Sink Your Claws Into These 25 Kitty Cuts That Show Off 2024’s IT GIRL Haircut

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 16, 2024

The kitty cut is this year’s hottest haircut, and for good reason. This 1970s-inspired style is playful yet elegant, daring yet soft. 

Long, rounded layers create a gentle texture and a frame that gives your look a little sultry mystery for that feline flair, hence the kitty cut. This layering technique is an instant upgrade for almost any haircut, short to long. 

And even better, there’s a kitty cut to fit any aesthetic. So get ready to sink your claws into 25 kitty cuts that show off 2024’s IT GIRL haircut. Let’s get into it!

#1. Short Asymmetrical Kitty Cut

magnific MLEa8db1XxwAROUr6ipJ Short Asymmetrical Kitty Cut

The short, asymmetrical kitty cut is bold and modern, with just a pinch of elegance. The longer layers of the kitty cut are perfect for giving this ear-length cut some versatility, including the extra-chic longer side bangs, with the uneven lengths giving the cut its edgy asymmetry.

#2. Kitty Cut-Layered Bob

magnific 8DZOQqPuGjYtGlcUoS3M Kitty Cut Layered Bob

Get a flawlessly fab look with a kitty-cut layered bob! This hybrid haircut blends the bob’s chic shape and kitty cut’s rounded layers for a softer look and to make this bob flattering for all face shapes. It’s excellent for fine, straight hair that needs a lift and gentle movement, but it could look great on any hair texture. 

#3. Pixie-Kitty Cut

magnific R45FYciDlfpwkxjdKnxB Pixie Kitty Cut

Looking for a chic meets cheeky look? Go for a pixie-kitty cut! The kitty cuts soft and slightly longer layers, which make this pixie just a little softer, just long enough to create a cute frame for your face. This cut is much more versatile than the typical pixie. You can keep it sleek and sophisticated or spiky and spunky. It’s all up to you, babe!

#4. Undercut Kitty Cut

magnific RsUopmWzJBoFVx9stGBR Undercut Kitty Cut

The undercut kitty cut is a blend of two highly trendy haircuts that can instantly bring your look something adventurous and elegant, all at the same time. This multifaceted style features kitty-cut layers that give the look a softer, more feminine touch and create a cute curtain for the undercut, so you can keep it your edgy little secret or show it off.

#5. Textured Shag Kitty Cut

magnific g52iAz3PfKcU8NXLwtTO Textured Shag Kitty Cut

Want something gorgeously groovy? Go for a textured shag kitty cut! This stylish cut pairs two iconic 70s styles for an effortlessly eclectic look with all those retro rock and roll vibes.  The kitty-cut layers give your full volume, magnified movement, and edgy texture, while the longer, shaggy layers and overgrown-looking bangs give that perfect “I don’t care” attitude.

#6. Sleek Straight Kitty Cut

magnific eTXcTazgIQVHwA5wkgu9 Sleek Straight Kitty Cut

The sleek, straight kitty cut is all things flawless and flattering. Clean lines and gentle kitty-cut layering create the perfect soft, sophisticated frame for any face shape with a sleek finish. This refined style is ideal for fine, straight hair, with the shaping creating more body and making your hair look fuller. Use a flat iron and some shine serum for that super glossy glam. You can also style this cut in a blowout for a more voluminous look or curl for something a bit more playful.

#7. Kitty Cut for Voluminous Curls

magnific WihCRpJ4LfId7343pgqc Kitty Cut for Voluminous Curls

Bring a lift and new life to your natural texture with a kitty cut for voluminous curls! Kitty cut layers to create that classic frame, including the flirty longer curtain bangs, but even better, give your natural curls volume and body and revived bounce for enhanced curls. Natural beauty never looked so good.

#8. Blunt Kitty Cut with Bangs

magnific tukqWxsGC3Hne0nsJo8Q Blunt Kitty Cut with Bangs

Go for something pristine and polished, like a bun kitty cut with bangs. This look combines the kitty cut’s elongated layering with the blunt cut’s dramatic and chic flair from the bangs. This sleek and straight style flawlessly frames your face, paying particular attention to your jawline, while the blunt bangs accentuate your eyes to make this look even more flattering.

#9. Razor-Cut Kitty Cut

magnific cP3LiJp7y01eoSdAEWmg Razor Cut Kitty Cut

If you’re looking for something fab and fashion-forward that adds massive volume and movement to your fine hair, you’ve got to try a razor-cut kitty cut! Razor cuts give that extra gritty texture, which puts even more energy into your hair, while the kitty cuts layers give you that classic height and body for a look that’s textured and edgy but absolutely adorable.

#10. Wavy Lob Kitty Cut

magnific VUofH1XPCHoUfKoTEIAa Wavy Lob Kitty Cut

Want all those soft and feminine vibes in your hairstyle? You need a wavy lob with a kitty cut! This elegant look is perfect for thicker natural waves weighed down by bulk and length. The kitty cut’s layers intensify the body and movement of the wavy lob by giving uneven lengths and elongated front layering for a unique twist.

#11. Choppy Pixie Kitty Cut

magnific i46QyGuCvy7So0RK8IeV Choppy Pixie Kitty Cut

Nothing blends simplicity, style, and spunk like the choppy pixie-kitty cut. Pixie cuts are typically bold and edgy, but the kitty cut layers soften them up and make them much easier to style and maintain. The longer layers also help this style adapt to different face shapes.

#12. Classic Bob Kitty Cut

magnific ppghC8r4XQD48Ko7c3kM Classic Bob Kitty Cut

The classic bob never goes out of style. But you can give it a cheeky modern twist by blending the classic bob with a trendy kitty cut. This timeless and sleek look is perfect for straight hair of any density, with the kitty-cut layers making a swaying movement for an exaggerated bob shape.

#13. Kitty Cut with Feathered Layers

magnific JuqcO0RiKPdwUhYriECK Kitty Cut with Feathered Layers

If you’re looking for a blowout-level look with a bit of retro flair, you’ve got to get a kitty cut with feathered layers. These soft, feathered layers are light and airy, bringing medium-length straight or wavy hair high volume and playful movement for an energetic take on the blowout look that leaves your styling options open.

#14. Side-Parted Kitty Cut

magnific rTgaaPj5CnkiAJc3cWMu Side Parted Kitty Cut

The side-parted kitty cut is a shorter style that effortlessly blends classic and contemporary. This flattering kitty cut provides long, luscious layers that fit all hair types. The middle point between shoulder and jaw length for a little more versatility, so you can switch up your look as often as you’d like. And finally, the chic side part is that simple little lift to take this look to the top.

#15. Angled Kitty Cut-Bob

magnific IS9il2xG7Gffi4JJIuzj Angled Kitty Cut Bob

Get something chic and sharp, and go for an angled kitty-cut bob. This unique and modern take on the classic bob is perfect for sleek, straight hair of any density. The angled bob shape and stacked back layering, paired with the kitty cut’s longer layering, create a slimmer jawline, making this look even better for rounder and square face shapes.

#16. Kitty Cut on Tousled Waves

magnific kYE5UglcoFtRJO6rxV1G Kitty Cut on Tousled Waves

Give your waves a laidback and low-maintenance upgrade with all those summer-ready vibes by getting a kitty cut! Ideal for thick hair that anchors waves, the kitty cut frees your natural texture of bulk but keeps a soft and elegant finish, thanks to the rounded layers. Use texture spray and tousle your waves for that super beachy chic look.

#17. Kitty Cut with Short Curtain Bangs

magnific 9AmlDJrzM7VylBKjh8YB Kitty Cut with Short Curtain Bangs

Kitty cuts and curtain bangs are a match made in heaven. The gentle, rounded layers pair perfectly to create an elegant shape that effortlessly adapts to any hair type and face shape. This cut gives excellent movement to straight hair but can easily bring waves and curls back to life. Plus, the short curtain bangs are ideal for dipping your toes into the fringe bang look without the commitment to a full fringe.

#18. Edgy Mullet Kitty Cut

magnific Vwcnfwy6Kx5HXxZwR6vW Edgy Mullet Kitty Cut

Dare to be different, and go for an edgy mullet kitty cut. This high-profile haircut combines two retro styles for a wicked look that takes your rocker-chic aesthetic to the next level, with shorter layers in the front and longer layers in the back, all with that electric texture.

#19. Kitty Cut on Retro Waves

magnific yQTe3cRU662jPkfPpT0p Kitty Cut on Retro Waves

Get a red carpet-ready look with a kitty cut and retro waves. This look is perfect for bringing medium-length hair voluminous waves with soft movement, enhanced by the kitty cuts classic layering for an iconic vintage glam aesthetic. Use rollers or a curling iron to create defined curls, then brush them out and use pins to style the waves. Now, you’re ready for your closeup!

#20. Mohawk Kitty Cut

magnific SUuHFlIMuZtqGBggk1Ri Mohawk Kitty Cut

Channel your inner punk rocker with a mohawk kitty cut! This is the perfect way to make a confident and captivating statement with your hairstyle, with shaved sides for a gritty texture and bold visual contrast to the longer mohawk layers. Take it to the top by getting this cut in a daring and punchy color or shaving a design into the sides.

#21. Half Shaved Kitty Cut

magnific qGjVJtIT2GtUN35bpy6C Half Shaved Kitty Cut

Give your elegant kitty cut an edgy twist by shaving one side! This is a terrific, sleek, straight look that gives fine hair a wow factor. The asymmetry from the shaved side gives this look a modern and moody vibe. But it stays versatile, meaning you can wear it any way you want. You can even hide the shaved side by parting your hair in the middle or opposite side.

#22. Kitty Cut with High Top-Volume

magnific YOG2wzfri5U1zRBKK0oY Kitty Cut with High Top Volume

A kitty cut with high top volume is all things dramatic and dazzling, with a dose of distinguished. This extra volume at the crown is a simple adjustment to the classic kitty cut, making it ideal for thin and fine hair of any texture needing extra help with height.

#23. Twisted Braids Kitty Cut

magnific xcXgVTHgpAljDIDFGfTk Twisted Braids Kitty Cut

Even twisted braids can get a little love from the kitty cut! This unique and elegant style helps you get a low-maintenance boho look with a creative flair. The kitty cuts keep your braids shaped perfectly to accentuate your face shape while giving the braids some movement.

#24. Slicked Back Kitty Cut

magnific FxEmFu76IFxU8nbjUrMW Slicked Back Kitty Cut

Nothing says sleek and sophisticated like a slicked-back kitty cut. The classic kitty cut has that flattering shape and gentle texture, and the slicked-back style gives the cut a refined and modern look while being virtually zero-maintenance.

#25. Faux Hawk Kitty Cut

magnific kaId28kzMDXAS3AhhIrz Faux Hawk Kitty Cut

Calling all grung gals! This one’s from you! The fauxhawk kitty cut is equal parts chic and cheeky! The edgy fauxhawk gives all those punky vibes, enhanced by the bold contrast from the shaved sides. This is a beautiful toned-down version of a mohawk, better suited to finer hair. But, really, any hair type can rock this look!

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