Ready for Blunt Bangs? Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Written by Taylor Augustin

Updated: May 21, 2024

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When we think of blunt bangs, our minds immediately go to the likes of Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson. They make them look effortlessly cool—and we take major inspo from their style!

If you’ve been considering getting blunt bangs yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to maintenance, styling, and more. 

Continue below to find out if you should get blunt bangs, along with some styling tips and expert advice from Rogerio Cavalcante, stylist and The Second Floor Salon owner. 


Meet The Expert

Rogerio Cavalcante is a stylist and founder of The Second Floor Salon in New York City.

All About Blunt Bangs

There are tons of bang hairstyles to choose from, and if you’re thinking of going for a blunt look, Cavalcante describes it as the following, “A blunt cut is typically one that looks straight to the eye and does not show layers or texture. For bangs, they will look like full, straight bangs.”

We love blunt bangs and think they have the ability to transform anyone’s look. “Blunt bangs can be a statement and are somewhat high maintenance, but they can be a great addition to someone’s look,” says Cavalcante. “They add an interesting vibe, some mystery, or playfulness to the person rocking them.”

How Do You Know If You Should Get Blunt Bangs?

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Now that you know exactly what blunt bangs are and what they look like, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I know if I should get blunt bangs?” There are all sorts of things to take into consideration, from your hair’s calic to your face shape, the length of your forehead, and overall face features. 

Cavalcante goes into detail, telling us, “Blunt bangs are a ‘sharp cut’ and will look more natural on people with sharp features like angled jawlines and noses (like Zoey Deschanel),” he says.

“Blunt bangs can vary in length; for those seeking harmony, shorter bangs complement short/small faces (like Audrey Hepburn and Lily Collins), while longer bangs suit long faces and large foreheads (such as Anne Hathaway and Dakota Johnson). However, shorter bangs can still make an impact on elongated faces, giving off an edgy look (like Rooney Mara), but it is a specific style that not everyone can pull off.” 

How to Maintain Blunt Bangs

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If you think you’re a good candidate for blunt bangs, the next thing you’re going to want to take into consideration is how much time and money you’re willing to put into them.

Bangs take lots of maintenance when it comes to styling, washing, and going into the salon for regular trims. So if that sounds like something you’re willing to deal with, we say go for it!

Cavalcante tells us all about what it takes when it comes to maintaining blunt bangs, sharing, “Due to their proximity to the forehead, bangs tend to accumulate dirt more quickly from sweat, oil, skincare products, and makeup,” he says.

“As a result, washing frequency may need to be adjusted, with some opting to wash only their bangs between full hair washes. In terms of trims, a salon visit every 4-8 weeks is recommended to maintain the bangs at the desired length and style.”

“However, the frequency may vary depending on individual tolerance and desired look,” Cavalcante says. “It’s important to ensure that the growing-out phase of the hair remains flexible, as a strong, stubborn middle or side part can affect how the bangs lay and may make it challenging to maintain their desired style.”

How to Style Blunt Bangs

Styling blunt bangs is going to take a bit of trial and error, as is the case with any new hairstyle. But lucky for us, Cavalcante broke down exactly what to do:

“First, separate them from the rest of your hair with a tie. Then, grab a round brush and curl the bangs inwards for some volume and then outwards for that effortless, flowy look. It’s a quick way to get those bangs looking just right. Finish it with a lightweight hairspray. It will keep the flow in place but maintain the workability. It also helps avoid bangs from getting oily.”

And if you have hair that is on the curly or coily side, he suggests using a hair mousse and diffuser to get the desired effect of hold and curl definition.

3 Blunt Bang Hairstyles to Try Out

1) Straight and Voluminous

If you love the look of Dakota Johnson’s bangs, like us, we say go for it! “She was born to wear this hairstyle,” Cavalcante tells Timeless Hairstyles.

“Her blunt bangs are pretty straight and voluminous. It is long and touches her eyebrows which goes well with her elongated features.”

2) Long and Slightly Messy

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Another gal’s blunt bang hairstyle we love is Miss Taylor Swift. Her face shape is absolutely perfect for bangs, and we love the playful, youthful vibe it brings.

Cavalcante agrees, saying, “The long, slightly messy bangs touching her eyes are perfect for the tortured poet vibe she is going for. To achieve this look, after blow drying your bangs apply a very small amount of beach texture spray and use your finger to mess them up a little.”

3) Polished

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If you’re a fan of New Girl or Zoey Deschanel in general, we’re sure you’re already well aware of what she looks like with her adorable blunt bangs. They’re quintessentially Jess, and think they’re fab with her sharper features.

“She’s another natural when it comes to bangs,” says Cavalcante. “Her bangs complement perfectly her shape features and wider face. This is a well-finished and polished look.”

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