50 Stunning Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Every Type of Hair

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: December 15, 2023

Prom night is one of those occasions that demand a memorable hairstyle. From long to short, curly to straight, there’s a beautiful prom hairstyle just for you. Because of this, every style brings something special to your prom vision, from classy updos and flirty curls to sassy braids and fabulous ponytails. It comes down to matching the perfect dress to your personality and the event’s theme.

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Choose red-carpet glamorous Hollywood waves for your prom night. Make soft curls using a large barrel curling tong. Spray it up with some volume hairspray for a lasting curl. It is a prom style that almost every hair type can wear and also dresses up any outfit.

#2. Intricate Knot Updo

Intricate Knot Updo

An intricate knot updo is a beautiful style for your big night. It is most feasible for long hair and produces a nice outline along the occipital bone. For an all-night hold, use a humidity-blocking spray. This updo is distinguished by an elaborate braided detail.

#3. Subtle Tousled Bob

Subtle Tousled Bob

Among the perfect prom night hairdos is the subtle tousled bob, which matches medium-length hair. This style adds amazing texturizing and an undone texture to your look. Add texture with a small crimper iron. You will make heads turn all night with the right finish and volume of hairspray.

#4. Asymmetrical Side-Swept Curls

Asymmetrical Side Swept Curls

For a modern look, opt for asymmetrical side-swept curls. To add instant feminine style, curl your hair toward your face and use volumizing hairspray. The dress is perfect for prom and will work well with a dark-colored dress.

#5. Romantic Fishtail Crown

Romantic Fishtail Crown

A romantic fishtail crown is the perfect fit for an ethereal, boho mermaid. Make sure to learn how to pancake so that you can make your fishtail look more voluminous. Best for prom with long hair.

#6. Double Dutch Braids to a Low Bun

Double Dutch Braids to a Low Bun

Double Dutch braids into a low bun create a distinct and fun romantic hairstyle. Form a feminine Dutch braid on either side, ending in a twisted low bun at the nape. Finish it off with some big-volume hairspray.

#7. Sleek High Ponytail with Accent Braid

Sleek High Ponytail with Accent Braid

Sleek high ponytail with accent braid screams smoothly sophisticated. Add a basic braid on top to enhance texture. This style and high-contrast outfit will surely make you a prom queen with this particular look.

#8. Layered Shoulder-Length Waves

Layered Shoulder Length Waves

Casual elegance is the word with layered shoulder-length waves. This look involves shoulder-length hair tousled a little bit and slightly backcombed sections. Finish off with a finished volume hairspray for the final look.

#9. Retro Victory Rolls Updo

Retro Victory Rolls Updo

Revert the years with a retro victory roll-updo. This type represents the old-school braid and looks great with sophisticated curls. Block humidity spray will help keep those rolls intact through the night.

#10. Timeless Straightened Lob

Timeless Straightened Lob

A timeless straightened lob is perfect for the minimalist look. To give it a slick finish, use a flat iron, and remember that professional products will guarantee a salon-fresh shine. Although this look is neat, it offers a high-class feeling that makes it the best for prom night.

#11. Twisted Low Chignon

Twisted Low Chignon

Delicate elegance is what a twisted low chignon offers. Add a simple, twisted low bun and a few wispy tendrils around the face to bring in some refined touches. Use big-finish volume hairspray to keep the style in place throughout the night.

#12. Classic Beehive Updo

Classic Beehive Updo

Create a classic beehive updo with that 60s vibe. Complete these with a low messy bouffant at the crown and some face-framing bangs. Apply everything; for example, it should be finished with a big volume of hairspray. This is a strong, prom-queenish kind of look.

#13. Textured Beachy Waves

Textured Beachy Waves

The prom style is relaxed and natural like textured beachy waves. Refine with slight refinements using GHD and curling iron in different directions for undone texture. Finally, apply sea salt spray for a rugged beach look.

#14. Loose Curls Feathered Half-Updo

Loose Curls Feathered Half Updo

A feathered half-updo with loose curls is a suitable style for those who have long hair. Create a messy bouffant to add some volume at the crown and curl the rest of your hair. The style has an astral light due to its feathered touch.

#15. Cascading Mermaid Braid

Cascading Mermaid Braid

Cascading mermaid braid for the fairytale effect. It includes the details of a waterfall weave and ends up with a romantic braid. It is a cute prom look that will have you feeling like the princess of the night.

#16. Voluminous Curled Updo

Voluminous Curled Updo

One of the best alternative hairstyles can be a voluminous curled updo for your prom. Roll a bouffant bun at the nape and backcomb some sections to create volume. Finish it off with a big-finish volume hairspray for ultimate oomph. Ideal for someone in the mold of a traditional prom queen look.

#17. Sleek Side-Part Bob

Sleek Side Part Bob

If you have shorter hair, a sleek side-part bob is the way to go. Run a flat iron through your hair and part it deep to one side. These styles benefit from using professional products to achieve a smooth, silky look. This is a simple variety, but quite tasteful for prom night.

#18. High-Textured Ponytail

High Textured Ponytail

Opt for a high-textured ponytail, which tends to be sporty yet elegant. Then, pull the hair back while leaving some great texturizing. Finish with some volumizing hairspray to hold the look, and you are ready for an unforgettable prom night.

#19. Grecian-Inspired Half-Up Crown

Grecian Inspired Half Up Crown

Make your prom style ethereal with a Grecian-inspired half-up crown. Braid and shape the crown while allowing other hair to flow underneath. Finally, lock it with a featherlight spray to keep the undone texture.

#20. Low Twisted Bun with Fishtail

Low Twisted Bun with Fishtail

A low twisted bun with a fishtail is quite elegant and romantic. Begin with a twisted bun very low and put in contrast a fishtail braid on one side of your head to give it some extra detail. This lovely romantic hairstyle looks good with any dress design.

#21. Waterfall Twist Braid

Waterfall Twist Braid

Go for a waterfall twist braid for that fairytale-like appearance. Weave a waterfall along the crown and integrate it into a twisted bun at the back. Use a mist of finish volume hairspray that will keep your favorite thing in place throughout the night.

#22. Reverse French Twist

Reverse French Twist

A reverse French twist is not normal, but it is another version of a classical style. The person’s medium-length hair is ideal for this little bit of pinning at the nape. Finish with some big-volume hairspray to keep this style feminine and classy.

#23. Side-Clipped Locks for Loose Waves

Side Clipped Locks for Loose Waves

Choose effortless and chic loose waves with a side clip. For romantic curls, this time bring a larger barrel curling iron and secure one side with a decor clip. Promoting is an excellent choice for prom; it is very plain and intelligent.

#24. Flower-Adorned Braided Updo

Flower Adorned Braided Updo

A flower-adorned braided updo is a mesmerizing choice for prom. Add a simple top braid to an updo and accessorize with tiny flowers for this hairstyle. Apply a spray humidité block to maintain the freshness of the style.

#25. Chunky Crown Braid

Chunky Crown Braid

Choose a chic and modern chunky crown braid for your beautiful night. Braid a loose, bulky plait across the crown with your braiding skills, and leave the other part of the hair to fall into soft curls. It is a perfect look for people intending to make a statement.

#26. Curly and Shimmery Pin

Curly and Shimmery Pin

You’ll feel like royalty with these lush curls and a glowing pin. Use a curling wand to create soft curls, then accessorize one side with a sparkling hairpin. To make it last, finish off with a big-volume hairspray.

#27. Whimsical Side-Swept French Braid

Whimsical Side Swept French Braid

Choose a whimsical side-swept French braid for an ethereal look. Start a French braid on one side, and then pull it back into a messy bouffant. Mist with gloss finish volume hairspray to keep this fairytale.

#28. Short Hair Glam Waves

Short Hair Glam Waves

Choose short-haired glam waves for your prom night because they add volume and playfulness to your stunning look. Texturing a small barrel curling iron will deliver these curls in detail. This is a nice way to spice up shorter hairstyles, which is ideal for prom hair.

#29. Elegant Low Twisted Bun

Elegant Low Twisted Bun

The refined and timeless elegance of an elegant low-twisted bun is just for your ethereal look. Twist your tresses into a twisted low bun at the nape of your neck and leave some loose tendrils in front for a tender look. For a polished look, use a mist of big-finish volume hairspray.

#30. Chic High Bun with Bangs

Chic High Bun with Bangs

A chic high bun with bangs modernizes a classic updo. You can use a high bun with face-framing bangs for a young look. One application of finish volume hairspray and it is free to go, lasting even the entire night.

#31. Romantic Low Chignon

Romantic Low Chignon

The romantic low chignon stands for sophistication and grace. Pull your hair together at the nape and twist it into a loose bun with a few side strands. Spray with volume hairspray. This makes it a current and modern prom style.

#32. Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered Pixie Cut

Go for a feathered pixie cut style if that’s what you are currently wearing. One may apply some texture spray for an undone look and emphasize it with small hair accessories. It has an edgy look but is still good for the official function.

#33. High-Sleek Ponytail

High Sleek Ponytail

Opt for a high-sleek ponytail that looks very detailed. Gather all of your hair at the very top, and secure it with an elastic. End off with a high-gloss serum to sparkle as you dance through the night.

#34. Retro Victory Rolls

Retro Victory Rolls

Retro victory rolls are a must-try hairstyle for prom. This is a style that involves backcombing sections and setting with a strong-hold hairspray. It’s great if you want a classic, old-Hollywood look for your prom night.

#35. Dutch Braid into Low Bun

Dutch Braid into Low Bun

With a touch of femininity, the Dutch braid into a low bun juxtaposes its ease and simplicity in the form of a simple twisted bun at the back. Pin and spray. Detail and simplicity make for a memorable night around.

#36. Classic French Twist

Classic French Twist

Choose a classic French twist for that timeless elegance. Pin the hair along your occipital bone, tucking and rolling it inward. One covering of big-finish volume hairspray mist is perfect for the whole event.

#37. Asymmetrical Curled Bob

Asymmetrical Curled Bob

The asymmetrical curled bob is an elegant variation for short hair. Use a large-barrel curling iron to touch up gentle, loose curls for your bob. Last, remember to use a lightweight hair spray that helps keep your curls looking bouncy and beautiful.

#38. Half-Up Top Knot

Half Up Top Knot

A half-up top knot is a more casual and fresh one. Just pull back the top part of your hair and fasten it into a simple bun while leaving another half down. It is a relaxed and refined style, perfect for prom night.

#39. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves

Choose mermaid waves to look like a boho mermaid. To achieve these gorgeous waves, use a waver and add texture to your locks with texturizing spray. You will definitely be the sea-glimmering star on prom night.

#40. Double French Braid into Low Bun

Double French Braid into Low Bun

Double French braids into a low bun are a more intricate but attractive option. Begin by braiding each side of your head and joining them in a low bun at the back. Quite an elaborate and mesmerizing fashion to steal the show.

#41. Side-Swept Hollywood Waves

Side Swept Hollywood Waves

Choose side-swept Hollywood waves that will surely turn heads. Detail the curls with a curling iron and brush them out for softness. Pull them to one side for a glamorous, red carpet-style.

#42. Braided Halo Crown

Braided Halo Crown

If you want to look like a goddess, then the braided halo crown is what you should go for. Make a thick braid up to the hairline and wrap it around the head crown. Pin down securely and hold with a spray that blocks humidity for an ethereal finish.

#43. Slicked-Back Long Hair

Slicked Back Long Hair

This hairstyle is called slicked-back long hair for a reason – you definitely need long locks to rock it last. Slick back the top using a strong gel, and cascade the rest of it down your back. That is a statement-making choice for the boldest.

#44. Flapper-Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

Flapper Inspired Bob with Finger Waves

Try out a flapper-inspired bob with finger waves for a 20s look-back. For this look, you will need a small crimper iron and a strong-hold hairspray to make sure your waves stay in place.

#45. Spiral Curls Pinned Up

Spiral Curls Pinned Up

Spiral curls pinned up are an excellent choice for a texturized updo. Curl with small barrelled irons for close-knit, springy curls and randomly pin them up on your head. Add one coat of shine spray for that last shimmer.

#46. Mohawk Braid with Curls

Mohawk Braid with Curls

Another is a mohawk braid with curls for the dare. Part your hair down the middle, make a braid on one side, and curl the rest so that it looks softer. It is a great edgy style for those who want to be visible.

#47. Textured Low Ponytail

Textured Low Ponytail

The easiest of the ideas here is a textured low ponytail. Spritz a sea salt spray to create some undone texture, then work your hair into a low ponytail. It is a look that may be added to any outfit.

#48. Glam Beehive Updo

Glam Beehive Updo

If you want some 60s glamour, try a glam beehive updo. Tease the crown section of your hair for that signature pouf, and tie down the rest into a low bun. With this look, you will undoubtedly feel and even become a prom queen.

#49. Cascading Waterfall Braid

Cascading Waterfall Braid

Another unique and elegant style is the cascading waterfall braid. Make a waterfall braid up to one side of the head while letting your hair flow with soft curls. Spray some hairspray mist for a firm hold.

#50. Playful Space Buns

Playful Space Buns

Finally, choose playful space buns to get a youthful and amusing hairdo. Just split your hair into two parts and make slight buns on each side. Pin securely and dance through the night.

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