45 Styles That Prove Blonde Hair With Dark Roots Is This Year’s Hottest Hair Color Trend

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 9, 2024

Blonde hair with dark roots is a brilliant way to lighten up your naturally dark hair or grow your roots out with something stylish. Heck, this hair color trend can even help you ease your way into blonde with something you won’t have to touch up every couple of weeks! 

And, with so many different dark-to-blonde combinations, there are many ways to play with this pairing, from black roots with platinum blonde ends to something more natural, like chestnut and blonde balayage, to-blonde combinations, there are so many different ways to play with this pairing, from black roots with platinum blonde ends to something more natural, like chestnut and blonde balayage. 

#1. Sleek Bob with Dark Undercut

Sleek Bob with Dark Undercut

A sleek bob with a dark undercut offers an elegant look with a secret edgy element. The short, darker undercut brings that gritty twist to the sleek short bob haircut, creating a refined shape for any face shape. You can accentuate the undercut by blending the color into your roots as well, not just for a bolder and edgier look but also to give the lighter blonde bob more definition by contrast.  

#2. Sun-Kissed Beach Waves with Dark Growth

Sun Kissed Beach Waves with Dark Growth

Go for a summer goddess look with sun-kissed beach waves on dark growth. This laidback and low-maintenance look features sunny blonde hair on barely there dark roots and then tops it all off with beach waves for that salt-air-like texture that gives the look the ultimate summer-ready vibe.

#3. Glamorous Golden Layers with Dark Base

Glamorous Golden Layers with Dark Base

Glamorous golden layers on a dark base bring a stunning balance between natural and luxurious. The golden blonde tones work with the deep roots to create a seamlessly blended contrast for depth and dimension that can bring life to the finest, straightest hair while providing a luxe, luminous glow.

#4. Edgy Blonde Pixie with Dark Shadow Roots

Edgy Pixie with Dark Shadow Roots

Level up the edgy vibes of your blonde pixie by adding some distinct dark shadow roots. This blond on dark roots look features a smoky transition from dark roots to bright blonde, which elevates the already bold and bright look of the pixie cut, with the roots adding depth for the illusion of more volume.

#5. Cascading Blonde Curls with Darkened Crown

Cascading Curls with Darkened Crown

Cascading blonde curls with a darkened crown give an aesthetic that can only be described as bombshell blonde meets natural mystique. The darkened roots are strategically intensified at the crown for the illusion of thicker, fuller hair with more height. Then the blonde adds that bright and beautiful glow blonde is known and loved for, enhanced by cascading curls, with flowing movement.

#6. Bold Blonde Balayage with Natural Root Fade

Bold Balayage with Natural Root Fade

Take the low-key route with bold balayage that fades into your natural root color. This trendy and tasteful balayage pairs a bold blonde toned perfectly to blend into your natural color, with particular placement to enhance those “born like this” vibes. This gentle contrast brings the natural depth and dimension your hair needs and also makes this look lower-maintenance.

#7. Blonde Hair On Dark Roots with Side-Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs with Dark Root Contrast

While the blonde hair on dark roots color trend may look natural and bright, side-swept bangs take this color in a whole different direction, giving it a dose of that “too cool” vibe for an edgy-glam style with that extra sultry-shaped frame for any face shape.

#8. Wavy Lob with Dark-Rooted Ambiance

Wavy Lob with Dark Rooted Ambiance

If you’re looking to give your waves a lift with something chic and easy, you need a wavy bob with dark-rooted ambiance. The layering and shape of the cut are an effortlessly elegant lift for waves, giving them volume and full-bodied movement and a bright blonde color on top. Then, the darker roots add depth and a bit of warmth that melts into the blonde for an ambient allure.

#9. Straight and Shiny Blonde with Subtle Root Shadowing

Straight and Shiny with Subtle Root Shadow

If you love those sleek and chic looks, you’ve got to try a straight and shiny blonde with subtle root shadowing. This look may be simple, but it certainly isn’t plain. The sleek, straight hair highlights the shiny blonde, which is enhanced by the subtle root shadow for more depth for fuller and thicker-looking hair. You can also turn that sleek and shiny vibe up a notch with some shine serum.

#10. Twisted Half-Updo with a Dark-Rooted Peek

Twisted Half Updo with Dark Root Peek

Need a quick and easy up with elegance? Go for a twisted half-updo with a dark root peek. The dark-rooted peak gives the front of your hair the illusion of more height, which is just what you need to make a flattering and fabulous style like a twisted updo twisted half updo. Plus, this placement creates a more defined frame for your face. 

#11. Honey-Blonde Braids with Dark Roots

Honey Blonde Braid with Dark Roots

Nothing says Beach-babe like honey-blonde braids with dark roots. The honey-blonde brings that sunny element, with darker roots for that carefree natural contrast (that also resembles the natural contrast between wet and dry sand). Then, braids add that final touch of low-key elegance.

#12. Platinum Pixie Cut with a Dark Edge

Platinum Pixie Cut with Dark Edge

Get that grungy-glam look, and go for a platinum pixie cut with a dark edge. This ultra-iconic shade gets an even bigger lift from the dark edges for that gritty contrast. And the pixie cut takes those bold and edgy vibes to the top!

#13. Long Blonde Layers with Dark Chocolate Roots

Long Layers with Dark Chocolate Roots

Long layers with dark chocolate roots bring a decadent look to your natural color. The dark chocolate roots create depth for a darker blonde and can bring a natural look to your roots if you’re growing them out. Then, the layers create more dimension, amplifying the blonde tones.

#14. Blonde Asymmetrical Undercut with Dark Roots

Asymmetrical Undercut with Dark Roots

Give your edgy look a side of classy vibes with a blonde asymmetrical undercut with dark roots. The asymmetrical undercut creates the perfect bold and edgy base for the blonde and dark roots to really shine through. But, instead of adding to the edgy look, this pairing makes it more approachable.

#15. Blonde Retro Waves with a Modern Root Twist

Retro Waves with Modern Root Twist

Do you want vintage glam with a side of contemporary class? Look no further than retro waves with a modern root twist. The blend of blonde and dark roots creates the illusion of fuller hair while adding a trendy charm. Then, use hot rollers or a large-barrel curling iron to style your hair in retro waves to bring that classic old-school aesthetic. 

#16. Tousled Blonde Top Knot with Shadowed Roots

Tousled Top Knot with Shadowed Roots

There’s nothing more effortlessly chic than a blonde top knot. But you can add a touch of those perfectly undone vibes to this look with a tousled top knot with shadowed roots. The shadowed roots give a smokier blend than your natural roots while still giving the look of more volume for the casual-meets-sophisticated top knot. The tousled texture doesn’t just add to that unrefined aesthetic; it also creates fullness for the hair inside the bun, making this style ideal for fine hair. 

#17. Sleek Blonde Ponytail with Dark Root Drama

Sleek Ponytail with Dark Root Drama

Go for a clean and polished look with a dash of drama, and try a sleek blonde ponytail with dark roots. The sleek ponytail gives you that neat and tidy look you can wear wherever and whenever, giving you straight hair with extra-chic finesse amplified by the blonde color. The dark roots add that touch of drama for an eye-catching element.

#18. Blonde Textured Shag with Dark Root Depth

Textured Shag with Dark Root Depth

The blonde textured shag with dark root depth blends three high-trend styles; beachy, retro, and edgy. And the result is absolutely iconic! The blonde and dark roots bring that essential edgy contrast, enhanced by the full-bodied, shaggy layers and beachy texture, bringing a massive amount of body and movement to any hair type.

#19. Blonde Bohemian Braids with Darkened Roots

Bohemian Braids with Darkened Beginnings

Blonde Bohemian braids with darkened roots prove that Boho and grunge-glam can coexist! Darkened roots always bring a bit of edge to blonde hair, but with Bohemian braids, you get a grungier contrast. But these braids bring that authentic Bohemian look for an unexpected balance.

#20. Vintage Curls with a Contemporary Root Blend

Vintage Curls with Contemporary Root Blend

Want an elegant old-meets-new style? Go for vintage curls with a contemporary root blend. The darker root brings that modern and trendy vibe and seamlessly blends into your classic blonde bombshell curls. For that extra vintage vibe, you can get these curls with a regular-sized curling iron or hot rollers. 

#21. Elegant Blonde Updo with Dark Root Highlights

Elegant Updo with Dark Root Highlights

If you’re looking for a spiced-up, sophisticated style, you need to try an elegant updo with dark-rooted highlights. Veering away from the traditional blonde hair with dark roots trend, these dark roots are somewhat extended to look more like lowlights, giving your hair more depth and dimension, and bringing a quiet dramatic element to the elegant updo. 

#22. Icy Blonde Bob with Dark Root Accents

Icy Blonde Bob with Dark Root Accents

Icy blonde is a stone-cold-confident color that pairs effortlessly with the bob’s striking shape for something truly iconic. Of course, you can take that cool and confident look by adding some dark root accents. Not only does this add a bold, smoky element, but the depth from the darker color also makes fine hair look fuller and thicker.

#23. Flowing Blonde Layers with a Dark Root Gradient

Flowing Layers with Dark Root Gradient

Go for an even sultrier take on that Bombshell babe aesthetic with flowing blond layers and a dark root gradient. The darker roots create depth and the illusion of more volume before melting into the setting, and the flowing blonde layers bless hair with that extra va-va-voom body and movement.

#24. Classic Chignon with a Twist of Dark Roots

Classic Chignon with a Twist of Dark Roots

This timeless twisted style gets a natural lift with darker roots. These darker roots bring naturally-inspired elegance and modern elements, all at the same time. Then, you can style your hair in a classic chignon to dress things up. 

#25. Bold Blonde Mohawk with Dark Roots

Bold Blonde Mohawk with Dark Roots

A bold blond mohawk with dark roots is all things edgy and daring. It has a longer, texturized mohawk that falls into an asymmetrical mohawk with an elongated bang and shaved sides for that extra edgy element. But it doesn’t end there. The gritty texture of the undercut is accentuated by dark roots that also give the top layers the look of more height for an even bolder look.

#26. Sleek Blonde Side Part with Dark Root Line

Sleek Side Part with Dark Root Line

You’d be surprised at how much a simple switch, like changing to a side part, can do for your look. Not only does this sleek new part create natural volume for your hair, with the asymmetry creating the illusion of layers, but it also brings an undeniably elegant look, especially paired with a dark root line.

#27. Blonde Mermaid Waves with Deep-Toned Roots

Mermaid Waves with Deep Rooted Tones

Dive into that seaside goddess aesthetic with blonde mermaid waves and deep-toned roots. This beach-inspired contrast pairs an ethereal blonde shade with deep-toned sandy brown roots for a kiss of depth and trendy charm. Then, the beach-textured mermaid waves take this look over the edge or, should we say, under the sea?

#28. Chunky Highlights with Dark Root Effect

Chunky Highlights with Dark Root Effect

Chunky highlights have an undeniable 90s-2000s style we can’t seem to quit. We love chunky highlights for their bolder and brighter look and nostalgic charm. Adding a dark root effect gives this look a modern lift with its subtle but stylish contrast.

#29. Playful Pony with Dark Root Detailing

Playful Pony with Dark Root Detail

Looking for something that pairs function, fun, and fashion? You need a playful pony with dark root detailing. The darkened roots give this sleeker look the illusion of more volume while adding that trendy touch and making your blonde look brighter by contrast. Then, this fun and fab ponytail goes right at the back, just a couple inches lower than a high pony. Pull out a few strands or add curls to turn up the playful vibes on this style!

#30. Choppy-Layered Cut with Dark-Rooted Flair

Choppy Layered Cut with Dark Root Flair

If you’re all about that high-profile but low-maintenance kind of look, you’d find it in a choppy-layered cut with dark-rooted flair. Choppy layers bring dynamic and daring texture to put a spotlight on that beautiful blonde shade. Then, the dark roots crank up that edgy element while giving the illusion of more height, making it perfect for thin, fine hair that needs more volume and fullness but doesn’t have much to work with.

#31. Timeless Blonde Old Hollywood Curls with Dark Roots

Timeless Hollywood Curls with Dark Roots

Go for classic glamor with a pinch of contemporary style, and try some timeless old Hollywood curls with dark roots. The blonde shade and old Hollywood curls work together to bring that vintage glam vibe, while the modernized dark roots run a bit longer than usual to give your hair extra definition and the illusion of more volume.

#32. Smoky Bonde Angular Bob with Dark Roots

Angular Bob with Dark Rooted Angles

The smoky-blonde angular bob with dark roots is all things modern and magnetizing, with many working parts to create one iconic style. First, the angular shape of the bob creates a sharp frame for your face, brightened by the smokey blonde. Then, the dark roots add a contemporary element to this clean and polished style for that extra something.

#33. Soft Blonde Ringlets with Dark Root Embellishments

Soft Ringlets with Dark Root Embellishment

There’s just something irresistibly girly and fun about soft blonde ringlets. But you can turn that up for something a little more mature with some dark root embellishments. Plus, they’ll give your girls the illusion of being bigger and fuller at the root!

#34. High-Volume Blowout with Root Contrast

High Volume Blowout with Root Contrast

The darker root contrast with your soft blonde is a toned-down and tasteful take on the ordinary high-volume blowout. The natural contrasts create depth for the illusion of even more volume and fullness! Va-va-voom, here you come!

#35. Dual-Toned Pixie with Dark Root Mystery

Dual Toned Pixie with Dark Root Mystery

Spice up your punchy pixie cut with dual tones and mysterious dark roots.  The darker roots add that mysterious, dramatic element, especially paired with the dual tones of the blonde. This cut doesn’t need much volume, thanks to the defined roots giving your hair the look of more height. And it’s an effortlessly styled cut you can simply shake to style!

#36. Blonde Feathered Layers with Dark Root Intrigue

Feathered Layers with Dark Root Intrigue

Looking for a simple and refined hairstyle for your super-thin hair? Go for blonde feathered layers with dark root intrigue. While subtle, the dark root adds definition for fuller and thicker-looking hair while offsetting the two blonde tones. The feathered layers also give your fine hair a lift and create soft movement for a kiss of sophistication.

#37. Elegant Platinum Blonde Bun with Dark Root Undertones

Elegant Buns with Dark Root Undertone

Get a double dose of elegant with a side of edgy with a platinum blonde bun with dark root undertones. These undertones give a kiss of depth to the bright and bold platinum blonde for that modern edge. Then, to class it all up, throw your hair into an elegant bun with a couple of wispy loose strands for that finishing touch.

#38. Wispy Bangs with Dark-Rooted Emphasis

Wispy Bangs with Dark Root Emphasis

If you’re looking for that soft-grunge look, you’ve got to try wispy bangs with dark-rooted emphasis. The wispy bangs bring that soft and ary charm, while the dark roots add a defined, edgy element for any hair type.

#39. Crown Braid with Intertwined Dark Root

Crown Braid with Dark Root Intertwine

You’re a princess that doesn’t need saving. Show that off with a punchy meets princessy style, like a crown braid with intertwined dark roots. The classy crown braid brings that refined and regal look, with dark roots intertwining for that edgy anti-damsel aesthetic.

#40. Blonde Tapered Afro with Dark Root Statement

Tapered Afro with Dark Root Statement

While the tapered Afro may be enough for some, you’re extra, and we’re here for it! Get a double dose of bold by coloring your tapered afro blonde with dark roots. Not only does your natural texture get a shape-up, but the dramatic pairing between the blonde and dark roots brings an even bigger and bolder look.

#41. Bright Blonde Fishtail Braids with Dark Root Depth

Fishtail Braid with Dark Root Depth

If you’re into those simple and sweet styles, go for bright blonde fishtail braids with dark root depth. This trio gives you all you need for a tasteful yet mesmerizing style, with bright blonde hair and dark roots for extra depth and brightness by contrast. Then, this bold pairing is toned down by the easygoing fishtail braids. 

#42. Sleek Chignon with Subtle Dark Roots

Sleek Chignon with Dark Root Seduction

Looking for a clean and polished style with just a kiss of sultry shine? You need a sleek chignon on blonde hair with subtle dark roots. The dark roots give straight, blonde hair more depth and dimension, especially in a sleek style like a classic chignon, where they shine through like lavish lowlights for that flirty flair.

#43. Unstructured Lob with a Dark Root Charm

Unstructured Lob with Dark Root Charm

Enchanting meets edgy with a blonde unstructured lob with a dark root charm. These unstructured layers give a grungier texture, paired with the laidback length of the lob and dusted with darker roots for that extra unrefined aesthetic. Together, this trio creates a jaw-dropper style on any hair type!

#44. Blonde Voluminous Curls with Rooted Definition

Voluminous Curls with Rooted Definition

Need something to shake up your natural texture? Give your blonde voluminous curls a dose of dark-rooted definition to bring your hair back to life! These dark roots are like subtle lowlights, adding definition to your curls for even better-looking bounce and texture while also creating the illusion of more volume.

#45. Half Up Boho Braid with Infused Dark Root

Half Up Boho Braid with Dark Root Fusion

Get that beachy bridal, or Boho princess look with a half-up Boho braid with infused dark roots. The blend between your blonde and the slightly darker roots brings a beach-inspired color contrast. Then, the half-up boho braid brings that blissful finishing touch to take this look to the top!

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