The Highlight Trend Brunettes Can’t Get Enough Of: 44 Stunning Styles

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 10, 2024

Brown hair is known for being smart, sophisticated, and stunning. And this is true whether you fall into the category of ultra-dark brunette strands or lighter, mousy brown tresses verging on blonde. But if you want to shake up your appearance and add some brightness to your mane, there’s one easy way to do it: with blonde highlights.

magnific aC6kp8VkyNKpholeiAWh Caramel Swirls on Chestnut Base

If you have a lighter, chestnut brown base, you can surely benefit from adding caramel swirls. Needless to say, a little bit of caramel delight adds some youthful glow and brightness to your mane. Add full-bodied waves for a bouncy flare.

#2. Dirty Blonde Babylights on Brown Hair

magnific 4VeXT1Y17cfdtpY51PNN Dirty Blonde Babylights on Brown Hair

Add some brightness to your brown hair with dirty blonde baby lights. These highlights aren’t overwhelming or too intense, leaving you with a sun-kissed, all-natural style you’ll want to flaunt poolside all summer.

#3. Mocha Brown with Golden Accents

magnific cxUjMca7SyJu5j99xzkf Mocha Brown Hair with Golden Accents

What woman doesn’t want to douse themselves in beautiful gold accents? This look features a sultry mocha brown base enhanced with mesmerizing golden accents. The results? A luscious, high-class hairstyle that’s the epitome of sophistication.

#4. Chocolate Brown Hair with Sun Kissed Blonde Highlights

magnific TBqI3g1wa0saKy9FaZk5 Chocolate Brown Hair with Sun Kissed Blonde Highlights

This stylish hairstyle combines beautiful chocolate brown tresses with sun-kissed blonde highlights, creating a tantalizing yet natural-looking finish perfect for the warmer season. Stroll beachside with these luscious locks – just don’t forget the full-bodied waves.

#5. Layered Locks Hair with Champagne Highlights

magnific CPWEFniN7iejkS9nFfTO Layered Locks Hair with Champagne Highlights

Layers are a great way to add instant movement. Make them the focal point by tossing some luxe champagne highlights to your light brown base. Tousle your locks up a pinch to showcase the blended colors magnificently!

#6. Buttery Blonde Streaks on Walnut Brown Hair

magnific u4Q0JKzXWY7WE1joUe6F Buttery Blonde Streaks on Walnut Brown Hair

There is something oh-so-indulgent about this look. It starts with a lovely walnut brown shade. Then, buttery blonde streaks are strewn through, creating a visually appealing radiance that can’t be ignored.

#7. Honey Highlights on Bronzed Brown Hair

magnific NllxL6CgEOTD5cvnq1Tw Honey Highlights on Bronzed Brown Hair

A simple way to create a more youthful appearance is to lighten the hair around the face – and this hair color shows the best way to do it. Delightful bronzed brown hair gets a makeover with honey highlights placed heavily toward the front, ensuring a glowing finish.

#8. Cinnamon Spice with Vanilla Highlights

magnific p57xnWsW0oJuRRSJYvG6 Cinnamon Spice Hair with Vanilla Highlights

Cinnamon spice and vanilla? No, we’re not talking about your favorite kind of cake; we’re talking about this stunning hair color reminiscent of fall’s beauty. Opt for this warming and delicious ‘do during autumn.

#9. Auburn Brown with Soft Blonde Ribbons

magnific LReMla7XfmV4XRqBqQCW Auburn Brown Hair with Soft Blonde Ribbons

If you have auburn brown hair and want to bring out the red undertones, the best way is with soft blonde ribbons. Even the lightest touch of soft blonde hues will enhance the red undertones, leaving you with a strawberry-kissed aesthetic.

#10. Straight Chic with Silver-Blonde Accents

magnific 2VxtPhY6c6dRrgDlv0jD Straight Chic with Silver Blonde Accents

Is it time to make your brown hair the supporting actor instead of the main event? Then, ask your hairstylist to riddle your tresses with plenty of silver-blonde accents. You can enjoy an effortlessly contemporary aesthetic with plenty of brightness from here.

#11. Tousled Waves with Platinum Streaks

magnific yV54Qaj6NbvCiUp9mHOe Tousled Waves with Platinum Streaks

Want to go blonde but still hold on to some contrast? This look may be right for you! Leave your dark brown roots playing peek-a-boo while the platinum streaks take center stage. Consider wearing glamorous beachy waves to create a carefree yet high-style appearance.

#12. Dark Brown Hair with Wheat Blonde Highlights

magnific 1R8Kk8Y5AtndFU3utzha Dark Brown Hair with Wheat Blonde Highlights

Soft, delicate, yet bursting with plenty of depth, dark brown hair with wheat blonde highlights is a definite “win.” This warming style works particularly well with olive or darker skin tones. Leave your hair straight, or add a touch of movement with subtle waves.

#13. Natural Brown with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

magnific mB3Aqp2iUVGrKQBn2dzG Natural Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Red doesn’t always have to be bold or daring. It can be delicate and sweet – just like this hair color displays. We can’t get enough of these natural brown tresses, beautifully highlighted with strawberry blonde hues. It’s radiant with an all-natural appeal, perfect for summer.

#14. Icy Blonde Highlights on Rich Brown

magnific TgdvDttIgLxRAHhdHNM1 Icy Blonde Highlights on Rich Brown Hair

Some dye jobs are designed to illuminate and brighten the face. This is one of those hair colors. A rich brown base is blended with lots of icy blonde highlights, with extra focus placed around the face, immediately drawing attention to your facial features.

#15. Hazelnut Brown with Toasted Blonde Highlights

magnific cYcIGqJTfCKGU1nlkQ96 Hazelnut Brown Hair with Toasted Blonde Highlights

Brightening doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be delightfully subtle, as this look proves. Hazelnut brown tresses are highlighted with toasted blonde shades, crafting a mousy brown tone that’s downright beautiful.

#16. Mermaid-Inspired Lengths with Gold and Blonde Highlights

magnific Uyr2iJ9MJAUguKsSrWH6 Mermaid Inspired Lengths with Gold and Blonde Highlights

Mermaid hair doesn’t always equate to lots of shimmery and striking colors. Sometimes, it’s as simple as painting your brown hair with captivating gold and blonde highlights and designing long, loose waves. You’ll need to start with long locks to achieve this mermaid-inspired look!

#17. Midnight Brown with Subtle Sandy Blonde Tips

magnific WfJOmf6LuMpiDNZOYs1y Midnight Brown Hair with Subtle Sandy Blonde Tips

This eye-catching duo is for the ladies who want a mysterious and sexy appeal without the high maintenance. By leaving the roots midnight brown, you won’t have to worry about insufferable outgrowth, allowing you to flaunt your subtle sandy blonde tips for months.

#18. Espresso Brown Enhanced by Ash Blonde Highlights

magnific fkXBHR5CHqL0YMSFrTJ2 Espresso Brown Hair Enhanced by Ash Blonde Highlights

Finding the right color highlights to enhance your brown base can be tricky, but it’s easy when you base your decision on your skin tone. For example, this lovely lady has neutral undertones that look flawless with ash-blonde highlights.

#19. Warm Brown Illuminated by Golden Balayage

magnific 3fazGTtaN0gbY6cVTBgM Warm Brown Hair Illuminated by Golden Balayage

Creating an illuminating effect on your warm brown mane isn’t challenging. All you have to do is ask your hairstylist to paint golden highlights throughout your tresses. The best part is that this is a low-maintenance, natural-looking style that slays.

#20. Timeless Brown with Cappuccino Highlights

magnific KWzL6GJH00DAa1mpMCW1 Timeless BrownHair with Cappuccino Highlights

You can’t go wrong with a timeless style. If you want to make sure you’re sporting a hair color that’s classically stunning and never out of style, consider riddling your brown hair with gorgeous cappuccino highlights.

#21. Smoky Brown with Peekaboos of Blonde

magnific JDscXhnabtBlnM4f9XUQ Smoky Brown Hair with Peekaboos of Blonde

Is it time to make a drastic change to your hair color, hon? Then we’ve got the look for you: smoky brown with peekaboos of blonde. The blend is downright exotic and compelling, all while brightening your face. It’s a win-win situation with this enticing style.

#22. Rustic Brown with Caramel Ombre

magnific OVO5bY2McmoMH2Q0a0l8 Rustic Brown Hair with Caramel Ombre

Rustic brown to caramel ombre is a seamless transition that exudes warmth, beauty, and coziness. This is the perfect choice for the fall season when you want to add some charming dimension to your strands.

#23. Medium Brown with Accents of Rose Gold

magnific zKvcjiGPhS9vffIZWe3L Medium Brown Hair with Accents of Rose Gold

With rose gold as trendy as it is, there’s no better time to experiment with color. This duo proves that you can blend rose gold with any shade, including medium brown, and look flawless. The little touch of color adds some whimsical charm to your style – matching your personality perfectly.

#24. Mahogany Brown with Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

magnific wERp521YO10wlmuDvmj3 Mahogany Brown Hair with Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Take your naturally light brown hair to all new levels by opting for blonde highlights. Make sure the highlights are strategically placed around the face to create a radiant and uplifting effect you will adore.

#25. Light Brown with Champagne Blonde Tips

magnific qyHu08eXlnRVBj3u0neb Light Brown Hair with Champagne Blonde Tips

Ready to brighten up your light brown strands for the summer season? Then ask your stylist for some classy champagne blonde tips, babe! This duo is ready for any summertime adventure, especially when styled with loose, glamorous waves.

#26. Glossy Brown with Honey Blonde Balayage

magnific ReLvIHGQRwmfTZrA2ssO Glossy Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Balayage

Any woman looking for a hair color that oozes refinement should consider this compelling combination. Glossy brown tresses are idyllically highlighted with honey-blonde balayage, ensuring a polished style with so much depth. Allow the colors to intermingle by adding loose curls.

#27. Deep Brown with Silver-Blonde Streaks

magnific TljqE9DdjU7ViQd6NR0Y Deep Brown Hair with Silver Blonde Streaks

Are you looking for a head-turning color that’s designed to grab attention? Go with deep brown hair with silver-blonde streaks. This color combo is downright striking, with tons of interesting contrast.

#28. Almond Brown with Blonde Lowlights

magnific AD0YAoFTqjRWiW0vdouo Almond Brown Hair with Blonde Lowlights

Lighten things up a bit with blonde lowlights on an almond-brown base. Although the contrast is somewhat subtle, these lowlights provide just the right amount of depth and brightness for a captivating result.

#29. Cocoa Brown with Creamy Blonde Highlights

magnific Tx2JsKBbtcAnO85Ar8Qv Cocoa Brown Hair with Creamy Blonde Highlights

Cocoa brown is a delightful shade on its own, but if you’re attempting to brighten things up, choose heavy creamy blonde highlights throughout. This will allow you to retain the warmth and comfort of your brown shade while adding some much-needed brightness.

#30. Sleek Brown with Platinum Highlights

magnific ANuNGKA8evhCbg8aQt2j Sleek Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights

The 90s called, and they want their chunky highlights back. But we’re not going to send them back just yet. This hair color perfectly displays how you can indulge in the 90s chunky highlight trend in a new and improved way. Enjoy intricate platinum highlights that boast plenty of exciting contrast against sleek brown strands.

#31. Copper Brown with Golden Blonde Highlights

magnific owsBCDtJlEJBSKdzNhLF Copper Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

If you want to create a noticeable change to your copper brown base, go with golden blonde highlights that are heavily added to your mane – especially on the ends. This beautiful contrast is quite visible but in the best way possible.

#32. Charcoal Brown with Ice-Blonde Highlights

magnific fLXGfvMOIk2uUhWhKqSX Charcoal Brown Hair with Ice Blonde Highlights

Looking to add some significant drama to your look? Here’s an easy way to do it: throw some ice-blonde highlights into your charcoal brown hair. The result is a thrilling yet mysterious style, modern yet enchanting. Clearly, it’s the best of both worlds.

#33. Ashy Blonde Highlights on a Matte Brown Base

magnific zXM95ZFrVgVawaubdBEE Ashy Blonde Highlights on a Matte Brown Base Hair

For those looking for a tame blonde shade to apply to their brown base, ashy blonde is the answer. Ashy blonde is plenty radiant, but it has a subdued allure about it that isn’t too overwhelming.

#34. Blonde Pin-Up Highlights on Vintage Brown Hair

magnific YJVmg8wk3FZp0SQ8eVkc Blonde Pin Up Highlights on Vintage Brown Hair

Retro hairstyles can sometimes have that “IT” appeal – and this is one of those hairdos. For the vintage babes looking to invigorate their style, go with blonde pin-up highlights on your classic brown hair. Finish off with a blast-from-the-past hairstyle that looks like you’ve just stepped off a 1950s movie set.

#35. Wheat Blonde Balayage on Earthy Brown Hair

magnific 4LxC1tFxvGvXfIkfivIe Wheat Blonde Balayage on Earthy Brown Hair

This earthy combination is anything but subdued and dull. Wheat blonde balayage on earthy brown hair leaves you looking like an earthy goddess who’s just emerged from the forest. It looks particularly well on olive skin tones and paired with lighter eye colors.

#36. Sandy Blonde Highlights on Nutmeg Brown Hair

magnific hDgz0t5aRLFgUgMy6VLS Sandy Blonde Highlights on Nutmeg Brown Hair

This hairstyle is all about femininity and glow. The stunning sandy blonde highlights are the ideal accompaniment for nutmeg brown hair. The duo produces an all-natural and organic finish riddled with a coy attitude.

#37. Beige-Blonde Highlights on Satin Brown Hair

magnific Npl2tCoVNFloQMfqdJOD Beige Blonde Highlights on Satin Brown Hair

For the girls who want to lighten and brighten in the most sophisticated way possible, this is the way to do it. Beige-blonde highlights have a silky smooth creaminess to them, the perfect addition to luxurious satin brown strands.

#38. Warm and Cozy Milky Brown with Golden Streaks

magnific J1ffZ2CVgBXZ5OARyLsa Warm and Cozy Milky Brown Hair with Golden Streaks Highlights

Want to add some serious brightness to your locks? Here’s a lovely hairstyle to consider: warm and cozy milky brown tresses with golden streaks blended throughout. Ask for heavy highlighting to ensure your look ends up unmistakably radiant.

#39. Spicy Dark Chocolate Brown with Cinnamon Highlights

magnific 6PWF7eBKA8Sab9yccH8k Spicy Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Cinnamon Highlights

For some women, heavy highlighting and balayage techniques are just too much. Thankfully, there’s a less drastic way to brighten your brunette locks – subtle cinnamon highlights. This blend allows your brown hair to be the focal point with more dimension.

#40. Effortlessly Chic Tawny Brown with Blonde Feathering

magnific 9t4XQxOAFUEKBcAnn6Zf Effortlessly Chic Tawny Brown Hair with Blonde Feathering

Blonde feathering throughout tawny brown hair is a simple way to add a pop of color and dimension. This look is sultry, refined, and organic-looking – a look you’ll want to wear year-round.

#41. Sophisticated Coffee Brown with Cream Highlights

magnific 02G5FCrgb3M1kAT1MZZI Sophisticated Coffee Brown Hair with Cream Highlights

Everyone loves coffee with a bit of cream – now you can display this dreamy blend in your hair color! Coffee brown locks are gorgeous when painted with creamy blonde highlights. It’s a look so cute you might want to take a bite of it.

#42. Cool Brown with Warm Blonde Accents

magnific JYho3rULLU3rO991dkuL Cool Brown Hair with Warm Blonde Accents

It’s not everyday you find cool brown hair with warm blonde accents. This unique and exciting pairing is definitely different from the sea of brown hair with blonde highlights. So, if you’re looking for something that sets you apart from the crowd, choose this look.

#43. Jet Black Brown with Dirty Blonde Highlights

magnific 7FwPYh8kAq3sgDHXykA8 Jet Black Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights

There’s something unmistakably edgy and cool about adding dirty blonde highlights to a jet-black brown base. The sharp contrast is undeniably head-turning, ensuring you’ll have all eyes on you wherever you go.

#44. Soft Brown with Pastel Blonde Tips

magnific PzyH1Fqjsr5FTx9OwKl6 Soft Brown Hair with Pastel Blonde Tips

If you’re on the edge of diving into the blonde pool but don’t want to get rid of your natural brown hair entirely, consider this look. Add pastel blonde tips to the bulk of your mane, leaving your dark roots for some exciting contrast. 

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