How To Master Spring’s Hottest Hair Trend–The Deep Side Part

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Written by Georgia Gould

Updated: April 15, 2024

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Center parts might have been taking, er, center stage for what seems like for-ever, but 2024 is all about the side part. And the deeper, the better.

Let’s get one thing clear: as hair trends go, partings aren’t the most ‘out there’ or exciting things to focus on. However, oftentimes, the simplest things can make the biggest impact.

And hey, we’re not all built to spend hours on our locks, crimping, braiding or teasing them into the most intricate updo, right? But switching things up by moving a center part over to one side for a change? Now that’s something we can all do. 

Side parts seem to divide generations. They’re a big hit with Millennials and Gen X-ers – most probably because we remember them fondly from the last time around – but Gen Z? Not so much.

In fact, up until very recently, TikTok was inundated with claims that there was little more old-fashioned and outdated than wearing your hair in a, gasp, side part. 

Well, au contraire dear Gen Zers, the side part was a huge red carpet hit throughout the recent awards season and the spring/summer catwalks were similarly awash with side partings in all guises.

So forgive us if we’re wrong, but we’re predicting deep side parts are going to be one of the biggest hair trends to take us through spring and into summer.

Here’s everything you need to know about this stunning and super-simple hair trend.

What Exactly Is A Deep Side Part?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what a side part is. But what makes it a deep one, specifically?

Well, instead of allowing your locks to part slightly off-center – which is how most people’s hair falls naturally – a deep side part is created lower down on one side of your face. It doesn’t happen naturally, but takes a bit of manipulation.

How low you go is up to you but typically a deeper part should start directly above the outer corner of your eye. Maybe even further down. The basic rule is that as long as the tip of your parting (the bit at the hairline) is closer to your ear than the middle of your forehead, it’s considered a deep side part. 

Will A Deep Side Part Suit You?

Short answer: hells yeah! As hair goes, a deep side part is one of the very few styles that can work for almost all hair type, length, texture and face shape. It can complement strong cheekbones, add volume to fine hair, balance facial features, soften your jawline and even slim down a round face.


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A diagonal part that starts deep at the hairline and ends in the center of your head, for example, can be an incredible way to add asymmetry to a round face and create the illusion of length.

How To Style The Perfect Deep Side Part

No matter your hair length, texture or even the finished look you’re going for (sleek pony, Hollywood waves, micro bob, you know the drill), there are a few golden rules for creating the best deep side part of your life. So listen up and read on…

1. First, Pick A Side

If you’ve never parted your hair to one side before, first you need to figure out which side is the right one for you. Stand in front of a mirror and flip your hair from one side to the other, experimenting to see which feels and looks the best. You could also take a selfie if you want to see how you’ll look from the rest of the world’s eyes. 

It sounds simple but everyone has a best side and finding the right one can make or break your finished style. 

2. Start With A Clean Slate

Damp hair is easier to manipulate than dry hair that’s previously been styled a certain way, so wash and condition your hair first, then roughly blast-dry your hair until it’s around 70-80 percent dry.

Can’t be bothered or don’t have time to wash and dry your hair? Then simply dampen your hair slightly by spritzing all over with clean water. It’ll save you a ton of frustration in the long run.

3. Get In Line

Now for the important bit: the parting itself.

The best tool for creating a defined side part is a rat tail comb. We love the Mason Pearson Tail Comb which works like a gem but is kind to your hair. And that’s super important – especially when you’re working with damp hair which is more fragile than when it’s dry.

Line up the end of the tail with the outer corner of your eye and begin drawing your part at the hairline, straight back towards the crown. Try not to dig the tail into your scalp, however. Instead, keep the comb flat against your head to minimize damage, using your other hand to guide your hair over to the side.

4. Blow-Dry Into Shape

Once you’re happy with your part – and don’t worry if this takes a few attempts, nobody’s watching! – finish your blow-dry. Prep your hair with some heat protection spray, then however you want your finished style to look is totally up to you.

If you want to create extra volume, apply mousse and work with a round bristle brush, or for a more sleek finish, go for serum and a paddle brush.

Just remember, whatever your jam you should always point your dryer down the hair from the part. This will really define the line and helps close down the cuticles to boost shine.

<box-out> TOP TIP: If you want a super-sleek look, don’t bother with blow-drying your hair. Simply comb your hair into place with a little styling oil or wet-look gel and either tuck it behind your ears or slick it back into a ponytail or bun. Gorgeous!

5. The Finishing Touches

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Nailed your perfect deep side? Good on you. But don’t forget to add a few finishing touches to really set off your style. Straightening irons are a simple way to really amp up the shine while large Velcro rollers are ideal for adding extra volume at the roots. 

To really step it up a notch, however, go for sexy, Hollywood waves. These are a red carpet favorite and arguably the hottest way to rock a deep side part right now. After blow-drying, grab a large-barreled curling tong or use rollers to set your hair. Such a beautiful way to work a deep side part.

Other options? Well, a great trick for thick or textured hair that needs a little help in the behavior department is to add a hair clip or Bobby pins just above one ear (the same side as your part). This not only helps hold your hair in place but will also open up your face.

High ponytails, braided sides and French chignons can also work very well with a deep side part. 

Basically, once you’ve got your parting in place, anything goes!

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