Why These Wash-and-Wear Hairstyles Are Perfect for Women Over 60

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: June 9, 2024

Who wants to spend hours in front of their bathroom mirror trying to put together the “perfect look?” I certainly don’t—and I’m sure plenty of women over 60 will agree with me, too. 

Enter: wash and wear haircuts for women over 60.

What exactly are these styles? Well, they’re haircuts that you can literally wash in the morning and wear for the day – without all of the hassle of styling and designing. They look spectacular right out of the shower and dried.

magnific tKZVQwHvwPlJZM1S0yVL Softly Tapered Pixie Cut

A softly tapered pixie cut is undeniably a fan favorite for women over 60. For one, this style is incredibly easy to maintain. For two, all the layers add some serious height, elongating the face for a more youthful appearance. It’s an all-around winner!

#2. Gentle Waves Shoulder-Length Cut

magnific KidBnKOmoqUbh0EfxsGn Gentle Waves Shoulder Length Cut

We recommend going with a shoulder-length chop if you have naturally wavy hair. Cut right at the shoulder blades, your waves will have plenty of room to “do their thing” and look incredible. A pinch of texturizing product will ensure your waves look fab with no styling required.

#3. Classic Layered Bob with Side Bangs

magnific tKxoKXh0lxlH73IpTK8X Classic Layered Bob with Side Bangs

When discussing beautiful face-framing haircuts, we can’t forget the classic layered bob! The layers will allow the hair to fall gracefully against the face, creating a soft and feminine aesthetic. Paired with side bangs, it doesn’t get much more gorgeous (and easy) than this.

#4. Sleek Chin-Length Pinned Bob

magnific v896DhgYXGO7V5Vb9Gk5 Sleek Chin Length Pinned Bob

If you want a more precise bob haircut, you can utilize this style instead. This bob haircut always frames the face majestically, but the lack of layers and side bangs creates a more sleek aesthetic. This works best for straight-haired gals looking for a fiercer approach.

#5. Voluminous Medium Length with Light Layers

magnific 8Xbk5nb2qgmjajrHAdCe Voluminous Medium Length with Light Layers

Women over 60 struggling with thin or fine hair needn’t struggle any longer! This haircut is designed for maximum volume – even without any styling. That’s all thanks to the beautiful, light layers strewn throughout. A bit of volumizing spray certainly won’t hurt, though!

#6. Angled Shoulder Bob with Soft Curls

magnific rNlDdlBTLgxCS0C5KIFs Angled Shoulder Bob with Soft Curls

Women with naturally curly hair need a style that’s easy to maintain yet perfectly displays their stunning ringlets—and this is the go-to cut. An angled shoulder bob adds some rigidness to playful curls. Curl-enhancing products are all you need!

#7. Textured Short Crop with Wispy Bangs

magnific uFYCUifDh5TQwxxz97w8 Textured Short Crop with Wispy Bangs

Short crops are best for ladies who want an “in-between” look – not short enough to be a traditional pixie but not long enough to be challenging to manage. We especially love this textured approach with wispy bangs, which provides an edgy twist that’s still a wash-and-wear cut.

#8. Layered Pixie with Voluminous Top

magnific vNyExWU2FKjV8HTEOr12 Layered Pixie with Voluminous Top

Volume, volume, volume! If that’s what you’re looking for, this hairstyle has got it! This layered pixie with a voluminous top is all about creating height and energy. The best way to ensure your look remains tall and powerful is to use a volumizing spray!

#9. Mid-Length Cut with Flowing Layers

magnific jpv0xaomysaT8D0R7WUl Mid Length Cut with Flowing Layers

The problem with mid-length cuts is they can appear worn down – and who wants that, especially as a woman in her 60s? To avoid this situation, ask your stylist for some flowing layers. They’ll add a beautiful amount of volume and flare you can wash and wear.

#10. Rounded Bob with Swooping Bangs

magnific LQ492NE4TljioMrbxXXE Rounded Bob with Swooping Bangs

A rounded bob with swooping bangs is the ultimate go-to for women over 60 who want a wash-and-wear haircut that adds softness around their facial features. It’s an especially flattering option for those with fine hair, too.

#11. Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

magnific IhmNV8ARsjVgyqrSIukp Feathered Jaw Length Bob

Do you have thin hair? Don’t panic – you can still enjoy a wash-and-wear haircut that doesn’t need any “extras” to look full-bodied and fun. It’s the feathered jaw-length bob, and the layers and feathering are all you need to achieve volume and movement.

#12. Wavy Lob with Side Parting

magnific s3XCZhKqZkKfSJyEF4LK Wavy Lob with Side Parting

A side part isn’t something to leave in the 2000s. While the middle part may be more popular, some women—especially those with square, diamond, or heart-shaped faces—look better with a side part. Paired with a wavy lob, it’s a feminine and flirty option you’ll love.

#13. Straight Cut Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

magnific LO9NcjCR4yegj7JtFa0c Straight Cut Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Keep things simple and posh! This straight-cut bob with side-swept bangs is meant to be minimalist yet stunning. Some smoothing serum will help ensure your locks are not only slick-straight but glistening.

#14. Short and Sassy Spikey Cut

magnific Jxdej25Y8tOmfyH0oZTQ Short and Sassy Spikey Cut

Women who want to exude boldness and confidence will appreciate the vibe of this haircut. It’s a pixie loaded with short layers that can easily and quickly be spiked for a fierce finish. Just use a bit of gel or holding product to get there.

#15. Medium Feathered Cut for Wavy Hair

magnific s2IFWRzHh8cW5ZCe8k3I Medium Feathered Cut for Wavy Hair

Those with naturally wavy hair need to be careful not to get a cut that will cause bulkiness. Luckily, this medium feathered cut does the opposite. The feathered cut will reduce bulkiness, creating a light and airy look you can simply wash and enjoy!

#16. Long Bob with Undercut Layers

magnific igpMAGeMZuyXcqakDkVc Long Bob with Undercut Layers

Riddled with a contemporary attitude, this haircut is best for women over 60 who love a more modern approach to their appearance. This is also a go-to style for ladies with thicker hair types, as the cut eliminates volume at the bottom, ensuring a lightweight and cool finish.

#17. Shoulder-Grazing Layered Cut with Fringe

magnific q9NrCpFsZaf1ZYc7beTQ Shoulder Grazing Layered Cut with Fringe

If you want to stay within the realm of fashion and effortless styles, this is the ideal haircut! A shoulder-grazing layered cut with fringe has it all. The layers create luscious movement while the fringe draws attention to the eyes. So cute!

#18. Textured Pixie Bob

magnific guy40C57q13AYkbzAV95 Textured Pixie Bob

A textured pixie bob idyllically pairs the cute and carefree vibe of a pixie with the length of a bob haircut. This ensures you have room for styling if desired but always keeps things simple. Enjoy this wash-and-wear style that’s got body, sass, and adorable written all over it.

#19. Asymmetrical Short Bob with Layers

magnific zdc5x49HSvHjyLNCNALB Asymmetrical Short Bob with Layers

Some hairstyles just have that “it” factor that can’t be ignored – this haircut is one of them. How’s it done? Well, it’s all thanks to the asymmetry. Asymmetry hairstyles are known for their posh attitude, especially when combined with lovely layers.

#20. Soft Layers with Gentle Waves for Medium Hair

magnific DBlS9iX00xTvDR2XY5ff Soft Layers with Gentle Waves for Medium Hair

Creating a look that’s gentle yet carefree isn’t complex. In fact, it’s easy with the right haircut! Those with naturally wavy locks should go with a medium haircut and a few soft layers. Use a bit of product to highlight your waves.

#21. Modern Bowl Cut with Soft Edges

magnific BDYK83uWa2KT8XEOxW9x Modern Bowl Cut with Soft Edges

If you’re unafraid to step outside the box with your hairstyle, may I suggest a bowl cut? A modern bowl cut is the best of both worlds: trendy and easy to maintain. Make the look a pinch more feminine by opting for soft edges.

#22. Tousled Pixie with Long Bangs

magnific cAQ9mNHopx6dksgYYIMj Tousled Pixie with Long Bangs

Pixie haircuts don’t have to be uber-short. They can be somewhat longer if desired, as this haircut proves. The longer pieces and bangs create an effortless aesthetic that’s great for laid-back ladies over 60.

#23. Simple Blunt Bob with Thin Bangs

magnific SCo4X2LHf6EtQk9C3gzh Simple Blunt Bob with Thin Bangs

When it comes to timeless styles, this one nears the top of the list. A simple blunt bob with thin bangs has a classic err, perfect for women over 60. It’s easy to maintain, frames the face delicately, and is a definite wash-and-wear look – especially for straight-haired gals.

#24. Elegant Layered Lob

magnific GfKpDoQqGw7hRIwxtVkc Elegant Layered Lob

Did you know that wash and wear hairstyles can still look elegant? If sophistication is what you’re after, you need this layered lob in your life. Layers produce immediate lusciousness and movement. Make them the focal point by gently tousling them before heading out.

#25. Casual Mid-Length Cut with Slight Waves

magnific XlIGwfOCjMyKKnqn1Mjs Casual Mid Length Cut with Slight Waves

Women with slightly wavy locks will appreciate this mid-length cut. The extra length ensures the waves are seen in every direction while remaining casual and cute. There’s no need for styling here—simply wash, dry, and head out!

#26. Short Layered Cut with Flipped Ends

magnific Uj4duK1LkVaGyU1MuXPL Short Layered Cut with Flipped Ends

Stylish with a professional touch to it, this short layered cut with flipped ends is suitable for women who want a trendy look that’s still business-friendly. Although this haircut is bursting with energy, you’ll be happy to discover it’s a wash-and-wear look!

#27. Long Pixie with Angular Fringe

magnific ukiwVHdxYOJ2XQYb0bPD Long Pixie with Angular Fringe

The great thing about this style is that the pieces up front are longer than those in the back, instantly creating a unique, head-turning appearance. The lengthy bangs also frame the face for a more youthful appearance. It’s an all-around A+ look!

#28. Wavy Chin-Length Bob

magnific BRQq4rlf0e33GAym2Zr6 Wavy Chin Length Bob

Yes, you can have wavy hair and still struggle with thinness. But why put your thin hair on full display? Mask the thinness by creating bulk and movement by opting for a chin-length blunt bob. Use wave-enhancing products to create a jaw-dropping finish.

#29. Sleek Layered Cut with Side Part

magnific Apmc8rsMEl5YOsOfGwYR Sleek Layered Cut with Side Part

This look certainly has “polished” written all over it, but that still doesn’t mean it’s complicated or complex to maintain. With this hairstyle, you can easily achieve a refined aesthetic without any hassles.

#30. Tapered Neck-Length Cut with Texture

magnific WIeBALEoPi0PbxpYu1ic Tapered Neck Length Cut with

Let’s face it – this is undeniably one of the easiest hairstyles to manage, yet it’s loaded with liveliness thanks to the tapering and layers! You can lightly tousle this tapered neck-length cut before taking care of business.

#31. Soft Curly Bob with Natural Volume

magnific VWZYvI4dwExuPwcZVNgn Soft Curly Bob with Natural Volume

Naturally curly-haired women over 60 need a hairstyle that will enhance their curls and create instant volume. A bob like this will do the trick. Chopped at the shoulders, ringlets are given a boost in the beauty and bounce department without any outside help.

#32. Straight Lob with Feathered Ends

magnific iplT9HXvDqvZ7JISFSBr Straight Lob with Feathered Ends

If your straight lob is lookin’ a bit too straight and boring, you can shake things up without doing anything too dramatic. Simply throw in some feathered ends to increase the movement and airiness, ensuring a delightful finish.

#33. Medium Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

magnific WItd8aOMDHfSTOTmcV4U Medium Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

Not sure which wash and wear hairstyle is right for you? This medium layered cut with curtain bangs is one of the most versatile options and tends to look fantastic on, well, anyone – regardless of their hair type or face shape.

#34. Short Textured Cut with Messy Top

magnific 91M5ZtSFbEZZ5Cc2RciV Short Textured Cut with Messy Top

There is so much to love about this wash-and-wear hairstyle! To start, the short textured cut creates a bunch of untidiness that ensures a youthful vibe. From there, you can mess things up for a laid-back yet very stylish finish.

#35. Easy-Going Bob with Rounded Fringe

magnific SeQeNVrdxayPbKjdz3DR Easy Going Bob with Rounded Fringe

Finally, we have this classic option for women over 60. This wash-and-go look features a cute bob haircut that’s tidy and refined. There is also a set of rounded bangs that will immediately soften your features, which is something every woman will appreciate.

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