31 Easy Homecoming Hairstyles Trending Right Now

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Written by Rachel Miller

Updated: March 13, 2024

Homecoming hairstyles don’t have to be hard. Check out our list of super-simple homecoming hairstyles that will turn heads all night!


Classic, timeless, and elegant vintage waves work wonders for medium to long hair. After all, there’s nothing more gorgeous than vintage glam. All you need is a curling iron with a thicker barrel for this look. That’s it. You can comb through softly with your fingers for a softer “brushed out” look.

#2. Topknot with Wispy Bangs

Topknot with Wispy Bangs

Next up, we have the no-fuss topknot bun. This classy and elegant updo is the perfect simple hairstyle style if you’re going for a more formal homecoming look. However, you can soften up the look with wispy bangs

#3. Fishtail Crown Braid

Fishtail Crown Braid

A homecoming queen needs a crown, right? Of course! Crown braids are perfect updoes for events like homecoming. But, using a fishtail braid instead of a typical braid gives the look much more detail and visual interest. Plus, it’s really easy to do! All you need to do is create a side fishtail braid, wrap it around your head like a crown, and pin it in place.

#4. Hollywood Glam Curls

Hollywood Glam Curls

Are you looking for something undeniably elegant for homecoming? Hollywood glam curls are it. From shoulder length to luscious long locks, these soft curls have what it takes to make your homecoming look iconic.

#5. Voluminous Side Ponytail

Voluminous Side Ponytail

For something that needs minimum effort but provides maximum slay, look no further than a voluminous side ponytail. It’s a simple statement, but it leaves room for your makeup and dress to be the real stars of the show. Tease your hair to create volume, and gather it all to one side, tying it in a ponytail. Play with the ponytail as needed until it’s perfect for you.

#6. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

For a sporty, youthful vibe, try double-dutch braids. These braids are weaved under instead of over, providing a different look. And the best part about these braids is that, later on, you can pull them out for some really nice natural waves.

#7. Tousled Pixie Cut

Tousled Pixie Cut

Are you ready to show off your daring side? Shake things up and go for a tousled pixie cut. This striking hairstyle is perfect for homecoming, especially if you have short hair. All you need is some texturizing styling gel. Tousle as you please for volume, body, and a whole lot of personality. 

#8. Boho-Chic Beach Waves

Boho Chic Beach Waves

Looking for something easy and low-key? Boho-chich beach waves are the perfect look for that carefree vibe with a messy edge. Use a large curling iron or flat iron and brush through. Finish with salt-water sea spray for an extra beachy and texturized finish.

#9. Space Buns with Glitter

Space Buns with Glitter

If you’re in the mood for something fun and youthful, go for glittery space buns. Space buns are a fun, spunky style you can do in minutes. And you can upgrade that with a good dose of glitter. After all, everything’s better with glitter.

#10. High Bun with a Ribbon

High Bun with a Ribbon

If you’re pressed for time or don’t want your hair to steal the show, put your hair up in a high bun. No matter what kind of hair you have, this classic look provides simple elegance. Finish it off with a pretty ribbon that matches your outfit for an added touch of class.

#11. Half-Up Pompadour

Half Up Pompadour

Are you looking to channel some groovy retro vibes with your homecoming look? Try a half-up look, finished with a pompadour for some extra oomph. This slick style fits medium to long hair flawlessly and gives finer hair incredible volume. To get this look, tease the crown of your head, slick back the sides, and twist back your mohawk section, bumping it up and pinning it in place. 

#12. Inverted French Twist

Inverted French Twist

The elegant French twist gets a makeover by flipping it inside out. This trendy twist is perfect for medium to long hair, and best of all, you can do it in minutes. Simply twist, flip, and pin in place. It’s that easy.

#13.  Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids take hair to the next level. These soft, cascading braids give an enchanting appeal to any homecoming look for short to medium hair. For an upgraded look, try this braid with loose curls.

#14. High and Tight Afro

High and Tight Afro

Embrace your natural hair texture with a high and tight afro style. This polished yet powerful hairstyle is perfect for showcasing your natural beauty and is super easy to maintain, even while dancing your heart out.

#15. Blunt Bob with Side Part

Blunt Bob with Side Part

If you’re into all things sleek and chick, a blunt bob with a sassy side part might just be the “do“ for you! This cut is super-easy to style, and the side part gives the usually symmetrical bob a unique and fashionable flavor.

#16. Infinity Braid Updo

Infinity Braid Updo

An inverted braid is beautiful on its own. But for a fancy twist, you can combine inverted braids and the classic crown braid style to get the ultimate easy updo! Leave a few strands down and curl them to frame your face.

#17. Halo Braid with Flowers

Halo Braid with Flowers

Calling all flower children and cottagecore girlies! If you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle for homecoming, look no further than a halo braid finished with your favorite flowers. This nature-inspired look is fun, and youthful, and adds a touch of whimsy to your whole look.

#18. Low Chignon with a Side Twist

Low Chignon with a Side Twist

The low chignon with a side twist is a beautiful blend of the French twist and chignon styles, two of the most sophisticated simple hairstyles. Plus, it gives finer hair lots of body and volume!

#19. Pin-Straight Hair with Middle Part

Pin Straight Hair with Middle Part

For something absolutely effortless but still super chic, go for an everyday look like pin-straight hair with a middle part. Sometimes, less really is more. And this style lets you showcase your makeup look or dress even more! 

#20.  Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk

Show off your spunky side by styling your short curly hair in a mohawk. This statement style is sure to turn heads at homecoming, bringing your captivating curls to the forefront. Right where they should be.

#21. Zig-Zag Part with Pigtails

Zig Zag Part with Pigtails

For something youthful, whimsical, and totally “Y2K,” style your hair in a zig-zag part tied into pigtails. This adorable homecoming hairstyle is fun and fashionable, especially when you dress it up with fancy clips.

#22. French Twist with Jeweled Hairpins

French Twist with Jeweled Hairpins

If you like the French twist idea but don’t think it has enough pizazz for your look, dress it up with some bejeweled hairpins. You get all of the sophistication with twice the style points. Take this look up a notch with matching earrings.

#23. Curled Lob with a Deep Side Part

Curled Lob with Deep Side Part

The curled lob with a deep side part is a good hairstyle choice for homecoming, especially if you have shoulder-length hair. The curls provide volume, while the deep side part adds an elegant touch. This hairstyle looks particularly flattering when paired with an off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical dress.

#24. Messy French Braid

Messy French Braid

Effortlessly charming, a French braid just might be the easiest way to dress up your hair for homecoming. Get that perfectly undone look by pulling out a few strands and ruching the braid to make it look thicker.

#25. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

This next homecoming hairstyle takes the classic bob and shakes it up for a modern masterpiece by infusing asymmetry. This short style is perfect for looking edgy while still keeping things classy.

#26. Voluminous Curly Updo

Voluminous Curly Updo

Updos are always the go-to for events like homecoming. But, if you want your updo to have a little extra “something,” add some volume and curls for body and texture. Whether you have naturally curly hair or not, you can rock this look. And it won’t budge all night!

#27. Slicked-Back Low Ponytail


Uber-easy and super sophisticated, you really can’t go wrong with a slicked-back ponytail. It’s like the little black dress of the hairstyle world. It’s a simple statement for those who don’t need fancy styles to stand out. Tie it high or low, whatever your preference. 

#28. Wispy Feathered Layers

Wispy Feathered Layers

For something soft and simple, style your layers into feathered whisps. This takes a regular bombshell blowout and gives it a romantic, stylish twist. The layers are perfect for full volume, windswept movement, and flawless face framing. 

#29. Rope-Twisted Halo

Rope Twisted Halo

Another ideal homecoming hairstyle you can do quickly is a halo braid, except not just any halo braid. A twisted rope braid halo. The detailed rope braid may look complex, but it’s actually super easy, and the results? Angelic.

#30. Elegant Low-Side Bun

Elegant Low Side Bun

A refined, regal-looking low side bun is another perfectly poised updo for homecoming, especially if you have a one-shoulder dress. It only takes seconds to do. And, as a finishing touch, you can curl some loose strands.

#31. Chunky Cornrows

Chunky Cornrows

Chunky cornrows are perfect for creating something sleek and sophisticated without sacrificing the natural texture of your curls. The best part? It works for almost any hair type or length!

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