Here’s How To Revive Your Thinning Hair for a Fuller, More Voluminous Look

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Written by Annie Walton-Doyle

Updated: March 13, 2024

Whether it’s a naturally fine or flat hair texture, or a thinning of the locks due to hair loss, hair that just needs an extra boost is a common complaint. Luckily, there are strategies to help thinning hair both look and feel fuller.

From tricks to help maximize hair growth, to styles that help to feign voluminous and bouncy locks, here’s everything you need to know about achieving fullness in thinning hair.

The Cause?

Thin-feeling hair can be a result of two main complaints – either, your hair type is just naturally fine and thin, or, you’re losing an excessive amount of hair, giving a thinned-out appearance. 

If you have naturally fine hair, you can still improve the look of its fullness through the right haircare and styling routine. However, if your hair is thinning due to outside causes, you will want to tackle them before you start considering extra strategies to boost volume.

Hair Loss

Per Web MD, there are three phases to our hair’s life cycle: anagen (growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (resting). At any given time, the majority of your hair is in the anagen phase, while around 1% is in the catagen phase, and 9% is in the telogen phase, per Healthline.

This means that losing 100-150 hairs per day is all a part of hair’s natural growth cycle – but if you’re losing more than that, it could point to a wider issue.

Genetics, hormonal changes, underlying illness, or dietary deficiencies can all play a factor, and if these causes apply to you, it’s best to consult with a medical professional. However, there are some causes of hair loss that can be tackled at home.

A National Library of Medicine study shows that an unhealthy scalp can be linked to thinning hair, so effective scalp care is a must. The American Academy of Dermatology Association also points to over-styling as a cause of excessive hair loss. You may also wish to introduce a hair-boosting vitamin or supplement into your diet to tackle hair loss on a holistic level.

However, if you’ve treated your excessive hair loss issues, or just simply have a naturally fine, thin, or flat hair type, there are further tips and tricks to help you achieve a fuller and more volumised hair look, too.

Choose Your Cut

Choosing the right haircut can go a long way in making your hair look fuller and thicker. There are a few options you can explore to make the most of thinning or fine hair.

Pixie Cut

If your hair is naturally rather fine, a pixie cut can be the perfect way to make the most out of it. Hair length can add extra weight, causing thinner hair to look lank and flat, so going for something shorter can give to appearance of thicker and healthier hair overall. 

Textured Bob

Textured Bob
image via @hirohair

A textured bob is the perfect compromise for anyone who needs to lose some length to help add volume but can’t quite commit to the pixie-cut lifestyle. Bobs can feel more lightweight and allow finer and thinner hair types to achieve a healthy, bouncy appearance. 

Solid Shapes

Solid Shapes
image via @alexxcoll

If you can’t compromise on your hair length, opting for a blunter cut can help give the look of a thicker and fuller hair type. By keeping all your hair at the same length, it’ll look like there’s more of it, and minimize the appearance of lank and damaged hair ends.

This one-length style works best for mid-length hair, rather than super long, as this helps mitigate hair weight which can lead to flatness and lankness.

Long Layers

Layered Hair
image via @adina_pignatare

For anyone with a thinner hair type who still wants long locks, adding some layers can be the perfect way to go. Longer, face-framing layers give the hair some shape and movement, helping it to feel bouncier and fuller, while still keeping a good amount of swooshy length in the hair. Frequent trims can also help get rid of split ends, giving hair a healthier appearance.


Bangs 1
image via @e.p.holcomb

Adding bangs can help frame the face and give the appearance of more hair by showing if its density and fullness around your face. A softer, layered look, or a heavy, blunter bang can both help add the appearance of fullness to thin and fine hair types.

Styling Tips

Aside from choosing a strategic haircut to help improve the look of hair’s fullness, there are some extra styling tips to help you make the most of thinning or flat-looking hair.

Adding Curls

Curls are one of the easiest ways to increase the appearance of your hair’s volume. Using a curling iron to create movement and texture in your hair can give it extra fullness, plus add some fun movement and bounce.

Just make sure you’re always using a heat protectant to avoid causing damage to the hair, which can make it look thinner over time.

Strategic Highlights

Adding face-framing highlights is another clever way to feign the look of thicker hair. Soft and natural-looking highlights around the face or balayage through the lengths can add dimension to fine and flat hair, giving the appearance of abundance. 

Bouncy Blowout

Blowout 2
image via @nicollissimo

For a fancier occasion, a proper blowout is one of the best ways to achieve temporary hair volume. Blowouts use heat and clever brushwork to add lift to the root and give shape and texture through the hair’s lengths. You can either learn the art of the blowout at home or opt for a trip to the salon to make thinning or flat hair feel big and beautiful.

Consider Extensions

Adding extensions can quickly and effectively give the appearance of a thicker and fuller hair type. There are several different types of extensions you can explore, from the temporary, clip-in style, to more permanent bonds administered by a professional. Extensions can mean your hair takes extra work, in terms of styling and haircare, so proceed with caution if you’re a more low-maintenance girl.

A Permanent Solution?

image via @haum_bangkok

Although it may sound a little dated, adding a perm (or a permanent wave) to the hair can be another way to achieve a thicker and more voluminous appearance. Perms have come a long way from the poodle looks of the ‘80s, and can now be a way to add gentle waves to the hair so you no longer have to rely on heat styling to add texture and bounce. However, perms can still be damaging to the hair, so they are not recommended for those suffering from hair breakage or loss.

Fine Hair Care

Aside from these styling tips, there are also steps to take to help care for your fine hair. Choosing the right products to both look after and add volume to thin or fine-looking hair is key to making the most out of lacklustre locks.

Lightweight Products

Ouai Hair
Annie Walton-Doyle / Timeless Hairstyles

To tackle the appearance of thin or fine hair, you need to build your entire routine around adding volume and boosting thickness. This means choosing a hair wash routine that’s specifically designed for finer hair. You want a shampoo that cleanses the scalp and removes any potentially weighty buildup, and a conditioner that nourishes and protects without feeling heavy or greasy.

Keep Conditioning

If your hair feels lank and flat, it can be tempting to skip the conditioner to prevent any excess weight. But this can be harsh on the hair, and eventually cause it to become dried out and damaged. Instead, try to look for a conditioner that’s deliberately formulated for thin or fine hair, which can help smooth and add shine without causing hair to feel weighed down after use.

Scalp Treatments

Incorporating a scalp treatment into your routine can help boost hair growth for a thicker look and feel. Taking care of your scalp to improve hair growth is like watering soil to feed a plant. 


Rollers are one of the easiest ways to add some extra lift to hair at the root. If your hair is standing further off of your scalp, it’ll look fuller and thicker, even if it’s fine or thinning.

Volumizing Mousse

Mousse has a bit of a dated reputation, but it can be a wonderful way to add some extra oomph to flat or fine hair. It’s best applied when hair is wet and can offer some serious lift and extra grit, which can further help with hair styling.


Backcombing your hair at the roots with a teasing brush can quickly lift and volumise thin hair. It’s not great for the hair, though, so is a technique best reserved for special occasions or for specific hairstyles. You also need to make sure you comb out your backcombing very gently to avoid tugging at hair and prompting further hair loss.

Salt Sprays

A sea salt spray can add some natural texture to fine and flat hair, plus give it some extra grit and grippiness, which makes it easier to style. Salt sprays can be rather drying, though, so it’s important that you wash them out thoroughly after use.

Dry Shampoo

Anyone with thin or flat hair will tell you that dry shampoo is their friend. Not only does it help you to go longer in between hair washes, but the product also helps to build up volume at the roots and minimize oil for a fuller finish.

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