53 Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 1, 2024

Plenty of women over 60 prefer short haircuts. They’re low-maintenance and cute, and the shorter and bouncier tresses equate to a more youthful and refreshed appearance. However, there definitely isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to short haircuts for women over 60. There are tons of different choices out there, so don’t think you have to mesh into the traditional “box” of short styles for women 60+. Need some help finding the right short haircut for your age group? We can help! We’ve compiled a list of the top 53 gorgeous short haircuts for women over 60 this year. You’ll surely find a style that matches your personality and makes you feel fantastic!

Elegant Wavy Pixie with Subtle Highlights

Ultra-short pixie haircuts are ideal if you want a very low-maintenance style you won’t have to fuss with too regularly. And what is the best way to zhuzh this look up? Toss in some waves for an elevated and elegant aesthetic. Create dimension with some subtle highlights, too.

#2. Asymmetrical Bob with Tapered Nape

Woman 60 years old with curly hair with Asymmetrica bob

An asymmetrical bob with a tapered nape is a definite “IT” look for women over 60. Why? Let’s talk about the tapered nape. It instantly elongates the neck, which can do wonders for your appearance. The asymmetry of the cut also adds a modern touch to this classic ‘do.

#3. Playful Short-Stacked Bob with Wispy Ends

Woman 60 years old with Playful Short Stacked Bob

If you want to bring some life back into your classic bob haircut, there are two great ways. Start with a stacked cut. This will immediately create a youthful movement that’s fun and flirty. Then, throw in some wispy ends. The combo will refresh your bob without doing anything dramatic.

#4. Modern Blunt Cut with Feathered Fringe

Woman 60 years old with Modern Blunt Cut

For the women over 60 who are still daring and voguish, this one’s for you. Thanks to the contemporary blunt cut, this rigid haircut is loaded with a fiery personality. Pairing it with a feathered fringe will accent your facial features in all the right places.

#5. Romantic Curly Crop with Side Bangs

Woman 60 years old with Romantic Curly Crop

This irresistible hairstyle is reserved for women over 60 with naturally curly hair or those who style voluminous ringlets regularly. Loaded from top to bottom with sophisticated appeal, this romantic curl crop with side bangs is the attractive ‘do you’ve been looking for.

#6. Timeless Pageboy Cut with a Modern Twist

Woman 60 years old with Timeless Pageboy Cut

You can’t go wrong with choosing a timeless cut like the pageboy. It’s a classic for a reason – it’s flawless. Yet, you can still give this classical hairstyle a modern twist by implementing more layers and subtle highlights. 

#7. Chic Jaw-Length Bob with Curtain Bangs

Woman 60 years old with Chic Jaw Length Bob

A jaw-length bob is perfect for emphasizing your facial features, which any lady over 60 will appreciate. But to ensure this look doesn’t make you look worn down, style some curtain bangs into the mix. These adorable bangs will provide some uplifting spirit and softness to your face.

#8. Boho Short Bob with Loose Waves

Woman 60 years old with Boho Short Bob

Lookin’ for relaxed vibes? A boho short bob riddled with loose waves is an easy way to get that carefree beachy aesthetic that never goes out of style. This hairstyle looks remarkably well when blending contrasting highlights and lowlights for added depth.

#9. Flirty Pixie Cut with Long Top Layers

This flirty pixie cut is a must-try for any woman over 60. For one, the pixie cut is short, sweet, and to the point. Yet, when combined with an influx of top layers, your haircut achieves new heights – which means elongating and lifting the face without any face product or treatments.

#10. Sleek Short Angled Bob with a Deep Side Part

Woman 60 years old with Sleek Short Angled Bob

For businesswomen over 60 who want to retain an infinitely polished and upscale appearance, consider this sleek, short, angled bob with a deep side part. The angled bob cut with the fierce deep side part combine to create a sensationally sleek and sophisticated silhouette.

#11. Textured Wedge Cut with Stacked Layers

Lovely bobs cut right at the jawline are always stylish, but does your hair look a little flat? To refresh your short bob haircut, opt for stacked layers. These layers will give your hair a boost and create the illusion of more volume and body.

#12. Vintage-Inspired Finger Wave Bob

Woman 60 years old with Vintage Inspired Finger Wave bob

There’s a reason why vintage finger waves were so popular in Old Hollywood. Not only is this look loaded with depth, but it’s undeniably glamorous and bedazzling. That said, who wouldn’t want to wear this look, especially to a high-end event?

#13. Contemporary Undercut Pixie with Long Bangs

If your pixie’s lookin’ a little boring, it’s time for something new, ladies! Go the contemporary route and say “Hello!” to an undercut with long bangs. The blend of different lengths and cutting techniques ensures a wowing pixie that’s anything but dull.

#14. Classic Tapered Pixie with Side-Swept Fringe

Charming, mature, and easy to manage, this classic tapered pixie should be on your list of contenders. You’ll love how this style has a timeless appeal that’s very easy to achieve. Some subtle tousling throughout and a side-swept fringe is all it takes.

#15. Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut for the Bold

Woman 60 years old with Low Maintenance Buzz Cut

For those who are seriously ready to say sayonara to the drama of styling their locks, consider this low-maintenance buzz cut. Reserved for the bold, this haircut is cut incredibly close to the scalp, which is not only daring, but allows your flawless bone structure to be the focal point.

#16. Rounded Short Bob with Inward Curls

Woman 60 years old with Rounded Short Bob with Inward curls

The next time you want to style your rounded short bob haircut, may I suggest inward curls? Curling your tresses inward will create some exceptionally beautiful volume that instantly encompasses a soft and delicate appearance – with plenty of body, of course.

#17. Layered Pixie with Spiky Crown

Are you looking to combine your feminine energy with your edgy personality? The layered pixie with a spiky crown is the answer. This look has everything – a short, easy-to-maintain base, lots of layers for more liveliness, and a spiked crown for the subtle touch of modern appeal.

#18. Straightforward Bowl Cut with a Modern Edge

Woman 60 years old with Straightforward Bowl Cut

Who said bowl cuts were out of style? Women over 60 can and should attempt this awesome hairstyle – but don’t forget to give this classic cut a modern makeover with some subtle tousling. This will take the edge off the structure a bit, allowing for a more relaxed and flirty finish.

#19. Pixie-Bob Hybrid with Wispy Layers

Woman 60 years old with Pixie Bob Hybrid

Want a pixie haircut but are also leaning toward a short bob? Why not have both? The pixie-bob hybrid haircut allows women over 60 to dip their tresses into both of these five-star looks. The end result is something that’s playful and fun!

#20. Textured Short Crop with Feathered Sides

Plenty of women over 60 struggle with thinning strands. That, or they have fine, lifeless hair. If you’re dealing with either of these issues, there’s a solution that can help: feathered sides. Featuring the sides will provide some much-needed volume that captures chicness and elegance.

#21. Voluminous Short Cut with Overlapping Layers

Woman 60 years old with Voluminous Short Cut

Bring on the volume, mam! If hair needs some serious help in the volume department, don’t worry – this look has you covered. The overlapping layers make it easy to enjoy a full-bodied appearance. All you need to do is add some texture to enhance the fullness even more.

#22. Side-Parted Bob with Curly Ends

Woman 60 years old with Side Parted Bob

Curls will always be cute and feminine, regardless of how old you are. But to ensure your curly locks have a touch of timeless glamor added to them, go with a side part and let your long bangs dangle playfully over one eye.

#23. Faux Hawk Pixie for the Adventurous

Is Adventure your middle name? Then who cares if you’re over 60 years old – go ahead and let your personality shine through your mane, dear! This faux hawk pixie is undeniably exciting – just don’t forget your gel to maintain the hold of this attention-grabbing ‘do.

#24. Short Cut with Twisted Top Knots

Woman 60 years old with Short Cut with Twisted Top knot

Do you have an upscale event coming up? Do you want to have a fabulous hairstyle that emits grace and sophistication? This short cut is delightfully styled with twisted top knots that add an element of fun. Yet, the sides are trimmed short to retain a neat and polished silhouette.

#25. Layered Bob with Soft, Outward Curls

Woman 60 years old with Layered Bob with Soft Outward curls

While inward curls are excellent for jaw-dropping volume, outward curls are the go-to for elegant and dainty movement and body. Outward curls go particularly well with layered bob haircuts, where the charming ringlets idyllically emphasize the layers.

#26. Choppy A-Line Bob with Fringe

Woman 60 years old with Choppy A Line Bob

You simply can’t go wrong choosing an a-line bob haircut. This timeless ‘do is known for its fierce and edgy attitude. To subtly tone down the intrigue of the a-line, go with contrasting fringe bangs for an element of softness.

#27. Sleek Rounded Bob with Tucked Ends

Woman 60 years old with Sleek Rounded Bob with Tuck ends

A sleek, rounded bob with tucked ends is specifically designed to frame the face, which is a good choice for women over 60 who want to show off their gorgeous facial features. Use a straightener to achieve a level of sleek straightness that can’t be matched.

#28. High-Volume Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Woman 60 years old with High

There are so many excellent ways to style a pixie haircut – this is another top-notch idea! If the idea of a flat pixie ‘do doesn’t do it for you, perhaps this pixie with plenty of height will. It features high-volume and long side bangs, so it has plenty of “wow” factors to enjoy.

#29. Wavy Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

Adding femininity to your pixie cut doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. With subtle waves in every direction, you can instantly give your short pixie haircut an err of elegance and womanly attitude.

#30. Short Bob with Zig-Zag Part

Woman 60 years old with Short Bob with Zig Zag Part

One easy way to shake up your short bob hairstyle and add a sense of whimsy is simply utilizing a zig-zag parting! Zig-zag parts visually enhance your haircut to make it look more playful, exciting, and captivating. Who knew it could be so easy?

#31. Sleek and Straight Ear-Length Bob

Woman 60 years old with Sleek and Straight Ear Length bob

Adopting a more mature hairstyle while indulging in a surprisingly youthful look can seem complicated, but it’s a breeze with this sleek and straight ear-length bob. This lovely look flips inward around the jaw, showcasing your facial features while elongating the neck.

#32. Tousled Pixie with Side-Swept Fringe

Let your pixie take on a more relaxed and carefree vibe by tousling it up a bit and tossing it to one side. Yes, this hairstyle is ultra-chic and modern, but it’s also incredibly easy to manage. Who wouldn’t want that?

#33. Voluminous Curls on a Short Bob

Woman 60 years old with Voluminous Curls on a Short bob

Have a hot date coming up? How about an event where you want all eyes on you? Give your short bob haircut a glamorous makeover by going with larger-than-life curls. The bigger the barrel on your hair curler, the better. Just look at those romantic ringlets!

#34. Edgy Angled Bob with Sharp Lines

Woman 60 years old with Edgy Angled Bob

Confident women over 60 who want to be posh should consider this edgy angled bob with sharp lines. It’s structured and sleek, making you look like you should be on the cover of a high-end hair styling magazine.

#35. Close-Cropped Buzz Cut with Geometric Designs

Woman 60 years old with Close Cropped Buzz Cut

Another great way to set your haircut apart from the crowd is to opt for geometric designs. Now, you can go as simple or elaborate as you’d like. This is your opportunity to express your individuality and show who you really are.

#36. Curly Mohawk for a Dynamic Look

Woman 60 years old with Curly Mohawk

Vibrant colors, an edgy mohawk haircut, and curly texture? Is there anything this look isn’t wowing us with? Honestly, if you’re over 60 and still love to rock and roll, don’t hesitate to dive into this wild style.

#37. Retro Bob with Vintage Pin Curls

Woman 60 years old with Retro Bob with Vintage Pin curls

If you want to look and feel like a vintage movie star from the past, you’ll definitely want to fashion your bob haircut into these stunning vintage pin curls. This flashback hairstyle showcases all of the glam you could ever wish for.

#38. Chin-Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

Woman 60 years old with Chin Length Bob with Blunt bangs

This stylish hairstyle focuses on sleekness, smoothness, and high shine. The best way to recreate this style is to use your favorite glossy hair products to produce shine, then run a straightener through your mane. Viola!

#39. Short and Sassy Shag with Wispy Layers

Woman 60 years old with Short and Sassy Shag with Wispy layers

Short and sassy shag? Yup, those are definitely the words we’d use to describe this frisky hairstyle! Start with a flirty, shaggy cut with plenty of wispy layers. Don’t forget the bangs and heavy “bedhead” tousling in every direction.

#40. Sophisticated French Bob with a Deep Side Part

Woman 60 years old with Sophisticated French Bob

This hairstyle is precisely about looking like a regal diva. This French bob beautifully embraces elegance, while the deep side part adds just the right amount of drama. While this look appears complex, it’s actually quite simple to maintain – a winning situation for any woman.

#41. Boho-Chic Wavy Bob with Side Braids

Woman 60 years old with Boho Chic Wavy Bob

Boho-chic waves and side braids are a match made in heaven. The combo complements each other wonderfully while also giving your hair some added dimension that will stand out – even in the largest crowds.

#42. Classy Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

A tapered pixie is already designed to increase movement and body in your look, which is crucial if you have somewhat thin or fine strands. But why stop there? Enhance your hair’s fullness by feathering at the crown, too.

#43. Spiky Pixie with Undercut

Strong and untamed women don’t stop being feisty just because they’re over 60 – and their hair shouldn’t have to change, either. Don’t be afraid to show off your ferocious personality with a spiky pixie paired with an edgy undercut.

#44. Angled Bob with Dramatic Stacked Back

Woman 60 years old with Angled Bob with Dramatic Stack bob

While this hairstyle says “trendy angled bob” in the front, the back is a whole different story. The stacked design certainly creates jaw-dropping, sky-high volume that’s great for gals over 60 who desperately need more fullness in their mane.

#45. Wavy Shag with Curtain Bangs

Woman 60 years old with Wavy Shag with Curtain Bangs

There’s nothing wrong with going a little longer with your locks, even if you’re over 60. But don’t let your tresses fall short. Ensure they have lots of energy and life by asking for a shaggy haircut and curtain bangs – oh, and don’t forget to apply lovely waves from root to tip.

#46. Short Afro with Tapered Sides

Woman 60 years old with Short Afro with Tapered Sides

Embrace the natural texture of your mane and put your striking curls on full display by going super short with tapered sides. Tapering the sides will emphasize every curly strand for a genuinely mesmerizing finish.

#47. Bowl Cut with Micro Bangs

Woman 60 years old with Bowl Cut with Micro Bangs

Don’t go for the same old, same old. Ladies over 60 – it’s time to step outside the box and try something new and exciting, and this bowl cut with micro bangs is the answer. Yes, this hairstyle is “different,” but in the best ways possible.

#48. Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Undercut

Woman 60 years old with Pixie Cut with Side Swept Undercut

Did you know that an undercut can look delicate and sweet? Yup, it’s true. You just have to leave your tresses a little longer so you can sweep them off to one side. It’s the ideal way to contrast an ultra-short pixie cut on top.

#49. Chin-Length Blunt Cut with Middle Part

Woman 60 years old with Chin Length Blunt Cut

This is probably one of the more classic choices for women over 60, but that’s only because it has such a mature and sophisticated appearance with a touch of trendy attitude. Use a straightener to acquire sleek strands like these.

#50. Short Inverted Bob with Side Part

Woman 60 years old with Short Inverted Bob

Choose an inverted style to instantly give your bob haircut movement and flare. Then, go with a side part to remain cool and trendy. Teasing lightly at the crown puts the inverted cut on a pedestal.

#51. Shoulder-Grazing A-Line Bob with Subtle Waves

Woman 60 years old with Shoulder Grazing A Line Bob

A shoulder-grazing a-line bob is an excellent choice for women over 60 who want to hold onto some of their lengths for styling. When it comes time to texturize, waves are the best choice. They are timeless, elegant, and fashionable, versatile for any occasion.

#52. Voluminous Curly Pixie with Deep Side Part

If you want to enjoy some eye-catching volume with tons of drama, this look is for you. Start your look with a pixie haircut. Then, use your favorite hairstyling tool to create voluminous curls. Finish with a deep side part.

#53. Rounded Short Bob with a Wispy Fringe

Woman 60 years old with Rounded Short Bob

The rounded short bob with a wispy fringe is known for its gentle and attractive silhouette. It’s a look that looks amazing on every woman over 60. The rounded design and a wispy fringe create a soft and youthful touch you’ll love.

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