These 36 Full-Bodied Hairstyles Are Perfect For Women Over 60 With Thin Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 19, 2024

Anyone with thin hair knows how tricky it can be to find a hairstyle that doesn’t accentuate the fact they have thinner tresses – and this is especially true for women in their 60s who may be struggling with additional hair thinning. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though.

There are many gorgeous hairstyles that will immediately create a full-bodied appearance. Want to know which styles made the cut? Join us as we reveal the top 36 full-bodied hairstyles for women in their 60s with thin hair. From adorable short bob haircuts to lengthier masterpieces, you’ll be surprised at just how many styles can make your thin strands look bouncy and full!

magnific cAWLr7AoZvFh9ZAZXRdm Sleek Layered Lob

A sleek layered lob is the perfect way to combine a contemporary attitude with bulk. This long bob haircut features a slew of layers, ensuring plenty of length to play around with. Adding highlights and lowlights adds another element of depth for more fullness.

#2. Feathered Auburn Bob

magnific ybxogGNVJrxMwkvqIWYw Feathered Auburn Bob

Ladies over 60, this will definitely become your next go-to style for fall. Introducing this phenomenal feathered bob, loaded with layers for bulk and beauty. A lovely autumn red shade is applied to keep things fresh and fall-friendly. Lightly flip the ends for more volume.

#3. Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

magnific 0TBon4wMkIwiN6pNZ63v Wavy Shoulder Length Cut

Some thin-haired women refrain from longer haircuts, fearing their hair will look too thin and lifeless. Here’s a quick fix: Use your preferred hair tool to create voluminous waves from root to tip. Lean on texturizing products to ensure the lavish waves maintain their hold all day long.

#4. Textured Crop with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific sRtTb9DvEae6PXZJ104L Textured Crop with Side Swept Bangs

A cute crop is a youthful way to sport your thin hair! Layers dangling at jaw level allow your tresses to bounce with every step, ensuring your aesthetic takes on a young and playful vibe. Opt for side-swept bangs to create the illusion of volume.

#5. Root-Lifted Layered Pixie

magnific XYrzq51WpNkUu8OZB9F1 Root Lifted Layered

It can be hard to make thin hair look full-bodied, but that’s no longer a challenge with a layered pixie like this. Not only is this layered pixie cut ultra-low-maintenance and an excellent option for older women, but the layers add some instant fullness you’ll appreciate. Tease your locks for even more compelling volume.

#6. Caramel-Toned Asymmetrical Bob

magnific RIhyF8tU2KlJZXa3S17f Caramel Toned Asymmetrical Bob

You’ll love this fascinating duo if you’re not afraid to play with more daring cuts and colors! Start with an asymmetrical bob haircut that is shorter in the back and longer in the front, exquisitely framing your face. Then, tack on an irresistible caramel-toned shade and sweep everything to the side.

#7. Wispy Fringe with Soft Waves

magnific 2av8L2JTvOgWuYI0ttcm Wispy Fringe with Soft Waves

Full disclosure: this hairstyle is reserved for the young at heart! It will leave you looking and feeling like you’re in your 20s again, featuring an adorable shaggy fringe haircut with wispy bangs and soft waves. The best part is that the layers and wavy movement will leave your hair looking fuller than ever.

#8. Crown-Teased Short Cut

magnific gkz5n5pSWO8xzfgshJRn Crown Teased Short Cut

One simple way to enter the world of thick, full-bodied locks is to opt for a super short haircut crafted with layers. But don’t stop there! Reach for your favorite comb and tease the crown, adding immediate, posh volume to your tresses.

#9. Angular Blunt Bob

magnific JyVKZRSs0y5V1zXinFUO Angular Blunt Bob

Just because you’re 60+ doesn’t mean you need to lose your fierce personality. Consider this feisty, angular, blunt bob haircut if you’re not afraid to go with edgier styles. The blunt nature of the cut will add some fullness to your thin strands. Keep things straight for a sleek aesthetic.

#10. Razor Cut with Micro Bangs

magnific nSJbrDWAzJ5ZS4UdvkdH Razor Cut with Micro Bangs

You’ll undoubtedly want to consider this pairing at your next hairstyling appointment! The combination of uneven layers with micro bangs creates an unconventional yet eye-catching contrast that will leave even the thinnest tresses full of life.

#11.  Balayage Waves for Subtle Volume

magnific 9210pdxGjS8oWvYYFMYu Balayage Waves for Subtle Volume

Creating a beautiful, feminine look with plenty of volume doesn’t have to be tricky. Really, all it comes down to is using your favorite hair tools to create waves with plenty of lovely volume. Consider balayage coloring to bring your romantic waves to life in an all-new way.

#12. Sophisticated Layered Shag

magnific xwOGWYYQfIIiEbQcDp9Q Sophisticated Layered Shag

If you want to transform your thin tresses into a magnificent, volumized piece of artwork, consider going with a layered shag. This blast from the past haircut will bring back fond memories of teenagehood, all while you enjoy a seriously flirty and volumized look.

#13.  Classic French Bob

magnific vnNC0Ym720AqEKvhX3fr Classic French Bob

Classic cuts always look wonderful on women 60 and over, and this haircut is no exception. The French bob is a lovely look that frames the face beautifully, especially with the ends curled inward. 

#14. Tousled Beach Waves

magnific LFZaBUx0sQEECLIO76uk Tousled Beach Waves

It doesn’t matter what your age is – tousled beach waves will always create unmatched, irresistible volume and flair. To add even more delightful depth to your thin locks, consider adding a plethora of highlights and lowlights.

#15. Whimsical Wispy Layers

magnific eyKJQ5kOUDQIPCZxsKQi Whimsical Wispy Layers

This look isn’t described as “whimsical” for nothing! This layered haircut is perfect for women over 60 who are seeking a cut that adds volume and a charming, fairy-like appeal to their aesthetic. Toss in plenty of waves for a show-stopping drama.

#16. Stacked Bob with Undercut

magnific zMvMZB7DAiMWCZpKIIse Stacked Bob with Undercut

Bobs are cute and all, but if you’re really trying to go for fullness, you’ll want to opt for a stacked bob with an undercut. The stacked design pairs beautifully with the undercut to create a full-bodied style, especially when enhanced with a black-and-white color combo.

#17. Deep-Side Part with Volumizing Spray

magnific BuKddWjWMbWxjv1S4HTE Deep Side Part with Volumizing Spray

It doesn’t really matter what kind of haircut you’re working with. If you want to create fullness instantly, you can do two things. One, start with a deep side part. Second, use a volumizing spray to lift your roots, taking even the thinnest tresses to new heights.

#18. Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

magnific hpkkJQSvbyDlNEG9W42d Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

Shorter at the neck with long, face-framing layers, an inverted bob is an optimal choice for women over 60 with thin hair. But why stop there? Add even more body to your style with side-swept bangs.

#19. Long Pixie with Feathered Crown

magnific B1rpnvkUAJ72vOZ3pMNo Long Pixie with Feathered Crown

If your long pixie haircut lacks volume, there’s a straightforward solution: feathering at the crown. Feathering will add some much-needed movement and life to your pixie, ensuring your look has the body you desire.

#20. Curled Under Bob

magnific NKyFrGG1IpdVIzdYwZqo Curled Under Bob

Bob haircuts are an ideal choice for women over 60 with thin hair. Not only is it bouncy and refreshing, but it’s low-maintenance, too. Increase the youthful bounce of your aesthetic by using your curling iron to curl the ends underneath, which bulks up your bob beautifully.

#21. Chin-Length Cut with Subtle Curls

magnific Ocv81a10Xy0kZ1n2P3Yp Chin Length Cut with Subtle Curls

Many women over 60 desire a hairstyle that emits grace, dignity, and elegance. Sound like you? Then you’re going to love this hairstyle! It all starts with a chin-length cut, which frames the face and brings a youthful vibe. Then, subtle curls are added – which creates not only volume but also a sophisticated finish.

#22. Straight Bob with a Subtle Flip

magnific AWk3nxEEtvMJSxyaVLnU Straight Bob with a Subtle Flip

For those seeking a more polished approach to their bob haircut, consider adding a subtle flip to the ends while the rest of your mane stays slick straight. It’s easy to do: reach for your straightener and straighten the upper portion of your hair. When approaching your ends, flip the straightener towards you and enjoy a delicate yet full-bodied appearance.

#23. Curtain Bangs with Long Layers

magnific 9C5SFTJQkrUJmGQ2Xh3G Curtain Bangs with Long Layers

It’s easy for long locks to look flat, especially when you have naturally thin hair. Luckily, there’s a way to fix that – curtain bangs and layers. Layers will ensure your hair has some life to it, and curtain bangs are the perfect way to offset the lengthier strands.

#24. Elegant Chignon with Face-Framing Pieces

magnific WQoE3jxAgLQXS1KXZijB Elegant Chignon with Face Framing Pieces

Looking for the perfect hairstyle to wear to an upcoming event? Wow the crowd with this timeless hairstyle featuring a classy chignon. To ensure your hair doesn’t look too thin when pulled back, it’s recommended to leave a few face-framing pieces dangling.

#25. Tapered Nape and Feathered Top

magnific lltwshnpYkbf4NgOKLOm Tapered Nape and Feathered Top

Revitalizing a short haircut is an easy way to add dimension and volume to your mane. To do this, you’ll want to opt for a tapered nape paired with a feathered top. The two styles will ensure even the thinnest locks are busting with energy.

#26. Lightly Teased Bob

magnific MwGGB5u1O3gn8bdzSfWE Lightly Teased Bob

If crafty haircuts and colors aren’t your thing, but you still want to create the illusion of thickness, all you need to do is grab your comb and lightly tease your locks at the root. Don’t forget to use hairspray to ensure the faux thickness holds throughout the day.

#27. Loose Curls with Root Lift

magnific hBw101VQ9KPOvLK1ukmO Loose Curls with Root Lift

Curls and root lift are a match made in heaven, and it’s clear why so many women over 60 opt for this sensational style. Loose curls are a quick way to add volume and bounce to your style, which is excellent for looking younger and full of life. Lift the roots for even more body!

#28. Graduated Pixie with Textured Top

magnific CaBTxrtqUl13ohSRbUIJ Graduated Pixie with Textured Top

This short pixie haircut is ideal for women over 60 looking for an easy-to-manage look. With layers in every direction and some subtle tousling, this look effortlessly creates the illusion of dimension.

#29. Smooth Bob with Rounded Edges

magnific WIiFNs7JfilAwS19pZPf Smooth Bob with Rounded Edges

A smooth bob is undeniably a classic style, especially for women over 60. But if you want to add a modern, voluminous twist to this timeless look, you can do so. Grab your straightener and round the edges a bit, and you’ll end up with a fantastic transformation.

#30. Long Bob with Tapered Ends

magnific y8CSflUiWFUJ93yrfzuJ Long Bob with Tapered Ends

If you want to make sure your longer locks don’t look lifeless and boring, go with tapered ends. Tapering the ends will remove weight and add the essence of body to thin strands. Throw in some darker highlights throughout your natural color to create a more jaw-dropping dimension.

#31. Sleek Lob with Inward Curls

magnific 0OubDnsw2IeM3sNA0k9C Sleek Lob with Inward Curls

If your thin hair needs a swift pick-me-up, grab your favorite texturizing product, a curling iron, and some hairspray. Use a larger barreled curling iron to create insanely voluminous ringlets with a romantic, Hollywood-ready appeal.

#32. Retro Waves with Side Part

magnific yasiythY2cKzHIvAOC7C Retro Waves with Side Part

Who said women over 60 couldn’t have sass? Channel your inner diva by designing your thin strands into beautiful retro waves. And remember – a side part is your best friend when you have thinner strands, so don’t forget to toss your locks to the side!

#33. Low Bun with Wispy Flyaways

magnific nMCJEdqSaoqtzDhEN2eO Low Bun with Wispy Flyaways

Low buns can be a recipe for disaster if you have thin hair – unless you do it the right way. As this woman clearly shows, a low bun with thin hair can look vibrant and full of body. All it takes is loosening your bun and letting your wispy flyaways loose.

#34. Angular Bob with Razor-Edged Ends

magnific gIjhNNbwmn57k0awHGH2 Angular Bob with Razor Edged Ends

Edgy short hairstyles are always miracle workers for thin-haired ladies, and this haircut is no exception. This angular bob with razor-edged ends will make your thin strands appear visually fuller, especially when lightly tousled.

#35. High Ponytail with Teased Crown

magnific ULzoqGWbkDHpj1HstgCP High Ponytail with Teased Crown

Thin hair can look especially lifeless in a high ponytail, but this is an easy fix. Before tossing your locks into a trendy high ponytail, heavily tease the crown. After you’ve secured your tresses, curl your ponytail for even more head-turning volume.

#36. Shoulder-Length Waves with Fringe Bangs

magnific 1Yxzqvl43JNPMNyWjMW0 Shoulder Length Waves with Fringe Bangs

With this hairstyle, you can easily enjoy length and bouncy volume – the perfect combo for thin-haired gals over 60. Style your mid-length locks with stunning waves and incorporate fringe bangs to accentuate your facial features. 

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