Say Goodbye To Frizzy Hair With These 8 Genius Haircare Tips

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Written by Sophie Mara

Updated: April 27, 2024

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Have you ever heard someone say, “My goodness, I just love how frizzy my hair looks today!”? No, us neither, because frizzy hair is a menace!

Despite how hard we try to get rid of it, it always seems to come back. And, with spring officially sprung and summer just around the corner, we know the humidity is rising. Our frizzy hair is just waiting to steal the show at every event and in every photograph we’re in.

Luckily, we’ve uncovered 8 expert hair care tips just in time that will finally rid your locks of the dreaded frizz for good. Read on and say goodbye to damaged flyaway ends, and hello to silky nourished locks that look like you walked out of a shampoo commercial.

#1. Stop Touching Your Hair

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    What seems like the easiest but might actually be the trickiest tip on our list? Stop. touching. your. hair.

    Twirling the ends as you work at your desk. Braiding and unbraiding the ends whilst reading. Tucking it behind your ears every two seconds so it doesn’t fall in your eyes.

    It’s quite unbelievable how many times we run our fingers through our locks each day, and some experts think it could be almost 100 times every 24 hours. Seeing as we’re asleep (or should be) for eight of those hours, that means we’re disturbing our poor locks 6/7 times an hour – or once every ten minutes! So why is it so bad?

    Doing anything to your hair in excess will inevitably cause it to act out. Much like over-brushing, over-washing, and too much heat styling, repeatedly touching your hair can lead to breakage and split ends. And what do breakage and split ends amount to? You got it, tons of frizz.

    #2. Pick A Style & Stick To It

      Another time we touch our hair too much is when we’re repeatedly styling. For example, changing your mind on the style multiple times in the morning. Putting it up, taking it down, brushing it through, styling it again and again – it’s too much.

      Also, are you guilty of repeatedly tying up your hair and roughly pulling it loose throughout the day? We are. Unfortunately, this can quickly stress your locks out, lead to lasting damage, and? More frizz.

      So, tricky as it is, try picking a style that you like and that also feels comfortable. This will help you resist the urge to keep throwing it up and pulling it loose on repeat.

      #3. Stop Aggressively Brushing Your Wet Hair

        Continually touching your hair is bad enough when it’s dry. When it’s wet it’s so much worse and can lead to irreversible stretching or even snapping strands off.

        Do yourself a favor and stick to using a gentle, wide tooth comb on wet locks. Grip the hair firmly, hold it away from the head (without pulling), and work in gentle motions to detangle the strands from tip to root.

        #4. Towel Dry Your Hair… Carefully

          Drying off your hair with a clean, soft, microfiber towel is a gentle way to get rid of excess water. Great for helping your hair to air dry quickly, even better for prepping hair before heat styling and reducing blow-drying time!

          What we really don’t recommend is, firstly, old scratchy towels that can pull on your hair and damage it. Secondly, twisting the hair up in a towel and leaving it in there for ages. We’ve all done it, but this can put so much stress on the delicate wet strands, damaging and eventually breaking them.

          And finally, scrubbing the hair with a towel is an absolute no-no. You will damage your locks instantly and be dealing with more frizz than you ever thought possible once it dries! 

          #5. Stop Split Ends With Regular Trims

            One sure-fire way to rid your precious tresses of split ends? Keep up with regular trims!

            We know your stylist tells you at every appointment, but the truth is, they say it for a reason. Okay, so maybe you don’t need a cut quite as often as every four weeks because everyone’s hair health is different.

            But, leaving your hair for months will lead to damage and frizz. The solution?

            Make the appointment on time. If it comes around and your hair is feeling fresh and split-end-free, simply push the appointment back a couple of weeks. Just don’t put it off until the split ends start taking over or you’ll likely need more than just a trim to get your healthy, frizz-free locks back.

            #6. Avoid Heat

              Whether that heat is coming from the sun, the too-hot water in your shower, or the heat tools you just can’t stop using, excess heat on the hair will usually lead to frizzy results. Why?

              Heat damage.

              Find ways to reduce drying time by lightly towel drying the hair beforehand. Skip a heat-styling day in favor of natural waves on the weekend. Anything you can do to limit the heat on your hair will result in reduced amounts of frizz and healthier hair all around.

              #7. Invest In A Silk Pillow Case

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                We say invest, but you can pick up a silk or satin pillowcase for just a few dollars these days. Silk, of course, is a more premium fabric so may feel a little softer and more luxurious. However, though satin is a man-made fiber and less expensive, it’ll still do wonders for your hair.

                The silky finish of these pillowcases prevents drag, allowing your hair to smooth over the surface as you turn over in the night. This prevents tangles which also can lead to frizz. Secondly, silk and satin are less absorbent than cotton.

                Cotton pillowcases can suck moisture out of hair, whereas these cases will help you retain it for frizz-free locks in the morning.

                #8. Indulge In Weekly Haircare Treatments

                  A weekly, nourishing hair mask with moisturizing oils like coconut, argan, and jojoba is a great way to re-introduce moisture into your hair and prevent frizz. So, whenever you can do this, we say go for it!

                  However, knowing it’s not always possible (we’re all leading busy lives!) we recommend introducing everyday haircare products that give moisture to your hair.

                  Make sure your heat protectant or the styling mousse you use isn’t drying out your hair but instead, nourishing it. Look for beneficial ingredients like vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and shea butter.

                  Then, regularly dose your hair with the extra moisture it needs to thrive and keep fighting the frizz.

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