25 Eye-Popping Pixie Cuts For Women Over 60 That Prove Age Is Just A Number

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: May 16, 2024

Why start a new chapter when you can crack open a new lookbook?

Pixie haircuts are one of the biggest trends of the 2020s, but they’ve always been the go-to haircut for women over 60 looking for something chic and youthful.

These vibrant, vigorous, short haircuts bring an instant age-defying element to your look. Even better, every pixie cut has a unique personality, with total adaptability and versatility (not to mention being easy-breezy to style).  

So, if you think aging means losing your sense of style, guess again! Check out these 25 eye-popping pixie cuts for women over 60, hand-picked by our experts, proving age is just a number.

#1. Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Layered Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Go for something modern and youthful with a layered pixie and side-swept bangs! The soft, dreamy layering gives the look of fuller hair with a gently energized texture, perfect for thin, straight hair. Then, the full side-swept bangs soften the look while highlighting your eyes with a trendy charm.

#2. Soft Wavy Pixie Cut

Soft Wavy Pixie Cut

Casual meets soft glam in the soft, wavy pixie cut. This pixie cut is made to boost waves with voluminous, full-bodied movement. However, even though it’s designed for natural waves, the layers bring serious movement to thick, straight hair. You can create the soft waves with a flat iron, curling iron, or even rollers.

#3. Tapered Pixie with a Voluminous Top

Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Top 1

Looking for something stylish, sophisticated, and easy to style?  You need a tapered pixie with a voluminous top! The high-voltage layering brings a lively texturized look and exaggerated volume, which is ideal for finer hair that needs extra help with height, especially with contrast from the tapered sides.

#4. Sleek Pixie with an Undercut

Sleek Pixie with Undercut

Want something sleek, chic, and simple to style? Go for a sleek pixie with an undercut! The smooth, sleek top keeps things classy and sassy, while the undercut brings that modern, edgy vibe (and makes the cut even easier to maintain).

#5. Classic Pixie with Feathered Layers

Classic Pixie with Feathered Layers

The classic pixie with feathered layers offers an exuberant yet elegant aesthetic. Feathery soft layering creates airy texture and full volume that breathes life into flat, fine hair while giving the classic pixie’s age-defying shape.

#6. Edgy Spiky Pixie Cut

Edgy Spiky Pixie Cut

Edgy is ageless, and nothing shows that better than an edgy, spiky pixie cut. This punchy pixie cut features intense texturizing to give that spiky texture to straight hair of any density. Even better, this look is as easy as pie to style. Intensify the spikes with your favorite styling products. Or you can leave it flat for something low-key that still has serious style.

#7. Pixie with Swept-Back Bangs

Pixie with Swooped Back Bangs

Nothing blends elegant and enchanting better than a pixie cut with swept-back bangs. The pixie brings all hair types soft texture with heavy volume. Then, the back sweep of bangs creates a fuller look than the typical side-swept bang, for a unique and fab way to frame your face, particularly highlighting your eyes and cheekbones.

#8. Pixie Cut with Textured Top

Pixie Cut with Textured Top

Liven up your look with a pixie cut with a textured top! This playful yet polished pixie haircut is perfect for thick hair, removing bulk and freeing up your natural movement with a soft but sparky texture. Best of all, this look is virtually zero maintenance.

#9. Pixie with Razor Cut Layers

Pixie with Razor Cut Layers

Need something to revive your limp, lifeless hair? Go for a pixie with razor-cut layers! The highly defined layers give your thinning hair all the volume and movement it needs to look fuller and thicker. Then, the razor cuts add that sharp finishing touch to give the whole style a slightly modern edge.

#10. Elegant Swept Back Pixie

Elegant Swept Back

Look large and in charge with a bold and elegant style like the elegant swept-back pixie! This high-fashion take on the pixie haircut features robust volume and gentle layering swept back sophisticated and sexy look that suits any wavy or straight hair. Plus, it’s easy to style in various ways, from the classic pompadour to playful curls and beyond! 

#11. Side-Parted Pixie on Soft Waves

Pixie with Side Part and Soft Waves

The side-parted pixie on soft waves is just what you need to bring a bit of fab to your casual look! This playful pixie’s layering brings the best out in natural soft waves for a romantic and enchanting look, amplified by the side part that enhances the texture, movement, and volume, all with a trendy contemporary charm.

#12. Choppy Pixie with a Tousled Top

Choppy Pixie with Tousled Top

Looking for a laidback look with an effortless, edgy twist? You need a choppy pixie with a tousled top! The choppy layers bring robust texture for any hair type, giving the cut a slight grungy glam element. The tousled movement in the top creates a super chic yet casual vibe.

#13. Pixie with Graduated Layers

Pixie with Graduated Layers

Go for a soft, low-key look with a whole lot of style, like a pixie cut with graduated layers! These layers blend seamlessly for a smooth, polished look while still bringing life to any hair type for a subtle and chic update on the classic pixie.

#14. Pixie Cut with Crown Volume

Pixie with Crown Volume

Regal, refined, and robust. That’s how we describe the polished pixie cut with crown volume! This is a low-profile but high-volume upgrade on the soft texture of the classic pixie cut, with concentrated layering at the crown for maximum height, making this cut perfect for thinning hair.

#15. Messy Pixie with Jagged Bangs

Messy Pixie with Jagged Bangs

Want a playful and punchy look? You’ve got to go for a messy pixie with jagged bangs. This spunky style makes getting that trendy bedhead look easier than ever, with an edgy undone texture enhanced by jagged bangs for a contemporary twist.

#16. Pixie with Angular Fringe

Pixie with Angular Fringe

Get that blended modern elegance with a pixie cut fit and an angular fringe! The pixie haircut gives that sophisticated yet spunky vibe, with a shorter bottom that transitions into longer, voluminous top layers with just a touch of texturizing. Then, the full angular fringe bang creates a soft contrast to the short and lively look of the pixie while accentuating your eyes and cheekbones for an age-defying aesthetic.

#17. Soft Pixie with a Curly Top

Soft Pixie with Curly Top

Going short doesn’t mean losing your beautiful curls! You can bring them back better than ever with a soft pixie cut and a curly top! This soft pixie is designed with a tapered bottom and longer top to give your natural curls more volume and movement for better bounce, all while giving your look an effortlessly fun and fab style!

#18. Pixie with Tapered Nape

Pixie with Tapered Nape

Bring your look to something minimalist yet magnetizing with a classic pixie elevated with a tapered nape! The pixie’s sleek layering gently texturizes thick and thin hair, and the tapered nape’s contrast makes the top look even more voluminous. All while giving the cut a clean, polished edge and creating a tighter-looking jawline. Talk about multi-talented!

#19. Voluminous Rounded Pixie

Voluminous Pixie with Rounded Silhouette

The voluminous, rounded pixie is a softened version of the pixie that gives you a simple, versatile style that’s all class. The layering in this pixie isn’t for texture but for creating more volume for any hair type. And the rounded silhouette keeps things super sophisticated while creating a fuller shape.

#20. Pixie with Flowing Side Layers

Pixie with Flowing Side Layers

Looking for something that blends edgy and elegant? You need a pixie with flowing side layers. The dynamic flow of the side layers creates a sparkly texture that revives thinner hair while bringing a slightly asymmetrical look for a classy yet contemporary charm.

#21. Pixie with a Sleek Tucked-Side

Pixie with Sleek Side Tuck

Go for soft sophistication, and get a pixie with a sleek side tuck. This soft take on the trendy pixie cut brings a clean and polished vibe, with gentle volume and texture and a sleek tucked side top to top it off with a fashionable flair.

#22. Bold Pixie with Sculpted Top

Bold Pixie with Sculpted Top

Get something chic and confident with a bold pixie fitted with a sculpted top. This unique pixie features short bottom layers that transition into smooth, slightly longer layers and a sculpted top for extra height and structure, making this look ideal for flat, fine hair.

#23. Modern Pixie with Mini Quiff

Modern Pixie with Mini Quiff

The quiff was once thought to be for men. But on a modern pixie, it’s all things bold and beautiful. The modern pixie is the perfect blend of fun and edgy, with robust layering for electric texture and volume, while the mini-quiff finishes the look off with a tasteful, trendy touch.

#24. Pixie with Wispy Sideburns

Pixie with Wispy Sideburns

Wispy sideburns are a small but unique and youthful upgrade for the classic pixie. This cut gives your look all the pixie’s beloved light and airy layering with a tapering at the bottom for fuller, thicker-looking hair. Then, the wispy sideburns complete the look like the chic cherry on top.

#25. Pixie with Elegant Tapered Sides

Pixie with Elegant Tapered Sides

Classic meets modern in the pixie with an elegant tapered side! The tapered sides give your face a tighter, younger look while offering a contemporary edge to the timeless pixie’s live-giving layers. Best of all, this is a look you can style in seconds!

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