25 Brilliant Box Bob Styles That’ll Have You Booking Your Next Haircut  

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 23, 2024

Time for the classic bob to step aside. It’s the box bob’s time to shine! This trendy take on the bob is nothing short of chic, with its typically chin-length square frame with clean-cut lines and a pristinely polished aesthetic. 

So, whether you’re looking for something sleek and sharply shaped or just something flawlessly fashion-forward, the box bob might just be the thing to shake up your style. Check out these 25 brilliant box bobs!

Angled Box Bob with Side Part

Go for a neat-and-tidy look with a touch more softness with an angled box bob styled in a side part. The angled shape creates a slightly more rounded shape that makes this flattering for any face shape while keeping things sharp and clean.

#2. Layered Box Bob and Soft Curls

Box Bob with Layered Layers and Soft Curls

Energize your look with a layered box bob and soft curls. This texturized take on the box bob puts some fullness and life into fine hair, enhanced by the soft curls. All you need for the curls is a 1-inch curling iron. Simple sophistication? Yes, please.

#3. Asymmetrical Box Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Asymmetrical Box Bob with Side Swept Bangs

The asymmetrical box bob with side-swept bangs is a contemporary look, with uneven lengths that bring a bold element to the normally neat box bob. The side-swept bangs add a cute chic touch while connecting the look.

#4. Chin-Length Box Bob Razor-Cut Ends

Chin length box bob razor cut ends

Nothing is as straight and sleek as a chin-length box bob with razor-cut ends. This box bob features a jawline-defining length with crisp, clean lines and razor-cut ends for that tiny touch of extra texture.

#5. Textured Box Bob with Soft Waves

Textured Box Bob with Soft Waves

For a chic, slightly beachy twist on the bob, go for a textured box bob with soft waves. This cut is perfect for medium to thick hair, with full body and texturized layers for breezy movement. Then, the soft waves bring that up a notch and give the look a summery touch.

#6. Sleek Classic Box Bob with a Middle Part

Sleek Classic Box Bob with Middle Part

Nothing is as elegantly balanced as a sleek classic box bob with a middle part. This may be a conventional style, but its sharp lines create a captivating shape that brings symmetry and a flattering flair to your facial features.

#7. Box Bob with Graduated Layers 

Graduated Layers in Bob with a

Want that Victoria Beckham bob style? You need a box bob with graduated layers. These stacked layers give the typically square box bob all those posh vibes, with full-bodied volume, dynamic definition, and a runway-ready silhouette. 

#8. Full-Crowned Short Box Bob

Short Box Bob with Full Crown

If you’re looking for a slick style that tames your thick hair, go for a full-crowned short box bob. The layering focuses on the crown for fuller, thicker hair, with higher-looking roots for just the right amount of volume without losing the box bob’s sleek style.

#9. Box Bob with Tapered Nape and Side Swept Bangs

Box Bob with Tapered Nape and Side Swept Bangs

Watch out! Here comes a triple-threat style to create a Vogue-level look for fine and thin hair. The tidy box bob gives a lean, tidy shape that highlights your facial features, especially with the side-swept bangs. Then, the tapered nape brings a hushed edgy tone.

#10. Mid-Length Box Bob with Soft Balayage

Mid Length Box Bob with Soft Balayage

If you’re in the mood for a lighter, brighter bob, go for a mid-length box bob with soft balayage. The shape creates a perfect base for soft balayage highlights to come in and illuminate for more dimension and depth. You can also take this look up a notch with some beachy waves.

#11. Stacked Box Bob with Bright Auburn Streaks

Box Bob Stacked with Bright Auburn Streaks

Need something to heat up your style? Try a stacked box bob with bright auburn streaks. The stacked bob brings that classic sharp shape with added body in the back and longer, more flattering lengths in the front. Then, the vibrant auburn streaks add a spicy pop of color to almost any hair color. 

#12. Honey Blonde Tips on a Curly Box Bob

Honey Blonde Tips with Curly Box Bob

Hey, curly girlies! Don’t think the box bob can give your natural texture some TLC? Think again! The curly box bob is the perfect short bob style to give your curls all the texture, body, and bounce they’ll ever need. Then, the honey-blonde tips provide a sun-kissed glow while adding some definition to your curl pattern. 

#13. Bob Box with Feathered Layers and Ash Blonde Hues

Bob Box with Feathered Layers and Ash Blonde Hues

Bring all the light and airy vibes to your look with a box bob with feathered layers and ash-blonde hues. The box bob gives body and volume to even the finest hair for fullness and lift, while the feathered layers bring a soft and windswept movement. Then, the ash-blonde hues come in to create a captivatingly cool glow.

#14. Short Box Bob with Dark Roots and Platinum Ends

Short Box Bob with Dark Roots and Platinum Ends

Feeling a bit edgy? Go for a soft take on a grungy style, and try a short box bob with dark roots and platinum ends. This bold and bright style pairs the trendy look of a short box bob with the iconic contrast of dark roots and platinum ends. Together, these elements create a grunge-meets-graceful aesthetic.

#15. Chunky Highlights and Lowlights on a Box Bob

Box Bob with Chunky Highlights and Low Lights

Do you miss the bold look of 2000s chunky streaks? Get a better-blended version of that throwback style chunky highlights and lowlights on a box bob. The dynamic duo of the highlights and lowlights is the perfect thing to shake up the box bob’s normally polished look with serious depth and multi-tonal dimension for an energized aesthetic.

#16. Jaw Length Box Bob with Soft Brown Tones

Jaw Length Box Bob with Soft Brown Tones

If you’re aesthetic is all things laidback and low-profile, go for a jaw-length box bob with soft brown tones. The clean-cut look of the box bob is complemented by the natural beauty of the soft brown tones for a simple yet stunning style that creates a flawless frame for any face shape.

#17. Jet-Black Box Bob with Sharp Angles

Edgy Box Bob with Sharp Angles and Jet Black Color

The box bob with sharp angles has everything you need to give your jet-black hair a sleek upgrade on a century-old style. This box bob has extra sharp angles for a contouring effect that creates a sculpted and snatched look, while the jet black color keeps things looking sleek (and, dare we say, edgy?).

#18. Copper Box Bob with a Swooping Fringe

Box Bob with Swooping Fringe and Copper Accents

Give your look a fiery flair, and go for a copper box bob with a swooping fringe bang. The vibrant copper color spices up the understated elegance of the box bob, and the chic swooping fringe connects the face-framing bob for an extra flattering charm.

#19. Shoulder-Length Box Bob with Light Waves and Caramel Highlights

Shoulder Length Box Bob with Light Waves and Caramel Highlights

If you’re looking for a longer bob, go for a shoulder-length box bob. It gives all the height and fullness of the box bob with just a tad more length. Then, you can add a slight summery twist to this look with caramel highlights and light waves.

#20. Box Bob on Straight Deep Burgundy Hair

Box Bob with Deep Burgundy Color and Straight

Nothing gives the level of dramatic and dazzling style as a box bob on straight deep burgundy hair. The deep and magnetizing red shade is perfect for an eye-catching vibe, amplified by the shape of the box bob and the sleekness of your straight hair

#21. Pixie Box Bob Hybrid with Icy Blue Streaks

Pixie Box Bob Hybrid with Icy Blue Streaks

Play up your cool and confident side with a pixie box bob hybrid and icy blue streaks. These two short styles come together to create a straight-edge style that gets shaken up by the trendy icy blue tones. Altogether, you get the perfect blend of classy and contemporary.

#22. Box Bob with a Bold Undercut and Blonde Highlights

Box Bob with Bold Undercut and Blonde Highlights

If you’re all about the sculpted look of the box bob but need something with a small burst of boldness, add a bold undercut. The box bob gives that classic full and voluminous look with a neat and tidy shape that highlights your facial features, while the undercut gives that slight edgy twist. Then, blonde highlights add to the face-framing flair, giving a sunny glow to almost any skin tone.

#23. Ear-Length Box Bob with a Subtle Lavender Tint

Ear Length Box Bob with Subtle Lavender Tint

Nothing is as delightfully chic as an ear-length box bob with a subtle lavender tint. This super-trendy take on the box bob brings all that fullness and delicate volume with a slightly shorter length to put focus on the upper facial features as well. Then, the subtle lavender tint comes in to give the look a whisper of whimsy.

#24. Chestnut Brown Box Bob with Wispy Bangs

Box Bob with Wispy Bangs and Chesnut Brown Shade

Go for a soft, simple style with a natural element, like a chestnut brown box bob with wispy bangs. This cut gives fine hair a light and airy lift, complemented by the wispy bangs for a little extra life. Then, the natural chestnut brown brings a warm and gentle glow to any skin tone.

#25. Long Box Bob with Glossy Red Highlights and Gentle Waves

Long Box Bob with Glossy Red Highlights and Gentle Waves

Bring a bold and luxurious element to your style with a long box bob with glossy red highlights and gentle waves. The cut brings the right frame for gentle waves to create a lavish and classy look, amplified by the glamourous glossy red highlights.

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