26 Trending Hush Cut Hair Ideas for This Year

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: February 4, 2024

One of the most viral, trending hairstyles of the year? Let us make you familiar with the one and only “hush cut”. What is the hush cut hairstyle? In essence, it’s taking layers + bangs and combining them into one, fab ‘do. And it’s all about balance—between your length, and your style. In short, we’re in love. So we rounded up the best hush cut hair ideas for you to try.


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Woman with Soft Curls with a Wispy Hush Cut hair

The hush cut is known for being soft and delicate on its own, but you can add an extra dose of daintiness by tossing in some charming soft curls. Hello, beautiful bounce that’s perfect for fancier occasions.

#2. Choppy Ends with Side-Swept Bangs

Woman with Choppy Ends with Side Swept Bangs hair

If you want to give your hush cut a pinch more edginess and flair, consider going with this cool haircut idea. It starts with the “typical” hush cut with plenty of lengthy layers. However, choppy ends and side-swept bangs give this look some much-needed contemporary attitude.

#3. Short Feathered Hush Cut on Dark Hair

Woman with Short Feathered Hush Cut on Dark Hair 1

While hush cuts come with pre-determined layers, it doesn’t mean you have to settle. Add more feathering to your ‘do to create more dimension and depth. Throw on some dark coloring for a chic twist that takes this look to the next level.

#4. Hush Cut with Undercut Detailing

Woman with Hush Cut with Undercut Detailing hair 1

Hey, bold babe. Is the hush cut too sweet for you? Think again. This hush-cut hair idea proves that even the most feminine haircuts can get a modern makeover. Add undercut detailing and douse your hair in a look-at-me shade like this pastel pink blend.

#5. Long and Wispy Hush Cut with Baby Bangs

Woman with Long and Wispy Hush Cut with Baby Bangs Hair 1

Hush cuts and bangs are a match made in heaven. But for those with oval face shapes, consider chucking the “typical” set of wispy bangs with a hush cut and opt for baby bangs instead. Super cute!

#6. Textured Bob Hush Cut

Woman with Textured Bob Hush Cut hair 1

For those who enjoy shorter haircuts, consider this lovely hush-cut style. The hair is chopped right below the chin, giving you plenty of volume and face-framing layers. Use your fave hairstyling tool to create movement with gorgeous waves.

#7. Sleek Hush Cut on Natural Hair

Woman with Sleek Hush Cut on Natural Hair

If you’ve been blessed with beautiful natural texture but are sick and tired of dealing with the maintenance, a hush cut may be right for you. Not only does a hush cut look stunning with natural curls and waves, but it’s far less maintenance – a win-win situation if you ask me!

#8. Wispy Layers with Chunky Highlights

Woman with Wispy Layers with Chunky Highlights hair

Everyone knows that hush cuts are all about the layers, but they can get lost in translation if you’re not careful. Put your amazing layers on full display by adding chunky highlights to your mane.

#9. Asymmetrical Hush Cut with Razor Ends

Woman with Asymmetrical Hush Cut with Razor Ends hair

If you want to go daring with your hush cut, there’s no better way to do it than with some asymmetry. Don’t stop there, though. Add a razor cut to provide more depth and dimension to your ‘do. Razor cuts are particularly helpful for thick-haired tresses!

#10. Shoulder-Length Hush Cut with Blunt Bangs

Woman with Shoulder Length Hush Cut with Blunt Bang Hair

With this haircut, it’s easy to blend soft and bold. The shoulder-length hush cut is exactly what you need to create a delicate and feminine appearance. Yet, the blunt bangs come in with a big bash of blunt attitude. What more could you want from your haircut?

#11. Long Hush Cut with Balayage Highlights

Woman with Long Hush Cut with Balayage Highlights hair

If you prefer a bit longer hair, don’t worry – you can still enjoy the beauty of a hush cut. In fact, the longer tresses allow you to indulge in the balayage technique, creating natural-looking highlights that idyllically enhance every layer.

#12. Angled Hush Cut with a Side Part

Woman with Angled Hush Cut with a Side Part hair

Side parts are out of style? Says who? This hairstyle proves that you can still look sharp with a side part. To add even more drama and sas to your aesthetic, consider dousing your angled hush cut in bright hues like this glamorous red.

#13. Silver-Hued Feathered Hush Cut

Woman with Silver Hued Feathered Hush Cut hair

Silver may be striking, but even the most shimmery silvers get a soft revamp with a hush cut. Add in a hefty dose of feathering to create immediate volume and bounce. This look is great for everyone, but especially ladies with thinner tresses.

#14. Voluminous Hush Cut with Micro Bangs

Woman with Voluminous Hush Cut with Micro Bangs hair

This cool hush cut looks like it should be on the cover of the next Vogue magazine. It has all the avant-garde attitude you could ever dream of. To make your micro bangs stand out, consider making them a darker shade from the rest of your mane, as shown in this photo.

#15. Tapered Hush Cut with a Fringe

Woman with Tapered Hush Cut with a Fringe hair

Do you want your hush cut to give off cool retro vibes? Then consider this ‘do! The haircut features the charming hush cut, but tapering and fringes are added to give it some 70s inspiration. Don’t forget to pair this hair with your fave retro-themed attire!

#16. Brunette Hush Cut with Platinum Money Piece

Woman with Brunette Hush Cut with Platinum Money Piece

Brunette hush cut? Yeah, it’s cute, but it lacks pizzazz. Don’t worry, babe – if you need a quick pick-me-up for your one-note locks, I’ve got you covered. Simply add some platinum money pieces to your hair and enjoy every second.

#17. Precisely Sharp Hush Cut with Wispy Ends

Woman with Razor Sharp Hush Cut with Wispy Ends hair

If you think hush cuts are too “nice,” consider this unconventional hush cut instead. This look pairs the beauty and innocence of a hush cut with the prowess of a sharp chop. Throw in some wispy ends to immediately create depth.

#18. Two-Tone Hush Cut with Delicate Pastel Highlights

Woman with Two Tone Hush Cut with Pastel Streaks hair

Hush cut = delicate haircut. Pastel highlights = dainty hair color. Pair the two and enjoy the softest, most charming hairstyle you could ever imagine. Honestly, this is the match made in heaven that will make you appear angelic.

#19. Hush Cut with a Sleek Ponytail

Woman with Hush Cut in a Sleek Ponytail in ponytail hair

Sleek ponytails are an effortless way to look classy and chic. For this look, though, you’ll want to leave some strands loose around the face. Not only is this gorgeous, but you’ll be able to show off your hush-cut layers – even when the bulk of your mane is in an updo.

#20. Wavy Hush Cut with Ombre

Woman with Wavy Hush Cut in Ombre color hair

Some women simply can’t get enough dimension in their locks. Sound like you? Then consider this multidimensional hush-cut hairstyle, complete with glamorous waves from root to tip and a stunning ombre hair color.

#21. Hush Cut with Blended Money Pieces

Woman with Hush Cut in Blended Money Pieces hair

The best and easiest way to take your dull, one-note hair color to the next level is to simply throw in some money pieces. These bright strands will add some much-needed dimension, all while highlighting those gorgeous hush-cut layers.

#22. Short Hush Cut with Finger Waves

Woman with Short Hush Cut in Finger Waves hair

Have a classy event coming up and don’t know how to style your hush cut? Well, let me tell you, honey – hush cuts look oh-so-fabulous when crafted into finger waves. This look provides some old-school Hollywood glam that pairs well with any fancy attire.

#23. A-Line Bob with a Soft Hush Cut

Woman with Hush Cut in A Line Bob hair

A-line bobs are known for their distinct structure and modern appeal, so it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular option. But if you want your a-line bob to be a little softer, simply ask for a hush cut and tousle your mane up a bit.

#24. Voluminous Curls with a Subtle Hush Cut

Woman with Hush Cut in Voluminous Curls hair

Big, bouncy curls that can be seen from a mile away? Yes, please! This look is bursting with so much movement and attitude. Wear it to work, a night out with your gal pals, or an upscale event. You simply can’t go wrong with these stunning ringlets.

#25. Wispy Hush Cut with Side Cornrows

Woman with Wispy Hush Cut in Side Cornrows hair

The great thing about hush cuts? All the layers. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your fave styling techniques, though. That said, go ahead and craft some side cornrows into your mane and enjoy the hefty dose of attitude.

#26. Mid-Length Hush Cut with Rose Gold Accents

Woman with Mid Length Hush Cut in Rose Gold Accents Hair

Hush cuts are super trendy. What else is popular right now? Rose gold accents. Pair the two in your mane, and you’ll have a fashion-forward extravaganza that everyone will want to copy. Don’t forget to take a few pics for the ‘gram – you’re bound to get plenty of likes.

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