Ask The Experts: How To Prep Your Hair Before Your Wedding

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: May 16, 2024

Between booking a venue, finding the perfect dress, tracking down a great caterer, and waiting on countless RSVPs, your hair can easily become an afterthought in the lead-up to your wedding.

Yes, you might have decided on the style you want for your big day, but if you don’t take care of your locks leading up to it, it’ll never look as lustrous and glossy as you’ve hoped. We know, that’s just great, another thing to add to the list!

But don’t panic. We’ve gone ahead and put together a simple set of steps to make sure your tresses look the best they ever have for your nuptials. 

Use Deep Conditioning Masks (lots of them!)

No matter which style you’ve chosen, you want your hair to feel stronger and shinier than ever on your wedding day. There are some fantastic hair masks out there but even they can’t improve the health and texture of your hair overnight.

To give your locks all the time they need to look their best, start introducing weekly hair masks into your wash routine. A couple of months before should do the trick. Look out for high quality ingredients that will deeply nourish and condition your hair. Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado will work wonders.

Already using hair masks every week? We salute you!

Just remember, there’s no harm checking the list of ingredients to see if improvements can be made. Treat yourself and your tresses to a couple of luxury hair masks infused with vitamin E oil, rosemary, and vitamin B3 to strengthen every strand.

Pro tip: we suggest using hair masks until roughly one week before your wedding. These nourishing formulas will make your hair feel amazing but can also weigh it down if you use them too much or too close the day.

Give your hair time to breathe before styling and use your regular shampoo and conditioner during that seven day countdown. 

Don’t Cut Your Hair 

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If you’re planning to freshen up your locks with a chop before you say ‘I do’, make sure to book your salon appointment at least eight weeks out.

Firstly, we all know it takes time for the hair to settle and feel like ours again after a salon trip. You want to feel like an elevated version, but still yourself at your wedding.

Secondly, if you’re unhappy with the length or even the shape of your cut, knowing that two months, rather than two days before gives you a decent amount of time to change it or grow it out a little more. 

Speaking of length, remember that making drastic changes to your hair before an important event, (especially your wedding!) is never a good idea. You can take hair away at the last minute but, unless you fancy wearing extensions, you can’t add it back on. 

So, unless you really dislike your current style and feel you have to change it before your wedding, definitely err on the side of caution. Ask for a trim rather than a full cut and re-style.

Plan Your Wedding Hairstyle At Least 3 Months Before

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Maybe you’ve had your wedding hairstyle locked in for years, perhaps this is the first time you’re even thinking about it. Either way, we highly recommend planning out your style way before the day itself. That means practicing on repeat if you’re doing it yourself. You want to be able to do it perfectly and on autopilot – since you’ll likely be a little nervous on the day! 

If you’re planning to have a stylist do your hair, attend a trial appointment (or several if needed) to make sure it’s exactly what you’ve dreamed of.

Oh, and never be afraid to take inspo pictures with you to share with them. It can often be easier than trying to explain the intricacies of what you want! 

Color Your Hair 1-2 Weeks Before

First of all, we don’t recommend coloring your hair a brand new shade before your wedding day. The temptation to mix things up and go for something unique and special can be tempting, but it can also make you feel unlike yourself.

It’s a big day with lots of eyes and cameras on you so feeling comfortable and confident is key. Opt for a shade you’ve tried and loved many times before, or simply freshen up your existing color. 

What’s more, choosing when to color your hair before your wedding can make or break your look. Do it too early and you may start to see that regrowth coming through. Do it too late and the color won’t have a chance to settle in and look its natural best.

Put your mind at rest and book in with your colorist between one and two weeks before your day. 

Wash & Condition Your Hair The Night Before

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While some will stand by washing the hair the day of, if possible, it’s always best to wash and condition your hair the day before your wedding. Why?

While you want your locks feeling clean and fresh as you walk down the aisle, leaving it to the morning means your hair will be stripped of its natural oils which can make it look and feel dry. 

Washing and drying your hair the night before means your hair will still be clean and shiny ready for your style of choice.

However, the natural sebum from your scalp will have started to work its way back through your locks. This means your hair will look and feel healthier, it’ll also be much easier to style since it’ll have a little more grip. 

All that said, if your hair is particularly oily and tends to feel greasy within a few hours, washing it the morning of your wedding is probably a good idea. You know your hair better than anyone so trust your instincts!

Make Sure Your Hair Is Completely Dry Before Going To Sleep

Sleep might not come easy in all of the excitement, but before you lay down for that all important beauty rest, make sure your hair is completely dry. 

Sleeping with wet hair can cause a lot of damage quickly and strands in this fragile state are susceptible to stretching and even snapping. If you’re letting your locks dry naturally, leave plenty of time between your shower and planned bedtime.

If you’re blow drying your hair, let it cool afterwards and run your fingers through to make sure there aren’t any damp spots. Aside from saving your hair from harm, it’ll also make styling your tangle-free locks much easier in the morning. 

Avoid Tight Hairbands

Whilst tying up those precious tresses with too-tight hair bands isn’t a good idea in the weeks before your wedding (hello breakage), we’re really talking about the night before and the day of here. 

If you prefer to sleep with your hair tied back, use a silk scrunchie or scarf instead of a hair band. This will stop your hair from pulling or tangling, and can help prevent any unsightly kinks or lines in your hair the next day. 

In the morning, you might feel the need to get your hair away from your face whilst getting ready. Again, avoid hairbands and use a claw clip or silk accessory that won’t mark your hair. Oh, and those with bangs, do yourself a favor, try not to push yours back with a headband. If your bangs decide to set this way, getting them back into place before your ceremony will be a nightmare! 

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

If you find your hair is usually dry and frizzy when you wake up, sleeping on a silk (or satin) pillowcase can be a complete game changer. Less absorbant than cotton and made to prevent drag, these pillowcases will help your hair retain moisture and stop it from becoming tangled every time you turn over in your sleep. 

Try and get into the habit of doing this in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding. However, if sleeping on a silky surface just isn’t for you, at least consider trying it on your wedding day eve! 

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