Get Ready To Fall In Love With These 27 Breathtaking Burgundy Balayage Hair Ideas

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 7, 2024

When you think of a hair color that’s rich, cozy, and majestic, only one hair color comes to mind: burgundy. And while burgundy locks don’t need any enhancements to look flawless, there’s nothing wrong with zhuzhing things up a bit and adding more dimension. But how?

A favorite way to take your burgundy tresses to new heights is to utilize the balayage hair coloring technique. This “freehand” coloring technique focuses on creating all-natural and sunkissed highlights that, as you may assume, look fantastic. Want some burgundy balayage inspo? Don’t worry, girl—we’ve got a list of the top 27 burgundy balayage hair ideas that are designed to wow.

Burgundy Sun Kissed Waves

Burgundy has delightful red undertones, but they can sometimes be overwhelmed by the purples and browns. One easy way to play up the red is to toss in some feisty red balayage highlights.

#2. Ruby Red Burgundy Cascade

Ruby Red Burgundy Cascade

Bright red hues might be too much for some. If you want to enhance the redness of your burgundy locks without being too intense, you can go with a spicy ruby-red shade. This red is a bit tamer and richer, creating a luscious cascade of red hues.

#3. Cherry Burgundy Tousled Curls

Cherry Burgundy Tousled Curls

Transforming your hair into a cherry masterpiece is a breeze. All you have to do is intermingle some cherry pieces throughout your burgundy locks. Want to help the colors mesh? Add some curls and tousle them up for a mesmerizing look.

#4. Spiced Burgundy Layers on Long Hair

Spiced Burgundy Layers on Long Hair

Give your dark brunette tresses a whole new lease on life by opting for spiced burgundy layers. This looks especially nice on longer hair, where the blend of brunette and dark burgundy flavors can mingle together beautifully.

#5. Burgundy to Rose Gold Ombre

Burgundy to Rose Gold Ombre

Burgundy and rose gold are two delicious and trending shades for 2024, but they’re not typically worn together – until now. If you can’t decide between these fantastic shades, utilize them both for a wowing hair color that looks even better with volumized ringlets.

#6. Sleek Dark Burgundy Strands

Sleek Dark Burgundy Strands

If you want to spice up your brunette locks but don’t want too bold of a color change, you might consider throwing in some dark burgundy strands. Dark burgundy will give your brown hair a splash of colorful dimension that’s sultry and sleek.

#7. Side-Parted Mahogany Burgundy Locks

Side Parted Mahogany Burgundy Locks

Some want to enhance the red of their burgundy mane. But if you’re someone who wants to emphasize the purple, opt for mahogany intermingled through your strands. A side part is a great way to finish this sassy and stylish ‘do.

#8. Velvety Burgundy Pixie Cut

Velvety Burgundy Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are known for their fairy-like flare. But if your personality more closely matches a vampire, don’t hesitate to go the pixie route. Just swap traditional shades for a velvety burgundy riddled with a seductive attitude.

#9. Textured Burgundy with Dark Roots

Textured Burgundy with Dark Roots

Jet-black locks tend to pair well with many colors, from bright platinum blonde to subtle brown. If you want to step outside the “traditional” box and attempt something cozy and cute, go with burgundy instead.

#10. Burgundy Balayage with Blonde Highlights

Burgundy Balayage with Blonde Highlights

This chic mix is reserved for the gals who prefer a lighter and brighter take on the classic burgundy hair color! By mixing blonde highlights in this burgundy shade, you can achieve a flirty and perky color that you can easily wear year-round.

#11. Ashy Burgundy Coils

Ashy Burgundy Coils

If burgundy hair is simply too intense for your liking, but you want to give it a try anyhow, you might choose an ashy burgundy shade instead. Ashy burgundy is slightly tamer and looks absolutely sensational when fashioned into tight coils.

#12. Caramelized Burgundy Bob

Caramelized Burgundy Bob

Giving your burgundy hair an all-natural makeover is a cinch – especially when you choose a caramelized brown shade. This hair color looks so organic you might just trick your friends into thinking it’s your natural hair color!

#13. Deep Maroon Waves on Short Hair

Deep Maroon Waves on Short Hair

Hey, purple pop princess. Are you looking for a tantalizing color with multiple shades of purple? Then this look is for you. We love the multidimensional purple hair color this mane flaunts, and it’s brought to life with luxurious waves on the lower half.

#14. Wispy Burgundy Feathered Ends

Wispy Burgundy Feathered Ends

Burgundy hair can be very bold, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to lighten things up. Going with feathered ends ensures you can achieve a more feminine and delicate balance with this rather intoxicating shade.

#15. Burgundy and Black Undercut

Burgundy and Black Undercut

On the other hand, women who don’t think their look is bold enough should consider this hairstyle. Featuring an edgy undercut and a mixture of black and burgundy, this look is guaranteed to fix your craving for feistiness.

#16. Asymmetrical Burgundy Bob with Blonde Streaks

Asymmetrical Burgundy Bob with Blonde Streaks

It’s perfectly fine to give your asymmetrical bob a 90s makeover – in fact, we encourage it. Chunky highlights have a retro appeal that’s making a serious comeback, and we’re loving the incredible contrast these burgundy and blonde streaks display.

#17. Platinum to Burgundy Fade

Platinum to Burgundy Fade

Are you dreaming of a high-impact color? Blending a striking bright burgundy into a platinum blonde shade is sure to catch the attention of everyone around you. Sure, it doesn’t look “natural, ” but who cares? This hair color is undeniably sizzlin’.

#18. Burgundy Balayage on Natural Curls

Burgundy Balayage on Natural Curls

Curly queens, it’s time to make a bold move to make those curls pop – and this is the answer! Leave your roots darker – the contrast will look incredible against the gorgeous burgundy ends. This color works well on any hair length, but we can’t help but love the bounciness of a bob.

#19. Burgundy Ribbon Highlights on Straight Hair

Burgundy Ribbon Highlights on Straight Hair

Some looks are fun; some are bouncy and vibrant. But what if you’re in the market for a look that’s utterly sleek and polished? For the ladies out there who are looking for a posh take on burgundy balayage, opt for lovely burgundy ribbons on slick-straight black tresses.

#20. Burgundy Ombre on Asymmetrical Bob

Burgundy Ombre on Asymmetrical Bob

Yeah, bob haircuts are adorable. However, if you’re looking for something to spice things up a pinch, look no further than this burgundy ombre. The subtle hints of burgundy add some much-needed dimension to the dark brunette base.

#21. Layered Burgundy Plum Locks

Layered Burgundy Plum Locks

Women who can’t get enough purple power in their tresses will adore this style! An enchanting burgundy base is beautifully enhanced with a deep plum color, creating a dreamy style you’ll flaunt all fall and winter.

#22. Mahogany and Burgundy Fusion

Mahogany and Burgundy Fusion

Adding color doesn’t always have to be mind-blowing! Sometimes, you can go with a harmonious blend that’s tame but brilliant – and this hair color is proof. Mahogany and burgundy are the ideal pairing, offering incredible dimension that isn’t overpowering.

#23. Burgundy Tips on Long Brunette Hair

Burgundy Tips on Long Brunette Hair

Long locks can get boring over time. Don’t let your lovely long tresses become one of them. Add some burgundy tips to the end of your long brunette hair and enjoy their added flare. Oh, and give those locks some movement, girl! Grab your curling iron and get going.

#24. Sleek Cherry-Burgundy Lob

Sleek Cherry Burgundy Lob

This sensationally rich and enticing cherry-burgundy lob is precisely what you need to entice the crowd. This sleek shade is undeniably sexy, but you’ll need a good straightener and hair products to make every strand a glossy dream come true.

#25. Loose Burgundy Curls with a Middle Part

Loose Burgundy Curls with a Middle Part

Keep things casual but cute by going with this everyday look! These burgundy tresses are beautified with some loose curls. You’ll need a larger barrel to achieve the romantic nature of these ringlets. Consider a middle part to stay on-trend.

#26. Reverse Burgundy Ombre

Reverse Burgundy Ombre

Your balayage doesn’t have to be like all the others. Reverse the style, and you get something cool, contemporary, and totally different – especially if you go with varying shades of phenomenal burgundy!

#27. Burgundy Pixie Cut with Dark Root

Burgundy Pixie Cut with Dark Root

Burgundy hair doesn’t have to be high-maintenance. If you choose a short pixie haircut, you’re already on the first step towards a low-maintenance look that slays. Now, all you need to do is go with a lovely burgundy shade and keep your roots dark to finish this easy-to-maintain yet stylish look.

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