25 Best Partial Highlights to Transform Your Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 12, 2024

From sun-kissed blondes to rich caramels and vibrant reds, we’ve scoured the latest trends to bring you a diverse range of styles. These partial highlighting techniques are not only fashionable but also incredibly versatile, suitable for every hair type, length, and color.

#1. Cherry Red Swirls

Cherry Red Swirls

Cherry red swirls add a playful twist to your hair, perfect for those seeking a bold yet feminine touch. This vibrant hue works exceptionally well with darker base colors, creating a stunning contrast. To maintain the cherry red’s vividness, use color-protective shampoos and conditioners. Ideal for individuals with medium to dark skin tones, it adds warmth and a touch of whimsy to your overall look.

#2. Midnight Blue Accents

Midnight Blue Accents

Midnight blue accents offer you an edgy, yet sophisticated hair transformation. This deep, rich color pairs well with darker hair, giving a subtle, mysterious vibe. It’s best maintained with color-specific hair care products to keep the blue vibrant. Midnight blue is perfect for you if you have a cooler skin tone, adding depth and intrigue to your appearance without overwhelming.

#3. Soft Lavender Streaks

Soft Lavender Streaks

Soft lavender streaks bring a gentle, ethereal quality to your hair. This pastel shade is ideal for spring and summer, offering a light, refreshing change. To keep the lavender looking fresh, opt for sulfate-free products. These streaks look particularly stunning on you if you have a lighter base hair color, giving a dreamy, whimsical effect.

#4. Icy White Tips

Icy White Tips

Icy white tips can dramatically transform your hair with a modern, edgy flair. This striking look is perfect for those wanting to make a bold statement. To maintain the icy hue, use purple toning shampoos. This style suits you if you have a cooler skin tone, providing a sharp, eye-catching contrast, especially with darker hair.

#5. Rose Gold Touches

Rose Gold Touches

Rose gold touches add a trendy, romantic flair to your hair. This unique color blends pink and gold tones, creating a warm, glowing effect. Maintaining rose gold requires color-safe hair products. It’s particularly flattering for you if you have warm skin undertones, as it enhances the natural glow of your complexion.

#6. Vibrant Turquoise Highlights

Vibrant Turquoise Highlights

Vibrant turquoise highlights are perfect for adding a splash of color to your hair. This bold, eye-catching shade suits those who love to stand out. Use color-preserving shampoos to keep the turquoise vivid. Turquoise highlights look fantastic on you if you have a fair or medium skin tone, providing a striking contrast and a hint of playfulness.

#7. Warm Auburn Flashes

Warm Auburn Flashes

Warm auburn flashes bring a cozy, autumnal vibe to your hair. This rich, reddish-brown shade is ideal for adding depth and warmth. Preserve its intensity with color-enhancing products. Warm auburn is especially flattering for you if you have green or brown eyes, as it complements these colors beautifully.

#8. Electric Green Edges

Electric Green Edges

Electric green edges can give your hair a bold, futuristic look. This vibrant shade is perfect for making a statement and stands out especially well against darker hair. To keep the green from fading, use color-safe hair care products. If you have a cool skin tone, these green edges can add an exciting pop of color to your style.

#9. Deep Burgundy Hues

Deep Burgundy Hues

Deep burgundy hues add a touch of elegance and depth to your hair. This rich, wine-colored shade is perfect for those seeking a subtle change with a hint of mystery. Maintaining burgundy’s richness requires color-specific hair care. This hue suits you beautifully if you have an olive or darker skin tone, enhancing your natural beauty with its warm undertones.

#10. Platinum Strands

Platinum Strands

Platinum strands can give your hair a high-fashion, sophisticated look. This striking, almost metallic shade is a bold choice for those who love to stand out. To keep platinum looking brilliant, use purple toning shampoos and conditioners. If you have a fair or cool skin tone, platinum strands can create a stunning, icy effect.

#11. Coral Reef Blends

Coral Reef Blends

Coral reef blends offer a unique combination of warm orange and pink tones, perfect for a vibrant, summery look. This shade works well with both light and dark base colors, offering versatility. Maintain its brightness with color-safe products. Coral reef blends are especially flattering for you if you have a warm skin tone, adding a lively, youthful touch to your appearance.

#12. Slate Gray Overtones

Slate Gray Overtones

Slate gray overtones can give your hair a sleek, contemporary edge. This modern shade is ideal for those looking to make a subtle yet impactful statement. Use sulfate-free products to maintain the gray’s sophistication. Slate gray is particularly striking on you if you have a cool skin tone, offering a chic, refined look.

#13. Sun-Kissed Golden Glints

Sun Kissed Golden Glints

Sun-kissed golden glints can brighten your hair with a natural, radiant look. This subtle, warm hue is perfect for adding a hint of summer to your style. To keep the golden tones vibrant, opt for color-enhancing shampoos. These glints are especially beautiful on you if you have a medium to dark skin tone, creating a luminous, healthy glow.

#14. Fiery Orange Peaks

Fiery Orange Peaks

Fiery orange peaks can transform your hair with a bold, energetic look. This vivid, striking color is perfect for those who love to make a statement. Maintain its intensity with color-preserving hair care products. Fiery orange looks exceptional on you if you have a fair to medium skin tone, adding a burst of warmth and vitality.

#15. Teal Blue Waves

Teal Blue Waves

Teal blue waves can give your hair a refreshing, oceanic feel. This blend of blue and green tones is ideal for a unique, eye-catching look. To keep the teal vibrant, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Teal blue suits you perfectly if you have a cooler skin tone, creating a serene yet striking appearance.

#16. Espresso Brown Splashes

Espresso Brown Splashes

Espresso brown splashes add a rich, deep dimension to your hair. This dark, coffee-like shade is perfect for a subtle, yet impactful change. To maintain its depth, use moisturizing hair products. Espresso brown is particularly flattering on you if you have a warm skin tone, enhancing the natural richness of your hair with its luxurious undertones.

#17. Metallic Silver Linings

Metallic Silver Linings

Metallic silver linings bring a futuristic, edgy twist to your hairstyle. This shimmering, reflective shade suits those who desire a sleek and modern look. Use purple or blue toning shampoos to maintain the metallic sheen. If you have a cool or neutral skin tone, metallic silver can add an extraordinary, avant-garde flair to your appearance.

#18. Peachy Pink Flickers

Peachy Pink Flickers

Peachy pink flickers offer a soft, feminine touch to your hair, blending pink and orange hues for a warm, inviting look. Perfect for spring and summer, this color suits light to medium base tones. To keep the peachy pink vibrant, opt for color-protective hair care products. It’s particularly charming on you if you have a fair to medium skin tone, adding a playful, sweet vibe.

#19. Ruby Red Glimmers

Ruby Red Glimmers

Ruby red glimmers can transform your hair with a luxurious, captivating look. This rich, jewel-toned red is ideal for making a bold, romantic statement. Maintain its vibrancy with color-enhancing shampoos. Ruby red is especially stunning on you if you have a darker skin tone, offering a striking contrast and enhancing the intensity of your overall style.

#20. Sapphire Blue Echoes

Sapphire Blue Echoes

Sapphire blue echoes add a regal, sophisticated element to your hair. This deep, gem-like blue shade suits those looking for a touch of elegance and mystery. Use color-safe products to preserve the sapphire’s richness. If you have a fair or cool skin tone, sapphire blue can create a majestic, commanding effect.

#21. Emerald Green Twists

Emerald Green Twists

Emerald green twists can give your hair a vibrant, energetic burst of color. This lush, jewel-toned green is perfect for a bold, nature-inspired look. To maintain its luminosity, opt for color-preserving hair care. Emerald green is particularly striking on you if you have a warm or dark skin tone, adding a touch of exotic flair to your appearance.

#22. Soft Chestnut Ribbons

Soft Chestnut Ribbons

Soft chestnut ribbons add a natural, understated elegance to your hair. This warm, brownish-red shade is ideal for a subtle, refined change. Maintain its softness with hydrating hair products. Soft chestnut is especially flattering for you if you have a medium to dark skin tone, enhancing the warmth of your complexion with its gentle, earthy tones.

#23. Bold Magenta Strokes

Bold Magenta Strokes

Bold magenta strokes can transform your hair with a dramatic, vibrant look. This intense, pinkish-purple color suits those who love to stand out. Use color-protective shampoos to keep the magenta vivid. If you have a cool or olive skin tone, bold magenta adds an exciting, playful element to your style.

#24. Ocean Blue Depths

Ocean Blue Depths

Ocean blue depths bring a calming, serene quality to your hair. This deep, sea-like blue is perfect for a cool, refreshing change. To maintain its tranquility, opt for color-safe hair products. Ocean blue is particularly enchanting on you if you have a fair or cool skin tone, adding a mysterious, deep-sea allure to your look.

#25. Goldenrod Yellow Specks

Goldenrod Yellow Specks

Goldenrod yellow specks add a bright, cheerful pop to your hair. This sunny, vibrant hue is ideal for a fun, energetic touch. Maintain its radiance with color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners. Goldenrod yellow is especially captivating on you if you have a warm skin tone, injecting a lively, spirited vibe into your hairstyle.

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