65 Ravishing Silver & White Highlight Ideas That Redefine Aging Gracefully

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 15, 2024

Style has no age limit, and nothing proves that better than silver and white highlights. No matter what color they’re on, these colors look iconic together. Even better, this combo allows your natural grays to shine through with style while bringing natural depth and dimension to enhance your natural beauty. 

From shimmering silver to confident bright white, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect way to elevate your look with our expert-picked list of silver & white highlights that redefine aging gracefully!

Let’s dive in!

#1. Silver-Infused Ash Brown Balayage

magnific XPnuhQryABmwIERk2u71 Silver Infused Ash Brown Balayage

Silver-infused ash-brown balayage may be understated, but it’s absolutely stunning! Silver illuminates the ash brown, bringing a natural dimension for livelier-looking hair. Plus, both cool-toned colors complement each other, creating a balanced blend and a bright glow suitable for almost any skin tone.

#2. Silver and Cool-Toned Brunette Balayage

magnific AdeifRrRr7mZq8KcPqcJ Cool Toned Silver Brunette with Subtle Balayage

This one’s for the trendsetters! Silver and cool-toned brunette balayage creates a unique and futuristic take on classic cool-toned brunette shades, giving the look of depth and brightness for a youthful and stylish aesthetic.

#3. Light Brown Hair with Lustrous Silver Balayage

magnific RvqdGiwL6RAsLPWfedwV Light Brown Hair with Lustrous Silver Balayage

Want to bring some beachy chic back to your look? Go for light brown hair and lustrous silver balayage! The warm light brown offsets the cool silver, but they work together perfectly, creating a seamless blend. The lustrous silver brings the brown base a revived multidimensional look that gives definition to the flattest, finest hair.

#4. Cascading Silver and Chocolate Brown Waves

magnific F4Nx1bqxF94BpCcKK7jp Cascading Silver and Chocolate Brown Waves

Looking for the perfect pairing of energetic and elegant? You need cascading silver and chocolate brown waves! The depth from the chocolate gives the look more depth for more voluminous-looking hair, while the cool silver offsets it for a bold contrast and super dynamic dimension that enhances your waves and gives your whole style a luxurious vibe.

#5. Silver Highlights on Elegant Dark Waves

magnific Mnbh4B6Ilu4RpVt8tuIZ Elegant Dark Waves Touched with Silver Highlights

Love those soft, sophisticated styles? Go for silver highlights on elegant dark waves! The silver highlights subtly enhance any natural color, blending grays and bringing natural energy through depth and illumination without overpowering your luscious dark locks. Then, the elegant waves upgrade this look with all those natural glam vibe that suits any style.

#6. Soft Brown with Subtle Gray Babylights

magnific oaKIo1GHPkTm2KINIdWX Subtle Transition from Brown to Gray with Babylights

Subtle gray baby lights are a flawless and fashionable way to embrace your grays, especially on a lighter brunette. The soft brown tones pair effortlessly with the subtle gray baby lights for a smooth-as-butter transition with a delicate dose of brightness for a natural and youthful glow.

#7. Dynamic Silver and Gray Highlights on Black Hair

magnific DRPaTfDw5kG0IimaEmgL Dynamic Silver and Gray Highlights in Black Hair

Go for a chic and sophisticated way to style your naturally graying hair with dynamic silver and gray highlights on black hair. This energized take on the salt and pepper look features a stunning yet unexpectedly natural-looking contrast, with the silver and gray tones that melt into your elegant black base for multidimensional definition.

#8. Textured Dark Brown Bob with Thick Silver Highlights

magnific SBkTvFAK6GyvbfBZr08T Textured Dark Brown Bob with Thick Silver Highlights

A textured dark brown bb with thick silver highlights is a high-energy look that turns back the clock. The bob’s shape creates a lifting effect, forming a youthful frame for your face, while the textured layers and thick silver highlights work together to bring twice the depth and definition to your hair, making it perfect for any hair type!

#9. Striking Black-to-Silver Ombre

magnific DNzaFjySARZke5oJGAPo Striking Black to Silver Ombre Effect

Looking for something dramatic and dignified? You need striking black-to-silver ombre! This jaw-dropping transition of two polar opposite colors creates maximum depth for fuller, thicker-looking hair. And, even if your hair’s not graying yet, it’s a delightful way to experiment with the super-stylish silver hair trend.

#10. Soft Blonde with Ash Brown and Silver Balayage

magnific Bkm3xO1YnpP94Zi0Dk3l Soft Blonde with Ash Brown and Silver Balayage

Enhance your look with a trendy trio, like a soft blonde with ash brown and silver balayage! The ash brown and silver balayage act as subtle highlights and lowlights for a delicate transition that looks natural but absolutely captivating on any skin tone and hair type, creating a beachy and blissful aesthetic.

#11. Dark Espresso with Sleek Silver Strands

magnific sEH9fozprBop1CFwGev6 Dark Espresso with Sleek Silver Strands

Bring a contemporary charm to your lovely, luxe dark espresso locks with sleek silver strands. The striking contrast between dark, earthy espresso and sleek silver brightens and cools things off while giving life to any hair texture and length. And, for even more versatility, the blend of warm and cool undertones provides any skin tone with a youthful glow.

#12. Chestnut Brown Hair with Silver Lining Highlights

magnific FeVk7s3Pel9UsucK30Rx Silver Lining Highlights in Chestnut Brown Hair

Don’t just look on the bright side; be the bright side with silver-lining highlights on chestnut brown hair. Chestnut brown hair sets the perfect tone for the tiny threaded highlights, bringing hair gentle life with a shimmery finish to give your look a mature yet magical flavor.

#13. Brunette Hair with Ashy Gray and Silver Balayage

magnific 4RxcEazIgzWSmCDs5xe4 Ashy Gray and Silver Balayage on Brunette

If your brunette hair is starting to go a bit gray, beat it to the punch with a color combo packed with pizazz, like ashy gray and silver balayage. Brunette is the perfect base tone for ashy gray and silver balayage to create a natural multidimensional look that brings a cool and slightly edgy vibe.

#14. Midnight Black with Frosted Silver Highlights

magnific qCkF671G1mSDHuXGPrVM Midnight Black with Silver Frost Highlights

Midnight black with frosted silver highlights is all things moody and modern style for women of all ages who love a major contrast. The iconic icy frosted silver zaps your dramatic midnight black hair with bold depth and dimension for a look that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

#15. Silver Speckled Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

magnific iXyFQpa5hbxxZQB4ITaJ Silver Speckled Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

Silver-speckled highlights are a gentle yet jaw-dropping lift for your luscious dark brown locks. The silver speckles bring gentle lightness and depth that fit any hair type and skin tone like a dream for a low-key but highly stylish look.

#16. Auburn Hair with Molten Silver Ribbons

magnific 3XToIrw21BPzyyQ0SxKp Molten Silver Ribbons in Auburn Hair

Looking for something red-hot and radiant? You molten silver ribbons on auburn hair. This is a super stylish blend of warm and cool, with the molten silver ribbons weave through the front of the fiery auburn red to create a tiny and tasteful contrast that acts almost as a money piece.

#17. Smoky Gray Accents on Lush Brown Hair

magnific wqz57R3Ot7kYOGjgR6KY Smoky Gray Accents in Lush Brown Hair

Go for that smoke show look with smoky gray accents on lush brown hair. This blend brings a small change with a big-time style, with the lush brown getting just a wisp of life for a beautiful mix of mystery and modern flair.

#18. Rich Caramel Brown with Silver Babylights

magnific b0Mqnu69Iu5MCSq9fKiY Rich Caramel Brown with Silver Babylights

If you’re looking for something cozy and charming with a pinch of playful pizazz, you’ve got to try rich caramel brown with silver babylights! This lively color combination features soft, cool-toned silver babylights that energize the warm, rich caramel brown with a light illumination that also gives your skin a youthful glow.

#19. Vibrant Silver Highlights on Dark Amber Waves

magnific BYiD5WVAZlCzQMLrfSO6 Vibrant Silver Highlights on Dark Amber Waves

Love all things fab and flashy? Go for vibrant silver highlights on dark amber waves. The silver brings a magical-meets-modern contrast with the dark amber waves, making this a delightful way to dive into the silver hair trend, whether your hair is graying or not.

#20. Deep Chocolate Hair with Silver Balayage

magnific VAPzmhzLxM0apdhEefG5 Deep Chocolate Hair with Silver Balayage

Silver balayage instantly elevates your deep chocolate brown hair with luminous elegance for a smooth and sophisticated style with a whole lot of life. The vigorous contrast of rich, deep chocolate and icy silver adds depth and dimension, making aging hair look thicker and fuller, all while complementing any skin tone. 

#21. Silver-Edged Brunette Curls

magnific 9QR8ENATD2cSoa5PJWdg Silver Edged Brunette Curls

You don’t need a new cut to revive your curls! All you need to do is silver-edged! These silver strands add dimension and definition to your curls, giving all that glitz and glamor to your natural curls–without trimming them! Use curl definer or shine serum to add even more sparkle.

#22. Silver Dusting on Walnut Brown Hair

magnific kGzi3YSLEDORMKlJKuy3 Silver Dusting on Walnut Brown Hair

Silver dusting is the perfect way to gray your way with something naturally radiant! This soft, enchanting hint of silver brightens your neutral walnut brown while also balancing out skin tones with a lot of redness. Talk about a minimal change with maximum impact!

#23. Silver Streaks in Warm Honey Brown

magnific AiHdahmnTaOMdT3Ahu22 Silver Streaks in Warm Honey Brunette

If you’re looking for something smooth, sweet, and oh-so-chic, there’s nothing better than silver streaks on warm honey brown. The bold blend of warm, rich honey brunette and silver streaks adds dynamic life to energize even the thinnest hair, all while giving your look a cool, contemporary charm.

#24. Jet Black Hair with Starry Silver Balayage

magnific snAynGRxATdl7NlzsV0s Jet Black Hair with Starry Silver Balayage

Going for a unique and youthful style with star power? You’ve got to get jet-black hair with starry silver balayage. Jet black is deep and dark, setting the perfect base for the stardust-inspired silver balayage to take your look to infinity and beyond!

#25. Silver Veins in Dark Cherry Red Hair

magnific gfGrWXHAs5FBNOTJX7ff Silver Veins in Dark Cherry Red Hair

All about that drop-dead gorgeous look? You need dark cherry hair with silver veins! This subtle money-piece-inspired style adds a unique twist to the already alluring dark red cherry color. Also, cherry red may be cool-toned, but it still gives a rich, rosy glow that flatters almost any skin tone!

#26. Silver Glaze on Ash Blonde Hair

magnific qEZXpuwlpCYxHJ56yPua Silver Glaze on Ash Blonde Hair

A silver glaze on ash-blonde hair is a perfectly polished way to embrace gray or white hair. The ash blonde’s cool tones are the ideal blonde shade to pair with the silver for just a touch of dimension, creating a bright, sunny, and beautiful aesthetic for all skin tones. 

#27. Silver and Ash Brown Blend in Brunette Hair

magnific CJIVoYr0Sm3rZ988XQjB Silver and Ash Brown Blend in Brunette Hair

If your hair is just starting to gray, you don’t have to go all the way with silver highlights just yet! Go for a silver and ash brown blend on brunette hair! This soft and subtle change creates a gentle, multidimensional look with effortless natural beauty.

#28. Dusky Brown with Silver Whispers

magnific lDbw50wda8GiwAilvfI6 Dusky Brown with Whispering Silver Highlights

Looking for a charming upgrade for your naturally graying hair? Try warm, dusky brown with quiet silver whispers. These silver strands add a slight cool-toned brightness to the brown for the perfect multitonal dimension that creates a naturally energetic look. Plus, the silver highlights shimmer in the sunlight for even more flair.

#29. Silver Beams in Chestnut Brown Tresses

magnific g2gQn6Xw00opESxl8l50 Silver Beams in Chestnut Brown Tresses

Looking for something exciting and elegant to brighten up your chestnut tresses? You need to try some silver beams! This neutral brunette tone makes the ideal base for the luminous silver beams to lighten and liven up your hair with dimension and depth, instantly renewing any texture and creating a bright, warm, and inviting look.

#30. Smoldering Brown Hair with Icy Silver Touches

magnific g351CwWB0okvDcrDixbD Smoldering Brown Hair with Icy Silver Touches

Smoldering brown hair with icy silver touches adds just a hint of drama to form a style that melts away your fear of gray, replacing it with ice-cold confidence. The icy silver creates a brilliant contrast with the cool tones of smoldering brown, creating gentle depth for a semi-natural look.

#31. Silver Glow on Dark Golden Brown Hair

magnific Fl8IR3QkUuMsFhFQ8m7Y Silver Glow on Dark Golden Brown Hair

Dip your toes into graying hair with something elegant and eye-catching, like a silver glow on dark golden brown. This bold yet balanced blend of cool silver tones with the richness of the golden blonde hair creates a striking contrast. And, the silver glow is placed just right to elevate your natural grays or let them grow in to blend naturally.

#32. White Gold Highlights on Rusty Brown Hair

magnific Ys9ZBTbgL4L6jbIC59yN White Gold Highlights on Rusty Brown Hair

White and gold highlights on rusty brown hair create an aesthetic that can only be described as natural luxury. The yellow undertones of the white gold highlights blend seamlessly with the warm, earthy tones of the rusty brown. This is a lovely, low-key way to let your grays or white hair grow out, giving you a splendid summer-ready style that complements any hair type and skin tone!

#33. Silver Tinsel Balayage in Dark Blonde Hair

magnific JnlR8uWshWWBJHGXxcok Silver Tinsel Balayage in Dark Blonde Hair

Deck your dark blonde tresses with silver tinsel balayage! This elegant blend features a warm yet bright dark blonde background with metallic silver tinsel accents, bringing any hair texture playful life through brilliant cool-toned light and soft dimension.

#34. Icy Streaks on Coffee Brown Hair

magnific BKFoz5pInpnvrk85bxRU Icy Streaks on Coffee Brown Hair

Make your look snappy and sophisticated by getting icy streaks on your coffee-brown hair! These small icy streaks are a tasteful yet bold contrast that brings your look a refreshing, cool, and contemporary way to take control of those pesky grays that only seem to grow in the front. 

#35. Silver Ribbons in Dark Cinnamon Hair

magnific 0irxhN0MO3SwM32GKyA8 Silver Ribbons in Dark Cinnamon Hair

Go for all things elegant and enchanting, with a slight contemporary touch, and try silver ribbons in dark cinnamon hair. The silver ribbons are laced into dark cinnamon to add bright and whimsical movement to any hair type but are particularly perfect for giving curls brand-new definition.

#36. Platinum and Silver Blend on Chocolate Cherry Hair

magnific pknZGiGXFDCIHHp1RoZt Platinum and Silver Blend in Chocolate Cherry Hair

Transform your look with a bright, platinum, and silver blend on chocolate cherry hair! This contrast brings a dynamic multi-tonal dimension for a truly iconic look. Plus, the refined blend of platinum and silver makes transitions even more seamless!

#37. Silver Highlights on Maple Brown Hair

magnific XSesJPeHlW3VoyMIClcw Silver Highlights on Maple Brown Hair

Give your look some light and life with silver highlights on maple brown hair. Even though they’re different tones, these colors pair together like pancakes and syrup! Sweet, soft, maple brown is warm and cozy, setting a gentle tone, while the silver highlights bring electric dimension and illumination thanks to the cool contrast.

#38. Shining Silver on Deep Maroon Hair

magnific wedur5xTwMHEvgJ56yBS Shining Silver on Deep Maroon Hair

Bring all that glimmer and glamor to your hair with shining silver on deep maroon hair! This charming contrast features rich, earthy, deep maroon, and shining metallic silver for a blend that blesses your tresses with an instant dramatic flair.

#39. Silver Shine on Auburn Waves

magnific eEbxpxwewyI7949zUW9N Silver Shine in Auburn Hair Color Waves

Don’t give up your love of dark red hair just because you’re going gray! Go for a silver shine on auburn waves! These may be tiny silver threads, but the high contrast immediately elevates your fiery red hair by offsetting it with a touch of cool-toned brilliance. And on waves, this silver shine looks almost like a subtle sliver ombre, so your auburn hair can really steal the show!

#40. Deep Brown Hair with Silver Frosted Tips

magnific lpHGVwpb89mw7kCLOb7o Silver Frosted Tips on Deep Brown Hair

Frosted tips have gotten a much-needed upgrade from the 90s trend. Now, silver frosted tips are just the thing to give your aesthetic a modern edge with just a pinch of nostalgia. The bold contrast immediately electrifies your hair with depth and dimension, and the dual cool tones give a beautiful balance to warm skin tones.

#41. Silver-Tinted Brunette with Warm Undertones

magnific 3GdtrrwGOZoiTioMqKW3 Silver Tinted Brunette with Warm Undertones

Looking for that salt-and-pepper look but want something a little earthier? A silver-tinted brunette with warm undertones is just the thing for you! This subtle yet sophisticated style is a rustic take on the salt-and-pepper blend for something a pinch more dimensional and organic. Plus, it blends seamlessly into natural graying hair, so you can grow this out with no problem!

#42. Glossy Black Hair with Silver Slices

magnific 6dQwAGHR4wd5JCOrIySB Glossy Black Hair with Silver Slices

Love the contemporary color combos? Go for glossy black hair with silver slices. This avante-garde style features glossy black with shimmering silver slices in the front to lighten up your face for something bold, dramatic, and absolutely stunning.

#43. Mahogany Brown with Silver Ash Highlights

magnific ftc9EvBRaVw1sU4T8Lc6 Mahogany Brown Hair with Silver Ash Highlights

Want a bright and delicate look with just a bit of rustic charm? You need mahogany brown with silver ash highlights! Mahogany brown is rich and earthy, giving fine hair a fuller look paired with the light and cool-toned highlights. Even better, the silver-ash highlights are perfectly toned to blend in with your natural grays. 

#44. Silver Glint on Dark Chestnut Hair

magnific oe9F1atMvghV0tyJvi9d Silver Glint in Dark Chestnut Hair

Looking for a discreet and distinguished way to blend gray into your look? Try a silver glint on dark chestnut hair! This subtle hint of silver brings a bit of sparkle and dimension, but not enough to overwhelm your dazzling dark chestnut!

#45. Brunette Waves with Silver Sheen

magnific RsvOJ28DjXss4c2drpQE Brunette Hair Waves with Silver Sheen

Who says silver can’t be beachy? Not us, that’s for sure! Brunette waves with a silver sheen give your aesthetic an instant beachy-chic look, with the silver tones adding an almost-blonde highlighted look for an effortless sun-kissed look with enhanced movement in your natural waves from the bright definition, so you can never stop being a Boho babe!

#46. Silver-Gray Balayage in Dark Brown Hair

magnific afQ2wSoQ5pGUne1usTQ6 Silver Grey Balayage in Dark Brown Hair Color

Silver-gray balayage on dark brown hair is a trendy and tasteful combo. The balayage technique makes the silver-gray and dark brown blend even more natural, with an easier transition when gray hairs start to grow in. However, even if you’re nowhere near graying, this creates a contemporary contrast in dark brown for a super stylish way to try the silver hair trend.

#47. Silver Light on Dark Copper Hair

magnific bcMTIcXrHvJvGs58uQd5 Silver Light on Dark Copper Hair

Looking for a show-stopper? Find it in a silver light on dark copper hair. This bold and beautiful look features a double contrast with light and dark, as well as warm and cool, giving your look a flashy fire and ice aesthetic.

#48. Charcoal Black with Silver Lining Highlights

magnific arrliXGssBjRCZrgK2z2 Charcoal Black with Silver Lining

Charcoal black with silver lining highlights is equal parts dramatic and daring, with a modern and mesmerizing transition from edgy charcoal black to luminous silver. This style not only brings a bright side to your black hair but also blends beautifully with natural grays.

#49. Warm Brown with Silver Frosted Edges

magnific BpPy88CIqZGMebrzOPSf Warm Brown Hair Color with Silver Frosted Edges

A style like warm brown with silver frosted edges has it all. It’s unique yet trendy and absolutely stunning, blending rich, warm brown and icy-cold silver for a cool and contemporary take on a sunlit look that pairs with naturally graying hair better than blonde highlights any day!

#50. Brunette with Subtle Silver Glaze

magnific 5I7YTRdIJgaMrCR8RcIG Dark Brunette Hair with Subtle Silver Glaze

Upgrade your natural brunette while allowing you to gray your way with a subtle silver glaze. The subtle silver glaze brings cool radiance; pairing it with your brunette for an elegant and effortless transition that brings a refined and polished aesthetic to any hairstyle!

#51. Silver Ribbon Highlights on Rich Brown Hair

magnific vdnHEh1fg8bjnZTyUTEs Silver Ribbon Highlights in Rich Brown Hair

Want a luxurious and full-of-life style? You need silver ribbon highlights on rich brown hair. The rich brown and silver transition zaps hair with light, renewed dimension, massive movement for straight hair, and boosted definition for waves and curls. 

#52. Milk Chocolate Hair with Silver Specks

magnific Cn89UDrxMtNLO3yGBy2j Chocolate Hair with Silver Specks

Looking for something that gives your hair a breath of new life with a whimsical twist? Go for milk chocolate hair with silver specks. The silver specks bring a mature yet playful style to be rich and smooth milk chocolate brown, bringing just a subtle dose of light to instantly revive your hair’s natural texture. No haircut needed!

#53. Black Waves with Silvery Shine

magnific GeXYMTVJuKoebGJZjnyk Black Waves with Silvery Shine

Black waves with a silver shine bring your look a sleek and sophisticated element with a pinch of sultry vibes. The shimmering silver enhances black waves with added dimension, which boosts the movement of your natural wave pattern. Plus, in contrast to the silver, the black base brings depth to great, fuller, thicker waves, making this perfect for finer hair. 

#54. Silver Swirls on a Deep Reddish Brown

magnific aXKMlSd9DhAszEt70tPP Silver Swirls in Deep Reddish Brown

Need an elegant way to try trendy silver without committing to going all out? Try silver swirls on a deep reddish brown. This is a small change with a high impact, with the silver swirls offsetting the natural and earthy tones of the reddish brown, bringing a fiery and artistic flair while letting you ease into the silver hair fad.

#55. Cool Silver Strands in Warm Brown Hair

magnific SZZ6wf8UB3K0A8FpbCit Cool Silver Strands in Warm Brown Hair

Cool silver strands blend with warm brown hair to prove that rusting and refined can coexist! This is a striking and balanced style, with the low-key contrast bringing a soft, multidimensional look to any hair type with a cozy charm.

#56. Luscious Brown with Icy Silver Streaks

magnific z0I25NvQnHJzNsn0gRJE Luscious Brown with Icy Silver Streaks

Going for a look that’s all things luxury? You need luscious brown locks with icy silver streaks! This cool and confident color combo features luscious brown for depth and icy silver streaks to bring melted definition to any hair texture with cool-toned illumination that gives a bright glow to warmer skin tones.

#57. Silver-Brushed Dark Hair with Brown Undertones

magnific xtxrWfa3QiUQDfGV9ddZ Silver Brushed Dark Hair with Brown Undertones

Looking to gray your way with something subtle yet sophisticated? Go for silver-brushed dark hair with brown undertones. This combo brings just a hint of shimmery silver in the front infused with brown undertones for an even more balanced blend. Plus, this multitalented contrast creates the look of thicker hair while brightening up any skin tone. 

#58. Silver Flair on Deep Espresso Waves

magnific yXgZaoGVIZuxI09ZNiQN Silver Flair in Deep Espresso Waves

Go for a centre-stage-level style, like a silver flair on deep espresso waves! The silver flair infuses your deep, dark espresso hair with brightness, renewing definition and movement while brightening up your face to give you a soft and natural glam that steals the show every time!

#59. Sandy Brown with Silver Highlights

magnific XecQI5lsX5eHSpmlpbcc Sandy Brown with Silver Highlights

Lighten up your look with something modern and marvelous, like sandy brown with silver highlights! Silver highlights brighten the sandy blonde for a vigorous and vibrant look while giving any skin tone a refreshing and youthful glow.

#60. Silver-Touched Dark Chocolate Curls

magnific ZgPS3j5iA5ZMnEL7gk2r Silver Touched Dark Chocolate Curls

Go for a cool contemporary take on that sun-kissed vibe with silver-touched dark chocolate curls. Silver brightens up your dark chocolate curls with captivating depth and definition for brand-new-looking curls while replacing cool blonde highlights for that summer-inspired beachy look.

#61. Silver Rain on Dark Umber Hair

magnific urmk6nfFjaQ36QCqN6Aj Silver Rain on Dark Umber Hair

Silver rain on dark umber hair is equal parts unique and irresistible. This combo includes almost-black umber brown for a great deep base. Then, silver rain flows through the dark umber to define and create fluid movement with a little bit of illumination that’s incredibly flattering for curly hair. 

#62. White Ember Highlights on Dark Bronze Hair

magnific yz7XenanEBtXdNG2TOar White Ember Highlights on Dark Bronze Hair

Bring your style something that has everything, like white ember highlights on dark bronze hair. It’s bold, youthful, stylish, and contemporary all at once, with the vibrant white dousing the dark browns with a breathtaking contrast that lightens and brightens but leaves just a bit of dark browns for depth and a slight earthy vibe.

#63. Silver Flicker on Rich Mahogany Hair

magnific 2F6z7h1VAKhaas5ThCxc Silver Flicker on Rich Mahogany Hair

Need something that stokes your fiery style? Go for a silver flicker on rich mahogany hair! This subtle yet stylish upgrade acts as a money piece and, while small, creates a major contrast that instantly levels up the rich mahogany without overwhelming it, so your skin can keep that warm and rosy glow. 

#64. Platinum Frost on Deep Chocolate Hair

magnific WECHnMnhuVYlXvSgsPWk Platinum Frost on Deep Chocolate Hair

Platinum blond on deep chocolate hair is tasteful and trendy all at the same time. This high contrast and high profile combo brings a vibrant and captivating transition of two opposite colors that immediately gives any hair type a flashy flair.

#65. Silver Moonlight on Dark Almond Hair

magnific 8sf4Zm5uLwOFBsS7deGZ Silver Moonlight on Dark Almond Hair

Why get a sunny glow when you can get a cool lunar glow? Silver moonlight on dark almond hair is an alluring and understated combo, with the dark almond’s neutral tones being touched with dreamy silver strands for a magnetic moonlit glow. Plus, the placement makes growing in your natural grays easier than ever!

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