to add a bit more brightness, golden highlights are the ultimate way to go. They instantly add shimmer to your tresses, a sun-kissed look you’ll enjoy year-round.

#3. Auburn Accents on Dark Chocolate Hair

magnific kbKfGMrx7NCQjvUilqAN Auburn Accents on Dark Chocolate Hair

Do your dark chocolate locks need some dimension? For something subtle yet luxurious, consider tacking on a few auburn accents. This sultry and warm look is best suited for the chillier months of the year.

#4. Lavender Tips on Deep Brown Hair

magnific ostWPom1xtKR63RTKYiP Lavender Tips on Deep Brown Hair

Looking for a quick way to add some fun flare to your deep brown hair? Consider lavender tips! Lavender tips are playful and definitely add some brightness to darker roots. You’ll love showing off this unique and surprisingly low-maintenance hairstyle. Just make sure you have a good color shampoo standing by.

#5. Rich Dark Brown with Subtle Honey Balayage

magnific TbKSGIUXn8NHfEB1uLZ0 Rich Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Honey Balayage

Rich, dark brown hair may be stunning on its own, but if you want to spruce things up without going overboard, a set of subtle honey balayage highlights will do the trick. The honey-on-dark-brown blend creates an all-natural aesthetic. 

#6. Deep-Jet Black Roots with Striking Walnut Highlights

magnific oZsAZEv1PlKcV3WDHZUx Deep Jet Black Roots Hair with Striking Walnut Highlights

Deep-jet black hair is visually striking with a modern edge. Yet, when you add some striking walnut highlights through black hair, you can take on an even more contemporary appearance. The unique blend is nothing short of enticing, not to mention incredibly low-maintenance.

#7. Elegant Dark Brunette Enhanced by Rose Gold Highlights

magnific InOK9nT0l786p58k6tEQ Elegant Dark Brunette Hair Enhanced by Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold is everywhere these days. Yet, if you think rose gold is too bright for your personality, don’t worry – you can still indulge without it taking over your style. Simply opt for rose gold highlights strewn throughout your dark brunette locks for an elegant and trendsetting ‘do.

#8. Smoky Charcoal Tones on Deep Brown Hair

magnific 10nM12wiUBUTBmIRvMHL Smoky Charcoal Tones Highlights on Deep Brown Hair

Any woman who wants to add a touch of mystery to her appearance will appreciate this duo. Featuring a deep brown base with smoky charcoal tones riddled throughout, this hairstyle is muted yet undeniably enticing.

#9. Mahogany Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

magnific XrEz988zGbj2698m0qpL Mahogany Ombre on Dark Brown Hair

The ombre blend from dark brown roots to mahogany ends is nothing short of fascinating. There’s no denying that these two colors go together beautifully, especially when applied using an ombre coloring technique. Throw in some waves to allow the colors to meddle together.

#10. Dark Brown with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

magnific qoKOr9xgFtjFK2MIBnHN Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Want to go blonde without actually going blonde? Don’t be afraid to dip your dark brown tresses into blonde highlights. The result is a wonderful hair color that looks like you’ve just come back from a vacation by the beach, making this a summer-ready style you’ll love to flaunt.

#11. Dark Brown with Copper Face-Framing

magnific zR7uc4F2KVUOnlFN2K4g Dark Brown Hair with Copper Face Framing Higlights

Lighter strands around the face are an easy way to add a youthful glow to your appearance – and this hair color is the perfect example. Luxurious dark brown locks are brightened around the face with copper highlights, a stylish finish you’ll love.

#12. Dark Brown with Cool Ash Highlights

magnific LvUr4zQ8FLuAAHeyfVML Dark Brown Hair with Cool Ash Highlights

Keep your roots showcasing your gorgeous dark brown hair, and lighten things up with some cool ash highlights. Your brunette hair will take on a brighter and more sophisticated appearance loaded with dimension.

#13. Chunky Platinum Highlights on Dark Brown

magnific mdd6041C4M2z1zmTb6EU Chunky Platinum Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If you really want to transform your dark brown mane without completely saying sayonara to your brunette locks, consider extra-large-sized chunky platinum highlights! Needless to say, these posh and ultra-bright highlights immediately add excitement.

#14. Dark Brown with Mocha Ribbons

magnific Y6fVjrxMggaYqBsd2ADg Dark Brown Hair with Mocha Ribbons Highlights

Where are my coffee-obsessed queens at? Sure, mocha coffee may be your fave drink – but it may just be your new fave hair color, too. For this look, dark brown locks are seamlessly blended with mocha ribbons, creating a creamy duo that’s downright delightful.

#15. Midnight Blue Highlights on Dark Brown

magnific NHrHJx4Mh4GAgHRjZP6Z Midnight Blue Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Tired of your brown hair and want something utterly magical instead? Try on these midnight blue highlights for size! Midnight blue highlights on dark brown locks create an instant mysterious, and intriguing appearance that’s perfect for the winter season.

#16. Dark Brown with Berry Undertones

magnific vpVlYTPmWQmNTmjxUgib Dark Brown Hair with Berry Undertones Highlights

Adding berry undertones to your dark brown locks is the perfect way to jazz things up without going too bold. The blend is seamless, and natural-looking yet adds much-needed contrast to your mane.

#17. Deep Brown with Sun-Kissed Highlights

magnific ddImsHrIjPxJm2MUyaUl Deep Brown Hair with Sun Kissed Highlights

For some women, achieving an all-natural appearance is the goal. Well, this hair color proves you can lighten and refresh your style while still looking natural. Enjoy sun-kissed highlights throughout your deep brown mane and flaunt it everywhere you go.

#18. Rich Dark Brown with Teal Accents

magnific ckQG05NhF5NSmX580Iq9 Rich Dark Brown Hair with Teal Accents Highlights

To quickly add an element of surprise to your rich dark mane, consider going with teal accents. Teal accents are a surefire way to add a unique and thrilling appeal to your mane while enjoying a fun pop of color. Always use color-safe products to extend the lifespan of the color!

#19. Subtle Olive Highlights on Dark Brown

magnific vX7ykUBPdz6e3GzqyWDC Subtle Olive Highlights on Dark Brown

Adding olive highlights to your dark brown mane is an easy way to add a “barely-there” dimension that’s understated yet elegant. Leave your hair straight or throw in some waves. You can’t go wrong with this color.

#20. Warm Chestnut Hues on Dark Brown

magnific idWsz0fxGmlNoKIJxF7o Warm Chestnut Hues Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If subtlety and beauty are the goal, consider wearing warm chestnut hues throughout your dark brown hair. While these highlights may be minimal, they instantly add depth, creating a more voluminous appearance. This color is especially suited for those with warm undertones.

#21. Bold Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown

magnific gpNxBWg5A3TwxlgETbZm Bold Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

On the other hand, if you want to create that wow factor, opt for bold cherry-red highlights! This hairstyle instantly injects excitement into your strands. The bold combo makes it an excellent option for any season, and it’s sure to turn heads.

#22. Sophisticated Smoky Gray Balayage on Dark Brown

magnific lZzBOHss9v1nveTx1IyV Sophisticated Smoky Gray Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Sophisticated, alluring, and sultry, smoky gray balayage on dark brown hair is reserved for the high-style ladies who want to create a captivating aesthetic. The best part is that balayage is a low-maintenance way to liven up dark manes!

#23. Caramel Swirls on Deep Brown Hair

magnific BWMY5GwU5Vf1D87eU0WW Caramel Swirls on Deep Brown Hair

Caramel swirls on deep brown hair are a quick and efficient way to add richness and warmth to your mane. The color combination is nothing short of sweet and delicious, and it just so happens to look fabulous on any skin color – making this a versatile look everyone can enjoy.

#24. Dark Brown with Vibrant Orange Highlights

magnific 4RIQvtb2ww55agOXCDMb Dark Brown Hair with Vibrant Orange Highlights

Go big or go home with this enchanting hair color! The look starts with a dark brown base that’s rather subtle and laid back. Yet, the dark brown roots get a vibrant twist thanks to eye-catching orange highlights. Be prepared to draw all the attention with this fiery ‘do.

#25. Rich Brown with Delicate Pink Highlights

magnific JZKpT2207Pi1UuGf86Yv Rich Brown Hair with Delicate Pink Highlights

If you thought pink highlights were reserved for lighter hair colors, think again. Pink highlights on a rich brown base are a captivating combination with plenty of charm. So, if you’re looking for a princess-like blend, opt for delicate pink highlights throughout your mane.

#26. Brunette with Subtle Silver Undertones

magnific PcnbIUiwCRbERPchFruz Brunette Hair with Subtle Silver Undertones

If you want to add a pinch of brightness without covering up your brown hair too much, try some edgy and modern silver undertones. These undertones will bring some brightness to your dreamy dark brown base.

#27. Dark Brown Hair with Stunning Emerald Streaks

magnific gyXosb3kZ6fcYXpR2Q6C Dark Brown Hair with Stunning Emerald Streaks

Dark brown hair is always sultry and elegant. But if you want to add more regalness and fantasy to your strands, consider going with emerald streaks. Emerald streaks are known for adding a pop of color and sophistication that’s sure to be the talk of the town.

#28. Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

magnific R7AuOb9ZA6ZjBs2YaPIa Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Are you looking for your next winter hair color? Look no further than this gorgeous blend of black cherry highlights on dark brown hair! With these highlights, you can secure a deep and mysterious aesthetic with subtle dimensions.

#29. Dark Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Tips

magnific wadXk7M7NRKvPoKF9Owm Dark Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Tips

Golden blonde tips on dark brown hair are a quick way to completely transform your appearance. So, if you want to achieve that “IT girl” aesthetic with plenty of shine and gloss, ask your hairstyling to toss in some golden blonde tips at your next appointment.

#30. Dark Brunette Hair with Vibrant Violet Highlights

magnific KDhSgpMSt7xxOALrtBpz Dark Brunette Hair with Vibrant Violet Highlights

For the women out there who aren’t afraid to play with colors and show off an edgy and chic hair color, this one’s for you. Dark brunette locks are instantly invigorated with some incredible violet highlights. Don’t be surprised when you end up with all eyes on you!

#31.  Cappuccino Tones in Dark Brown Hair

magnific 9euUz7t9aKo6U9tg3gWC Cappuccino Tones in Dark Brown Hair

Not all highlights have to be bright and in your face. If you’re dipping your toes into the highlighting world for the first time and want to “play it safe” while ensuring a gorgeous multi-tonal effect, ask for cappuccino tones in your dark brown hair. 

#32. Dark Brown with Vibrant Electric Blue Highlights

magnific FfYjwV9nazSt9jWB41L7 Dark Brown Hair with Vibrant Electric Blue Highlights

Adventurous babes who want to wow with every step will love this enticing style! It begins with a dark brown base highlighted with vivid, look-at-me electric blue shades. Play up the blue color by opting for blue eyeshadow and bright blue accessories.

#33. Dark Brunette with Striking Platinum Streaks

magnific N36QgO8DnYgGQfqvuva2 Dark Brunette Hair with Striking Platinum Streaks

Craving contrast? Nothing creates dimension quite like black and white paired together, and that’s exactly what this exotic hair color is all about. Ultra-dark brunette bases are exquisitely brightened with platinum streaks, a dazzling finish that epitomizes depth and contemporary attitude.

#34. Deep Brown with Rich Burgundy Undertones

magnific 3udRNQvGN327Co756ZM4 Deep Brown Hair with Rich Burgundy Undertones

If it’s all about the luxury, darling, you need this hair color blend. Dark brown locks are immediately matured and refined with rich burgundy undertones. This wine-hued hair is one that’s graceful enough to accompany you to all the finest holiday parties.

#35. Dark Brown with Playful Coral Accents

magnific 8Ap9sKjig2Y9ES5jOsU7 Dark Brown Hair with Playful Coral Accents

You might not think to pair coral with dark brown, but let’s face it – this is a dynamic duo that’s downright whimsical. If you want to add a touch of youthfulness and playfulness to your dark brown base, consider some fun coral accents.

#36. Dark Brown with Peekaboo Rainbow Highlights

magnific 8R5s5WjdVKUPE0A3oB8C Dark Brown Hair with Peekaboo Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow hair can be too out-of-the-box for many women. But if you just can’t get rid of your desire for rainbow locks, why not try this hair color? With this style, you’ll keep your lovely brunette tresses. You’ll just add some cute peek-a-boo rainbow streaks all around your head. So fun!

#37. Dark Brown with Subtle Creamy Beige Balayage

magnific pyaZUBbQ1rLEKNcTMKf7 Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Creamy Beige Balayage

Beige is just one of those colors that blends magnificently with dark brown. Add some beige beauties to your dark brown base and enjoy a brightened appearance. Create some loose waves to help better define your creamy beige highlights.

#38. Cozy Warm Cinnamon Swirls on Dark Brown Hair

magnific oESMUlcvjwEEM8JUHmwB Cozy Warm Cinnamon Swirls on Dark Brown Hair

Warm, dark, and decadent – these are the best words to describe this sizzlin’ hot hairdo. To recreate this look, you’ll leave your dark brown locks as is. Simply spruce them up with some warm cinnamon swirls, which not only create immediate depth but an irresistible attitude.

#39. Dark Brown with Enchanting Sea Green Streaks

magnific VmVZhoDTEXIle4SoUwIn Dark Brown Hair with Enchanting Sea Green Streaks

Becoming the dream girl from a fantasy movie isn’t complicated. Really, it all comes down to adding sea-green streaks to your dark brown brunette tresses. Play up the sea green accents by matching your makeup, accessories, and clothing.

#40. Dark Brunette with Radiant Golden Honey Highlights

magnific Hhnkbtvpkwn6l555jcPk Dark Brunette Hair with Radiant Golden Honey Highlights

If you want to go a little bit brighter and a little bit lighter, throw some golden honey highlights atop your stunning brunette strands. The result is an effortlessly flawless hairstyle that’s truly radiant. This look plays particularly well with loose, playful waves.

#41. Ombre Rose Gold Tips on Dark Brown Hair

magnific bDYxOZVvBV4pwrt7gLgt Ombre Rose Gold Tips on Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown roots trickling down to striking rose gold tips is an immediate “W” in the hairstyling department. The gradient effect is downright magical. To help the colors mingle together beautifully, consider wearing waves, curls, or other textured hairstyles.

#42. Subtle Lavender Highlights in Deep Brown Hair

magnific DkDpS7BrqRDNTo7a3h9x Subtle Lavender Highlights in Deep Brown Hair

A little bit of color never hurts anyone – and that’s especially true if you opt for a coy lavender shade such as this. Lavender looks splendid when paired up against deep brown hair, a match that’s unpredictable yet genuinely delightful. 

#43. Metallic Silver Strands in Dark Brown Hair

magnific vMrhdrREZOx6VRtxGq73 Metallic Silver Strands in Dark Brown Hair

Creating head-turning contrast is a cinch when you opt for metallic silver strands fused with a dark brown base. You can go as heavy or as light as you’d like, but heavier metallic will add a futuristic touch that’s quite trendy.

#44. Auburn Balayage on Dark Brunette Hair

magnific FGpUVpNk8YH6Uum02JvT Auburn Balayage on Dark Brunette Hair

Dreaming of being a redheaded babe but don’t want to say bye to your brunette hair entirely? Auburn balayage is the ideal way to give your hair some red tinge without losing sight of your lovely brown locks. Needless to say, this is the go-to style for fall!

#45. Dark Brown with Sable Highlights

magnific 1BEVIe6RRBw5owRKGhQX Dark Brown Hair with Sable Highlights

If you want to make your dark brown hair look more incredible, adding some subtle highlights can help – and they don’t even need to be overly bright or colorful! As you can see with this hairstyle, sable highlights add a regal and luxurious touch without the drama. 

#46. Dark Brown with Lemon-Yellow Streaks

magnific McCvb2WbuKR4Ps4rUFKT Dark Brown Hair with Lemon Yellow Streaks

Ultra-chic babes looking to add some zest and spice to their lives are gonna love this hair color! The look showcases a dark brown base riddled with sporadic lemon-yellow streaks. Yup, this is definitely a ‘do suitable for babes who want all the attention.

#47. Dark Brown with Coppery Bronze Highlights

magnific mJhF65Z1keiN7hCJ7JLS Dark Brown Hair with Coppery Bronze Highlights

Some highlights are so delicate you can hardly see them, creating an all-natural aesthetic – and that’s precisely what you can achieve with coppery bronze highlights. Although subtle and effortless, they instantly add some refreshing and invigorating vibes.

#48. Deep Brown with Mahogany Undertones

magnific OiqqkLmDnyiiS29VEsdM Deep Brown Hair with Mahogany Undertones

For an instant style update with a cherry wood effect, consider adding mahogany undertones to your look. This understated addition will add just a pinch of red undertones throughout your strands, a sophisticated pairing that works well on any hair length.

#49. Dark Brown with Sapphire Blue Accents

magnific tYx3XKd2ZdC0wHW4UXmv Dark Brown Hair with Sapphire Blue Accents

Sometimes, going “bold” doesn’t mean dousing your mane in bright and lavish colors. Sometimes, it’s as easy as tossing in a few awe-worthy pieces, such as these gorgeous sapphire blue accents. They steal the show without being too obnoxious.

#50. Dark Brown with White Blonde Streaks

magnific dT5j98v6cziLT4tvINZ3 Dark Brown Hair with White Blonde Streaks

One look at this hair color, and you’ll swoon. After all, nothing says beautiful quite like brown and blonde paired together, and we especially love the incredible contrast the white blonde adds to the mane. 

#51. Dark Brown with Ashy Mocha Highlights

magnific WHpn60SEW0tHRrqud8MA Dark Brown Hair with Ashy Mocha Highlights

Dark brown hair with ashy mocha highlights may be understated, but it doesn’t negate the fact it’s still enchanting. This is especially true if you let the colors blend with long, charming, loose waves.

#52. Deep Brown with Honeycomb Balayage

magnific cqXWgKO3zH3avkSm2SRr Deep Brown Hair with Honeycomb Balayage

Deep brown locks can be one-noted and dull, but they don’t have to be. If you need to revive your brunette tresses, honeycomb balayage is a lovely way to do it. The subtle honeycomb-painted highlights add a unique tonal effect you’ll love.

#53. Dark Brown with Pastel Rainbow Highlights

magnific 2SVglJaxCtbDx5W6qZuj Dark Brown Hair with Pastel Rainbow Highlights

Hey, unicorn! Ready to let your colors shine bright like a diamond? Then, don’t be afraid – toss them into your dark brown tresses and enjoy a fantastic showcase of fun colors that can be seen from a mile away.

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