Fall In Love With These 23 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Colors That Will Make You The Envy Of The Season

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: April 7, 2024

What’s not to love about fall? From the beauty of the falling leaves to the cute UGG boots and leggings, the pumpkin spice lattes to the pumpkin patches, there is something so stunning about this time of year. Of course – you’ll need a cute hair color to match!

When the temps start dipping for fall, many women change their hair color. After all, most bright blonde shades don’t exactly embrace the warmth and richness of the fall season. If you’re ready to switch up your style for the upcoming fall 2024 season but aren’t sure which color to choose, this article’s for you. Discover a fall-friendly balayage hair color that will look fabulous, doll face!

Autumn Ember Balayage 1

There’s red hair, and then there’s autumn ember balayage hair. What’s the difference? Well, this breathtaking balayage hair intertwines an autumn base with copper highlights for a look that’s truly stunning – and surprisingly natural-looking.

#2. Caramel Crisp Blend

Caramel Crisp Blend

If you have naturally dark brunette locks, now’s the time to try out something new and vibrant for fall. Ask your stylist for a balayage hair color that blends golden caramel highlights throughout your mane. These shimmery strands create a captivating color melt you’ll love.

#3. Golden Foliage Gleam

Golden Foliage Gleam

You don’t have to say goodbye to blonde locks during fall – you just need to tone things down a notch, that is all. One great way to do that is to add golden foliage gleam to your tresses, providing a warm golden hue reminiscent of the sunlit glow you’ll find during the fall season.

#4. Midnight Mocha Melt

Midnight Mocha Melt

Sometimes, subtle changes can have a significant impact. Just look at this hair color! Those with black or very dark brunette locks should consider a midnight mocha melt. The glistening mocha brown shade adds *just* the right amount of brightness for lovely dimension.

#5. Spiced Cider Shade

Spiced Cider Shade

Love spiced cider during autumn? Who doesn’t? Transform your tresses into the shade of your fave fall beverage this season. Here’s how to do it: combine cinnamon and apple cider hues for a spicy yet luxe finish that idyllically displays the essence of fall.

#6. Ruby Red Revival

Ruby Red Revival

While plenty of women opt for natural-looking hair colors for fall, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your creativity loose and choose something out of the box! This ruby red revival shade is a head-turner, with dark red roots cascading down to a flirty red-pink blend.

#7. Warm Walnut Wave

Warm Walnut Wave

Warm walnut wave is genuinely the perfect pairing of refinement and earthy. With this balayage hair color, you can enjoy lighter brunette tones that have warm walnut strands blended throughout. This look is not only beautiful in every sense of the word but low-maintenance, too.

#8. Honeyed Harvest Hue

Honeyed Harvest Hue

Hey, honey. Want to add a pop of blonde for fall but don’t want to make it too summery? Then you need a blonde shade that’s warm and golden – like honey. This honeyed harvest hue is the quintessential “bronde” shade that’s sure to get plenty of attention.

#9. Cool Cranberry Contrast

Cool Cranberry Contrast

Are you “fall”ing in love with red and pink tones? The balayage hair color technique allows you to embrace both! Cool cranberry contrast effortlessly blends various soft tones of red and pink for something unique yet feminine and fun.

#10. Toasted Pecan Transition

Toasted Pecan Transition

Brunette locks are always suitable for fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven things up a bit! Give your brown hair a subtle boost in dimension and beauty by opting for a hint of warm-toned, toasted pecan highlights.

#11. Amber Alcove Accent

Amber Alcove Accent

Red is the go-to shade for fall for obvious reasons. But it’s understandable if you don’t want to go full-on red; that can be daunting! If you’d rather dip your tresses into red hair colorliterally – consider this show-stopping amber alcove accent balayage look.

#12. Butterscotch Burst Balayage

Butterscotch Burst Balayage

Butterscotch burst balayage is a wonderful, impressively warming shade ideal for women who want to retain their blonde hair color during the fall without looking like they’re ready to relax poolside!

#13. Mystic Mahogany Merge

Mystic Mahogany Merge

It wouldn’t be a “fall hair color list” without mentioning mahogany. This mystic mahogany merge features dark brunette roots leading down to a luxurious and enticing mahogany hue, a blend that’s nothing short of high-impact.

#14. Sunset Sienna Spectrum

Sunset Sienna Spectrum

Red doesn’t always have to be dramatic or overwhelming – and this look is proof! Toss in some sienna hues over your brunette base to encapsulate the stunning appearance of the sunset during fall.

#15. Dusky Rose Radiance

Dusky Rose Radiance

It’s no secret that rose gold is the “it” color for 2024, but it tends to be a more spring and summer-ready color. If you want to sport it during fall, you’ll need to opt for this dusky rose shade. Slightly tamer and darker, it’s a fall-friendly rose gold hue with romantic vibes.

#16. Rusted Copper Cascade

Rusted Copper Cascade

It’s time to give those brunette tresses a fall-friendly makeover, honey, and we’ve got the ideal choice: rusted copper! Rusted copper is a lovely red shade that’s rich and warm, embracing the remarkable hue of fall foliage with ease.

#17. Vanilla Bean Veil

Vanilla Bean Veil

If you want to go ultra-bright blonde during fall, you’ll need to do it the right way, blondie – and vanilla bear is your answer. Vanilla bean is incredibly bright, yet has a creamy err to it that allows it to be enjoyed all season long.

#18. Woodfire Whisper Wave

Woodfire Whisper Wave

Let’s face it – there’s nothing wrong with looking like a walking, talking autumn campfire. This bedazzling hair color is anything but natural-looking. It has a vibrant orange and red mix that truly depicts the beauty of a crisp, crackling fire on a fall evening.

#19. Soft Saffron Sweep

Soft Saffron Sweep

A little bit of color can go a long way. Don’t believe me? Then look at this balayage hair color! These “barely-there” saffron tones revive this dull brunette base, ensuring it appears vibrant and multidimensional. Enjoy this glowing, low-maintenance look all season!

#20. Muted Merlot Mingle

Muted Merlot Mingle

Merlot is known for its sophistication – and we’re not just talking about the wine! This muted merlot mingle creates a refined and alluring shade with a blend of red and purple tones that represent the essence of autumn.

#21. Charcoal Cherry Chase

Charcoal Cherry Chase

Want high contrast with your locks? Don’t settle for less, babe. Go with an impactful hair color, like a charcoal cherry chase. Jet-black strands are highlighted with bright, peek-a-boo cherry highlights for a truly eye-catching look.

#22. Silken Sand Shift

Silken Sand Shift

Here’s another fantastic option for babes who aren’t ready to depart with blonde hair for fall! With silken sand shift, lighter brunette bases are given a *pinch* of blonde highlighting that isn’t too light. In fact, the pair was a toned-down and earthy approach that you can wear year-round.

#23. Whispering Wheat Wave

Whispering Wheat Wave

Do your brunette locks need a style upgrade? While you can opt for brown or red balayage and look incredible, why not try something new – like whispering wheat? Although heading in the “blonde” direction, you’ll still enjoy a look that’s warm and glowing for fall.

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