35 Medium-Length Hairstyles For Women Over 70 For A Brand New Hair Era

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 20, 2024

Are you doomed to live with short, spiky pixies and cropped cuts after a certain age? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

Believe us when we say short haircuts are not the only stylish option for women over 70. Medium-length hairstyles offer unlimited styling opportunities compared to short haircuts and are much easier to style and more youthful-looking than longer cuts. They really are the perfect medium. 

Flawlessly elegant and ultra-vibrant, you can bet that medium-length cuts have it all. And even better, there’s a medium-length cut to fit any style from edgy to soft and sweet and everything in between. Don’t think your style journey is over because, honey, it’s just beginning. Check out these marvelous medium-length cuts for women over 70 for a brand-new hair era!

#1. Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific MNR5rfRrIgRyPfQBRmdj Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Go for something refreshing and radiant, like the layered bob with side-swept bangs. The layered bob gives a flattering shape to frame your face with layering that brings any hair type to life. Then, the side-swept bangs give that chic and super-youthful finishing touch.

#2. Chin-Length Bob with Subtle Face-Framing Layers

magnific 7rzqGoFNuSnNVxQQGnwh Chin Length Bob with Subtle Face Framing Layers

Looking for something soft, sophisticated, and simple to style? You need a chin-length bob with subtle face-framing layers! Chin-length cuts are perfect for women over 70 because they accentuate your jawline and cheekbones for a tighter neckline and slimmer-looking face. But the subtle face-framing layers soften the sharp and chic bob’s look for something a little more understated.

#3. Shoulder-Length Cut with Textured Ends

magnific CbpUaXh141j9u1Vqdbwf Shoulder Length Cut with Textured Ends

A shoulder-length cut with textured ends is a luxurious blend of sleek and playful. This medium-length hairstyle features sleek, voluminous roots, textured ends for maximum movement, and a little bounce perfect for that not-quite-wavy texture.

#4. Softly Layered Cut with Natural Gray

magnific fqOsJjPxXPB0fxjrnJoX Softly Layered Cut with Natural Gray

Go for all things natural and elegant, and try a softly layered cut with natural gray. The soft layering creates natural movement for any hair type, and the natural grays bring a charming and confident glow. 

#5. Graduated Bob with Subtle Volume

magnific MawBzkxKLw7ZBAThLxGj Graduated Bob with Subtle Volume

Want something soft but chic? Go for a graduated bob with subtle volume? The subtle volume brings a soft lift to any thin and thick hair alike, right where you need it, leaving the rest smooth and sleek and amplifying the sharp silhouette of the graduated bob to contour your face with a trendy touch.

#6. Side-Parted Layered Lob

magnific 9zoP3LqIuP8Vqr1WlzC7 Layered Lob with Side Part

Find something fun and fancy-free in the side-parted layered lob. This look features the face-flattering shape of the bob, but the longer length lets you style this medium-length haircut any way you want. Then, the side part adds that youthful, flirty flair.

#7. Angled Lob with Long Side Bangs

magnific 80hQ7CbfDBRoBRjpYL6W Angled Lob with Long Side Bangs

The angled lob with long side bangs is the perfect hairstyle for women over 70 looking for something trendy and tasteful. The flawless angled shape accentuates any face shape while bringing elegant flow for any hair type. The long side bangs elevate that modern style while bringing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

#8. Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

magnific XzxpKUwRnL5uagtn5ekV Blunt Lob with Subtle Waves

Looking for something refined and ravishing? You need a blunt lob with subtle waves! The blunt lob’s clean and tidy lines bring a polished look when straight, but with subtle waves (styled or natural), this cut transforms into a soft yet stunning style.

#9. Tousled Lob with Beachy Waves

magnific GBpt7oKslzD6ydAiooxZ Tousled Lob with Beachy Waves

Get that beautiful blend of classy and casual, with a side of boho babe, with a tousled lob and beachy waves. This lob’s tousled texture revives medium, thick hair with va-va-voom-level volume and body. Then, the beachy waves add that fun, summer bliss. 

#10. Shoulder-Length Cut with Soft Curls

magnific GmWEzZ86Pwc72I3Q6Hjw Shoulder Length Cut with Soft Curls

Want a medium-length hairstyle that balances voluminous and vigorous? You need a shoulder-length cut with soft curls! The mid-length cut keeps things simple and chic but long enough for luxurious-looking locks, with graceful soft curls bringing that extra dose of enchanting and elegant movement.

#11. Lob with Subtle Balayage and Soft Highlights

magnific 38Fz8Jgl7wwQijdKUQLU Lob with Subtle Balayage and Soft Highlights

A lob with subtle balayage and soft highlights is exuberant and elegant, giving the lob’s beloved shape, volume, and movement. Then, it’s complemented by subtle balayage and soft highlights, giving a multidimensional definition that gives thinning hair all the energy it needs without going crazy with highlighting. 

#12. Layered Bob with a Voluminous Crown

magnific kIOpLtaswtwzmXcS860n Layered Bob with Voluminous Crown

If you’re all about those timeless and tasteful hairstyles, you’ve got to go for a layered bob with a voluminous crown. The layers in this bob are focused on the crow to give you height right where you need it while complementing the versatile and youthful bob that highlights your facial features while looking effortlessly refined.

#13. Chin-Length Bob with Flipped-Out Ends

magnific ynxqsy8dKHtRGc5imPtc Chin Length Bob with Flipped Out Ends

Go for all things fun and fabulous with a chin-length bob with flipped-out ends. The chin-length bob is a super chic hairstyle for women over 70, with flipped-out ends to give it some playful movement and a slight nostalgic charm.

#14. Lob with Subtle Highlights

magnific slXSVaPZfi6VDaxQwUD0 Lob with Subtle Highlights

A lob with subtle highlights is a flawlessly lavish medium-length hairstyle. This classic lob cut gives any hair type all the life it needs, while the subtle highlights bring a soft and sunny vibe. 

#15. Rounded Polished Lob

magnific KjSlYIbj7pYFGqOy2Jk4 Polished Lob with Rounded Silhouette

Want something undeniably distinguished? You need a rounded, polished lob. This mature and magnificent lob has a softer, polished texture and a rounded silhouette for a more elegant frame for heart-shaped and oblong faces.

#16. Shoulder-Length Cut with Feathered Layers

magnific h7e3XVwNoMet71WS1Bi1 Shoulder Length Cut with Feathered Layers

Looking for a light and airy look to free up your heavy, thick hair? Go for a shoulder-length cut with feathered layers. These layers instantly elevate the shoulder-length cut, breathing life into your hair with renewed texture and dynamic movement while still looking soft and simple.  

#17. Chin-Length Bob with Delicate Layers

magnific LqPSdvEYNDLcNB5tnqrV Chin Length Bob with Delicate Layers

If you want a classic style with a playful flair, go for a chin-length bob with delicate layers. The timeless chin-length bob is perfect for women over 70 who want a younger, sharper look, but the delicate layering brings a softer and more sophisticated vibe with a touch of cheerful girly charm.

#18. Textured Lob with Subtle Layers

magnific LJJoTwXJOrGF8tQxVzzb Textured Lob with Subtle Layers

The textured lob with subtle layers is a fantastic blend of lively and lovely. The textured lob brings that charming frame with a little more life, ideal for rejuvenating curls and waves, but the subtle layers slightly soften the look. Best of all, this medium-length hairstyle is easy to maintain and leaves your styling open.

#19. Inverted Lob with a Layered Back

magnific 8VBbPydcVN1Apu0lZaCp Inverted Lob with Layered Back

Looking for a low-key look with a high-fashion vibe? Try an inverted lob with a layered back. The inverted shape of this lob is sleek and slightly edgy but effortlessly refined and brings a slightly tighter frame to your face. Then, the layered back gives a volume boost right where you need it, leaving the rest to flow smoothly. 

#20. Lob with Long Textured Bangs

magnific xnzxCBINTPNXAV7ki6xY Lob with Long Textured Bangs

Nothing blends distinguished and dashing like a lob with textured bangs. These longer, livelier bangs instantly elevate the lob’s classic charm, creating an added spark of energy that highlights your eyes with a cool yet classy vibe.

#21. Chin-Length Bob on Natural Curls

magnific BP4WEjC3a4ZbbiYC31LN Chin Length Bob with Natural Curls

Calling all curly girls! This one’s for you! The chin-length bob doesn’t just create something smooth and sleek on straight hair. It also creates a full, voluminous shape for your curls. Plus, the shorter length helps bring your natural curls back better than ever while creating that flirty face frame.

#22. Lob with Curtain Bangs

magnific CCioJMrhXPJBAKYQSlJQ Lob with Curtain Bangs

Get that mesmerizing Helen Mirren look with a lob and curtain bangs! This look blends the longer, more versatile bob with a whisper of chic charm from the curtain bands for a high-profile style with serious energy.

#23. Wavy Lob with Sun-Kissed Balayage

magnific 4N8QiEGzVAFO4jyz89CB Wavy Lob with Sun Kissed Balayage

Bring that summery-chic look to your hair with a wavy lob and sun-kissed balayage. This lob is cut specifically to boost your waves for better movement and slight beachy texture, while the sun-kissed balayage gives dynamic definition to your waves, all while bringing a bright, golden glow.

#24. Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

magnific yZrSXLDXfvh35p6YFq5v Layered Bob with Shadow Root Color

Go for something timeless with a bit of modern flair, and try a layered bob with a shadow root color. The seamless blend of colors adds just a touch of depth to give the layered lob even more volume while the layers give your hair all the life it could want. Plus, shadow roots are a super hot trend right now.

#25. Lob with Dimensional Color

magnific Bm1q26sX3BmstsCqaGDw Lob with Dimensional Color

This one’s for women over 70 who refuse to give up trends. This style brings all the volume and texture the lob is known for with extra-sophisticated dimensional color to revive your tresses with dimension, depth, and a whole lot of attitude.

#26. Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

magnific eVQngelazeo39BSakBz0 Messy Lob with Wispy Bangs

The messy lob with wispy bangs is an easy-going look with elegance and effortless charm. This Jane Fonda-inspired cut features the super-chic and messy lob charged with that perfectly undone texture with wispy bangs to give it that light and airy finishing touch.

#27. Asymmetrical Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific 6lo1DhSf30asDV6PrrxC Asymmetrical Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Keep things sweet and simple but stunning by going for an asymmetrical lob with side-swept bangs! The asymmetry of this bob brings a contemporary flair to the elegant look of the lob without completely overshadowing it. Then, the side-swept bangs complete the lob frame with a chic charm.

#28. Lob with a Subtle Undercut

magnific SNlPsrZTl6jJ5ODKEnjA Lob with a Subtle Undercut

Need something sophisticated with a slight edgy spark? Try a classic and refined-looking lob with an undercut for that secret modern touch that makes styling easier while freeing thick, heavy hair from bulk and weight.

#29. Chin-Length Bob with Sideburns

magnific bcJiuMhIdoMTJCZyC9P1 Chin Length Bob with Sideburns

Go for a unique twist on the clean and polished chin-length bob by adding some stylish sideburns. Of course, this beloved medium hairstyle is known for being chic and simple to style. But the sideburns add an extra touch, working with the bob’s flattering frame to sculpt your face with a youthful glow.

#30. Lob with Choppy Layers

magnific hvbFF1ik8HiqHyhv0yex Lob with Choppy Layers

Versatile, low-maintenance, and effortlessly stylish—that’s how we describe the lob with choppy layers. These exuberant layers bring a modern and lively twist to the beloved lob’s already iconic volume and texture, reviving each strand with new life. 

#31. Angled Bob with Natural Gray and Soft Highlights

magnific HShYL4i2J0skkTlkE6Cj Angled Bob with Natural Gray and Soft Highlights

Natural beauty never looked as good as an angled bob with natural grays and soft highlights. This style features an angled bob for an age-defying contour to any face shape. Even better, this style not only embraces your natural grays but enhances them with soft highlights for an extra-dimensional look so you can grow in your grays with confidence and style. 

#32. Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

magnific 1tLZOlrgW8K2hc0prmLT Textured Lob with Piecey Layers

The textured lob with piecey layers redefines aging gracefully, looking casual and playful yet effortlessly elegant, all at the same time. The textured lob already brings new life to your hair, but piecey layers intensify that look, making this great for lifeless, fine hair, instantly giving it a brand-new look.

#33. Shoulder-Length Lob with Textured Ends

magnific Q25XOXEJJfkD8AirWPEH Shoulder Length Lob with Textured Ends

Want something vibrant yet versatile? You need a shoulder-length lob with textured ends! The shorter lob brings more volume and body, with a chicer shape than the typical bob, giving your hair more volume and vigor, amplified by the textured ends. Plus, this style looks good up or down, curly or straight. 

#34. Lob with Bold Color Accent

magnific GZ4j2DLOO4jUSJCfXPGm Lob with Bold Color Accent

Whoever said that women over 70 can’t be bold was dead wrong. It’s the perfect time to be bold! But boldness doesn’t have to overtake beauty, especially with a lob with bold color accents. These fresh pops of color elevate the already stylish lob with an adventurous allure. Plus, it’s a way to get creative with color without going overboard.

#35. Lob with Side-Swept Fringe and Tapered Back

magnific XeMpMrfh0xsv7RN2w8lX Lob with Side Swept Fringe and Tapered Back

A lob with a side-swept fringe and a tapered back blends modern and classic for something graceful and drop-dead gorgeous! The lob instantly enhances any face shape with a sculpted shape and a tapered back to give you just a touch more volume in all the right places. Then, the side-swept fringe completes the frame, highlighting your eyes.  

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