8 Dead-Simple Ways To Grow Out Your Bangs, According To Our Expert

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: March 1, 2024

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There’s no way around it—growing out your bangs is seriously annoying. Shorter bangs grow to that awkward stage where they’re constantly in your eyes, meanwhile, curtain bangs look like a toddler’s attempt at face-framing layers.

Whether you’ve done this ten times before or you’re just discovering this painstakingly slow process for the first time, we’re here to provide you with tips that’ll make growing out your bangs surprisingly easy. 

1. Switch Up Your Hairstyles

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So, your fringe no longer works worn loose but it also isn’t long enough to reach your ponytail yet, we know the feeling. Finding hairstyles that still make you look and feel your best can seem impossible—but they do exist!


Firstly, instead of simply pinning back your bangs with bobby pins which can leave your hair looking flat and lifeless at the front, try gathering up your bangs with roughly an inch of hair behind them.

Then, twist the hair away from your face before securing it in place. This will add a little volume and interest to your hairstyle whilst keeping those bangs stylishly concealed and out of your eyes.


When your grown-out bangs are long enough, try braiding them into the rest of your hair.  This style works great for curtain bangs and even fringes that started out shorter but haven’t been cut in a few months.

Try two single, half-inch braids at the front of your hair for beachy vibes in spring and summer, or, when you need all of your hair up, try braiding your bangs into a single French braid for exercising or days spent on the go. 

To do this, simply brush your bangs back into a quiff, and secure them place with bobby pins. Start your braid from here to incorporate them as seamlessly as possible.

For longer bangs, you may be able to braid them directly in. If you see little spikes forming where your bangs are trying to break free, simply keep a few bobby pins on hand and push them around the bangs and into your braids to keep them from coming loose.  


Luckily, slick-back hairstyles are still going strong this year and they’re perfect for those of us growing out our bangs. Use a teasing brush to gently, but securely brush your hair back into a center parting and then into a bun, half-updo, or ponytail.

Next, use the product of your choice to slick the hair into place so it stays put all day. We find hair gel works incredibly well but if you prefer something a little less messy (and your bangs are on the finer side) a wax stick may just do the trick.

Pro tip: pop it in your bag to tame flyaways and rouge bangs on the go!

2. Part Them In The Middle

Middle Part
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If you’ve been rocking straight-cut bangs and have decided to grow them out, try parting them in the center. We like to do this when they hit the awkward stage of sitting on top of your lashes.

It’ll stop you from constantly needing to move them, plus, it looks incredibly pretty. 

3. Stock Up On Bobby Pins

Whether at work, the gym, or even relaxing at home, when you’re growing out your bangs, bobby pins will quickly become your best friend. Use a couple to neatly tuck your bangs up by your hairline for a cute side-swept look, or even to secure flyaway bangs when they inevitably fall out of the hairstyle you spent all morning perfecting. 

Keep it simple with plain bobby pins that match your hair color, or, shake things up with embellished ones for a playful twist on the look.

4. Keep Your Hair Healthy

To make sure your bangs grow out healthy and strong you’ll need to keep up with a great haircare routine. Make sure to invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner and don’t be afraid to add a hair oil or weekly mask into your routine too. We also recommend massaging your scalp in the shower to promote blood flow and hair growth. Healthy hair grows better and more quickly so it’s totally worth it to get those bangs to the length you want them. 

5. Ask Your Stylist To Blend Bangs Into Some Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers
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Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with some flattering face-framing layers. Happily, they can also help blend your bangs into the rest of your hair. Using the curve of your bangs, your stylist will use a feathering effect around your face so the space between where your bangs end and the rest of your hair looks less like a step and more like a sleek and stylish slope. 

6. If You Have Long Hair, Try A Shorter Haircut

If you’ve ever thought about braving the salon chair and going for a way shorter haircut, now might just be the perfect time to finally take the plunge. Whilst we totally get that growing out your bangs feels like enough to deal with already, you’ll be surprised just how much easier it is when your haircut meets them halfway. 

With long hair and shorter bangs at an awkward grow-out stage, the differences between the two lengths can look and feel a lot more obvious. However, with shorter hair, it’s almost seamless and will look a lot fresher too. 

7. Sweep Them To The Side

As well as the very lucky fact that 90s side parts are very in this year, side parting your hair works perfectly for all bangs at any length. This trusted trick will stop shorter fringes from getting in your way whilst side-swept curtain bangs take on a whole new look and make your haircut look instantly chicer. 

8. Add Volume

Whether you choose to go the blowout route or opt for heatless rollers instead, adding volume is a surefire way to extend the life of your bangs at their current length. Adding volume at the root lifts your hair and makes it look a little shorter than it actually is so this fix is ideal for bangs that have gotten just a little bit too long.

It’s also great you can’t decide whether to stay the course and grow them out or take the plunge and get them trimmed again!

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