35 Iconic Hairstyles For Women Over 50 That Break The Style Barrier

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 21, 2024

Who says gray hair has to be boring? Not us, that’s for sure! 

Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your sharp sense of style. Check out these iconic hairstyles for women over 50 that break all kinds of style barriers so you always look and feel your best.

#1. Textured Pixie on Natural Gray

magnific GpYZROogwvYxjINdRxSe Textured Pixie with Natural Gray

The textured pixie on natural gray is a cute, contemporary style with a girly chic edge. This cut blends the youthful vibe of the pixie with the marvelous maturity of your natural grays, all while being super-easy to style every day.

#2. Short Salt-And-Pepper Bob

magnific BGOa7UuExSdsrlqpo6Gg Short Bob with Salt and Pepper Color

Looking for something dignified and absolutely delightful? You need a short salt-and-pepper bob. This look pairs the low-maintenance but highly flattering bob short bob with a dash of extra dimension from the salt-and-pepper coloring.

#3. Shaggy Bob with Layered Bangs

magnific ni5nFPR1jMSyXQcXWHhw Shaggy Bob with Layered Bangs

The shaggy bob with layered bangs is a lively look on any color, particularly natural grays. The bob’s cool, laidback, shaggy layers create a subtle frame to highlight your cheekbones, and the layered bangs amplify the carefree texture.

#4. Pixie with Side Swept Bangs and Subtle Highlights

magnific fvufh3fvJPeEcueQSgnv Pixie with Side Swept Bangs and Subtle Highlights

Need something alluring with an age-defying shape? Go for a pixie cut with side-swept bangs and subtle highlights. The subtle highlights give your hair all the life it needs to enhance the look of the pixie’s layers, while the side-swept bangs magnify your eyes and give an undeniably chic edge.

#5. Chin-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific OEZLhxTaTm1VzPnidpaX Chin Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If youthful is the name of your game, look no further than a chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. The chin-length bob creates a younger and slimmer-looking face while giving brand new life to any hair type. Then, the side-swept bangs add a stylish and sophisticated finishing touch to the face frame.

#6. Short Bob with Textured Ends

magnific s66KbpGjD83VHCnatYSM Short Bob with Textured Ends

The short bob with textured ends is a perky and highly popular hairstyle for women over 50. This style combines the bob’s complementary shape with textured ends for instant life. And even better, this trendy cut makes styling easy-breezy.

#7. Spiky Pixie with Long Side Bangs

magnific bBBzp2bE57Zp2tv8Npen Spiky Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Looking for a show-stopper? Go for a spiky pixie with long side bangs. This is a mesmerizing mix of spiky texture and luxe long-side bangs. The pixie cut’s spiky texture brings exuberant definition and movement to any hair type, and long side bangs top this style of cute and confident charm.

#8. Layered Bob with Silver Streaks

magnific jllioWKcmoUkCWG3WUh6 Layered Bob with Silver Streaks

Go for all things sophisticated with a side of that silver fox vibe. Or should we say, silver vixen. The layered bob brings full-bodied volume and that classic facial-feature-accentuating shape. Then, silver streaks add a vibrant dimension to your gray hair to give this look even more life and a modern edge.

#9. Angled Bob with Natural Gray

magnific p8DEkn9JM53BQJydbMoJ Angled Bob with Natural Gray 1

An angled bob is an iconic haircut for women over 50 that lets you wear your natural grays with confidence and class. The angle creates a particularly complementary frame for your jawline, using clean, clean lines to ideal slim and elongate round or square face shapes.

#10. Shoulder Length Cut with Soft Curls

magnific LthJ6WEslNCLTcrNgu7d Shoulder Length Cut with Soft Curls

Soft, sophisticated, simple to style, and super-versatile, this mid-length hairstyle has it all! The shoulder-length cut offers endless styling options without dragging your face down with weight or bulk. Then, the soft curls (whether styled or natural) are an instant upgrade, giving elegant movement and a slight glam twist.

#11. Layered Lob with a Side Part

magnific QR9KWttdsPlIsDmoS5d7 Layered Lob with Side Part

Vibrant, youthful, and flawlessly fabulous. That’s how we describe the layered lob with a side part. The layering in this bob brings even the finest, flattest hair to life with vivacious volume and texture, all while creating a complementary contour for your facial feature. Then, the side part adds that fab finishing touch.

#12. Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

magnific mXJXnVdqAhDNwNBMrrYt Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

Want something polished with a slightly playful twist? Look no further than a blunt lob with subtle waves. The blunt lob is a neat, tidy, versatile cut that looks great no matter how you style it. But subtle waves instantly elevate the look with a cheerful yet charming vibe.

#13. Chin-Length Bob with Delicate Layers

magnific 3oyGEYp8OkHBF2uKOFGw Chin Length Bob with Delicate Layers

If you’re looking for a style that turns back the clock but has a fun modern flair, you need a chin-length bob with delicate layers. This bob’s delicate layering brings light and airy movement to the sharp and chic chin-length bob, giving the normally neat and tidy bob some more movement and volume without sacrificing that flawless shape.

#14. Lob with Subtle Balayage and Soft Highlights

magnific MxiBiXCnhNLbDdivOQEt Lob with Subtle Balayage and Soft Highlights

The lob with subtle balayage and soft highlights is a triple threat of trendy, youthful, and divine. This style has multi-tonal dimensions with depth and brightness for all the energy your hair could ever want without sacrificing the clean and classy look of the lob.

#15. Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 8fb9H90ebbAAIUT0oiUz Long Layers with Side Swept Bangs

Think long hair drags you down? Think again! Luxurious long layers bring that timeless charm to your style with revived volume and movement, and side-swept bangs frame your face for a chic charm.

#16. Long Waves with Subtle Gray Highlights

magnific YLLH5q5Csv6KtENtTEdZ Long Waves with Subtle Gray Highlights

Lovely long waves are the perfect long hairstyle for you ladies over 50 who refuse to lose their length (and we don’t blame you). Nothing is as effortlessly elegant as long waves. They’re voluminous, luxurious, and totally easy to create with a large curling wand. Then, subtle gray highlights brighten things up and make growing your natural grays easier and more stylish than ever.

#17. Long and Layered Cut with a Center Part

magnific TvGyUF0utW5cNOowHWsY Long and Layered with a Center Part

Long, lavish, and beautifully balanced—that’s the aesthetic of a long, layered cut with a center part. The layers ensure that your lengths stay lively and youthful, while the center part effortlessly refines the finishing touch.

#18. Sleek and Straight Mid-Length Cut on Natural Gray

magnific lspyOPiZi6EEZpFLUCTl Sleek and Straight with Natural Gray

Want something clean, tidy, and timelessly tasteful? Go for a sleek, straight mid-length on natural gray! This cut may be simple, but it’s got a lot of style, bringing instant elegance to your natural grays with that sleek finish to add to the polished aesthetic.

#19. Long Layers with Feathered Waves

magnific cT0Gq3VWX13ZNqOej0Wf Long Layers with Feathered Waves

Long layers with feathered waves is a super sophisticated long hairstyle for women over 50. These long, lush layers enhance volume and movement with feathered waves for a heavy dose of soft glam.

#20. Voluminous Curls with Subtle Silver

magnific EPETuJvlAR2wmwcLHZT6 Voluminous Curls with Subtle Silver

Calling all our curl-loving girlies! This one’s for you! Whether natural or perms, voluminous curls are an instant game changer. They bring a cute, girly style packed full of volume, body, and bounce, with a zest of subtle silver for better definition and a contemporary flair.

#21. Textured Bob with Bold Silver Streaks

magnific AbS6ZArjo0B7doS6q6CN Textured Bob with Bold Silver Streaks

If you’re all about those super-chic styles but need something just a tad more lively than the typical sleek bob, you need to try a textured bob with bold silver streaks. The textured bob brings a mild charge of energy while keeping things soft and simple. Then, bold silver streaks brighten and define while adding a modern edge to this classic cut.

#22. Pixie with Subtle Undercut and Bright Highlights

magnific 6eeFVBp6BZhKemajsVpy Pixie with Subtle Undercut and Bright Highlights

If you’re down for a total revamp, go for a pixie with a subtle undercut and bright highlights. This top-tier trio of bold, bright, and edgy combines the pixie’s stunningly youthful silhouette with bright dimension-giving highlights and an undercut for that mild edgy element.

#23. Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

magnific FCOLy5XIQpV1q4h9AiZI Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

Looking for something that blends classic and trendy? The layered bob with shadow root color is your new go-to! Layers add a breath of new life to your hair while keeping that classic complementary shape of the bob. Then, the shadow roots add depth, giving the look of fuller and thicker roots, making this the perfect hairstyle for women over 50 struggling with thinning hair.

#24. Chin-Length Bob with a Geometric Fringe

magnific qfamJxfT9LYsbMYkz5uk Chin Length Bob with Geometric Fringe

Cute, confident, and contemporary—that’s how we describe the chin-length bob with a geometric fringe. This style pairs the instant age-defying facial frame from the chin-length bob’s angles with a modern geometric fringe bang for a little more movement.

#25. Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers and Lowlights

magnific Vzbhqj0c1Y742kTYouxk Shaggy Bob with Choppy Layers and Lowlights

The shaggy bob with choppy layers and lowlights has a super-stylish look and a slight retro flair. Choppy layers add even more energy to the shaggy bob for vivacious texture and volume, while the lowlights add depth and dimension to your natural grays for that sophisticated salt-and-pepper look.

#26. Lob with a Dimensional Gray Color

magnific mO1BvFxUMXX6SCIsVJhc Lob with Dimensional Gray Color

Want something lovely, lively, and luminous? Go for a lob with a dimensional gray color. The lob creates a low-key but highly flattering base for the dimensional gray color, which turns up the texture for a zap of energy and brightness that looks good no matter how you style it.

#27. Long Layers with Multi-Tonal Gray Highlights

magnific 0WuaWlDfea9XTpGMjKQA Long Layers with Multi Tonal Gray Highlights

If you’re looking for something high-voltage yet high-class, you’ve got to try some long layers with multi-tonal gray highlights. The layers put some razzle dazzle back into your hair, intensified by the multi-tonal highlights for extra depth and dimension, all while looking ultra-upscale.

#28. Chin-Length Bob with Natural Waves

magnific nuK4vThp8Mqhi86leZxq Chin Length Bob with Natural Waves

The chin-length bob is a fan-favorite haircut for women over 50 because the shape creates a tighter neckline and jawline for an instantly younger look. But, this style is softened by natural waves for something a little more easygoing but still elegant.

#29. Tousled Bob with Beachy Waves

magnific HMp7w6dH5IRe3XsR5hdC Tousled Bob with Beachy Waves

Beach babes never go out of style! And nothing proves that better than a tousled bob with beachy waves! The tousled texture of the bob sets the ultimate tone for beachy waves to bring all those summer vibes.

#30. Softly Layered Bob with Delicate Curls

magnific hXHhSL4MAqJmB5CFfc8t Softly Layered Bob with Delicate Curls

Want something subtle but still chic and sophisticated? You need a softly layered bob with delicate curls. The softly layered bob brings a more subdued frame that still highlights your facial features but is more for giving the bob a dose of smooth movement, making the perfect background for delicate curls to come in and finish the look off with class and style.

#31. Messy Bob with Wispy Layers

magnific dOw7DAa2Arv2IgLfJWZk Messy Bob with Wispy Layers

A messy bob with beachy layers is a high-energy look to revive lifeless, fine, or thinning hair. The wispy layers add light and airy texture, adding to the irresistible undone look of the messy bob and creating a trendy bedhead look with all the cute and carefree vibes

#32. Shaggy Pixie with Elongated Front

magnific Nt22JJhLD0A6iPJ1Vvon Shaggy Pixie with Elongated Front

If you love the look of the pixie but want something just a little more laidback, you’ve got to go for a shaggy pixie with an elongated front. This pixie is characterized by a voluminous and shaggy texture, with slightly longer layers in the front for fuller-looking hair and a chic edge.

#33. Elegant French Twist with Subtle Silver Highlights

magnific VPHx352pA5sOJQTzfPAE Elegant French Twist with Subtle Silver

Is radiant and refined your aesthetic? Try an elegant French twist with subtle silver highlights. This quick but classic updo makes a beautiful hairstyle for a fancy occasion, with the silver highlights adding dimension and sophistication to the whole look.

#34. Classic Chignon with a Soft Gray Touch

magnific thIytCyQS5wwFlyTs915 Classic Chignon with a Soft Gray Touch

Need a go-to updo you can do in a pinch, and works well in almost any situation? Look no further than a classic chignon with a soft gray touch. This rolled updo takes seconds and can be clean and sleek, or you can pull out a few wisps for a more flattering look. Then, the soft gray touch adds that extra dose of dignified to this already graceful style.

#35. Side-Swept Braid with Voluminous Crown

magnific mqtWwSBG1pAr5bDBQPVe Side Swept Braid with Voluminous Crown

A side-swept braid with a voluminous crown is all things regal yet relaxed. This simple style instantly brings an elegant yet easy vibe to your look with extra volume in the crown, right where you need it. And as a bonus, the braid gives you some beautiful waves when you take it out.

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